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Mark Toney Jun 24
exotic fish swim
aquarium-like setting
~ Roku screensaver

Mark Toney © 2021
6/23/2021 - poetry form: Haiku (for you) - Mark Toney © 2021
Shofi Ahmed Jun 21
The Babylonian hanging gardens is vanished
                            maybe the fairies tucked it away.
Lo the clouds swim on your dry leaves, rainfalls
                                                        hum on the way!
I still can't say your name aloud,
I've got my tongue trapped in a cirrus cloud.
I still push on and play pretend,
to the planet's eye, you never happened.
But it's times like this,
where my mind swims,
and the ripples of mementos flow
then come casually crashing at my back door.
And though I keep it sealed,
you seep in,
flooding floors,
and all at once,
I'm sinking.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Thinking about the girl who did more than break my heart at 14.
Snipes May 6
Worry is the puddle
Fear is the ocean

I swam for
The head rest of swans
I wedged them into hell
I’ve watched love burn
I’ve learned to accept
The warmth of freezer burn

Worry is the puddle
Fear is the ocean

I found myself in the ripple
I found comfort in the drowning
Heaven smiles
While the Devil lives in Da Nile
Nik Apr 29
8 billion people in the world—
and here i am drowning in an infinity pool of self-pity.
i tell myself one day i will stop.
swim back towards the edge, gasping for breath, a new life to transform into.
and here i am drowning in an infinity pool of self pity.
The world is too heavy on my shoulders
Wallflower Mar 29
slowly dying,
trying to scream but she can't.
They did this to her
or did she?
No, how could she,
but what if...?
No, it doesn't matter
It wouldn't change a thing
the way of looking at the world,
looking at herself...
Trying to understand
what is happening
She needed to know,
she needed to find out,
She needed to understand
What made her act like this monster?
What made her hurt...... herself
Again and again
She couldn't
She looked for herself
lost herself
and found a monster
Monster sitting deep down at the bottom of the ocean
Making every decision for her
wrapping around her ankles,
her thighs,
her waist,
her arms,
her neck,
her mind,
and finally her heart.
She was trapped.
Swimming for her life
screaming would **** her.
Water in her mouth
She would have drowned.
She couldn't shout so she could swim.
And she said this to herself
over and over again
She didn't know she wasn't swimming
She didn't know she can't swim
she didn't know was already drowning
And screaming for help could have been the only thing
that could have saved her.
Only if she knew....
Well, you can see i had some rough time with myself. And this is just a suggestion... but tell someone if you are hurting. And if they don't listen... scream. Eventually they will have to listen, but please don't drown.
colette alexia Dec 2020
My hopes were higher than the tide was
Osii Sep 2020
Darlin' don't be afraid
For loving is not a risk at all.
Its a risk not to.

Get out of the shallow waters
And dive in to the deep end
If you think you're gonna sink
Think about what happens

if you swim.
We must always sacrifice something in order to realize it's true love.
daycrow Sep 2020
loved to read, yet I always have been ripped from the pages-
choosing oblivious eyes without a second thought
(not because I want to, but because everyone else is)

loved to sing, yet i always have picked the wrong pitch-
picture perfect platter hits concrete with a clatter
(sound waves like thunder, which i’ve always known)

loved to swim, yet the water didn’t use to pull so hard-
phantom voices and familiar tastes right on the edge of my tongue
(these times should be long gone, you know)

loved to talk to you, but we stopped stealing those moments-
i think there’s only so much that i can carry alone
(but then i see what you do, and i can’t help but wonder)

i chose to change, they say, yet i don’t remember when
but perchance it was the world instead, between you and i
(this time has not quite sat well with my soul)
soon. buT noT yeT. I hated watching myself change
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