Tsunami 2d

Time is a human construct.
It will spill numbers on the floor,
Whilst it slips its fragile hands around your throat.
Choking you out,
Until breathing becomes more of a chore than reality.
Until it feels like you’re drowning from the carbon dioxide swimming in your veins.

The clock is the home that stutters away when you get to close.
It’s the boy who tells you he loves you,
And then never calls.
It’s the sound of your ribs snapping in half,
Simultaneously filling your lungs with ambrosia.
So that when you take your final breath,
Time will be there to remind you that no matter what,
You were never fucking enough nor ever really there.

Time is the intruder that breaks in
Steals your youth, your drive, your goddamn life.
Erasing you slowly,
As I’ve done to every minute since I saw the universe in your eyes.

But, god, what would we do without time,
How would we subsist without measuring cosmos in our hands?
How am I supposed to live without the warmth of your body next to mine?

KK Dec 2017

Swim up, don't drown!  
submerged in unconscious waters sitting on the oceans floor
hoping for flowers to grow, waters surround even more.  I tired myself out, I thought about floating away.

swim up, don't drown!
know I'll never drown
I learn to swim first
like they taught us when we were kids
diving to adventure first
learning to swim later

Swim up, don't drown!
flowers need the sun to grow
part of the growth
ocean of emotion
challenges everything
It wants strength, it sees bravery, it just needs a little hope.
sun reflects on this ocean floor
for it knows flowers have never grown here before

Swim up, don't drown.
Flowers need sunshine to bloom
Not a place like the oceans floor,
look up with your flowers , rise to the sun above.

Celeste Briefs Nov 2017

My eyes
Swim the sea
Of endless skies
Looking for light
In the deepest of nights

Fiery rain
Criss-crosses the dark
Never once kisses the plain
My heart is the spark
That sets it all ablaze

Treasure trove of wonders
Touchable spirits of this world
Nearly gone,
Yet one ponders
What they'll be when by heaven
Their secrets are unfurled,
Unlocked and unwoven

Rebecca Cerrone Nov 2017

Dancing on the edge with you
You taught me to feel again in all the ways I forgot how to
Muddy feet
Then to the beach
Planting peacefully into shore
Like a wave the ocean can't control
You wash over me
Surrounding me at every turn
Your currents carry me to a different place
You're the only one that pulls me in
Sweeping me way into an ocean of euphoria
You changed everything
And now I never have the urge to swim back to shore

Lizzy K Nov 2017

''Are you ready for the future''
are you ready for things to change
for loss and gain
Because I am not,
but even being ready for the future doesn't make it not come

olb Nov 2017

She wanted more,
more than she was able to have.

She wasn't happy with herself,
she wanted to be part of their world.

Swimming wasn't enough.

Oh how she wanted to walk,
to walk away from all of her problems.

The people she let down.
The disappointment.

She was scared.
Scared that she'll never be as good as she was,
a long time ago,
in a place almost distant.

She changed.

She lost her voice.
Her motivation.
Her desire.

She wanted to be happy Again.
She had lost her world and everything important.

She wanted to go back
to her previous home.

She jsut wanted to swim
and be happy
with little disappointment.

It was fear that held her back.

Deep Thought Oct 2017

When waves crash against you, all you can do is lie still.
While currents keep pulling you further into the ocean.
You start to appear calm, given the distance from land.
Seconds after, you realize no one has taught you how to swim.

Sinking deeper and deeper in the blue abyss.
Sensing yourself physically drown as the water engulfs your lungs.
Pressure from the ocean begins to settle in.
Suddenly, a bright light starts shimmering through the ocean.
With every inch of strength left, I decided to start swimming towards the glistening light.
As the pressure subsides, I find myself floating above water again.

Who said you can't teach yourself how to swim.

Debilitated, that's how I've been feeling.
You might this call drowning, others may call it depression or even anxiety
Kimi Oct 2017

Because when you need a friend all you find are friendly foes
Because when you’re smiles and laughs they’ll search for you
But when you’re sad and in pain they’ll point at you
Or worse they’ll turn their back at your sad old woes

Because your tears are simply warnings signs to keep away
Sadness is contagious , they already feel the temperature rising
“If I come too close I’ll sink, too bad you’re drowning”
Because if you stay alone maybe you’ll try on and swim back to the bay

Its sink or swim, and damn babe, it looks like you’re sinking
Don’t matter you’re carrying the anchor, no one is lifting the weight off your shoulders
You’ve done it yourself, why you gotta keep getting trapped between those boulders?
Why would they risk a backache? When they know you’ll do it alone, they know you’ll keep on trying

And if you don’t, on who’s conscience does that rest?
Not on theirs, no one ever got involved in your tangled mess
It’s on you, but why does it matter, there’s no one left to impress
You’re on your own, and you’re at the bottom, you failed the test.

Katelyn Billat Oct 2017

What is love?

Is love the blue sky 
on a summer morning?

Is love the cool rain 
on a hot day?

Is love the fresh white snow
in December?

or is it the color full leaves 
that fall every fall?

no my dear,
love is none of those things.

love is swimming
in the most beautiful spring,
but then drowning
in the deepest sea.

love is flying high
in the whitest of clouds,
But then being struck down
by the loudest lightning.

​​​​​Love is a red rose
That pricks your finger
As soon as you touch it.

Love is not something pretty
That you see everyday.
Love is something rare 
That comes every once in awhile.

It is something that
Makes you feel alive.
But as soon as you
get comfortable with it
It breaks you down,
It kills you, and it leaves you.

Then you get comfortable
living without it
Until it comes again.

Donielle Oct 2017

He dropped his bombs
and where your shores exploded,
lie memories of my own split rock.
I have healed, my flow returned to normal
as the sea smoothed his sins
and cleared his scent from my home.
I have drowned and been revived
and drowned again before I could see
the sun above the water but believe me, when I say it was a hard road,
I damn near had my feet cut off
before I finally learned which way was up and when I saw it -
God was it beautiful as I broke through
and took that first breath of air
free and clear of his aid.
I could breathe without him
and darling,
when you realize you
can breathe without him too,
you'll be amazed how far you can swim.

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