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Zywa 6d
A white vibration:

the blossoms, and I shiver –

for what is to come.
Collection "Heart's Delight"
Life can be sunshine
On peaceful days with bright blue skies.
It can be like raindrops, squeezed from tearful eyes.
Life can be the heaven, that can be only reached through ****.
You will not know you are happy,
Unless you have been sad,
Life you teach hard lessons,

Which makes me wiser today.
Because roses too, need both sunshine and
A touch of rain to blossom.
Life always surprises us, difficult times teach us lessons of life. life is a teacher.keep learning
Sweet cherry blossoms
Are drowning in your eyes;
Drifting out to Sea
Another haiku for my love
Leave the dooryard open
for it may return one day

Dressed as an old man
who seeks shelter
for the nighttime

Accept the lavender and
scarlet blossoms that
he offers you

For it may your
missing passion
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Spring is that
One week in April
Cherry blossoms fill the sky and ground
Bubbling pink petals as fast as they fall
Snowing Sakura petals

Reaching out
Catching them as they spiral through the air
Falling ever so softly

Pile heaps of pink
Roll around
Throw confetti

The pink turns brown
And we're still collecting heaps
Lining the side of the streets

Where we grew unexposed
To the hectic world outside
Lost in a pink Sakura bubble of our own
Don't feel like I've done a good job on this one but I thought the memory was sweet and wanted to write it out.
OpenWorldView Sep 2018
Gift me a little of your time
for a meal under blue and green.
Gift me hours of your happiness
for a meal where flowers blossom.
while she
is up
the sleeves
that saki
gratifies here
and while
her attire
still cleaves
in my
heart that
mistook a
hint of
glamour whether
or not
this thirst
is all
it takes
alonia Nov 2018
The night will always be empty
With stars no longer a plenty
No crickets shall be heard chirping
No wind shall be heard whispering

Only voices, voices shouting out from the abyss
each heart wrenching screech shall come a sickening bliss.
Blood will flow endlessly from your lips
And a swift death, given by a bittersweet kiss

Your pain shall be rewarded by joy
Harm shall reciprocate pleasure
Defeat will no longer yield anger
And death shall no longer seem as stranger

Tears will mix with blood and sweat
Over flowing your emotions so
Struggle will no longer give you fret
As it shall flower a beautiful sorrow

The night will always be empty
With only the moon shining
It will, however, be filled a plenty
With flowers of sorrow blooming.
This amazing poem is made by a friend of mine (Shoutout to you Kenneth!!) and I hope yall will love it just how i did <3
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