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Kewayne Wadley Aug 2021
When buildings crumble
& return back to dust
& heads turn in disgust.
Faced with lust & deeds
Of mistrust.

When all else fades
& the stars speckle
Like eons of old dust collected
& swept across the sky,
Time will cease to exist.

While some of us ascend
The staircase.
Not all of us will be so fortunate
In a desert of red.

In any case,
No matter which way you go,
Wait for me.

Wait for me at the floodgate
Which passion percolates &
The stars weep for us as we do
For them.
Don’t breathe without me,
Just as I wouldn’t without you.
Humble & unknowing

I don’t know what’s to become of us
But I do know,
I don’t want to be without you.
When buildings crumble
& return back to dust
When all else fades
& the stars speckle
Like eons of old dust collected
& swept across the sky.

Wait for me,
No matter what happens
Nat Jul 2021
Waxing philosophical on the porch
Beneath a string of neon lights
The lighter blinks on as the stars keep blinking out
Let's celebrate our waning nights
Martin Boško Apr 2021
Shh, listen, do you hear the silence?
The haunted streets full of ghosts?
The screeching fall of the world of finance?
We are but billions of clueless hosts
Written at the beggining of a pandemic after the first lockdown in my country
Martin Boško Apr 2021
Empty fields and empty minds
Sounds of crickets and lights of fireflies
Constellations show stories untold
A perfect night at the end of the world
God's Oracle Mar 2021
Workers of the Hidden Corporations Of Secret Fraternities passing on information of macabre "Death Spells & Powerful Hexes" introducing a 3 hour Tranced Chant that delivers a Dark Energy tainted with the Mark Of Death being casted upon another living individual...How Dare You evil Sorcerer's and Witches doers of Darkness conduct harm upon a Living Soul
I have been dying emotionally inside... but yet being alive within my own real of simple yet complex realms of consciousness
I live perplexed due to the fact a part of me believes I may be possibly possessed by an entity named Azaziel whom I have become it's host...and I have also meet and been conflicted by subjecting myself to being exposed to the unseen realm of the spirits that roam the World. I have meet Legion...Belphegor...Azaziel...Davannah...
Oasis...Nathanael...Se­phrael...and lastly Veldor. It may be just my schizophrenic tendencies playing games with my mind and the way my Consciousness flows and resembles the raging ocean when being invaded by a raging storm. I know of a man who is the personification the unmistakable uncontrollable and undeniable vessel that embodies true EVIL that he believes and has showed me he is who he was and has always been Lucifer himself. In a moment in time where I lived my Life as if everything on Earth was OK and I did not worry about the Afterlife or God or the Devil or the Unseen Spiritual World that is at work I quickly realized who I was...Am the Final Prophet of Doom that will suddenly overtake and overwhelm the whole Earth. My Life and experiences will one day implicate NOT just me alone but the whole Human Race. It has been written in the books of prophecy from ages of old that it will come to pass. I am unable to change add or subtract from the Living Word Of God but what I do know is this Man rules 1/3 of the Fallen Angels that fell from Heaven. He is the Prince Of The Air...the Man of Lawlessness his time is short but his mouth will utter and groan and whisper and even convince the majority of the Masses of the World to succumb to his tremendous blasphemies his incredulous conceptions of a New World with a New Order and A New God. The False Prophet will take his stand and will perform miracles, wonders and invoke the people of the World to wholeheartedly believe that he is the Christ. The Final Man will make himself known and will be used as a World Leader...yet will fully stand to represent and not simply convince the masses this 2 others are good and holy but will go as far as to say that He is "The False Prophet" is the Christ and the One who is truly Lucifer is God himself. Somehow all this events will happen like a flash of lightning like thunder it will strike all Man, Woman and Child by manipulating and interpreting the Word Of a New way a radical form a way that will be so extreme that the World and it's inhabitants will look up to them to be saved for the Faith of the whole world will be shaken to its core. This COVID-19 Virus is just the beginning...the World will begin to experience shift changes in Weather, Food Supply and the implementation of a cashless society ran by 3 Man who will deceive and cause the extinction of our species. At this Moment in time The Devil is still working under the shadows and protection of Hollywood, The Media, The World Wide Web, Music, The Law and Technology. But soon within 3 years from now the World will know who he is...Then shortly after 2 more years of a short Grace period then prepare for the False Prophet, Lucifer and the Man of Lawlessness. I am doing little to nothing yet but soon I will commence to wage the war against them speaking against them...Revealing to the people that I am truly a Man Of God. I will bear fruit my works in the unseen realm are just beginning to come to fruition. I may be killed but I will come to life again NOT fearing Death for my body will be put on display to the Whole World …God is coming back soon prepare for Armageddon. Yet the World will continue the people will continue to live as if this 3 people who will be able to perform miraculous wonders in front of the multitude of masses watching them...DO NOT be oblivious to the fact that I have meet Lucifer in person and believe me he is indeed working fast to complete his work. Stand ready Warriors Of God.
The End Is Coming Soon...Mysteriously And Swiftly...
Beanie Jan 2021
There’s a siren wailing
And the man on TV
Keeps mentioning doomsday.
The newspaper headlines
All let us know it’s the end.
As the world crashes down
There is one comfort left.
I put on my favorite earrings,
The ones you bought me,
And you pull on your coat.
Taking you in my arms
Is all I have left,
So in this final evening,
This eleventh hour,
I bring you to dance in the streets,
To enjoy a final moment before
The show starts and the world ends.
I move in close to you,
And whisper my secrets in
Your ear, but my final secret
I press to your lips as
Our very essence is set aflame.
Inspired by a boy I like and the song "As the World Caves In" by Matt Maltese
Orange Rose Dec 2020
Tomorrow's sun brings icy wind
And hearts entwined are torn again
The wings of angels bleed and break
Reflections dance on mirror lake.

The stars are falling one by one
Darkness consumes until it's done
And fragrant flowers bow their head
The dancers' feet are made of lead.

And cities crumble brick by brick
And flame ignites the candle's wick
As icy wind begins to blow
The dancers' feet begin to slow.

Tomorrow's wind brings burning rain
All living creatures shall be slain
And after rain comes deathly chill
The dancers' feet, at last, are still.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2020
Not lost in sleep
ascended to a dream
a secret none other have seen
if that doesn't tell the dream
who can interpret?

How the world will end?
First tell how did it begin?

What's true forever
is never a sudden discovery
rolls out in trajectory!
Zack Ripley May 2020
It's not the end of the world.
It's not even the end of the day.
Just because the sky is gray
Doesn't mean the sun can't come out
As if to say "it's okay."
Remember. We see the world in color.
If you don't like the ones you see,
Just close your eyes and breathe.
Please don't give up, and I promise you'll see it's not the end.
George Krokos May 2020
Take all necessary precautions as we may be in for one hell of a ride
as certain forces are descending that will likely cause us all to slide.
It was foretold and written long ago by those ancient prophets of old
and again in the 20th century by One who claimed to be of their Fold.
He was recorded as saying that ¾ of the world's people would perish
and they would do so in spite of anyone or all those we may cherish.

He was called Meher Baba and many recognised him to be an Avatar;
a Divine incarnation of God Who was humanity's most Brightest Star.
Born towards the end of the 19th century at the beginning of a new age
to usher in a New Humanity and in spiritual matters take centre stage.
So much like all those Who'd come before Him He was destined to be
Divinely awakened and authorised to go about setting all people free.

With the words given that were recorded and written down He did say
the world was in the throes of undergoing a Spiritual rebirth in a way.
Like an expectant mother going through her motions and birth pangs
this new age would consume and devour many people with its fangs.
We only have to look back and see the horrors of late with world wars
and the advancement in technology opening up so many hidden doors.

This so-called New Humanity that is being now gradually ushered in
is the next stage of mankind's evolution that will free it of its past sin.
Individually and collectively most will all sometime have to undergo
a purging of their ignorance hidden within them that God does show.
Meher Baba has brought together all religions like beads on one string
and set the stage of the Spirituality that this New Humanity will bring.

He'll work through and with all those true religions of mankind's past
that are still around now though fading lately renewing them so to last.
By showing and revealing the underlying similarities behind them all
He beckons everyone in the world now to so therefore heed His Call.
And all that anyone will ever have to do is to keep Him in their heart
by following the precepts given in the religion of which they're a part.

The manifestation for man of Heaven on earth is what it's really about
a divine experience so great and Holy that it will cause us all to shout.
Come one and all to be a part of this New Humanity that's being born
heralding a glorious age of mankind's place on Earth by a New Dawn.
It's by the elimination of ignorance, falsehood and all our superstition
that we can all now be in and a part of The New Humanity's transition.
One of my very latest poems which I felt compelled to write due to what is happening in the world today. I don't mean to be a scaremonger but in the wake of a possible worse case scenario the poem actually gives much hope as well if indeed this is actually that time.. May God help us all.
Written in March 2020
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