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Payton Mar 1
I'm the kind of girl who burns through guy friends like rubber on tiers, like sulfur on matches, like gasoline and kerosine and flameward moths.
But I don't want to burn through you.
We just go together so well—like puzzle pieces.
You and I are like day and night, sun and moon.
If you only knew how it eats me up inside, keeping my cool.
I feel this tiny spark dancing in my heart and it threatens to rake my body in flames, ready to pounce on me, licking and biting at the first sign that I'm falling for you.  
I'm really trying to hold my fuse right now, but one second we're joking and laughing and in the next you say something that tugs at me and I feel my hold on it slipping.
If I don't burn you first, this fire in my bones will certainly consume me.
Lane O Aug 2020
Love's vine stems from the heart;
it is ivy creeping through iron gates.
Wanders free through stony soil,
rushing stream, and bank.
It can loiter in the garden,
and fall victim to the spring rain.
But do not despair, my dear,
for its passion is like a flame:
Forever burning in its tendrils,
its coiled roots and leaves;
survives environs menace,
summer's blaze, and winter's freeze.
Kanika Chugh Jun 2020
Brushes of Golden spark,
Igniting enigmatic eyes….
Bringing out the beauty inside out.

Often they say “you’re beautiful”,
Seldom they mean…
Invariably unfailingly they match beauty inside and out.

Capricious souls, always on lookout
Claiming to love roses with thorns…
Petrified with inside beauty if blown out.

Malignant steps attempting to curb the blaze
Demanding normality…
For they dread the glowing light shining out

It’s time to oppose the crowd
Leaving those hollow soothings unanswered…
Use that helpless wonder for the fears to break out.

As the sun sets to rest
Glorious reality checking in…
Take that burning desire to shine from inside and out.
Cyril May 2020
I have met love behind a blaze of fire
A pretty face bathed in warm light;
glowing like beacon
in the stillness of the night
Then came her gaze
like a peaceful lightning strike

Veiled in modesty
as she appears in plain sight
She, a velvety sculpture
yet rigid to touch
A shallow man is nothing
but a fool to her desires
I have met love
and her heart burns with mine
Inspired from the movie "Portrait of a Lady on Fire"
Nimisha Chauhan May 2020
You were a ray of possibilities
In a corn field
Rich, lush of hopes.

Ripe with dreams of the future,
Perfect pieces to the
Puzzle of me.

Who knew,
The ends would stick out,
Poke in uncomfortable places,
Clash and hurt.

Who knew the rays of hope
Would blaze me altogether?
Michael A Duff Oct 2019
sometimes she is hard to love and makes you question yourself. she can be a riddle talking of the future, but only living for today. she is amazing in so many ways unexpected and beautiful. with all of that she sets my heart a blaze and captures my soul.
This confusing thing called love
Erian Rose Sep 2019
He walked past skyscrapers and city lights
Passing the school every night.
"I'll still be here," He mumbled into the dusk
While asteroids blazed overhead.
Days followed by
In a solar system, running down.
The more he looked up -
The more he felt like gravity was letting loose
"Someday, somehow, we'll collide."
Forever hoping,
It was who they were.
They were on a collision course.
𝐀𝖓𝖓𝖆 Sep 2019
I can't stop writing
At the sound of The Piña Colada Song
My sweet piece of liberty
Won't you take me free as you?

Set me out on the rain
Let me taste your salty tear drops
As they fall down on your cheeks
Red cheeks bathed by the flutter and sun.

Made me go with no air your gaze
As I saw in your lips all the blaze
I could lie and tell the truth at the same time
But would you get either?

Naughty boy from South Carolina
Won't you take me to the streets?
Call me your sweet and extremely white cotton candy
And be my *** on the coke
Watch the stars with me and name it me one.
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