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In the tapestry of time
the soul wanders
the soul searches
the heights and the depths
the lengths and the breadths
of this universal existence
to be reunited
with the one that was separated.

As the threads of destiny unwind
each other, the souls come to find
And just as the river, merges with the sea
the two souls converge, dancing in sweet harmony.

They sing, they dance
like a deer in the jungle, they prance
Their happiness knows no bounds
the ears can only hear love’s beautiful sounds.

The flames of passion had sparks ignite
It was their time to reunite.
and what a beautiful sight
As the sky turns light
with purple in hindsight
the stars await
the coming of the night
And as the gods rained petals, in the moons white light
they danced for eternity, ending their plight.

No distance could now tear them apart
For it was etched in the universe from the start
that it is meant to be, fated to a love so true
forever, together, me and you.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
Gut dropping falls
Dizzying ascent
It scares me
But I get back on

Forgive and forget
Care first for yourself
Pursue pleasure
Avoid pain.

Cannot achieve
Mutual satisfaction

Pain is inevitable
The price of living
paid in discomfort
And Uncertainty

A life of comfort
Is quiet and easy
An extraordinary life
Challenges the soul
Even though my head knows that the drop is coming, it doesn’t cease to be exciting. If the extraordinary was routine, what would be the point of pursuing it?
lua Mar 2023
first love, loud evening
blaring lights,
she cries into a puddle on the floor
i help her up as she drips through my fingers
it's funny, i laugh until my cheeks hurt
she's sobbing into her palms
first love, a crying mess
lipstick smeared, chocolate cake stains on her teeth
when i sing, i can't help but think of her
how it would feel to hold her
more than a friend
but first love remains a first love
she goes home, a stumbling mess in the night
slurring her goodbyes as she drags her feet to the car
first love, goodbye and good night
stay as my first love, it's better that way
i'll meet someone like you soon.
Zywa Jan 2023
We didn't need anything
we just bumped against each other
and lay together, if so, a nest
of friends, who know to find each other
no matter how far we've flown out

Become angels, who would have thought!

Our soul connection
so familiar at first sight
at each reunion - forever young
is my chicken heart then, my skin
of flesh and blood, forever young

our spirit - but oddly
detached are our wings
our cheeks and the air kisses
that escape my lips
or have transcended them
Collection "Greeting from before"
Brandon Jan 2023
Choosing yourself
before someone else... is hard
a tug-of-war on heartstrings
between a love,
and a life that nurtures it

Choose yourself for them
and if they love you,
they will wait for you
Just as you'll return
after working towards them
AE Feb 2022
Seconds go by in tender bliss
We smell roses and stain our hands with
crushed petals.
Declarations of life long rumination
live between the distance in our
exchanged affirmations.
Happiness opens its undisguised embrace
As the silence between our spoken words
fills the gaps of our stuttered promises.
AE Jan 2022
Let's lay in the grass
And think about spring
Think about dandelions
When they still look like the sun
Let's laugh like when we were silent
Fill in the voids of winter
With senseless chatter
Let's talk about feelings
And push away barricades
Let's put down our weapons
And roll down this hill
Let's put this fading
Back into the stormy grey
And let it
With the tears
That were shed
As We
Merlie T Oct 2021
I lift my head up from the bow
A risk to take just yet
Iron caves have rusted
Surround and keep me warm
To leave here now frightens me so
But to stay will do the same
Years and year so dream to return
Forever I sorley yearn
To speak you and to find you
Is the only vision I can see
Your hand reached out to mine
So calmly and serene
To step over that threshold
Into the safety of always
Where we dance in memories past
Laugh as we always have
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