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I give too much trust
When I shouldn’t
But I can’t be trusted either  
I say things
I should keep to myself
My thoughts wild
How do I slow this tornado down?
Give it time
You’ll eventually see the remains
Repair what’s left
What remains will always be special
Unconditional love
It will always remain
It reminds me why I fight
Zywa May 20
Gold chips on the street

can't be real, such a party --

would be pathetic.
Zywa Mar 29
After the garden

party: deflated balloons --

Colourful cherries.
Collection "On living on [1]"
Lie and truth fell in love..
Lie began to speak truth
and truth, the lie..

Who's wrong?
Love don't need brain...
lua Oct 2022
i am a wavebreaker
i am a bloated body drifting in the ocean
i stop boats in their paths
for wealthy tourists to gawk
and ask me
where im from, where im headed, where ive been
but i only reply in silence
and bubbles that escape my lips

i am a wavebreaker
i cut through the waves like a blade to the neck
i rot and i burst
and i spread the remnants of myself across the world
to be remembered
to be known
to let them know of my remains
that i remain

i am a wavebreaker
i break the waves caused
by those wanting to wreck cities
i am what goes against the current
i am what stays when everything rushes past me

i am a wavebreaker.
AE Jun 2022
You have always given me enough space
For my laughter to stretch it's healing bones
I don't have much in the corners where I reside
Besides enough room in this soul of mine
For the both of us to sit and recline

I don't have much space in this beating heart
It's still under repairs and renovations
But I will find a way to stretch it thin
To let it's shadow cast over you
And shield you from the glaring sun

From whatever remains..
Kairi Apr 2021
They crushed her soul
Burned her body
What was remained ...
Was the cage ... Untouched ...
Seranaea Jones Dec 2020

weeks after he ascended
from his fallen carcass—

troops vacated what once
was good ground,

rains washed in mud
to refill the holes,

the scent of honeysuckle
once again became

birds of prey returned
to their perches-

watching as

squirrels and rabbits
went about
their collections,

and the veil of silent
winds once again

after decades passed
through the footfalls
of morning strolls
between healing
vegetation and

a park had completed
formation about the
flanks of his bones ...

s jones

Zac Shawhan Oct 2020
Creeping and crawling
     like grub worms under bark —
Under the surface

Eating without cause
Wake up as an immovable object —
Inside looking out
Some days I wake up and all of my faults are before me. It is my belief that God reveals them to me progressively so that I can seek to amend certain things and experience forgiveness or help to restore. Otherwise, I can’t explain why certain things from 18 years ago pop up out of nowhere.
annh Nov 2020

”Stood I where you, now starry and new,
Brylcreemed and cherished, view those who have perished;

The collegiate adorned, on Founder’s Day mourned,
Old souls with young dreams, bright plans and mad schemes;

Three from the left, that’s me with the clef,
A musician’s award, bestowed by the Board;

Prized above all, before the Great War,
Took hearing and sight, an aesthete’s blight;

For a whisper apart, is the end from the start,
What remains of the day, nowt but shadows that play;

On this side of the glass, through which you will pass,
At the lone piper’s call, when dusk it doth fall.”

“A cabinet of clowns dressed up in their gowns.”
Inspired by the gallery scene from Dead Poets Society -

‘O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won.’
- Walt Whitman
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