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Zero chance of good left in this world---
Everyday something new happens and
Real life becomes less real.
Only in this world can it be like this. :(

What has this world come to?!
Title by Imagine Dragons and their music is one of my biggest inspiration.
Hold onto your innocent as long as you can.
Stop and smell the flowers every now and then
Arianna Feb 8
Stone Dragon sleeps underfoot
His back winding around
And around,
A shimmering, glimmering
Of rain-slicked silver scales.
If the cobblestone streets jolted to life one day, all this time having been a sleepy dragon, and flew away leaving a massive rut in the earth all through the city. :-)
Green peace and trees
Orange leaves and sun
Following the blonde strands
Whisping along

Deep reds and purples
Blue mystic lakes
Diving into brunette silk
Marching forward

Friendship and tears
Trust built into love
Bonding a legend
No man could ****

Dragons and ancient tongues
Wars and proud kings
Deep into crimson red
Flowing royal death

Secrets and mysteries
The future and the past
Destiny and youth
Tied around your heart

The love of a man
The tears of a loss
Broken soul holding on
To a gold warrior
Ever so strong

Bittersweet as a broken heart
Like friends who grew a part
Keep it inside your soul forever more
Just don't let the sadness keep you
On the floor
Hi yes i love the show merlin and the legends of king arthur
CallMeVenus Jan 26
The hardest thing in the world
is loving someone who can't love
and who has never known of true love

I loved a girl who had a divergent mirror
And when she looked through that mirror
she saw things far from what they actually were

I was gonna slay dragons
and stop the time for you
But you rejected it
Somehow when I proclaimed my undying love for you
All you could hear is that I was gonna use your vulnerability
I am sorry you did not love yourself enough to let yourself see the truth
It's time for an adventure
Where and how is up to you
With fantastic tales and creatures
Where everything is new

Just use imagination
Pick a place nobody knows
Add a creature you invented
And let's see where the tale goes...

Griffins, witches, warlocks
Are in books upon your shelves
In castles, caverns, forests
With dragons, orcs, and elves

There are unicorns and magic
Things fantastic, born of old
Leprechauns and fairies
Guarding mystic pots of gold

You can choose your own adventure
Make them all do what you wish
You can have birds with legs of lions
You can have dogs with heads of fish

The choice for each adventure
Is yours and yours alone
You can have a sword that glitters
Or one that is stuck inside a stone

Kings and Queens and Princes
Fighting quests to win one's heart
With three headed bearded lizards
It's up to you just where to start

A wall that moves at random
Stairs that lead up to the stars
Submarines and Narwhales
Time travelling in cars

An adventure full of wonder
With a dog that sees through walls
A cat who sees the future
And a mouse who does duck calls

The key to each adventure
Is in the books, that you will find
Give birth to what is hidden
Deep inside your mind

Add wings to a small pony
And make a creature that now flies
Add snakes in places of fingers
Try that one on for size

Mother goose this isn't
This is fantasy by you
No one has set boundaries
Just do what you can do
Iskra Nov 2018
Bare feet lit down on a slim shelf of sand,
Only to rise with a turn of pale hands
A comet flashed by in the sky’s afterglow
And bejeweled ***** scuttled briskly below.

Breezy white silk fluttered faintly as I rose,
Met by plum-violet ink of a sky far too close
Stepping down onto stairs of smoke-polished stone,
Engraved with runes of alabaster and bone.

Inside of low doors gleamed emeralds green,
Cherubic smiles tugged at my sleeves,
Golden haired, their laughter swelled,
They weren’t little girls, but something... else.

Years will pass,
I’ll revisit that place,
To collect pyrite from the shore,
And just below the looming space,
On serpents’ wings I’ll watch them soar.
A very important dream, but I’m not entirely sure what it could mean
Arianna Oct 2018
"I glance:

           and the blind


                                        waning gibbous

                                                       shadow dragon

                                                           Leers back..."
The moon looked like a half-opened eye the other night, and it's stuck with me. *shrugs*
Forests are dark because
Light cannot enter.
So the only way
to see, is the light
you bring
in your
Forests = ******
ashley marie Oct 2018
What you have done for me
has saved my life
thank you

these dragons are no longer my terrors,
they are my friends
how grateful I am for you showing me
that I don't have to hide who I am
because of the wolves that stalk me
and taunt me

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