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B00ks101 Oct 10
Eggs, sugar, flour and butter.
The incantation that I mutter.
Heat and Time in a lightly greased pan.
What alchemy! for the common man.
Starting a day with a cup of coffe
Drinking poison to catch the energy
Sinking deeper through emotions 'till I can't breathe
Holding on to traumatic things that stay in me
Pouring it into rhymes and beautiful poetry
Seanathon Sep 5
It's a simple smile
Softly over a small cup
Of steaming coffee
Which cries almost quietly
"Joy alive in crinkled eyes"
Happiness is overrated. But Joyfulness through faith, cannot enough be exaggerated.

Perhaps a verbal self-portrait of sorts. Lolz.
Seanathon Sep 5
When the first summer rain stirs the peaceful veil
And the white fly casts shadows down tried and true
When the firelight sparks in the first dark of night
And the thunderous call reaches the mountains through

Within grandeur ends such glory
A quiet death for time as it stops

Crashing like passing waves ashore
Bursting into the creative mind

That is the caffeine rushing to a combustive heart
Trying to write with morning fog, mostly about morning fog, is like a descriptive eye chart. LOL. #wakeup
"If, to me, you'll tilt your cup,"

Says the Spirit,

"I'll fill you up."
Shofi Ahmed Aug 22
A treat for every eye
a potion for every cup
a room for everyone.
One day the sun
will drop into a lap on earth.
It looked red, red
the first day it shone
is still the same red rose!
The outside of the China teacup,
Chipped and cracked but still standing up,
Vines wrap round the China glass like hands wrap round my throat
Bottom bears coffee stains and teabag remains, like a sad girl who bears her scars
Brim has a special need for a lips touch
like a middle schooler has for lunch

It holds a special type of poison
The type of poison that hurts before you drink it
The type of poison that isn’t really poison poison
But the type of poison that you pour inside me
and the sad thing is
is that I love your poison
And I’ll drink your poison everyday until you stop giving me poison to drink
Tatiana May 21
         ­          I
                            my mind
                        is feeling
                       that I do
                           seems to
                      make this
                    go away
       not even just a cup of tea
   can keep these dreadful shivers
  at bay and I am left wondering if I will
  ever feel okay. Am I going to         turn
    out to be something great? Or will I
          stumble into oblivion
and no one will remember my name.

I guess I'm going to have to make another cup of tea and see if I like that one.
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