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You're hiding yourself
So good
That you don't actually
Know where is it anymore
You don't know what you want
You just need someone there
Don't care who is it
Just anyone
To fill the emptiness
In you
That you actually are the one
Who created it
Cleo 4d
There are people that hide because they want to be found,
and there are people that hide because they don't.
I don't know who, or what, you're hiding from.
Are you afraid of me? Of God? He can't find you either.

Either way, I stopped looking for you.

I left messages on your machine.
I cried.
Yet I couldn't help but wonder if something bad had happened
or if you just changed your number.

Either way, I stopped calling.

I feared for a long time that you were in danger.
I feared that you were hiding from evil.
I thought that maybe you needed to be saved.
Then I realized that whatever you were hiding from haunted you because you poked it first.
No one can save you from your own consequences.

Either way, I stopped caring.

I was willing to break down doors to find you.
I would've.
I would've traveled the world to help you.
But I feared that I'd find you in Santo Domingo
smoking cigars with your toes in the sand
and NOT thinking about me.

Either way, I stopped trying.

You are either living a life worth hiding for
or hiding from a life worth living.

Either way, you poked it first.
Rose 6d
How are you?
I’m uncomfortable
I don’t feel safe in my own home anymore,
The one place I should

How are you?
I’m heartbroken
I try so hard to make my friends happy,
Yet I seem to fail every time

How are you?
I’m confused
We’re all told to act a certain way
Don't vape, listen to your parents, and go to church on Sunday,
So why does it feel like I’m the only acting that way?

How are you?
I’m Frustrated
Because I can’t be perfect and because of that,
I’m letting people down

How are you?
I’m Ashamed
I try to be that good little girl they expect me to be,
but I just can’t seem to get it right

How are you?
I feel different
As if the way I was raised makes people see me differently,
so I’m treated differently

How are you?
I feel so alone,
I have plenty of friends and family,
yet it still feels like I have no one,
no one to talk to,
to tell them my problems,
to be there when I need them most

How are you?
I’m crying
But only where no one can see me,
I’m the happy friend remember?

How are you?
I’m fine
I had to write a poem for English class last night so i just wrote down everything i was feeling that night and exaggerated it at parts so that's what this is.
theforest Jan 8
i miss your smile
and the way you made
my cheeks hurt
every time you hid your face
under your covers
whenever i said
you're beautiful

i often bask in the memory
of the soft orange glow
from the fairy lights
you hung on your bedroom walls

i ache

sometimes i try to hide
from this feeling
of missing you

but it always finds me
wishing the world
would stop trying
to keep us apart
Jordan Ray Jan 7
I tried looking for love, in a change of my mind.

Listen to my story, let me tell you how it goes
Unlike rags to riches, I started with the gold
I gave her all my time, gave her everything I know
But something deep inside, made me want to let it go
I watched it through my fingers, now she haunts me like a ghost
I gave up chasing pavements for a heartless empty love

There's nobody, nobody no,
Nobody, nobody, no
Nobody, nobody like her.

I tried searching for love, in a strangers eyes.

So I picked myself up, when I hit that cold, hard ground
Made my self seem happy, made my parents feel so proud
Wore my heart under my sleeve, not to let anyone know
That the battle deep inside, hasn't got an end result
I've been fighting for survival, holding onto all the blame
But maybe there is hope, if I show her that I've changed

There's nobody, nobody, no,
Nobody, nobody, no
Nobody, nobody like her.

And I've prayed to god, even though I don't believe in him.
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
Am changing
So much I can't even
Recognize myself anymore
I know am going somewhere
Somewhere I shouldn't be
It's affecting me so bad
But I just can't stop it
I don't know how to
My reputation isn't getting any better
It's hurting me
Seeing how my friends look at me
They're judging
They shouldn't be
They supposed to be my friends
Even if am at my worst
I know am no innocent
But I am honest about what am doing
I hate hiding
But i guess
This is how I'll survive here
If i wanna do what i want
Even if it's wrong
But this is my last option
I hope I get my **** together
Before i hurt more people
Before i hurt myself
Even more
Breaking point into rise up
The Toxic Bitch Aug 2018
You're different
You have every reason to be
I was only seeing
What you let me see

And now
I get it
Why you do all of this
Why you act that way

I never bothered
And now
It's all i care about
I feel you
And you don't even know

You way much stronger
Than you think
Stronger than anyone i know

Purest heart
Which is way you hide it away
Way too much away
That you sometimes
Don't remember
How it was

That's exactly me
I forgot
How i was like
I forgot how to feel stuff
I don't even remember
Why all that happened
Yuki Jan 2
Myself loved to play hide-and-seek.
That game went on for six years
I almost started to believe
that I lived in it.
My happiness used to hide in any place –
behind my smile most of all,
so that nobody could find my sadness
underneath it.
I’ve always had this weird cough
since I was fourteen.
I sometimes thought that
it was my own sadness trying
to find its way out of my mouth,
just to suicide itself on the pavement.
Tired of being in the dark
but too scared of the light.
The first time I said out loud
I was ***,
I cried so hard.
I used to think I was
But once my father asked me:
«Who can tell what normality is?».
Today I am twenty years old and
I’m who I have always supposed to be.
Myself has grown up
it doesn’t play hide-and-seek anymore.
I am finally able to say
that the true meaning of “Pride”
is to not be ashamed
of who you are.
It’s to be thankful
for you you are
with no ifs or buts or if onlys.
It’s to look in the mirror
and see not a burden,
neither a failure.
Instead a heart and a soul
from which you find strength and love.
I have spent so many years
committing hate crimes against myself.
Now I’m working so hard
on loving me and
it’s not ******* easy.
But here I am
out of the closet
enjoying the light
I’ve been missing.
Richard Frank Dec 2018
I was trembling and sweating
Heart beating like drums,
Pulsating through your ears and body
Tingling vibration in my skin
Chills walking on my spine
Darkness loomed my mind
The cowardice had taken over me
Provoking my deepest anxieties
The demands of courage are different from what I envisioned
Different from that bright morning, when I felt brave
Deepest Fears
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