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Julie Smith Jan 15
We played along
You handed the cards
Set the rules
At stake were our hearts

Let the games begin
After one year
We watched the tables spin
Without any fear

They say good players don't play to win
But to grow and get better
But we both got stuck in sin
And instead of poems I write a scarlet letter
Written in the style of August 2017 when it all began. Inspired by Taylor Swift song Ready for It.

The definition of a scarlet letter is an identifying mark or brand placed on someone who has committed adultery. An example of a scarlet letter is the Puritan woman in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1850 book The Scarlet Letter who cheated on her husband and had to wear a red A.
Christopher Jan 3
A game of chance,
But a game of smarts.
So easy to play but easier to lie.
It's not your first time is it?

Not mine.

So great to see you again.
I know you've seen me even now and then. Yet you act like you're some stranger who's never been around.
Such a card.
I can't tell if you're 1 or 11
Switching back and forth till you've become aware of...

All we see is two.  But she doesn't know I see 4
aj Dec 2018
the two of cups
spoke for the two of us
what more is there to say?
what more is there to do than trust?
that the two of cups
is the two of us
Inspired by a tarot reading or two
Jordan Ray Nov 2018
Open hearts with folded cards, broken into.
A lap dance is the last chance, following through.
Your make up gets ****** up, slightly improved.
The door is shut so the world is cut, holding onto.

You put my hands up on your waist
And I like the way you taste,
I've got a mind to recreate,
A scene from silver screen mistakes

Though we're not Romeo and Juliet
Though we're not star crossed lovers 'till the end.
I love our ***.
Talia Oct 2018
You told me that I played all my cards right
but what I played didn't compare to her,
and the house of cards you were building would soon ignite.

So I ask:

did you really ruin my life?
Or was I too blind to see that you had come to my rescue?
All this time I've despised you,
but it's as clear as day that it wasn't your fault.
And because you were the key to set me free,
he will suffer in agony knowing he'll no longer get the best of both worlds.
good riddance!
anon Oct 2018
i play my cards
by ear
no strategy
no plan
i just
play the cards
because of what
i hear

he says

i love you

so i play the
i love you
card right back

he says

i need you

but i don't have that card
so i play another
i love you
and hope he doesn't

he says

i care about you

and i want to play
but my cards
still say i

he says

you never listen

and i hear him
but my cards are blurry
through my tears
so i play
i love you
instead of sorry

he says

i don't believe you when you say you love me

but i've run out of cards to say i love you
so i finally play
i'm sorry

and he says i've wasted his time
and that he can't tell if i ever even cared
or loved

and i play an uno
+4 card
hoping he'll draw the
i love yous
i've discarded
and already played

but he draws
i hate you
i can't trust you
i've fallen out of love with you
i still want to care but i can't

and i'm crying again
and can't see my cards
so i play
i'm sorry
i'm sorry
i'm sorry
forgive me

and he looks at his hand and sighs
drawing a card
not knowing what to play
not knowing what to say
not even knowing who i am

and i draw too
i love you
from the deck
a cruel irony

he looks at me
waiting on my move
as i archive the card
and fold

he smiles weakly
and plays
i forgive you

but with my cards on the table
i'm forced to pay up
so i offer him
a final
i love you
as i walk away from the game
It feels like I'm cornered at a round table.
Telling tales of fables to a bunch of cut throat liars who'll slip my wrists if they found the loaded ace up my sleeve.
It's no heart but for me it beats.
Any flush bluff and any pocket 2s.
Sweating form my eyeballs betting my soul to find out the truth.
So I'll push all in when shove hits the floor, this punch drunk, cigar smoking spoiled rotten kid to the core.
Now throw down, all the chips are waiting to be cashed.
Like Johnny and June, cross this fire with your personal Jesus, but do it fast before the man comes around.
What's that sound, is it that of fear, is it that of you gulping pride and holding back tears, what ya got?
What cards were you dealt? Don't fold now of the suspense will melt.
Show me what your holding, 3 of a kind? Full house? This is no longer a game of cat and mouse.
Only lions and tigers stand on this level, you're no Faust, but for sure I'm a devil.
Only holding a King and a Queen, so utterly cliched, two diamonds both worthless and now penniless are you left.
If you couldn't bluff past me, how could you ever hope to cheat Death?
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Games on,
and a lot of players are playing games,
but the jokes on you if your card’s the Fool,
don’t be read can’t blame the player blame the game,

so spin the wheel pick a number,
act it out name that tune,
but don’t debate what the haters say,
because love will conquer all,

because at the end of the day,
that’s all that really matters,
so show me what’s real now,
or see you later…

∆ LaLux ∆
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