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Flashing lights,
Chocolate delights,
crack a can, sip through it,
blast some music,
sounds like a party?
A party for one...
sorry Shania Twain,
ain't no party for two tonight...
this gal goin solo...
Partying myself, depressed, bored, ugh
Zywa 2d
John Rabb holds Sunday

service in nature, with ***** --

he celebrates life.
X - "Jan Rap" (X - "John Rabb", 1858, Petrus de Génestet), a warning against the rabble

Collection "Home sea"
stuck between pride and ****** mood
lurid lights, laughter, ladies, lively lips
we are 96 souls away from the magic
and we nevah wake up or get up, nope

i swear on my momma's grave and pray
may she rest in peace with good ghosts
wise man told me to wear a black suit
me, tho', forgot if i did so, can't help it

was i trippin from dawn to dusk again
probably but ya gotta triple that time
and consider the weirdness of my speech
dem words stumble other words upon

meanwhile me and milly made luv to luv
luv laid back like rasta villages, jah songs
she's spreading her legs and licking
13.8, worship the fountain, that's basic

gangsta poetess & burglar, membah 108
while meetin milly, i imagine her naked
64 minutes later, lolling on silver satin
the lips such big perfect matches

by the end of the day we float over glaciers
our months vanish within a few days
hihaho, tickling trip, totally toony, truly
milly and tizzy equals eccentric & woozy

steering dreams, mysterious mixtures
golden goblets, served on light tables
we falling into the floor, a voltgreen maze
wondaland's gardens, we reach 'em

frozen loops of yummy yearning, yeeeah
all dem blankets and pillows, hundreds
in a bed spacious like a football field
a quarter of milly's back is my tattoo

parking lot at 4:16 am, 24 k bracelet
gotta look at it under the light of the sun
reminds one of eazy legs & adorable greg
we come, observe, read, blast and leave

stuck with mental blankness, in limbo
block party of creation 96, 2056 souls
oh my, sweaty forehead, i'm so cold
burning bloodshed, beasting bloodbath

marriage of mystery and skyline tales
sparkling are the eyes of yayo vampires
8 days awake, bangin in sky dunes
schmock, dinosaur, sole talker
Zywa 6d
Small rings in her ears

are festive, and big earrings --

even more festive.
"Het diner" ("The Dinner", 2009, Herman Koch)

Collection "Actively Passive"
Theo Jul 20
I look back and find my memories are bittersweet. Our conversations still whisper to me in the middle of the night keeping me awake.
I still remember a party that we both went to and I still remember a friend of mine begging me to not get drunk and warning me of the dangers that it could bring. I made them a promise and I kept it. I never touched any alcohol.
Yet seeing your face and that smile that you gave me when I entered a room made my head spin and my words slurred.
I realised at that moment that I no longer needed a drink I only needed to be next to you that night as I was getting drunk on a person
yellow soul May 30
Music is playing loud in the room
People are shotgunning’ a beer or two
Girls making out just for fun
Some guys playing with a water-gun
Someone looks at me and smile
I look away after a while
The thought that maybe I could feel
Everything suddenly gets so real
The air inside the room is gone
I lay down out on the lawn
My friends are probably hookin’ up
There’s no more liquor in my cup
People are walking all around me
I never actually really feel free
They take my hand and try to guide
How should they know every step is a fight
I try to tell them I am sad
But they just tell me life’s not that bad
They ask if it’s cause I’m not over that guy
I nod yes, but it’s a lie
I try to smile but a tear is coming
Everything feels so numbing
Why am I even still here
What if I just disappear
Just because your team ***** this year,
Doesn’t mean you’ll shift your support,
You’ll defend them as you would yourself,
As though your life depends on the opinion.

It's like the turning of a faucet
If you stay in the hot too long you'll boil your hand
If you stay in the cold you'll freeze
Are you going to move before you get punished
Or are you going to stick with your team?

Justified in your opinion
As you won the game,
You’ll shoot the opposition down
Claiming “fake news” as a bleat
That only adds irony
To your flock of sheep.

But don’t get me wrong:
The other side bleats just as loud,
With the wavering cries
And nights spent in paranoia,
After calling out at the other side,
You’re just as bad.

Address your strengths together,
Understand each other’s weaknesses
And prejudices to stop the fire from spreading,
Because spending every four years undoing
What the other side has done
Leads on a winding path to nowhere.

It's like the turning of a faucet, I said,
A faucet of denying that both sides
Have gone much too far.
Turn on the other side,
To combine both,
Or we’ll only ever exist in fire-hot or freezing-cold.
39 lines, 250 days left.
I did all the drugs
And I drank at the pubs
And I fought in the lots
And I ran from the cops
And I did everything
They tell you that you shouldn't do

But now I'm diagnosed
Cause my heart's end is close
Cause it's growing way thicker
And it's making me sicker
Genetically inclined
To die before my time

They sent me to church
Because I'm in the lurch
Told me I should pray
'Fore my life goes away
And I prayed really hard
That they would just go *******

But now I'm lying in bed
And my heart's full of lead
My pulse has gone stagnant
And my thoughts are jagged
Would I change a thing?
No, no, not for you!
Clive Saffron Mar 26
Over the sands of time you’ve travelled.
Across the ocean of life you’ve sailed.
Through the fog of daily worries,
Your unfailing love’s prevailed.

Your light shines from within,
Brighter than the heavenly sky.
The fire in your soul’s unquenched,
The flames one can’t deny.

Don’t measure your life in years
Nor by the number of breaths you take,
For we’re blessed by your resounding wisdom
And the memories you continue to make.

In your footsteps I wish to tread,
I want to grow in your direction,
To mirror your warmth and kindness,
Your honesty, integrity and affection.

Your life is truly remarkable,
A lasting legacy you’ll surely bestow.
Let’s joyfully sing your melody
And forever bask in your glow.

Although you’ve entered your twilight years,
So much you’ve done is unsung,
But in your heart, for all eternity,
May you be strong, radiant and young.
My name is Clive Saffron, a published poet with the desire to use my writing skills to bring the feel good factor to others. Creating rhyming poetry is my passion and favourite art form and born out of my joy of the English language. For me, it is a wonderful form of catharsis and self-expression. As somebody who likes to sing too, the rhythms and lyrics of so many songs inspire me to play with words and arrange them in metrical patterns to create rhymes. I have established Rhymes For Times to offer a fully personalised, bespoke and rhyming poetry and speech writing service for individuals and businesses worldwide and for any occasion. I always take exceptional care and pride in creating poetry and aim to touch the hearts of those who read it and have them connect with the deeper meaning of my words. It is a highly satisfying feeling to arouse people's emotions with my poetry and make them laugh and cry and put smiles on their faces.
just a splash of gin and tonic
lighting cigs then steppin on ‘em
flashing **** and chugging *****
everyone’s so ******* ****** up
chasing mol with the nearest handle
noses lined on the coffee table
dripping blood from my favorite nostril
wipe it off before i bump another
smashing bottles in the bonfire
acid dancing in the front yard
the bathroom’s now a brothel
just ignore them while you *****
rinse your mouth and get back on it
pass the blunt and get me liquor
light a match and hit the ******
whats his name, the next door neighbor?
ask him if he wants my number
ill text him back when i remember
sun is peaking when we’re coming down
look for a bump but there’s none around
some guy asks to sleep on the couch
smoke two last joints then kick em out
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