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SelinaSharday Apr 14
unshared love
Fill my cup with your
Sweet words
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2
Love is everyone's cup of tea
is forever new everyone wants it.

More so everyone can give it
a lot of it, a boatload of it.

Keep loving, keeps the world moving!
Yordi Jan 29
Coffee is my life
My life is coffee
Dark like my soul
Hot like my head
A cup or two before going to bed
The taste is like no other
Steaming in my face
Brightens me up on my worst days
I love coffee
A hot cup and lips ...

here is my coffee..
it's only for you ...
cup of coffee ...
with a hot smoking ...
dances around cup ...
hot as me ...

would you taste it now ....
it's our hot coffee ...
it's make by me ...
to make our morning ...
so beautiful ...
as we both feel ...

let's together ..
enjoy it ...
while we both ...
sipping this hot coffee ...
once from the cup ...
and once time ...
from our lips ...

come sweetheart ...
let's  get both hot ...
as this cup ...
to stay all the day ...
hot into our bed ...
where we never leave ...

let's get it ...
let's do it ...
we have this cup ...
and our lips ...

good morning ...

hazem al ..
i shouldn't say

i'm sorry
for not being
the warmth
that fills your cup

i'm not everyone's
cup of tea

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
can you hit me? fill my cup?
I can never get enough
I might cry in front of you
You were leaning on your car seat of your
Standard blue jeep wrangler
I could carve you of rock
If I knew how to carve
Your eyes are deep like black holes ******* in light and time
I didn't want it to end
You make me feel like I was on fire
Burgundy on my face
Ash on my forehead
I had never met someone who has a sun for a soul
It envelopes everything in its path
Slowly taking over the much smaller star I call a soul
It wasn't catastrophic
Nor tragic
The way it was so easy to be overwhelmed by your smile
How I'd be cold when you were gone
But on fire when you were near
You should come with a warning
Like cutting onion
anything you do could move me to tears
This is a warning I could cry in front of you
A sun for a soul

A diamond for a smile
inspired by the song Death Cup by Mom Jeans theres a hidden message in this one but im just going to tell you originally this was about how im gonna cry when this thing between us is over and im going to be really hurt
Shea Jan 6
Like a moth
I'm drawn to the flame
Where I keep getting burned
I'm hurting in my soul.

My fingers are cut
My voice is weak
If there's anything left,
It was gone last week
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