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If I cry out to a gaze of boisterous
watchers, as every star falling out of the
sky, —I’d too, feel so out of place. I would
appear, a feast to Time, by just a second’s graze.

Truly startled at how short a life is;
even by the Greener pastures we so
meaninglessly hunt after; do know
full well, all the grass that grows so
promising; will all eventually be grazed.

And perhaps the purple envy I had
for the freedom’s worth knitted into
the sky, would all at last turn so grey,

And so, I would cry a river’s mountain,
upon knowing how much time I spent,
chasing after meaningless things in all my days.

For the cares of the world offers
only a moment’s praise,

Till I’m of course consumed, with finding
the reasoning to clarify such a craze—
I’d have no answer to my Creator’s name;
and I’d be so ashamed.
I S A A C Apr 3
is my wish what i really want?
are your kisses really that soft or are my memories unreliable
all this time i was unviable but now the tides changed
if the overcast can fade then so can the return of the grey
my impressionable mind molded by stoic time
the inescapable vines consume my innate drive
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2023
In dark moments of life it may be hard
Finding love for your existence each day
Behind every sorrow is meaning
All clouds will eventually drift away
Skies of blue are waiting around new corners
This time only will be temporarily grey
Everything is temporary. Pain, joy, peace, confusion, excitement, and even grief are all simply passing emotions that overall are a mere blip on the entirety of our timelines
winter Oct 2022
There is no light,
I tried to find it.
Every day I spared my consciousness,
I searched and scavenged
to no avail.
There was only grey,
and it so happened,
that the brightest day
was the darkest of all.
The light of august
fated to fall
the minute morning came
so mourning goes
and all thereafter tarnished.
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2022
I'm consistently looking for answers
Feel need to understand
This is not a life I've dreamt
Far from what I planned
In black and blue sight is drenched
Each sound is monotone
Surrounded by people or by myself
Feel just as alone
But there is no one besides me to blame
Responsible for my tears
Storms created by own hands
I can't make them disappear
Your voice calms rainfall
Only effective source of power
The once-torrential downpour
Nothing more than moderate shower
I miss planet bursting with color
Vibrant hues have went dim
No matter which direction looked towards the future
Every avenue is bleak and grim
I do not know how to fix everything
I'm unsure of where I went wrong
Weeks blur together
Spiral the drain
Days not lasting long
Your words give hope to hold onto
Clutch them during the coldest nights
I can't tell what is real or not
Making it hard to focus on the light
I heard best is yet to come
But finding it difficult to agree
Every cloud overhead is grey
Silver linings impossible to see
Feeling some type of way right now
Pepper Dove May 2022
There really wasn't much to the day
A bit of sun
A bit of grey

Leaving me with room to think
A sip to numb
A heart to sink
I S A A C Apr 2022
2 times 2 is four, as my life path
always wonder if I am on the right path
wish I could calculate my path, extract the unknown
prove it with words and numbers, not just inner knowing and tarot cards
math is more believable to the severed body
I use other means to understand my body
holistic, artistic, there's always another way
deterministic, statistic, no place for the grey
calculate how best to waste your days
Io Apr 2022
you shifted constantly
your form became that of a million bodies
and so, from everyone I saw,
I felt you staring back at me

we locked eyes

(I find your pupils in the eye of a storm)
(swirling in clouds of every colour)
(I remember you from before)
(I remember you in my dreams)
((I see you standing on a cliff))
((your silhouette drowning in an ocean of grey))
(((It’s raining)))
(((The Ocean is alive,)))
((((it’s speaking to you,))))
(((((but I can only hear the crashing,)))))
((((((crashing of the waves))))))

you closed your eyes
I looked away
but still I wonder...
if you’d drift away
a glimpse into the fortress of your eyes
the black door at the centre of the crater ridden moon
whose wrought iron frame hid a mind so beautiful
I didn’t know you hid a mind so beautiful
I didn’t know...
it’s okay, mistakes happen
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2022
Sunrise brings realization that you are really gone
Amidst the golden beams poured onto my lawn
Morning sky wide with opportunity blue
All I'm able to focus on is you
Taking time to change your mind
The veil of denial rendering me blind
You notice me when it's required
Games have made me so ******* tired
Rays of sunshine warmly fall onto my cheeks
Have not worn an authentic smile in over three weeks
The birds sing a cheerful serenade
Their musical voices to my ears all but fade
You block any memory remaining here
Would be happier if all trace of me disappeared
Will hear your compliments if there's something you need
Motives hidden between your lines aren't hard to read
Sunset floods fire
Room filled with a glow
Goodnight said to secrets you alone will only know
Footprints on my heart because you tread upon my chest
Stomping the vulnerable parts you once caressed
You do not observe scars you left on my skin
You're too selfish
Subconsciously rubbing it in
The space you once occupied is now vacant and cold
Chasm of darkness is all it seems to hold
Blackness comes creeping as the light goes down
Relieved night cloaks my visible frown
Swallowing earth but it sticks in my throat
When it does finally reach my stomach I bloat
Bites I choked down churn in my gut
Tempted to *****
I keep my mouth shut
And fill the gaps in your life with cheap connections
Fool yourself by picking random directions
I suspect eyes will not sparkle for long
You with someone else just has to be wrong
Reality is not black and white
In fact colors are brighter because I feel grey
Don't understand how you could lose my love and be okay
Now over a year has passed and I've had to finally come to grips with the fact that you're never coming back
I S A A C Mar 2022
they are polluted by my delusion
they were born to ruin
my tears are acidic and my burden is heavy
my fears are basic and I feel incomplete already
it's a lot to wrap my head around, especially when my feet are not on the ground
I'd rather ride the clouds or catch a wave
who determined that life had to be so grey, day in and day out
paychecks in and I already spent it, this hole I cannot get out
my teardrops are acid and my god I cannot hold them in any longer
my emotions are stronger the longer they harbor.
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