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Francis Nov 2023
Old Man Joe says,
Black and white is the art form,
When images can be captured,
Rendered in color.

To him,
The true art is in the frame,
The composition,
The contrast,
Light versus dark.

He says color makes it an image,
But monochrome makes it a treasure,
Such simplicity,
Relying on such grey,
To convey…

A story?
An emotion?
A statement?

Black and white,
If life were only that simple,
As it is filled with pigments,
A spectrum of *******,
To him.

My dear friend detests,
The rendition of color.
Through the glass,
He sees nothing but shades,
Of nothing.
lua Mar 2021
i've long thought this
how sunsets no longer captivate me

when i walk in a crowd
no face is left unblurred
each passerby drab and uninteresting
nothing to catch my eye
nothing to tear my heart in two
or ever leave my mind

what is beauty to someone who can't see?
or to someone who sees
that nothing is beautiful anymore.
as an artist, i like to find the beauty in everything, no matter how grounded or detached it is. lately things just seem grey and uninteresting, as if im viewing life through a black and white filter.
Ileana Amara Dec 2020
thousands of colors drip
as memories traverse deep;

i ventured the corner where we used to meet,
in my head, you were more than just black and white
a creature with a beautiful soul, always within sight,
yet the inevitable ending urged me for this lonely visit.

the silence drowned me and i wanted to hear a heartbeat
from where the light glows and your shadow goes,
the battle between how my heart feels and what my mind knows;
i sat down, knowing it requires a mightier feat.

Matt Nov 2020
I remember winter
I long for her razor blade winds
Hands shoved in my pockets
Envious of the furred critters
A scarf and a thick coat
Snow like ghosts on a misty coast

Oh how my feet soak as I cross the frozen sky
To some, the cold air that strangulates
Is enough to make a hardy man want to die
Yet I embrace this dark, quiet state
Lost in her red lips flush against monochromatic nights
As she walks under the pale moonlight

My arm around her
With my coat draped over her
Winter is for her
n-khrennikov Jun 2020
My love, my passion, my hands

    ... my darkness, my past, my tears
Grey Mar 2020
I lie awake in my bed
all these uncontained thoughts
running around in my head.
Color and light,
ideas that are glaring and bright
seep into my head during the long nights.
But I'm restless, dark thoughts
pulling me down
and making me breathless.
So I take a sleeping pill,
wait for it to lift the weight
of the desperate dreams they ****.
But along with it,
the rainbow dims and flickers,
becoming a monochrome
that reminds me all to much
of the world we call home.
Going through my drafts.
I'm never sure how to end my poems, so I'm never really satisfied with them.
lua Mar 2020
You remember the fire in black and white
Like an old movie
How the pictures on the wall burned
How they crumbled to the flaming ground
As if descending into the inferno
The fabrics singed,
The kitchen had fallen apart
The stairs to the second floor had collapsed
But the glass-eyed look she gave you
Was the only thing in colour.
Lumine Oct 2019
i don't really view the world as gray.
it's more like;
a series of monochrome days.

i know what they are;
but that doesn't guarantee that;
i understand what they mean.

i live through the eyes of other people.
i want to know.
i want to understand.
i want to see what i know they have.

because I feel nothing.
i have no opinions.
i have no ideas.
i have no confidence.

some days;
all I know is green.
not balance nor neutrality;
just envy;
pure perverse acidicity.

when I get furious,
i don't really see red.
i see black;
because I've probably ;
fainted from the shock.
what color is your life?
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