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Althaia May 7
Brown eyes are just brown eyes,
until you love someone with brown eyes.

What're they like? The Sun once asked me.
Like Swiss chocolate, I'd said, but a little coppery.
And coffee-ground, or even mahogany –
with undertones of the goddess Aphrodite.

You wanted poetry in crimson ink,
so I slit my throat, at the brink of the  brink.
I wrote you letters in ruby-red blood,
but when you looked in my eyes, all you saw was mud.

But brown eyes are just brown eyes,
until you love someone with brown eyes.

And you loved the girl with irises of sky.
Deeper than the ocean, gentler than the butterfly.
I was trees and dirt and stardust caught in a storm,
but you wanted the cerulean waves, who fell apart only to reform.

Brown eyes are just brown eyes,
until you love someone with brown eyes.
I tried to pay for your love in colours,
so now, I drown in brown.

I drown in brown.
I drown in brown.
I drown in brown.
lua Apr 26
i could see the sun in her eyes
and the yellow light that danced on lashes
that drooped downwards
casting a faint shadow over blown out pupils
and pools of amber
pools of honey.
Brown eyes aren't special, fetishized, or the happiest ones.
Brown eyes feel normal.
Turn off the lights and observe how
fast eyes change.
Vibrant blue eyes turn sad.
Amber eyes forget to look inwards.
Calm green eyes turn sour.
Gentle hazel eyes do not smile the same.
Grey eyes become hardened.
Brown eyes
are like a cup of coffee that sat for too long.
They turn bitter with rage.
My truth is not a universal one
SM Mar 12
Brown eyes were never my favorite,
until I saw yours.
You think brown eyes are just brown eyes until you fall in love with someone who has brown eyes.
Lejla Hott Jan 20
rich soil
fleck with a bit of black
dark chocolate
parched summer soil
glossy chestnut brown
unvarnished oak
mahogany flecks
apple pips
varnished cork
dessert palm tree
flecks of acorn shell
his eyes
the most beautiful pair
of eyes
she has seen
I love your brown eyes
Sometimes they keep me up at night
You see mud, but baby I see home
The safe warm earth where our family can grow
I've seen them angry, erratic
Full of faith, passionate
Wider when you're listening
When you smile so big they start to squint
Yeah I've never been more sure
I hope some of our babies have eyes like yours
Mandi Wolfe Nov 2019
I sit watching brown eyes
probe affectionately through the haze
at the mirrors created by close family.
I think the intimacy that is made possible
by the sharing of wine, **** and space
in a dim room full of sad love and smoke
will never ceased to amaze me.
The men see themselves in each other
and are both heartened in their own ways
I am drunk now in my way
and The Mirror is ****** in his
and Brown (Green) Eyes is both at once
Appalachian mouths move in turns
to take a hit or a drink or a shot at wisdom
Suddenly the truth of our three souls is laid bare
on the tiny table there between us.
My heart tightens around the words
as they echo through each chamber
growing louder with each reverberation.
“Happiness is being able to breathe”

Love you, Frank.
Glenn Currier Jul 2019
What would you miss the most
if you had to leave this life
the book asked.

I’d miss you
your big brown eyes
your comforting smile
your big heart
your laugh
the tone of your voice
and the way you say, “You know?”
when you’re on an enthusiastic roll
your lively spirit
your yummy omelets with bits of stewed tomatoes
your relationship with the divine
the deepness
of connection we have
our conversations
telling you about my ****** afternoon
and watching you really listen to me
the way you cackle when we watch our favorite comedy
watching you quilt
your touch
your luscious lips
talking to you when we’ve just awakened
and the way your voice is soft and innocent
speaking our gratitude about our lives together
sharing our pain
being able to weep with you
when I am discouraged
or get inspired by something
how your eyes sparkle when I do so
the way you love our cats
caring for you
you caring for me..

Just to list a few
Mothsome Jun 2019
She has a cute face with heavy heart,
Pure smile without mask.
How can he control his feelings,
When black hair brown eyes complementing her.
Brown eyes
Black long hair
D A W N Jun 2019
i never understood you
when you couldve picked someone
with golden ray, suntanned eyes that
glow like yours but you picked mine.
pitch black, dark as the night
stars shine bright
like black coffee
you always hated the taste of it
but now you want to drown in it
twisted and exaggerated. but i wasnt lying when i said your eyes glowed.
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