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Mamma told me to never
Tip the boat,
While daddy taught me
How to stay afloat.
Chin up child. Sink or swim.
Al-Sayyari Feb 9
I drown,
Under a wave of self loathing,
even though,
I'm an excellent swimmer
Sing sing sing me a river
And I will learn to listen
Flow flow flow like an ocean
And I will learn to swim
Dance dance dance me
A rainbow and I will love again
Pandora Feb 2
Im Drowning
In My Tears
Do You Expect Me To Be Ok?
Yasin Jan 25
No masks, no demons, no desires to run out
Swim, swim, swim.
She's Exhausted
Exploited, abused and misused.
Her the strong.
She knows it.
The one who knows everything.
Her heart burnt to dark ashes yet she engraves colorful flowers on it.
Hand, a mystery to grab.
Standing on the shore looking at everything which she's no longer interested in.
She hates.
I hate.
In my heart, I hear her.
The cold waves of joy extinguished the fire within my burning heart.
Don't let love make you hate, keep loving, keep being you, keep spreading your vibrant color, things will be okay, you'll be okay.
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
i am always carrying your name under my tongue, in that small place under my tongue and i don’t think i’m ready yet to loosen my lips and let you slip out and leave me forever because thats a scary thought, thats a **** scary thought. I’d be more comfortable cutting off my own arm or going blind or being spat into the middle of the ocean because that’s just physical, that means nothing, i have another arm, and i have my memories, and i could probably swim enough to reach some kind of island or ***** of land  or even just let nature take control and pull me into the arms of the big blue babe and she’d kiss me and show me her shiny shells and dead bones of fish collected in piles on the floor and i’d live down there forever and i would crawl out of my weight and leave it in a collected pile on the floor and i’d float through the air and i’d breathe deeply full of water and i’d be water and she’d be water and we’d be water and it wouldn't matter if i love you or if i’m just afraid because i’d be water and you’d be bones and blood and brains and i’d just be water, and you can’t confuse water with anything else but water but bones and blood and brains are messy and thick and runny and easily confused with things like spaghetti and red paint and death and i want to be water. clear and unmistakable.
but i’m not water, i am also bones, and i am blood, and i am brains, and i’m not one bit clear.
Tiger Striped Jan 20
i thought of you

as i sat on the floor of the ocean

i could hear you

"open your eyes"

oh, the serendipitous sights i would see!

if only i would listen to you

"just breathe in"

i had yet not dared

to inhale

my lungs had started to burn —

a breath would surely suffice.

i felt you in every inch

of my body

in places that i did not want you

that i had never invited you

the pressure was great

there, on the floor of the ocean

i console myself now:

he never knew of what he spoke

you still do not know

or worse

you knew all along
Devin Ortiz Jan 2
Another year passes.
An arbitrary collective delusion.
Another year of promises.
Words write themselves some days.
Others, require a show of force.
This spectrum grows day by day.
Business and pleasure.
Business brings consistency.
Pleasure brings creativity.
Drown in expectations or,
Suffer in idle waters.
I seek balance.
I see it on the horizon.
Talis Ren Dec 2018
so laid two potions
side by side
blue and blue
to fall or fly

and with the snakes
around my wrists
I could not choose
to drown or swim
Cry with me the biggest river and together side by side we will drown in our own tears.
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