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Malia Jan 8
It was yes or no,
Black and white,
But I’ve grown
Into seeing the gray.
I realized that there
Is a sky full of stars
In between the night
And the day.
Mrs Timetable Feb 2022
I dreamt of you
In black and white
Your voice
Was in color
I do not know
What words you said
But I heard
Shades of adore
cassandra Apr 2021
your mind
like canvas
pure white
till you get hurt
and paint it
deep black
Justin Aug 2020
The black and white has lost its silhouette
The lines slip from the page
Who can say what reality remains?
Those who exist in three dimensions
Will decide where the truth of the matter lies
And if we're better off

The world pauses, a little more than eight
A man's lost his breath to another
It wasn’t theirs to take
Those who exist on the other side of the screen
Will decide where the truth of the matter lies
And if we're better off

A bounty is placed, a renegade is born
The long arm reaches for another soul,
Another soul is pawned
Those who exist for the law
Will decide where the truth of the matter lies
And if we're better off

A man is led to the edge of the world
He's pushed and plummets into the unknown
Everything in him breaks, but he survives the fall
Those who were standing behind him
Will decide where the truth of the matter lies
And if we're better off

Is any justice worth an injustice?
Can it still be called justice?
When the means don't justify the ends,
Is anybody really, truly, better off?
Darkly Jun 2020
Why does this darkness exist? The power to bring death and destruction

So quickly it came to rest at his fingertips–am I still human?

It appeared as a vortex of shadows–he thought it a hallucination

It was insane and all too real, he could not resist stepping into the swirling dark

He thought it meant the end, but he was wrong

The unending black, still, and quiet

He found security

What does it mean when the “inner you” is silent?

Black tower, his home, wherever it stands, a spiral stair, sharp spines, sheer design

Black throne, occupied

Black blade, the edge of balance, cutting through eternity

What is in between black and white?

This is the effect of light, across space and time

Sitting at the center of his world, thinking, brooding, asking questions you are afraid to answer

What do you see when you look into your own eyes?

Testing those who call for it, testing you

Making people prove themselves–do you really know what life and love are?

Digging deep, bearing water from the well of notions

What things do you do or say because of your fears?

I will not leave until I crack every porcelain mask
I am back, if only for a moment. ;~)
dailythoughts May 2020
Life is black and white
One moment you are full of feels
Another you are nothing but an empty vase
Tell me which is worse
Tell me which is better

The feeling of being accepted
The feeling of being appreciated for lil’ things
The feeling of belonging to someone and someplace
The feeling of chasing dreams with hope
The feeling of inspiration brewing within you
The feeling of loving life while watching the sun set
The feeling of the sipping on the warm coffee
The feeling of cold water running down your body
The feeling of waking up to a sunny morning
The feeling of overcoming your fear of dogs
The feeling of achievement after finishing a 3000-word essay
The feeling of being


The peaceful feeling of being lost in your own dimension
The peaceful feeling of not talking to anyone
The peaceful feeling of not having to trust a soul
The peaceful feeling of laying hopelessly  
The peaceful feeling of the 3am routine
The peaceful feeling of the bitter sensation of liquor
The peaceful feeling of hot water running in the dark space
The peaceful feeling of not leaving your bed
The peaceful feeling of gazing at the ceiling
The peaceful feeling of just being

Tell me which is worse
Tell me which is better
lua Mar 2020
You remember the fire in black and white
Like an old movie
How the pictures on the wall burned
How they crumbled to the flaming ground
As if descending into the inferno
The fabrics singed,
The kitchen had fallen apart
The stairs to the second floor had collapsed
But the glass-eyed look she gave you
Was the only thing in colour.
Asominate Nov 2019
I think of her
She comes to mind
Did you buy him a lizard?

Nancy, dearest
Wasn’t feeling her best
When she sliced through his gizzard.
Not written anatomically correct.
References GHOST’s song “HOUSEWIFE RADIO.”
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