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everything's so white, clean
when life's not like that
Mark Wanless Apr 3
water on table
moves to where it wants and then
i am cleaning it
Have you seen shell  friend of mine,
How the world has changed?
How they treat  the seas right now.
Nothing beautiful remains.
How all the oceans are full with dirt.

So many plastic things thrown in.
I’m very sad dear friend of mine
What they do is a sin.
All the fish are dying now .
Even turtles are suffocating too.

You’ll see where we’ll end soon.
They are so clever now.
With only brains and no feelings more
Their cleverness reach full circle now
I guess they are dumb again.

When ocean life will be no more.
They all will die slowly too.
Everything on earth will die
It will be the end of planet earth too.
Just hold my hand friend shell of mine we will die together too.

If we don’t change our ways soon it will be the end of planet earth
We will beg for rain,
When it washes us clean

All my cuts and scrapes
Have been exposed

So much this burns
Look at me
How beautiful I am
lushes and so green
roots big and shiny
Now I am sad
I’m standing all alone
There were many more
I’m all that’s left over
Don’t hurt me  
you are hurting yourself
and this whole wide world.

Shell ✨🐚
Only a green life can save us
Brooke P Jan 10
If I never feel happy again.
If I get a case of the “**** its”
and follow that red glow all the way to my grave
(because it feels warm once in a while).
If I walk into a venue in my hometown
and smell the familiar scent of stale beer and regret.
If my mom passes away
suddenly or succumbing to the passage of time.

That I’ll never heal from how I was treated
and continue to treat myself the same over and over.
That I have to rely on jokes about my grandmother
to keep her memory alive
when she is not.

If I let myself down
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