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Yoshino cherry tree, blossoms glistening in the sun
Most vibrant display of white-pink blossoms, with faint almond fragrance
Delightful moment, overcome by a massive sneeze attack
10/15/2019 - Poetry form: Sijo - A Sijo is a type of poem that has three lines containing fourteen to sixteen lines each. The Sijo is a poem of Korean descent where each line of the poem having its own role. The first line is used in order to introduce the theme or topic of the poem. In the second line is meant to delve deeper, give more information about the theme that was introduced in the first line. It's meant to change or agree with and give detail on what the poem is about. The last line of a Sijo poem is the conclusion line. It takes the information from the second line about the topic from the first line and ends it in a way that is both beautiful and satisfying, or challenging depending on the poet. The ending line is not meant to be predictable, in fact, it's meant to twist what you know so that it is unexpected and enjoyable. A Sijo was originally meant to be sung so each line should have its own natural break. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Anastasia Aug 29
and lilacs
and white
the scent
of sweetness
makes it
my tongue
with blossoms
the swing
and there
we sat
just you and me
your hand in mine
for eternity
Ally Aug 27
A plum blossom greets
infinite beauty in morn'
while birds sit and wait
Starry Aug 25
As me and my friend
Drive slowly in
An orchard I am overwhelmed by
The snow like blossoms and the
Pleasant smile
How I wish I was a butterfly
Or a bee.
Anastasia Aug 17
You are bliss
Definition of euphoria
Taste of never-ending perfect
Oh, how I wish you were mine
A kiss from you
Melting me
Into a pool of warm ice
And honey blossoms
Drowning me in dopamine
Flashes of adrenaline
Pulsing through my veins
Laced with sugar
And your perfume
Absolute perfection ❤
Anastasia Aug 7
I've been thinking
About the moon
Her sweet scent
Of jasmine and rose
She glances
Upon the night blossoms
And smiles
Her beaming light
It dances
Upon my skin
And her reflection
Is just as beautiful
As her star-children
Hemlata Roy Aug 4
I am anything
But not less than amazing.

I can see
the deeper beauty in me.

I can feel
the pain which is real.

I have the fear
of losing my dream.

Unspoken thoughts
are roaming in my heart.

Beautiful life blossoms
Don't want to confine myself.
Don't want to confine myself in this way
Anastasia Jun 21
shadow blossoms
forming on my flesh
bruises on my ankles
blooming on my neck
blue green purple
yellow and black
a painful rainbow
all over my back
i can't help but hurt myself
with out you here to love me
i hurt myself
because you aren't here to touch me
i just climbed a tree
i took a bad fall
i'm tired of feeling too much
and feeling nothing at all
shadow blossoms
bloom on my arms
drawing blood
under the stars
it hurts but u being gone hurts worse
Joanna May 28
In the quiet of the night, roots penetrate where nothing else grows. Hidden vines spread across a land, where its purest waters flow.

Blossoms appear in the blink of an eye, revealing a new rose in the morning light.  

Soft to the touch its scent is sweet, moving on the wings of the wind, one finds the strength to compete. 

The sky grows dark, and it is quiet within. Time stands still for the one who will begin, a journey of a lifetime seeking what is real.

And therein, find ones hidden treasure in "what is no longer sealed."
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