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Rowan S 7d
**** bookends
**** closure
**** the black and the white

**** the knots
******* neat
Cause that really ain't life

Life's messy
There's dirt
It's not simple and clear

It's the road
It's the journey
And the path you take there
Daisy Feb 7
You are a sunflower
Stand tall
Let your limbs reach down to the earth
Feel grounded
Feel happiness
Feel peace

You are bright colours
Greens and yellows
Against blue backdrop skies
Feel proud

I am a sunflower
Whose colours have faded
My limbs droop and sag
Feel uprooted
Feel anger
Feel war

I am dull colours
Blacks and whites
Against grey backdrop skies
Feel defeated
Then bleed your heart out into the night sky
Daisy Feb 6
I am a tragedy
And might I remind you
As we approach the end
That the best tragedies seem
Like they might
Just maybe
Have a happy ending

That is
Right up until the
Sadness isn't black and white
It is the color of the world
So bright and full of life.
Sometimes, the reason why we are sad is not because of the situation we are in but because we are seeing the things we once had but is now lost.
Talis Ren Dec 2018
God, you’re off and on again:
black and white,
hard to read between the lines.

I can’t have my glasses
if you keep breaking them.
A dash of salt and ice
doesn’t put out the house fire.

Why are we here
if not to bicker and fight
and expect the paint overcoat?

What a mess.
Izzy Aghahowa Nov 2018
roaming through city streets
swimming in lakes of luminous ink
drifting above speckles of homogeneous aliens
that paint in black and white
for they cannot see the colours of the rainbow
that i see every night
lucav Oct 2018
i’ll burn down your white picket fence
destroy your garden
crash your car
you want me to join your perfect little life,i hope it doesn’t go far
im a ******* disaster
a hurricane in nirvana
a ****** scene so close you can still hear her womanly screams
if you still believe this is the silver screen
i hope you see me in color ruining your favorite black and white scene
i honestly have no idea what the **** this is
Dan Beyer Oct 2018
I wish things weren't
black and white
i find myself
so often
in the gray spaces
Grace Conde Oct 2018
I hate you,
the way You
make my Heart
twist, dagger in my
chest, sinking, sinking,
my lungs slowly filling, Your
smile the only thing that can save
me. I Love You I'm So Incredibly Sorry
please come back, because without You, I
am Nothing: You are my sun, my moon, and
All My Stars, but I am so tired, and if I could find
a way to push You Out Of My Mind for good, I would,
and how I wish You were Dead, because I am screaming,
but No One Can Hear Me.


I Hate You, my throat burning with Vivid, Unfiltered Hate
for You, every time You Let Me Down, my mind
already bound with your empty promises, my
dear, can't You see? My heart beats for You.
And when You take me in your tender
embrace, slowly putting me back
together, I can finally breathe.
With You, the world rights
on its Axis. Please don't
Hate me, I'm so sorry
I Love You.
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