ruffy cho Jul 11

if i remember correctly,
you wrote a manual on how to swim
in this sea of disappointments

wading my way on above-me water sucks
the energy, the life, the sureness out of me
damn this pressure everyone puts around me

i am naked under currents; don't peak
the water had been dyed pitch black now
the color of doubts

in their eyes they stitch words on my skin
capital letters p, e, r, f, e, c, and t
they decorate me like a diy existence

if i remember correctly,
you wrote a manual on how to drown suffocating-deep into one's sweetest dream
give it to me now

my poems are available at my wattpad account, ventricles.
an online digital collection will be available at issuu on october 2017.
Poetic T Jul 11

Sinks like a stone,

           floating face-down...

Save yourself,
before it's too late,
before you'll be pulled down
by the current of the ocean
where the darkest of the dark exist,
where light can barely reach you
in the down under.

《 e.i 》

Swim to shore.

i used to swim a lot.
  i swam so much,
    my mum used to call me a mermaid.
      i'd take three deep breaths,
        then dive into the pool head first.
          & even though i was told not to,
            i'd keep my eyes open.
             as i swam,
            merely inches from the bottom,
          i kept my eyes wide open.
        i'd see the rays of light,
      breaking through the surface.
    as i swam,
  wiggling like a mermaid,
deep beneath the water,
  i kept my eyes wide open.
    i'd happily watch,
      as the lines of light,
        danced across the floor.
          to me, those reflections
            at the bottom of the pool,
            looked like marble tiles,
             lines of blue smoke,
            or lights from shiny shells.
          it was always peaceful.
  it was always my happy place.
& your eyes...
  they're pale blue,
    with little hints of green.
      & i stare at the lines of blue,
        dancing in your irises.
          it's as if the goddesses
            of the water
              have blessed you,
            with shards of water.
          shards of where my heart is home.
        & when i miss my happy place,
      all i need to do,
    is dive myself into your eyes.
  because your eyes
are my happy place.

Noné Billi Jul 3

Can I take a jump
Into the pool
And surround
In a aqua hue.

Can I leap gently
And not break
The surface,
And cause
A disturbance
That breaks
The silence.

Can I breathe in
All the water around me;
Soaking it up
Like a sponge,
Diluting my veins
Till I am none.

Can I swim
In your sea
Till a tempest
Drowns me.

alan Jun 15

I wish I could live in the coral reef,
joyful colors and ocean relief.
I wish I could swim and not rise,
hidden away from judging eyes.
I wish I could wade in oceans deep,
and to gushes of water, I'd fall asleep.

alan Jun 14

Walking around the rim of acid water,
"swim on in, you won't get hotter!".
Open your eyes under the brim,
burn your eyes and find it dim.
"Follow me we'll rinse your ear"
search for a hand but you cannot hear.

William Lee Jun 10

Look down,
                the liquid is still.

Distance is greater here                                        
                    ­                                    at the top.

Lover’s Leap

on the eve                          

                       of Halloween.

Soil and water,                
                  divided by air

(I’m the fire)                          

Frozen fingers find my face.                    

                           Reject his touch again.

His ribs – a shell.                                        

bars on his chest,                        

               slammed up against the cage.

Plugged my nose;
                            Smell the chemical - instability,
                   sweating ethyl and opioids          

A gasp of air,

                             smashing tongues
                Plaque enough to scrape
and weigh it by the gram.
another night –
   He never brushes.                                          

For radiation’s sake:
burning lids

                              (closing eyes)
time ticks and sheds.
(after an hour of          
                      sodium soaked
hair from my lips    
to give me the salted
metallic milk receipt)

Iris raging against Helios

(The ache
not given by his)

reveals breaking branches
                                      visible only through locked eyelids.

neon red          proof-
Light will continue even if I refuse to see it.

                  My skin – sensitive, exposed;


(His – flushed,
rotting strawberry.)

each piece of flesh
to the cool of the wind           

 and of his eyes.

He will not look away.

His flaws –                  
mine to love,
               my flaws
– he will

(do what he must)

My skin/My pores

are sandpaper until
frozen soon,

                                    The water connects. Then

(and stiff)
the pores are awake;

(clammy hand presses my head)
sandpaper, now sponge.

                  (into the pillow
I never needed to bite.)

(Libido gives way to stamina)

He is to jump in
                  – join me.

But instead, he hesitated.                               


I saw the fear                                 

        (He didn’t give his receipt)

leave his tense, extra-long,

self-mutilated legs.

He looked-

(bashful glance was given) by eyes

(vividly dreamed of
                            when puberty was still                           (growing into me)).

I gave him courage.
                        His reluctance became


those scarred stilts of his ran                                                and           ­                             
                                   ­                         leapt!

(He always was the air.)

Solar radiation affected eye control
but still,               he fought to catch me then.

Stubborn, (determined) blind,                                       he fights.

Can time stop here?

As his flawed flesh hangs,

   When eyes catch;

                               I want to remain forever.

I want that escape.                             (Will we be sober?)                    
His face is left-lazy.

The right side does all the work.         Cheek skin stretches              right

I make him smile.                                  Eyebrows in motion; raised.

Lip curls up, only for one side

The baritone of his voice


                          I am his laughter
                                                  – a squawk

His nearly-not-a-beer-belly          frozen            


in the air,

Pubic hair, trimmed,
but not shaven.

Shadow of his (non-secular) altered
penis.                                       (Nothing to hide.)

The sloppy physical tool      (My favorite one)
He was just a boy,                                   (perfect)
but he was mine, then.                     (singularly)

Our exposure;
shared - flaws vulnerable.                            
(my)             passion,                                          
(heart is within                                  

Since sixteen,
there is my boy.

adoring (him)
devoted (me)

The one I loved first,

(still) the one I’ve loved best.

RIP JWG 5/31/16
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