Kat 4d
When I met her
I was in a dark place
She made me feel better
alone with her I felt safe

When I met her
I fell in love easily
Me and her alone
protecting me in isolation furiously

Her's was the fear
but I knew why I had to be scared
the danger was clear
I wasn't meant to be shared

But hidden in front of everyone's eyes
better still behind closed doors
safe and sound and internally screaming
my lively body lying dead on barren floors

When I met her
to love her felt so right
easier yet but to walk amongst strangers
simpler yet to swallow all forsaken pride

Since I realized that I loved her wrong
that I only grew fond of her protection
I started taking her out on walks
I've written her a heartfelt song

"I love you dear,
you are my fearful guardian
and I thank you for reminding me
to keep an open eye, to always look for the hidden scorpion
Let me find comfort in you
when I know being terrified
makes less a fool out of me
but only a soul less traveled, barely petrified.

In my way of loving,
let me find my kind of freedom
I don't need you solving

Anxiety. "
Totally freestyled this. Might change it later. Let me know what you think.
I keep myself busy,
Try to make music,
With no knowledge on theory of music,
Try to make a game,
With no knowledge on coding,
I am engrossed in these works,
Work for days,
Exhaustion lurks,
I push myself too much on these,
I love these,
But the real reason,
To keep myself in a prison,
To not feel or remember,
Memories locked away,
To hide away in this work,
But then,
My work feels fake,
Everything mentally it takes,
And I end up resenting,
What I make
You're a glitch in the system,
a fuckin' mistake.
But carry on regardless
'cause I know you're fake.

I'm sure that you know,
you were never all that.
A big fuckin' lie
and then you did that!

So take off your mask
and show me your face.
'Cause to me you're already
a fuckin' disgrace!

You cast a steel shadow
yet still hide your face.
You shared all my secrets
and told them my name.
Now, step into your spotlight
and reveal your game.

Poetry by Kaydee.
No? I didn't think so.
Marianna Jul 6
i ripped my eyes off before anyone sees.
i feel betrayed by my own best friend. i got drunk and almost cried in front of her friends. its 2am and i am not ok
Chloe Jun 29
She looks like a happy girl.
A kind girl.
A got-everything-she-wants-in-the-world girl.

But maybe she's a bruised girl.
A scared girl.
A scars-hidden-under-her-sleeve girl.

Maybe she spends every day
Hiding her hurt til it goes away.
But it never does,
It only grows,
As she suffers more and more relentless blows.

Maybe she waits
For someone to say (and mean it), to say:
'Are you okay?'
Amanda Jun 27
I just cannot morph into who I want to be
My soul is shifting into a shape dark and ugly
Instead of a reflection brimming with affection unsaid
I am becoming the opposite of who I am in my head

I hate the girl I see staring back with anger
Storms brewing in the eyes of this sudden stranger
Attempting to come up with an answer to my endless "Why?"
Never find an answer, yet I continue to try

One day the mirror will show not hurt but happiness
Love painted on my face, instead of distress
Come hell or high water I will have to be strong
I will be reborn, the me hiding inside all along.
Sometimes my actions dont match my words
When it rains,
It pours.
Cascading down,
I guess I’ll go home,
And stay there,
To hide.
Forget about my prior notion.
I guess I'll go home, and stay there to hide
I put it on, everyday.
I tried not to make mistakes.
Even though it’s full of cracks,
I still sit up and put on my act.
And though no one ever wants to ask,
I still get up.
And put on My Mask.
Geanna Jun 22
It can be scary coming out of the closet
Escpecially to your parents

It's sad to know he won't
accept it
He won't accept me

So I have to hide it
Pretend i'm just into the opposite gender
It's hard at times
It sucks

Parents are suppose to accept
you for who you are
To love you no matter what

But for me
Lies are everywhere
I can never truly be who
I am

He will disown me
See me in a different way
I'll lose him
For being who I am
~ G.P.O
I wrote this before I came out to my parents. I changed it a bit. My mother accepted me. My father found out about me. An ex-girlfriend broke up with me through text and he read it. He almost kicked me out. He's still in denial about me. If I were to have a girlfriend I'd have to keep it a secret from him.
Kat Jun 21
I'm hurting lately
Is it just me?
I keep breathing barely
Is there a good excuse?

I'm quite tired these days
Should I get medication for that?
My nightmares are showing me new ways
What's the deal?

Cut. One small thought I had as well
Where did that come from all of a sudden?
In our bathroom is that certain smell
(I can't stand it)
Am I doing this right?

I think I left my confidence at home
Or is it hiding under the bed?
Guess we got separated, this girl is one, lone.
Or is she?

I made new friends in the meantime
Is Anxiety coming over?
We gonna have another slumber party, “I seem fine”
(That's going to be the theme)

Don't forget about Self-loathing,
the party doesn't really start without them, does it?
It's gonna be a sick time with a bunch of loafing,
Sounds pretty good, huh?

Might as well make this my invitation,
to my awesome sleepover
though there's an ongoing renovation
so please don't mind the noise.
Not sure what I did here. Just some random thoughts written down in the heat of the moment. Let me know what you think.
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