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Osii Sep 17
Darlin' don't be afraid
For loving is not a risk at all.
Its a risk not to.

Get out of the shallow waters
And dive in to the deep end
If you think you're gonna sink
Think about what happens

if you swim.
We must always sacrifice something in order to realize it's true love.
daycrow Sep 13
loved to read, yet I always have been ripped from the pages-
choosing oblivious eyes without a second thought
(not because I want to, but because everyone else is)

loved to sing, yet i always have picked the wrong pitch-
picture perfect platter hits concrete with a clatter
(sound waves like thunder, which i’ve always known)

loved to swim, yet the water didn’t use to pull so hard-
phantom voices and familiar tastes right on the edge of my tongue
(these times should be long gone, you know)

loved to talk to you, but we stopped stealing those moments-
i think there’s only so much that i can carry alone
(but then i see what you do, and i can’t help but wonder)

chose to change, they say, yet i don’t remember when
but perchance it was the world instead, between you and i
(this time has not quite sat well with my soul)
soon. buT noT yeT. I hated watching myself change
Nylee Sep 7
How do I swim across oceans
when I have only taken lessons
in drowning.
My heart stays on a hill
always out of reach
just above the crashing waves
well below the lighthouse keep

Salt is thick in my veins
with lungs that breathe too deep
I can not turn back now
because the price would be too steep.
Mitch Prax Sep 1
How am I meant to
dive into your heart when the
water is shallow?

10:38 PM
Pockets Aug 28
We are fish in an aquarium
Swimming all around
We live our lives in circles
Screaming to get out
We all are different colors
We all have different backgrounds
But this tank that we’re trapped in
Makes us all the same now

The manna that rains from heaven
Makes us fight like thieves
Some of us eat our children
Some of us starve in the street
The bigger fish are greedy
They never skip a meal
The little fish band together
And decide who they will ****

One day we will bite the hand that feeds us
When we get fed up with this life
We’re tired of being performers
For the master’s prying eye
We would rather starve than go on living  
this kind of lie
That if we keep on swimming
Then everything will be alright
chang cosido Aug 15
this body will never know
that the sea surface
could also be  gentle and kind.
it will only know
the sea's hunger for
things it could claim.
but then again,maybe,
this body was not built
for such gentleness and kindness.
this body was made to sink.
it knows that sunken cities
dont kiss the ocean floor
in a haste.
it knows because
it has been doing it
for years,
- slow,passionate.
all those towering dreams
it spent on building
some unpaved asphalt roads,
some rooms full of strangers,
some quiet places,
some homes made with strength,
some little cosmos patches.
All drowning and sinking.
Just because
i was too afraid to swim.

//but maybe atlantis is a home for lost,hopeless people like me.
دema Aug 12
trusting someone

is like

jumping in the middle of the ocean,

hoping you know how to swim.
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