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fray narte Sep 11
you held my hand;
fire on ice,
ice on fire,
with that summer-and-flares
kinda smile; somehow
it looked out of place among the chaos.

but little did you know,
and little did i,
that that touch
had black-eyed susans growing
on the cracks of the walls
around my heart.
they think they know our story
but you brought me to life
in your kingdom of the dead

where they saw a simple girl
you, my sweet love,
you saw a queen.
your love is my immortal crown.
Skylar Turner Jul 24
“i am a god!”
he yelled
with shaking fists
and a beat-red face.
his knees scabbed
and his blood flowing freely
onto the cemented ground.

she stared down at him,
eyebrow quirked
and a hint of a smile.
sword pointed
and ready for battle.
“you may be a god,
but i am hades.
and i bow to no one.”
Lyra Saros Jul 3
I’m not afraid of dying like I was before

Of course I still tremble
but now it’s less
“I don’t want to go”
and more
“I don’t want to go like this”

I know that Charon will come
That Hades' gate will swallow me

It will occur just as everything changes

Just as winter will freeze the red from my leaves
Just as the tulips will sprout on the hill garden come spring

Someday I will die

But still
I hope he will be patient with me
I hope he doesn't **** my fight to see one more sunrise

Because maybe I do want to go someday
To see if there is a blinding light

But these shadows have held me for too long
For me to give up that easy
Pulse Jun 29
In the dark of winter and the cold of night,
a queen sits upon an old cold throne,
bitter and sorrowful.
This is not the queen of summertime,
of spring.
No this is the queen of the underworld,
the flower of the king.
This is a woman who wanted the world of love,
and didn’t think much further.
didn’t learn to love herself,
or be careful with her heart.
And the young, loveless queen sits by her husband's side, a pale and pretty thing.

In the light of spring and the warmth of day,
a king sits upon an old cold throne,
bitter and lonely.
This is the king of the dead and night.
The king of the underworld,
this is a man with no guiding light,
a lonely little thing.
This is a man who wished for love,
and thought he found it with a bright young goddess.
And never knew much love to begin with,
and so was unsure of how to give it.
And the old lonely king sits without his queen, a dark and **** thing.
Simra Sadaf Jun 25
how silent it is, how still,
like the nights in my town,
what do I say, what do I fear,
is this town grieving, it is,
so is this poem, so is that man.

descending to Hades,
my anxiety is a mourning widow,
why do paper cuts hurt so much,
why are the lilies decaying,
“get some sleep”, says my mother.
Louis Verata May 20
When dogs howl at night
Hecate is around
What falls on the ground "the Gentry" takes.

Do not fonder and scavenge on unknown terrain
How many times has it been told
That the man who finds hidden gold
Is struck a fatal blow by fate
There is no reprieve from what is unseen.

"The Seely (Blessed) Court" is not to be messed with even in dreams
If you dig deep between the rocks
Take the time to contemplate the other plane
I am not referring to when one meditates
Only a learned guru from the East can teach that way
Forget about looking at the sky for signs
For angels are made of fire
If you're still with me do not think.

Do not elevate "The Seely (Blessed) court"
Before your name
A being of fire will be unleashed to take heed
Of your countenance
He will laugh at you like he did me
From the Earth's core
To the furnaces once described by John Bosco within Hades
The Salamander shall appear
These beings cause the Sun's ripples to dance
Calling upon God will bring no peace
To pass the time they swim in volcanoes.

Finally holding back his laugh will speak:
"It is always the same with you descendants of apes. Call upon
   God all you want, his name does not give you power. All the
   mountains will be gone before I can go back to sleep. Your
   raiment is not that of a sorcerer, who are you? With their
   magick circles and threats of bounding me to an endless abyss,
   they make me chuckle. . . . Man is nothing but a foolish creature.
   You forgot your divinity, do you not know that from your toes to
   the crown upon your head there is more than flesh! 'As above, so
   below' as espoused by the ancients. Go ahead and drink from
   Lethe because that is what you do when I attempt to impart on
   thee true power. Your greatest sorcerers cannot even control their
   blood flow at will and you want to talk to me."
Hailey Apr 21
Feigned innocence
Chaotic purity
Ruby trickling down her sacred lips
And he shivered
Swollen and raw
Dark marks on impure skin
Golden blood running from ancient veins
Then screaming
And fading
Until secrets are unwoven
Like cloth unraveled on crooked forms
Throats pumping
Ruby trickling
Ichor strings
Sharp teeth
Sharper hearts
Glass shards
Wholly heaving
Pupils staring
She bit
He cowered
The king
And his queen
She was the one who ruled
This was inspired by persephone and Hades in Greek mythology
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