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Zywa 5d
From paper, we fold

roses: it is a party –

before the party.
Adaptation of a 1994 haiku by Inge Lievaart

Collection "Mosaic virus"
Keebo 7d
I woke up on the floor
From a party the night before  
Feeling like a train wreck, looking like a mess
Trying to piece together last night’s events
But my memory’s **** & my fishnet tee is missing
So I roll up a cig, grab my coat and leave
I’m losing count on how many times I do this routine

Walking down the street
Going through the texts I sent when you were asleep
Telling you what drugs I’ve been on
What I genuinely think, I know I’m a nihilist
But I know I can also change in your company
It’s funny how the heart speaks
When ******* & MDMA is in the  bloodstreams

Finally, I’m home
My mental state is melting like a Dali painting
So I crawl into bed for a good rest
Letting my body dissociate at the sight of 2PM
Some people say this is a waste of a day
But I didn’t think about that yesterday
Now I scream “**** MY LIFE” loudly from the inside
Part 2 of “I Wanna Live Inside Slash’s Hat”
Keebo 7d
I’m at a party
With my best friends Mary, Molly & Charlie
I’m wearing women jeans and a fishnet tee
With a smile I got from a post memory
I slip into a whole new personality
Because the other me needs some sleep

I walk around
Like I’m the bees knees and not the sheep
But I do say the most ridiculous things
Like Ringo was the real star of the scene
I wanna live inside Slash’s hat for a week
And Jim Morrison really died at age 43

I’m feeling things
These people are ******* ***** to me
They only love it when your mental health slips
It’s one big party for them until reality hits
That’s when they drift and forget you exist
Isn’t life one savage *****?
seawreck Nov 18
Party of these two always walk by my doorstep
They always hold hand and talk whatever nonsense
I always see them in sync, theirs mind and body seem the same to me
As if they are single light seeming to be two from far away
And if they catch me staring at them they always remember to greet me someway
seeing different people pass you by
a name Nov 17
the music's gone too long
the little rolls of fish gone cold
white noodles turn to pig feed
air rotted sweet

the last of my ***** was indulged
by her green dress and silver shoes
she definitely wanted to hit me
i saw in sooted eyes

i would've taken it gladly
you'd slap a ketchup bottle when its almost empty
i figure she doesnt like it in her prime rib

we were only there for the food
and the boring rewards
i enjoyed my **** breaks better
i've had better times in
long lines paying bills
no smoke machines there
except maybe me

the fog clears too
in indoor spaces
the forest duff's a bunch of wires
tea stained bedsheets
*****-coke and garlic rice

they played the songs ten times each
i danced in the quiet between
the circuit twirled as i ripped my thumbs
the balconies and trashcans dont mind the bored drunk

my green dress date sent me
a cursing smile
it was better than nothing
thanks for having me, hello poetry
Rose Nov 12
night is dark but lights are bright
fades away but your ice blue eyes
continue to haunt me all the way home

i stayed at the party way too late
but i was wonderstruck today
and i never wanted to be alone

i'd never wanted anyone except me
but after seeing what we could be
i realise exactly what i've been missing

i can't sleep when it's so soon
i turn around, look at the moon
are you too looking at the same thing?

my black eyes search the black night
but i am using them to search for light
there will be a way

i think i'm in love with you
it feels forward but it's true
i was wonderstruck today
Sometimes in fields aside long dark highways
Often times in abandoned hills with unkept grass overgrown
We passed the bowl of demons amongst ourselves
And held them high before reaching our mouths
And said curse be the day, let it always be night!
We weren't witches
We weren't gouls
Just average kids
Breaking all the rules
Ashley Nov 4
by the queen
mind blown
she goes unseen
party days
pink and yellow
spiked lemonade
kiss a fellow

peach girl
here for today
gone tomorrow
blown away
with her sorrow
grace Nov 2
long black hair and white pale skin
piercing eyes whilst sipping gin.
don't know what's happening but let's begin
our story.

flashing lights and thumping bass
I can't even feel my face.
I feel like I'm going into
dangerous territory.

now your putting your number in my phone
and saying that you need a lift home
but I can't see and my head
is blurry.

but you look so good so i give in
not knowing what's going to happen, not thinking
we jump in the car and begin
our journey.

we're driving fast through the hillside
then some lorry comes past and hits the side
of my car.
i dont even know where this came from; I was penning som lyrics down for a song I'm working on but decided that maybe it suited a poem more,butas I was writing it may have went a bit, um, dark?
Anais Vionet Oct 31
Soft light plays on
my shameless, lipstick rouged
lips - it's a party.

I hear OverDoz
advocating a “last kiss”
somewhere in the night.

Some faces always
find a favorable light
- like the movie stars.

He’s gorgeous, with a
new iPhone-like appeal
- the consensus choice.

I’m looking through glass
at a candy I can’t hope
for this Halloween.
Happy Halloween!
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