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lovejunkie Dec 6
when we reach for
the future, unafraid,
while letting go of the
restraints from past mistakes,
then we will find, also, peace.

i promise you.
it works.
She began by saying,
Will you sacrifice your own life for me ?
Let me get under your skin,
Make you bleed for the thrill of it,
Make your soul tilt when its tinted in the mist of the poker faces,
Can you bleed for the fun of it ?,
Bleed for the vanity ?,
Bleed for the chains ?
Bleed for the accolades ?,
Bleed for the trends ?,
Bleed for the false gods and goddesses ?,
Bleed for this purposeless system i have constructed ?,
My response to her was “I cant do that”,
The sacrosanct thoughts bleed from the unseen presence,
The Pure presence left my flesh numb and detached from the odds of death,
The Stings of death in the hand of the king of kings,
The king brings life once I surrender my life,
The fountain of glory springs up and floods my spirit well,
The fountain floods the wicked heart that fails,
Revive the presence once lost,
The heart is ready to set sail within the divine presences,
Can a man see the ugliness wrapped around his own heart ?
I have seen young men bleed viciously for the chaos from the heart,
Once again I ask myself ‘Should I take part’ ?
The Consciousness spark the imagery of the consequence ,
Untold stories of a pure unseen kingdom been left behind,
forgotten for the kingdom of Babylon,
Look closely underneath this bleeding sun,
Religious men and secular men  bleed for that day when the system becomes one,
How green is our city? Is it bleak and bare?
Do open spaces exist; or are only buildings erected there?
And what is that stench? Is it the pollution in the air?  
And what if it is, do we in fact stop to care?

I once read that Bombay was called 'The city of Gold' -
And that there were gardens and open spaces manifold.
But I see no gardens nor strips of wastelands,
For flowers to grow so the city can look grand.
But instead the place is crowded with smoke.
How easy it is to turn the laws into a joke!

It is elsewhere; when global warming is the news,
It can't shock us enough, to stop us from the items we use .
There's a hole in the sky ... Is that of any consequence?
It's too far away for it to make any sense.

There should have been open spaces or trees lining up the roads,
But what we mostly see, is concrete or shanties in hoards!
I hear that it's the politicians' whim (?)
Myopic visions that are making our future dim.

But aren't we all in some way to blame?
For what has begotten this city to shame?
Can't anything be done to correct the flaws?
To discipline the people not to manipulate the laws?
Or do we have to wait for a court decree?
To allow us to co-exist peacefully?
To breathe fresh air and for better earth care?

Our city is decaying by the day   -
What can be done to prevent this dismay?
Surely if each one of us realizes his due
There won't be such an environment issue.
The air will be clean, the earth, more green
The benefits of these is for us to reap
It's easy if we maintain its regular upkeep!
Benjamin Nov 12
I've seen my empty self
My outer layer cracks as I hold so much in
I began to let go...
It's been a while since I poured myself out
Being more open and honest
Loving more abundantly!
I let the muck inside seep out of my cracks
I feel broken.
At peace.
I feel so lovely.
I can no longer hold in the real me.
I feel like i can feel again.  I am becoming more honest with people and more importantly myself. I'm loving it!
Nuna Nov 10
Forgive me if my pain has touched you in ways my hands never have
You’ve got wounds I should have kissed gently and fire beneath your skin

Instead I bought you flowers you’re allergic to and wrote poems about your tears

Some days I tend to over-romanticise your bleeding lips that you never stop biting
Other days I can’t stand the way your lips curve when you laugh and the freckles on your hands

I’m a mess but believe me when I say my hands are clean
I’m just trying to love you
Even if it’s the wrong way
I hope you get the message
Anthony Nov 7
the colors blue
which paint
this wandersome jew
These trees of green
they grew
from the apples
that they threw
upon the martyrs head
marching to his death
The beginning of the end
of a well meaning friend

so forgiving...
again and again and again and again
and again

He's sisyphus
He's used to this
Like lazarus
Back from the dead
again and again
if it never ends

Won't bother him.

what I wouldn't give
to set that cross aside
for just one night

His legs
the dogs
they chew
He drinks
a bitter
bitter brew
theres nothing here to lose
the spears just
run him through
but he knows

Love will see the void
Pain will turn to joy

just forgive them..
again and again and again and again
and again

He's sisyphus
He's used to this
Like lazarus
Back from the dead
again and again
if it never ends

Won't bother him.
won't bother him...

what I wouldn't give
to set this cross aside
for just one night...

clean heart...
clean mind...
poesuer Nov 2
I'm going to have a hard time cleaning up this mess
sorting out the bedsheets and pulling the mattress topper back into place,
throwing out the takeaway we were too drunk to eat

the febreeze won't hide the sweat and rotten food, not very well

my little den of hedonism feels empty without my love to share it with
without his arms around me, without his cologne,

I feel unclean in the morning-after mess
my bf came back for a visit. it was fun, but we made a lot of mess and now he's back at uni and I miss him again.
Wyatt Oct 17
I once dug deep in my closet,
looking past the skeletons.
Treasures were found,
covered in dust and
forgotten by time.
I found happier times
documented in memories,
yet every time I leave
I’m more depressed.
Toys, tiny cars,
coloring books
and stuffed animals
hiding under the junk.
There came a time where
this wonderland of the past
gave me nothing but anguish
in this present day.
I forced myself to never
set foot in this place again.
That closet was wiped clean,
not a dust particle to be found.
I barely even remember
that place’s contents now.
Is it better this way?
Poetic T Oct 6
Your words are cheesy
        Like an unclean *******

Every syllable you tug on
        Is like cheese.

You need to clean up
            Your stiffness
And write cleanly...
Do not complain,
Stop being vain.
You gave me love as a start,
I gave you my heart.
You gave me a *****,
I gave you a baby.
You gave me a car,
I became your kids' chauffeur.
You bought me  gems and beautiful clothes,
I became your hostess,
To entertain your business associates.
You earned and brought in money, instead
I became your maid,
I shopped,
I cooked,
I laundered,
I ironed,
I cleaned,
I tutored.
I made our house into a home,
But at the end of the day, home you come,
Strut and storm,
"All day what were you doing?"
Just because dinner is a bit late,
Or the food  is not up to your taste.
I too,had a tough day,
So cut your **** and stop your bray.
Just because a woman is a housewife does not mean she is idle at home.Running a home smoothly is not an easy task.
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