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Louis Verata May 20
When dogs howl at night
Hecate is around
What falls on the ground "the Gentry" takes.

Do not fonder and scavenge on unknown terrain
How many times has it been told
That the man who finds hidden gold
Is struck a fatal blow by fate
There is no reprieve from what is unseen.

"The Seely (Blessed) Court" is not to be messed with even in dreams
If you dig deep between the rocks
Take the time to contemplate the other plane
I am not referring to when one meditates
Only a learned guru from the East can teach that way
Forget about looking at the sky for signs
For angels are made of fire
If you're still with me do not think.

Do not elevate "The Seely (Blessed) court"
Before your name
A being of fire will be unleashed to take heed
Of your countenance
He will laugh at you like he did me
From the Earth's core
To the furnaces once described by John Bosco within Hades
The Salamander shall appear
These beings cause the Sun's ripples to dance
Calling upon God will bring no peace
To pass the time they swim in volcanoes.

Finally holding back his laugh will speak:
"It is always the same with you descendants of apes. Call upon
   God all you want, his name does not give you power. All the
   mountains will be gone before I can go back to sleep. Your
   raiment is not that of a sorcerer, who are you? With their
   magick circles and threats of bounding me to an endless abyss,
   they make me chuckle. . . . Man is nothing but a foolish creature.
   You forgot your divinity, do you not know that from your toes to
   the crown upon your head there is more than flesh! 'As above, so
   below' as espoused by the ancients. Go ahead and drink from
   Lethe because that is what you do when I attempt to impart on
   thee true power. Your greatest sorcerers cannot even control their
   blood flow at will and you want to talk to me."
Hailey Apr 21
Feigned innocence
Chaotic purity
Ruby trickling down her sacred lips
And he shivered
Swollen and raw
Dark marks on impure skin
Golden blood running from ancient veins
Then screaming
And fading
Until secrets are unwoven
Like cloth unraveled on crooked forms
Throats pumping
Ruby trickling
Ichor strings
Sharp teeth
Sharper hearts
Glass shards
Wholly heaving
Pupils staring
She bit
He cowered
The king
And his queen
She was the one who ruled
This was inspired by persephone and Hades in Greek mythology
voodoo Mar 29
you drink from your tall glasses, a toast to lives you barely touched.

we do not care for the river of words that rush from your mouth.

we have no use for eulogies underground.

only what you sow you can reap, your nothingness begets nothingness.

we who lay among the roots

do not see the cyanotype sky behind your rouged liquors.

we look below for asphodels to sate a hunger that has no pulse or palate.

Lethe consumes our memories from seeping water.

we talk to shadows without light. we do not bear the stains of summer.

there is no loss when there's nothing to keep.

we who lay among roots

know who we are when separated from you.

your draughts of grenadine are no more than a euphemism

for how we breathe the crimson seeds that keep us under.
misha Feb 25
they say blood is thicker than water but haven't they heard
of ichor?

the deep felling within, when you sense that something may
go wrong but let's set that thought aside because you don't know
what happens when the blood boils of gods and goddesses
or when the hues of gold and silver yearn for solitude as they
transform into something new; more precious, more expensive.
falling from the slick blade of a hero, poison to any mortal. but us-
humans- are wicked. if that blade falls into our palms, we'd corrupt
the world by spilling ichor for our mutual misunderstandings. so
we let ichor fall back into history- a curse for the reader- hoping one day that it'll fall into innocent hands so that once again,
unleashed from it's chains, would come Hade's hounds coming
to get you.
ah sweet greek mythology
Ιδού, φωτός
Γαια εναντίον του ἐγώ
Αλλά δεν είδα τίποτα
Ήμουν μαζί σου στα όνειρά μου
Μπορώ να αφήσω τη γη
Για να μην υποφέρουμε πλέον
Ή θα με βρει ο Άδης
Και τιμωρήστε με
Για αυτή τη λίστα
Αυτή η εξαπάτηση
Άφησα να τρέξουν περισσότερα δάκρυα
Τότε ο ωκεανός του Ποσειδώνα
Άφησα περισσότερο ροή αίματος
Τότε η αστραπή του Δία
Γαία, σταματήστε να με αγαπάτε
Και ο Άδης, με πάρτε μακριά
Σώστε μου από αυτή την κόλαση
Ο τάρταρος είναι λιγότερο κακός
Και τιμωρήστε με
Σκότωσέ με
Poetry in greek, because I can.
Where people don't know how to love
   They can't meet and laugh
      You neither eat nor Starve
You can no longer command nor serve
     Hades:there are no towns no a reserve
      You can't beg cause you can't give
     The only place you can't tell the truth and can't deceive
      You will not die cause you don't conceive
     It's a home we all deserve
Cause our manners we preserve
We'll all die
Dogslinwriter Aug 2018
Dear Orpheus,
You have been very patient.
The silence of a loved one is difficult to keep up with.
You still talk like nothing has changed.
I know this is scary.
I know you love me.
I know to love and not hear "I love you" back is horrifying.
I know that once your eyes used to light up looking at me.
I still see that light, but it's distant now,
Like the light is at the horizon ready to disappear.
I know I am asking for too much.
Loving someone who is dead isn't easy
Bringing back someone who is dead isn't easy.
Fighting for the dead isn't easy.
I know you believe in me because you've seen me alive.
But sometimes you can't beat death.
Your patience is everything to me.
I never knew how much hurt a dead person can give,
until I saw you hurting.
I want to come back. I want to return.
To our world.
To the enchanting music of your lyre.
I know there will always be uncertainties.
I know there will always be an Aristaeus walking behind me.
I know this time wouldn't last forever.
I hope you do too.
I know you have fought the gods and monsters for me.
So just wait, dear Orpheus.
For I am fighting too.

I am walking behind you.
I know you don't hear me.
Do not turn for I am trying to keep up.
Do not rush for it wouldn't make it any better.
I am a shadow, haunted by Hades, dear Orpheus.
Wait a little more, I don't want to lose you forever.
Your Eurydice.
Angelique Jul 2018
hello, hello - who's here to welcome me home?
where's the committee with the chariot
the very one Hades rode on

i traveled alone
with people
in search of a salvation
they said existed
but only
with death

oh joy!
bring it to me in the form of love
in the form of a six three
forty year old man
ThoughT Jul 2018
I'm all too used to the touch of your absence.  Your mother's wrath in that time can be a death sentence so tragic.  But when you come back, Demeter returns to her senses expressing light magic.   Life springs through the darkness, and flowers race to see who can reach the farthest.  Lovers emerge to nurture their gardens, and soak in sun to thaw out the hearts that hardened.  Birds sing songs highlighting your arrival.  Trees breathe easy seeing what their last set of leaves died for..
Yet when you retreat, mother again takes away her warmth.  The high-flyers no longer soar, and some paths feel too bitter to explore.  Bone-chill zones, a frozen reality stream.  I can't blame anyone for what's a part of me, as we fall into winter's annual dream.
Queen of the Underworld, I appreciate your harmony.  Thank you for teaching me to see the depths of my own duality.  Still, I can't help but wonder how existence would be had you not eaten those pomegranate seeds.  In the darkness of winter I want to curse Hades for his greedy need to leach on life through trickery.  Though to curse him I'd be cursing myself and ive had it with the blasphemy.  Besides I too know what it's like to rely on the dead as your only company.  I ride ebbs and flows of loss and hope, but I know your presence promotes healing.  So again I'll remain as the seasons change, taking layers and peeling.  I've found in light and dark we can succeed in setting our bound spirits free.  Communicator of both worlds, I want to Thank and honor you, Persephone~
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