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Elah Naldo Apr 2017
sunkissed skin and vibrant skies,
warm season was always the same
but when i met those summer dazed eyes,
i knew that trouble just came

he had lips that kissed wetter than the ocean
he had arms like waves that swallowed me
he filled my summer with cuddly flirtations
he filled thousands of sunflowers within me

but just like how summer came to an end,
he left and autumn arrived with tears to shed
and just like how abandoned flowers would be,
they slowly died inside together with me

that summer was more than fifty shades of love
but all turned into an endless waves of misery
just wishing upon the tangerine sky above
that tides will bring him back to me
an entry to a summer themed poem writing competition
cassie marie Nov 2018
he once told me
"you're eyes are gorgeous"
but i didn't believe you
i thought
"how could he love my brown eyes"
how could he love something so ****

he told me
they were captivating
he could get lost in them
he could stare at them all day and never get tired of them
he pointed out all the colors they were in the sunlight
he pointed out how my eyes weren't just brown
they were green
and blue
and yellow
and brown.
he told me that he could lose himself in my eyes

i guess he lost himself so bad
that he left me
maybe i left him
to this day
i've learned to love my eyes.
my ex actually told me this, kinda made me cry writing this but oh well
Wynn H Nov 2018
Brown eyes are boring
I remember you saying…

There’s a special kind of beauty
in falling in love with someone
who has brown eyes.

Ever seen brown eyes
In the sun?
The colour brown,
becomes irrelevant
& is just a word…

They melt into rays
of amber gold,
circling an eclipse.
There is nothing boring
about brown eyes.

Even as the day grows old,
they create a sunset
of their own.

You know that sunset.
It’s the one
I fell in love with…

Sad boi Sep 2018
I gaze into the soul's windows
And what do I see
An abyss of muddy water
But if I look closer I can see
Specks of stolen sunlight
Streaks of the purest gold only
Prospectors can begin to imagine
By just looking I can tell what a
Gracious, warmhearted, good-natured
Person you are
That all the disingenuous individuals
Just by looking
Moses if you are reading this, its not for
you;) - sad boi
faeri Aug 2018
Your eyes.
An abyss of deep brown.
An abyss that promises diamonds.
An abyss so distracting and distructive.
An abyss that never fails to hypnotize me.
An abyss.
An abyss...
nabi 나비 Jul 2018
I've never really been mesmerized by brown eyes
but today when i looked up and saw you staring
i was amazed and at a loss for words
now i can't get them out of my head
and i'm in a constant state of awe
jesus, why am i so stuck on your eyes?
why do they have to feel like home?
why do i have to crush on you so much?
Rhea Sheilah Jun 2015
oh! how cute you are
with that round brown pupil
I fall in love always
when you roll back
and catch me as i steal a glance

window of the soul
the most beautiful of all
like the sky oculus
the early February moon..
Brown eye are breathe taking,sometimes I admire them and wish i had  them forgetting that i actually do
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
I swirled in a ocean of brown.
Venting in steam.
My drown overlapped by current
On top of current.
I swirled around and around,
swimming in sugary spec.
I once dreamed of dry land.
Loosing my footing on the edge of a spoon.
The top of a pink packet torn off.
Sprinkled on my head.
There was no sense in fighting.
One single serving brewed.
It was exciting to feel myself swirl,
All I'd ever know.
around and around.
All I'd ever know.
The more I drunk the more evident it became.
The here after in addiction.
Sweet in taste.
My skin dipped in heart of something so delicious.
I swirled around in an ocean of brown.
Her eyes.
Never once did it occur that I couldn't gulp them.
I still tried.
Lost forever in Mocha flavored aroma
Adelene Clifford Jun 2018
your eyes were mesmerizing,
as i drown myself deeply into your gaze,
i was afraid that i would fall deeply,
so deeply that it would mess up my life.
Eve Apr 2018
I will forever remember
Those beautiful deep brown eyes
That you thought were so plain.
But darling, you could not see:
how could you possibly see?
The way they shined in the sun
breathtaking hues of mahogany
Melting into golden rays
Circling an eclipse
your “plain brown eyes”
truly aren’t plain at all
they are a stunning mixture
of every color known to man
The most beautiful sunset on earth.
Your eyes are the most vivid memory I have of you, even after all of these months. You always used to call your eyes "boring and plain" and even called them "**** brown." But to me, your eyes were the most beautiful color I've ever seen. You know when you mix a bunch of colors together and it all turns brown? Thats how I viewed your eyes... The deep brown was just a mixture of everything you could offer the world.
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