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ky Jul 2023
I can tell by the way you look at me,
one eyebrow cocked upward while
examining my so called perfection.
Completely astonished by my beauty,
the beauty I don't even see in myself.
Peering out of the right corners
of your deep brown eyes
without tilting your head at
even the slightest angle
because you don't want me to know
you still think about me.
But I've noticed you can't look away.
You can't look away
because that may be the last time
you ever see my face.
And the thought of that being
your last chance to catch a glimpse
at my sparkling blue eyes
destroys you.
You just can't look away,
and that's how I know you still love me
(even though you wish you didn't).
jl May 2022
I tell her how
how I drown
in the sparkle
of your brown eyes
I tell her
how I think
I think im
like an asteroid

she listens and
she tells me
about her sun
and how she
drowns in his light,
their star crossed
how they can

I guess
you're the sun
and I
im the moon
she's the only one that understands
Aylin Chavez Sep 2020
it was those eyes
that reminded me of honey
that brought you warmth
and fill you with love

it'll always be those eyes
that I thought I loved
Cait Nov 2020
In a world of millions,
In a place of thousands,
You are one in a billion.
You say you are nothing much.
As simple as pen and paper.
As plain as the ice on those frostbitten days.
Though you don't seem to know...
Pen and paper, though they appear simple-
are something I have always adored.
You are something I have always adored.
And as for those frostbitten days...
Those days when my fingers go numb after the seconds outside.
Those days where my whole body is cold.
I cherish those days;
As I am grateful that I have a warm place to return.
I am grateful for you.
So my love.
The one with the deep brown eyes.
The eyes captivate me daily.
You may think you are plain and simple-
But you are so much more than what you see.
This is far from a perfect piece, but I have been falling into a funk where I just stare into space for hours upon end. So, my solution is to make myself write something and share it.
and I keep dreaming of a simple admirer,
someone of whom I will never tire,
gentle, kind and sweet like a toffee,
with eyes, made of coffee.

- gio
Heavy Hearted Oct 2020
Amanda Catching;

 the unworthy Angels
as they fall-
     Is a job
         Only you
could do.
5 years later I find myself alongside, once more
the comfort that I never wanted to leave.

The compassion I mistook being no longer the false
virtue I came to age with,

waiting for
And everyone else; right where they've always been.

No longer was I

too young to see.
LightToBurn Jul 2020
The earth in which tired
city feet desire to rest on.
Plushly thick forests,
be lost and never found,
coating yourself in saturated
autumn leaves that
reflect the pulsing warmth
in the golden sun.

Your sticky honey,
rich and sweet pools in mason jars,
tempting to silver spoon scoop and
spur morning teas.
Or the mocha
in newly brewed coffee,
the bold and the cream
swirling inside your crystal *****.
lua Apr 2020
i could see the sun in her eyes
and the yellow light that danced on lashes
that drooped downwards
casting a faint shadow over blown out pupils
and pools of amber
pools of honey.
Espresso manic Apr 2020
Brown eyes aren't special, fetishized, or the happiest ones.
Brown eyes feel normal.
Turn off the lights and observe how
fast eyes change.
Vibrant blue eyes turn sad.
Amber eyes forget to look inwards.
Calm green eyes turn sour.
Gentle hazel eyes do not smile the same.
Grey eyes become hardened.
Brown eyes
are like a cup of coffee that sat for too long.
They turn bitter with rage.
My truth is not a universal one
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