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sometimes she is hard to love and makes you question yourself. she can be a riddle talking of the future, but only living for today. she is amazing in so many ways unexpected and beautiful. with all of that she sets my heart a blaze and captures my soul.
This confusing thing called love
Erian Sep 13
He walked past skyscrapers and city lights
Passing the school every night.
"I'll still be here," He mumbled into the dusk
While asteroids blazed overhead.
Days followed by
In a solar system, running down.
The more he looked up -
The more he felt like gravity was letting loose
"Someday, somehow, we'll collide."
Forever hoping,
It was who they were.
They were on a collision course.
Anna Sep 3
I can't stop writing
At the sound of The Piña Colada Song
My sweet piece of liberty
Won't you take me free as you?

Set me out on the rain
Let me taste your salty tear drops
As they fall down on your cheeks
Red cheeks bathed by the flutter and sun.

Made me go with no air your gaze
As I saw in your lips all the blaze
I could lie and tell the truth at the same time
But would you get either?

Naughty boy from South Carolina
Won't you take me to the streets?
Call me your sweet and extremely white cotton candy
And be my *** on the coke
Watch the stars with me and name it me one.
Front and center of it all
I am a big burning,
bright gas ball.

Planets spin around my girth,
Like Saturn, Mars,
Venus and Earth.

I am the one that rises
you in the morning
and leaves you stunned
by my leave.
I am the one
who blazes and scorches
and at times
hides behind the clouds.

Even though
I am 149.6 million km away
I am still there to
light your world
and keep you warm.
Dear anger,
my blood boils
my heart screams
as you make my rage active
and pain passive.

Dear anger,
you put me in danger
for you make me a stranger.
You need to get a grip,
because you make me flip.

Dear anger,
you make everything look so flammable.
Luring me to set my problems on fire.

Pain, insecurities and fears,
I burn it as fuel
to rage you.

I want to believe
that I am still sweet inside,
eventhough I am sad and tired.

But you make me believe
I am someone who inflicts pain,
is cold hearted and fake -
for she is unknown to me.
Summer is coming,
the sun will glare,
heat will radiate,
flip flops will be out,
tans will be tattooed on bare skin,
sunglasses out to shade,
sp lotions to shield,
happiness beaming through the curved-wide smiles,
water will be splashed
and the sand will burn
like hot coals on the soles of the feet
for it will be  beach season once again.
c Apr 21
Tonight I burn with a reckless abandon
Both ends in embers
I am choking on my smoke
I’m sorry I’m blunt
I’m sorry I’m numb
I’m sorry I run away
From everything trying to help me
I cannot share my sadness with you.
Jenovah Apr 11
You lit me up
When I first saw you
Started a fire inside of me  
The way you
Touched the flame
Of a cigarette
To his face
And burned him
The heat crept up inside of me
And sent my body buzzing
My temperature rising
Set my world ablaze and
I knew I had to taste to you
Had to feel you
Wanted you to **** me up
And burn it all to the ground
Wanted you to light me up
Like the cigarette between your lips
That you put on his flesh
Kiss me hot to the touch
leave me  scorched
Into a pile of ashes
Then roll me up
Into a smoke
And do it all over again.
Sorry if there’s typos tired; based on real life experience
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