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Haley Jun 2020
one day the sun will get tired of the moon
the moon will get tired of the stars
the stars will get tired of the comets

one day the trees will get tired of the leaves
the leaves will get tired of the bugs
the bark will get tired of breathing

one day the ocean will get tired of waving
the fish will get tired of swimming
the boats will get tired of floating

one day the animals will get tired of roaming
the hunters will get tired of chasing
the grass will get tired of growing

one day the ears will get tired of hearing
the eyes will get tired of seeing
your fingers will get tired of feeling
your senses will get tired of sensing
but most of all, your heart will get tired of feeling

one day the days will get tired of smiling
the nights will get tired of frowning

inevitably the end of the world will come
however my world will only end when my smile fades, and my butterflies have flown away
and that will be my end
when my eyes no longer see you
my fingers no longer touch you
my ears no longer hear you
my heart no longer feels you
will be when my lungs no longer push for air
when my heart no longer beats its usual rhythm
that will be my end
feel free to help edit... im kind of new at this :)
lua May 2020
dark blue skies
indigo nights
the splatter of white
flecks of light
through tiny holes
on your muddied clothes
and freckles speckled
on skin riddled
with words to say
the transition from day
to the cloudless eve
i cling to you to breathe
as the sunlight fades
and leaves without a trace
hold on to that smile
your hands in mine
fingers merge
and intertwine
you cling to me to cry
as the sun dies
for the moon to rise.
lua Apr 2020
the sun is a pining mess
it had never experienced love like this before
a kind of love that entered its dreams
a kind of love that leaves it wanting to stay awake
to see the moon's shy face
to see the moon's shy smiles
the sun had never before felt its heart sink as it set
had never before felt the urge to stay above the horizon
had never before felt the aching, burning sensation
that this kind of love brought with it
as if it had brought firewood to feed the flames bigger and bigger
it was agonising
yet the sun still continues to grin
maybe a little too bright
that the earth has to complain
and the sun would chuckle ever bashful
and it hides behind the mask of clouds, shy

the sun is a pining mess.
lua Apr 2020
as years passed by, the moon had fallen out of love
the light of the sun was so bright
that the moon told itself that it could never reach it
to cradle the sun in its cold palms
that their fingertips will never meet
and the sun's light had gotten dimmer in the moon's eyes
until the raging fire that the moon had once felt for the sun
shrunk, diminished
had put itself out
but the sun felt the ignition
a spark deep within its core
like a single match thrown into a city doused in gasoline
burning bright and powerful
eating away at the very walls of the universe
and without even knowing
had fallen in love with the moon.
lua Nov 2019
your light crept into the nooks and crannies of neighbourhoods
lighting up the darkest of alleyways
when i step foot into your house
the space shines with colours i never knew i could see
i'll breathe in your radiance
even when your light fades into a familiar glow
i'll bask in you
even when the skies fade into the evening's blue
and all i ask is to feel your embrace
to feel your golden arms around me
even in the setting sun.
lua Nov 2019
kiss me like the dawn
when the light of your sun touches the earth for the first time
when every single thing lights up and bursts into flames
burning bright tongues of fire and warmth into my heart
it showers the hills with orange, yellow light
waking everything up
as if breathing life into them once more
i'll love you even if my moon has a dark side you'll never reach
i'll love you even if when i am awake, you are off to sleep
i'll love you even if the only times our fingers touch
is when the world silences
as it watches the eclipse

kiss me like the dawn.
we'll never know when the last dawn will be
lua Oct 2019
the sun awoke from its slumber
and rose
i watched it shower the land in mellow hues
and the rays of the sun tinged your skin an orange so deep
you could have been the sun incarnated
casting your light on the flesh of my bones
warming the frigid touch of my fingers

(and maybe i,

your moon)

when you kissed me
it felt as if i'd burn under your touch
as if i'd melt away with a meeting of our lips
and you tasted like fireworks
of all that sparked,
and burned brighter than anything in this world
a kind of sweetness;
a flavour i can't quite pinpoint
i can't seem to get enough of you

(an eclipse)

you're ethereal. divine
ever stunning, ever radiant
glittering brilliantly in the still dark sky
glowing like a god, a celestial being
and only the light of the sun can touch you.
i am the moon, you are the sun.
W May 2019
My body shifts and the world is shaking at my feet
Yet the birds sing all around me as I try to sleep
Is my mind playing tricks on me that I'm unable to tell the difference from reality?
The physical pain when I'm without you draws me closer to you.. but you are bad for me… but as I sleep with this pain in my mind caused by you to make me want you even more
Was it love?
. it's a vicious cycle
As the sun and the moon. I'm the Earth you created me the son who you gave life in the balance of the right amount of warmth and cold heartedness
As I'm just a boy who sees the mind of when I sleep..and the beauty it can be but to have you together awake and happy together the perfect love it could be.. would be the destruction of my body in which I can bring your dreams to reality..
Right now you.. together…
You would never need to sleep or to eat you be out all day and all night and forget about the son you left at home while you partied but I'm only 3 years old… I can't even reach the stove

What am I even talking about? I'm crazy go to sleep... It's 6 am already
Comparing life in many different scopes
Payton Jun 2018
You don’t need anyone to light you up.
Don’t ever let anyone else become
your sun, you are your own sun.
I believe that it is necessary to find
your moon, the person that you
reflect off of, and the person that you
fall into special kind of gravity with,
but no one should ever become your sun.
You are your own sun and you must
be your own source of light and life,
because once someone else
becomes your sun, and once that
sun falls into another’s orbit,
all of the flowers you’ve planted
shrivel up and die in darkness.
You must be your own sun.
aaliyah Dec 2017
A sun and moon cross like a heart
But are far apart
But always near
And very dear
They bond

They bond
Like how the grass is green
And the sky is blue
They all come together
Like 1 and 2

They will bond
Till forever more
And beyond
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