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If the world were ending tonight
You'd still make time for me
wouldn't you?
Even if it were all in your head

If the world were ending tonight
you'd still give me the same smile
you always give, right?

No matter the crumbling buildings
& people playing hop scotch
Avoiding the large craters in the earth.

You'd still make time just before
the final impact,
Before we're wiped into oblivion, right?
On top of crumbling cars
& huge chunks of rock.
Even if it were all in your head,
would you still come over & make believe
that everything is alright?

If the world were ending tonight,
would there still be time
to go some place nice,
Even if it were all in your head
Miss 'happy' Dec 2019
I'm brainstorming up a riot.
One where people will die
When they're asleep
And quiet.

I'm brainstorming up a riot.
Where you can hear all types of war cries.
One where all types of people will die

I'm brainstorming up a riot.
With lots of fire and guns.
One where all you can hear are
The traumatizing sounds of bullets being released.
And the blood curdling screams of people dying.

I'm brainstorming up a riot.
That the government can't handle.
With bombs designed as food,
And no ruler is there to rule.

I'm brainstorming up a riot.
To where when you step outside,
There's a 98% chance you can die.

I'm brainstorming up a riot.
Where all you can see is blood,  
And corpses.
And all you can smell is the putrid scent of rotting flesh and dried up blood.

I'm brainstorming up a riot.
One that can't even compete with war.
One where peoples hearts are took over with hatred.
And the only thing on their mind,
Is death and ******.

You read it right.
I'm brainstorming up a riot.
And the funny thing is,
I don't even know why.
Just another psychotic thought.
lua Nov 2019
When the world implodes and burns from the inside, I will not fear God
I will hear the prayers of folks fallen to their knees
Calling out to you
Calling out your name
In begging for mercy
Fear of death
That soon would swallow them whole
As the earth devours itself
But I will not fear you
I will not
So be it the planet dies
So be it it crumbles beneath my feet
So be it I shall die too
So be it the death I shall go through is slow and painful
So be it I will scream in anguish and agony as the life drains out of me
So be it the hundred, thousand hands grasping my ankles
Calling out to me to kneel before you
Crying out to me to beg before you
For your forgiveness
To be spared from retribution
To be spared from the cackling fires of Hell
I will not kneel before you
I will not ***** my knees for you
I will not cover them in bruises and mud for you
I will not bow my head in silence for you
I will not silence my voice and thoughts for you
I will not cower under your stare
I will not fear you.
You are nothing to me
Mark Toney Nov 2019
it's the end of the world as we know it - time I had some time alone
1/25/2019 - Poetry form: Monoku - While this is truly a Monoku, this is the second instance of me using a lyric line from a well known song for my Monoku.  So I am designating this particular form of Monoku as a Lyricku - a type of Monoku that is made up of a single horizontal line consisting of seventeen syllables or less, in addition to being a lyric line from a well known song. Lyric credit: Songwriters: John Michael Stipe / Michael E. Mills / Peter Lawrence Buck / William Thomas Berry | It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) © Universal Music Publishing Group - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
lua Oct 2019
I saw you in the underworld when the earth collapsed

The incendiary skies burned bright;
And I saw you beneath its scorching glare
Standing by the banks of the river Styx
Your supple skin marred and stained
By soot and mud from below your feet
And burnmarks;
I know not where you got them

I called your name
Shouted it
Screamed it
But you did not hear me
You did not listen
Simply stared off into the distance
Body glowing, body burning
World glowing, world burning

(I never saw you again)
lua Oct 2019
you slipped and slipped from my fingers
until i could no longer feel yours
and the earth devoured you,
swallowed you,
ate you whole

you left me alone as the ground rippled and cracked beneath me
you left me alone as the waters grabbed my ankles and pulled me down
you left me alone as death came like raging ocean waves
like an explosion so spontaneous
i never had the time to open my mouth
to scream your name

you left me alone.
lua Oct 2019
i don't want to die, not yet at least
but the world is eating itself from the inside
and i feel your fingers slipping away from my grasp
the dogs are barking, their howls resonating in my head
bouncing off the walls of my subconscious
like sirens, a sign
a sign of the end of times
one that all should know of
when the waters begin to swallow nations whole
when the fires begin to devour the earth
when the earth freezes over and shatters, drifting across the solar system
when the earth burns to nothing but ash—

—"but i don't want to die"

i'll take what you said to the grave
even if its the last thing i'll ever hold on to.
lua Sep 2019
My heart pounded against my chest so hard
It felt as if something was punching me
We ran,
Hand in hand
And never took a second to look back
For there was nothing left to look back on
But the charred silhouettes of memories
Soon to be forgotten.
we left it all behind when the fires started
lua Sep 2019
hold my hand
hold it tight
don't let go
and let's watch
as the sun swallows the earth.
don't leave my side
Sins of the past Aug 2019
Life as we know it
Comes to an end
Lies they tell
Scatter away
In a pit of darkness
With faint memories
Your pride you shall drown in
And whispers of dreams
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