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A world of wonder and possibility
illuminated by the light of uncertainty.
The adrenaline rush of taking a chance
only to lose it all by the cards in your hands.
It's a dangerous game to play if you choose;
to roll the dice, to win or lose.

Place everything on the table.
The higher the stakes, the more exciting it gets.
Your mental health entirely unstable
until the others call their bets.

The roll of the die, the shuffle of cards capturing your attention.
Debt fluctuating by a single move; silence strangled by tension.
Fancy beverages surround everyone
enlightening the experience more every time you finish one.
A simple game based entirely on luck,
and when you are losing, you don't give a ****.

But it only takes a little for your luck to run fully dry
and for you to lose everything in a silly game.
With no money left for the chips you need to buy,
nothing will ever be the same.
When did I get so old?
Too old to kiss my mom on the lips??
Too old to tell my sister I love her???
Too old to even hug her????
When did I get so old?????
So old my back kills me??????
So old my knees buckle???????
So old I’m losing my thoughts,
As if my cards are constantly being shuffled.
Why did I have to grow?
A kindly
**** in
a lively
part of
the bridge
table that
won her
tiara though
betwixt the
galley was
Donald that
her arch
rival stood
in a
dream with
fortune in
the drawer
And I spin Roulette
lenore Jul 12
tracing the lines of poems
has taught me clairvoyance.

now i can flip the cards behind your hearts.

word tricks are math.
reading is the art.
Alex Jun 19
I believe in Magic.
Not the dream come true kind but the gathering
I know it’s just some stupid card game
But when you don’t know how to make friends
Maybe a little magic will help.
Plus Magic is all I have left of you
Wyatt Jun 19
I went for the King
but all I pulled was a Joker.
Yes, my hand is cursed.
My Queen mocks me
as I grimace in defeat.
I need an Ace up my sleeve.
(I) Eight golden coins, and
Two remain unfinished. I
Try to concentrate;
My task almost completed;
My goal nearly realized.

(II) Steel soldiers stand in
Formation; eight malicious
Beams, I, their victim.
It’s far easier to play
Scared when I’m the hero, too.

(III) Here lies the karmic
Crossroads; an Armageddon
Of self-reflection.
Will the goddess berate me,
Or will she rejoice with me?
Can you guess which cards?
Johnny walker May 11
Was a time I thought I could take anything that was thrown at me looking back seemed to me my life like a stacked pack of playing
When my sweetheart passed away my whole workd came tumblung down just  like a pack of playing
Once considered the joker In the pack always telling
jokes and laughing but when my sweetheart passed away I became the joker no
Always considered myself like a joker In a pack of playing cards but passed I became a joker no more
Anne J Apr 28
my bleeding hearts of
stolen spades and clubs are now
in your cheating hands
Lol idk why I wrote this seeing as I'm not in a relationship and have never been cheated on but here you go, a little break poem in between my poems made for art sooo here you go!
No matter how many times
We are shuffled.
No matter how many times
We are split apart.
I'll always find you.
My Queen, my diamond in the rough. 
My heart forever upright in your hand.
Lost in all the minutes, the seconds.
All the numbered cards and look a likes
That re-symbol you, re-symbol I.
Shuffled in search of love
Shuffled in search to belong
My head nestled warm against yours.
Split between us two
Face flat against your heart.
Lost in the minutes, the seconds
All the numbered cards and look a likes
That could never surmount the stakes of losing you.
No matter the bluff
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