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Eloisa May 2022
Let the buds of kindness continue to blossom in your pure heart.
I have not been receiving any notification emails from HP for a year now. The notification tab also in the site only shows a few. I do not know who has sent a sun to my newest poem
“The Brightest Sunset.”
I just would like to say thank you.
I truly appreciate it.
lua Jan 2022
perspective shifts in all directions
a blur, out of focus from the earth
as spring blossoms in my throat

bloodied petals dried by the sun's rage
would it be my fault if i shielded my eyes?
away from his piercing glare
burning as he rises

ripping vines out of my mouth
tearing through my field of vision
until i close my eyes
and fade to black.
S R Mats Oct 2021
Pink snow falling soft
A stroll in cherry blossoms
My soul rejoices
As we move toward winter with possibilities of snowfall we can look back on spring's snow, the falling of blossoms from trees.
JKirin Apr 2021
the season of snows and sorrows.
Bygone are its long frozen nights.

Spring brings
the promise of brighter morrows
and wonder to everyday sights.

I watch
as beautiful cherries blossom.
With them,
a light in my heart ignites.
watching cherry blossoms and letting go of the worries
Mark Wanless Feb 2021
the circle complete
squirrel foot prints in deep snow
blossoms memory
Veritia Venandi Dec 2020
Aesthetic winds gush towards me trying to feel my chaotic mind
Marooned in a bohemian garden, in a paradise of timely blossoms
Lit by the bright winter sun and sweeped by an aromatic strangeness
I ponder about the hundred memories of once upon a love...
Playing hide and seek amidst the crevices of my soul
The manifold petals seem to narrate stories of my own past,
The many likes of which had already detached themselves from the leafy branches
And have made the ground their home.

Looking back it seemed time never gave me a chance to get close to him
Like distant blossoms my love bloomed,spread it's fragrance and losing hope finally dissolved into the ever consuming soil...
How sad it is that my love remained nothing more than a series of fleeting memories!

Perhaps the blossoms and my heart, being of one origin took to the same path of transiency
With the seasons it rolled and changed colours...
With time it wrinkled and faded...

This lonely winter day
I hereby revisit the fragments of my yesterday...
Perched like a bird, high atop a lonely branch of a blossom watered by a thousand deep reaching roots of tugging memories!
It seems I am neck deep in a sea of memories! Gratitude for reading this❤
Cherry blossoms bloom
On the magnificent trees
Bend over the pink picket fence

Reflection of the sun
In the glassy forest lake
Glints with a silver sheen

The sun is hazy, and the sky sometimes
Turns to a shade of cherry pink
A lovely cheer it brings

Misty roads, lead to old town stores
Prepping up indoors
for the tourists soon at their door

Ushers in the festival
Cherry blossom pink
Inspired by a Facebook post
Cherry blossoms festival held in Shillong,, Meghalaya
In the month of November
Kerli Tulva Sep 2020
Are we the blossoms of a flower?
Blooming but yet retreating
into our protected element.

Going through growth
do we need a plan
or do we just blossom
and find happiness
in the moments of life's
endless incessant swing.

Changing as the seasons
fly effortlessly yet diversely
by our perception of life.
Kashish Lahrani Sep 2020
In a shell, I have been. My petals closed for long
Shattered since your departure, I haven't sung a song
In the breeze, standing tall, dancing to the rhythm
Amongst all the other blossoms, white; blue; and crimson

Bruised and blanched I might seem on the outside
On the inside, I know I am lowly wild
It's just me who thought the tears I cried
Washed away my colour, canary yellow and so bright

The scars I wear cannot obscure my grace
For I know, the clouds of these blemishes will be the ones stopping the chase
And when they do, I will be free from the shackles of my mind
I will bloom brighter than ever. Not for a moment, I will feel confined
The blossoms are calm,
and yet still, she sings for
the heavens within, the white
heron bows to the sea water,
it sees the clouds of night
touched by lunar wind, the
lucid paintings of seagrass
contemplate the presence of the
poet floating upon the waters,
and say to her, “you too,have wings”,  
the lights beneath her
as dewdrops, bright as cricket
melody, the lone lantern glows
in the silent hour of all, where
the artist’s senses awaken
as ripples of butterflies
opening, the petals in far  
flight ask her, “are you
I?” , her starry form is light
upon the mirror of the moon,
a ghost of time and being,
she held a secret, the
beauty of imperfection
decorated her as the
stars, the heron asked her, “your
nature is delicate as my feathers, why did you wish to hide?”
she sung back “I hid because
I was afraid, I loved in a world
of no love, I realize now,
to reveal the amygdala
that lives in color is to be
brave in a world of grey,
to be delicate is a strength,
to have tears is to have power,
to paint your emotions
through eyes and lips is grace,
being is the greatest gift”
she perceived a divine
revelation, “I am human,
light and dark, I release the
suffering”, her hands floated
upon the water, the sounds
of the ocean echo the  
endless journey, she becomes
the milky amber dream, night
has turned to day, the flower of
the sea has found her home
in the embrace of the one whom
loved her before existence, she spoke not, for
all the songs have already been sung,
the eons have spoken, softly, she closes
her eyes in the heavenly warmth,
there is only the whisper, “I have
returned to you when I was never lost”
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