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We gather here, on Labor Day
Each to our family, tribute pay

The Coker clan and all it's kin
To see what kind of shape we're in

Like, who's the newest baby born
And which loved ones have since passed on

A prayer is offered for the meal
While children's eyes, a peek do steal

At a feast that's spread for man and bug
Refreshing drinks in every mug

The men see more dessert and try it
While women think 'there goes my diet'.

With bellies full, we sit and hear
About what's happened, through the year

Of jobs and hobbies, grown-ups speak
As children splash in yonder creek

Old men and babies bridge the gap
That hasn't yet outgrown the lap

When day is done, we'll all depart
With greater love in every heart

May God bless each one gathered here
And bring us safely back next year
Family reunion of the past.  Unfortunately my husband divorced me after twenty-one years of marriage.  I guess for better or for worse and in sickness and health don't cover MS and Marfan Syndrome as a package deal.  I was declared too much to handle.  But I digress.
Nathalie Jun 2
Chalice in hand
She pledged
Her devotion
In reuniting
With her beloved
Before sundown

A hint of sparkle
Shone from her eyes
And a charming
Smile sealed
The deal in
Duel proposition

She was no longer
amused by the wait
Her patience was
Wearing thin
It was now
Or never

The troops
Convened and
Were able to
Grant her one
Unwavering wish
Bringing her darling
Back from his long
Trekked journey.

© Nathalie
Makumi Apr 25
Kismet had us bump into each other
The smiles and stories stuck us together like epoxy
You were a fairy from my dreams
I wonder if I was an angel descended upon you
Fate had the candle we lit blown out
But out of the embers of a fire that once was
Our candle rekindled.
Crow Apr 8
what is the span
between one kiss and another
is it marked with clocks
or calendars

perhaps calculated
with breaths or

in that indefinite or infinite
time love may die
or be discovered

ending a kiss and
beginning another may be
some kisses never end

a lifetime may pass
between one kiss and the next

a kiss may come in a dream
burning desire turns to
bitter taste of loss
as wakefulness brings solitude

too long
since I have kissed you
Zywa Apr 2
Now and then it happens
that someone smells like you
looks and laughs like you

suddenly begins to dance
just like you
or, out of the blue
says words you once said

At a reception in a large building
I see a man talking to a woman
and yes, I long for you
because of him, his constitution

"Hey, don't you remember me?
Come on!" he laughs jovially
It's him, and not, I know him
differently, cooler, more special

We start a neutral talk
in search of a goal
that is empty
not defended or too late

we play by feeling
neither of us is free
we fail to come closer
in public and to match again
Collection “Eyes lips chest and belly”
Are you out there my Friend.? ? Somewhere The Wind is blowing..? Where your footprints are gone as soon as left. No one to know. No one Knowing.?
       Are you in the Wind? ? A voice, distant, lost in the swirl of snow and Autumn leaves.? Your way Home...unknown.
       The next step taken, but down what path.? Will it lead through this wood, or wander Forever this Dismal forest of Bramble and Thorn?
    Crows with eyes bright. No shelter in sight. No sheltering insight.
Plucking at your at your sleeves and dress. Catching your skin, bleeding you like a priest with a fleem. Leaving you wounded and hurt., weary and wary.
       If you stand still but a moment., cease your struggling, stumbling and listen. you'll hear my voice.
On the Wind
Calling you Home.
Safe within the walls and warmth of my arms.
sixpoetry Mar 12
now, i’m no physicist
but i believe
the powers of gravity
to lay far beyond
the tides of the ocean
and the pulls of the moon

if gravity
in all its mighty magnetism
chooses only to pull the earth
how might one explain
the karmatic lure
that graces our love?

through the roughest of splits
leaving the most jagged of edges
scars ripped through perfection
forever shattered by broken words

despite endless attempts at resolution
and countless finales to our grand tale
we always found our tears
to be recurringly interrupted
by the rustle of curtains being drawn open
for an encore of what was presumed to be lost

who has drawn these continuously?
consistently hoping in the face of doubt
to whom might i extend thanks
for becoming the self-appointed stagehand of our love?

why, it can be none other
than the beloved universe
that intertwined us from formation
expending the very magic used to bind us
to tear away our blindness
and once again
as if on cue
reunite us
Zywa Feb 9
We are embraced in the bath
of our friendship, unharmed
by the curiosity
of my family, caressing

You wander off
to the eyes of my sister
in which we are desirably naked
with a vigorous member

I notice it and revert

You are back, close
Everywhere is your body
adjusting itself softly
to my soul, fulfilled

is my sleeping desire
for your warm body
full of all the years
since we were together
and were not together
Collection “Without reserve”
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