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What is this life, so soaked in dew,
   that dill still aches to stand in view?

What is this time, so cloaked in rain,
   that boughs still sway to fears regained?

What is this heart, so lost in mud,
   that birds still prey on those in floods?

What is this chance, so vague in kind,
   that heaths still grow in addled minds?

What is this day, so lucid in dreams,
   that clouds will part to reveal a stream?

What is this life, so watered in pain,
   that children will dream of what may remain?
i am still searching in the
rubble and remains
for finished sentences

lost hope
is all i have found
in this barren black ground

how do i reach
the beautiful blue sky
with my feet sinking
into the ever deepening soot

my guardian angel
seems just as lost
as i am
Johnny walker Mar 19
She's forever with me In my very soul her spirit walks with me through any kind of weather to we're ever I do
For her spirit never left me she In my very soul controlling all my thoughts
through all my
Her spirit never left me It's In my very soul she lives
her spirit that's bring me
so much strength In my every day
Helen spirit Is still with me In each and every minute of my days still she who give so much joy for
such Inspriration to keep strong
Helen Inspiration give me so much to live, for her spirit will see me through any of my every day struggles of life
Tossed around
Torn apart
Broken away

Pieces caught drifting in the wind
Scattered among the ruins of a fiery path

Acina Joy Mar 3
Out there is a wide universe,
a dangerous universe
filled with quiet monsters,
a louder dissonance.

Wise men have said
that saying your secrets out loud
will set you free,
and break the cage that
houses your confined bird.

I disagree.

There are times
where the world is more dangerous
when it knows the truth,
and though yes, saying the truth out loud
may seem safer for me to stop the darkness
from consuming who I am.

But drowning inside is better,
than setting the world on fire.
i like someone who will never like me, and i feel as if i could never measure up to the people he liked. i dont feel like i might be anything to him. but we're best friends, and i'll never tell him about how i feel. for it may ruin what we both already have.
Johnny walker Feb 24
A smile came to my face my kitten laid at my side
thinking of Helen even
now she can raise a smile to my face
I am so lucky that's she still here with me that her spirit remains such a comfort to
Helen answered my cry for help many years ago when I was In desperate need
lonely depressed
She came to me In the night like
And my Angel who stayed with and still does so to this very day I have her spirit to guide me through the rest of my life to see me safe from
Helen spirit remains to guide through the rest of my life
such a comfort she Is
V4N1 Jan 25
A world slowly darkening.
A dimension gradually breaking.
The sky looks as if it's crashing.

All I did was standing still.

Still, as time was moving.
Still, as life was worsening.
Still, and slowly as I'm dying.

And my poetry remains.

Rui Rosa Jan 13
War has changed...
and left our world in chaos.
creating, altering and destroying it,
the anthem is all it remains.
This is all it remains from it.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
When Helen and I laid down together holding each other, so beautiful were those moments
never to forget
Forever and always remembered to keep her close to my heart, I remember making love
to her and laying
Two hearts beating as one, two hearts that beat together forever  
at least that what I thought that we'd be, but sadly not meant to
For life can be so cruel for you were cruelly taken  from me and leaving me here all alone
But at leased left were my memories of dearest darling Helen together always and forever not In this life, but maybe the
My dearest darling Helen always remembered never forgot, here my heart she remains for the rest of my
Temporal Fugue Nov 2018
"Does anyone know
where the love of god goes
when the waves turn the minutes
to hours"

And all that they say, machines beeping away
and recovery don't seem to matter

He might have took pills
his mind might have seized up
his brain now simple and scattered

All that remains, the faces, the names
of memories now lying
in tatters
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