Chicken Dec 2017
You and your dark armour
Come out and see me
I’m not scared

I know that you’re  still in there
I don’t give a shit about your hair

You and your dark armour
Come out and see me
I’m not scared

I know that you’re still in there
The chinks, they’re ours, they’re shared.
Verifying rumours,
Living up to my name.
'Cause how can you destroy a reputation
When you are just the same?

Don't you dare be scared!
That pathetic face of yours.
Stop trying to befriend me,
I know you see my claws.

You cannot fight me either,
Do not even try.
You fall into my pit
You will inevitably die.

I dream of someone to appear
To convince me to stop.
But no one says it right
And so I carry on.

The running won't be fast enough,
The bullets will not pierce.
The bombs will not taint me,
Fire's a friend, no matter how fierce.

Just leave me alone,
Stay well away.
I don't deserve love,
And you'll live another day.
There is a figure in black
Behind a door.
He talked with whoever
Came by.

He told tales
Of a time
When he was great.
A time
When he saw he sun.

His voice fills with anguish
When he gets to the part
Where space and time lurched
out of his reach,
And he fell into the gap in between.
Slowly he deteriorated,
And his sobs are heard through the door
By the listener.

He tells them,
'I am fading away.'

'No longer do my eyes glow with the same light as they used to,
They are dimming.
And no longer do I embrace my children,
Or cry in my wife's arms.
They are miles away from me.'

He is alone with his tears
And his suffering,
As everyday
He flakes away a little more.
The ash pile beneath him gets bigger all the time,
And all he can do
Is tell the voices through the door.

It's always the same.
He weeps against the wood panels,
Pleading for them to help him.
Get him out.
Open the door.
Turn the handle for goodness sake.

And then he hears their footsteps recede hastily.
Twigs and leaves snapping under their feet as they bolt into the darkness away from him.

He knows what will happen,
Every single person will react the same.
But he can't bear to let go
Of the hope that one will be different.

And yet he knows they never will be.
Inspired by the story of W.D. Gaster from "Undertale".
(If you are religious and offended easily, do not read this poem)

If the sky crumbles into tiny shards,
And the clouds wither away,
It won’t make a difference,
I'll be standing here, no change.

All will be taking shelter,
Running, screaming from the rain.
Huddled under their umbrellas,
Peoples' lives burning in flame.

I will let the sun crumble to dust,
And scatter by my feet.
Melting into the ground,
A tear rolls down my cheek.

Standing in the chaos,
The sky falling like glass.
My life has always been like this,
I live behind a mask.

And now that my mask has been ripped off,
I am exposed to everything,
Now they question who I am,
They don't know a thing.

'Our Father, who art in heaven'
I hear them all pray,
There is no God up there!
No one to fix this wretched day.

There will be no daily bread today,
There will be no might or glory.
Only death and tragedy,
And they find hope in a story?

Didn't you people just witness,
The Heavens come crashing down?
Your people suffered and died,
And all you care about is the delusion to which you are bound.

I see the situation,
Pray, is it only me?
Your Earth just crumbled before your eyes,
And you just want to flee.
Wrote this years ago and ppl liked it, so here it comes!
I have notebooks soaking
up my emotions-
no one see's the flood.
Your death,
is almost a dream,
feels just like old times.

In this dream,
I am your baby.
I count to ten;
Smiling with pride that I learned to count,
You go into hiding.

But in this game of
you never come out of the dark.

And I can’t wake up.
I keep counting-
& I realise,
the day I stop counting,
is the day I go into hiding.

I will see you then.
Until we meet again on the other side, Dad.
Nyx Mar 9
You were always the show off
I knew from the very start
But that nickname didn't quite takeoff
Until your first work of Art

You usually kept to yourself
At least you did back then
But before long, I found myself
Slowly becoming your friend

You gained the title of hottest guy
And for that you should be proud
So many girls want to be with you
except their way to loud

Your best friends a Gentle Giant
At least thats how it seems
I wouldn't be surprised if a bromance
Sprouted from those hidden seams

You have dimples in your cheeks
that show whenever you smile
Your eyes will slightly squint
As we talk about your lifestyle

A white apple watch, adores your left wrist
But for some reason your always fiddling with this
Always checking the time, as if you were late
Is it really that difficult to slow down and wait?

You're really quite an Athlete
Your never second best
But I really cant help but wonder
Do you ever get stressed?

You do chemistry and business
You run track everyday
You work two jobs on weekends
And yet, you don't seem to be in disarray

Does it ever get to difficult?
Putting up such an act
Cause surely one point in time
Your reputation cracked

Sure you make your bad jokes
And everything seems fine
But does there ever come a point
Where your two lives entwine

A perfect boy doesn't exist
So what i would like to know
Is there something about you
that you never dared to show?

Cause many sit here wondering
And many wish to know
What hides beneath that facade of yours?
whats hidden deep below?
peyton Mar 9
Those three words
I desperately needed to hear them
Because I couldn’t bear to say them
To myself.

I wanted to scream
I wanted to run
To a place where no creature
Could see my face again
But I laid still

Staring at my ceiling, the demons said it for me;
“I love you.”
April Mar 7
Two different faces
Who am I?
The one they see
And who I am
They don’t notice,
So I hide
Behind my
Double faces
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