An intensely timely attempt to right a Ship of State,

The U.S. Constitution, from a Supremacy Court decision,

'Citizen's United', wrought by it's being dragged

Across the Plymouth Rox, that landed on US, 'cause

We didn't land on it, by the tug, the S.S. Tea Party,

And it's ignoble leader, not ebony, but ivory, working

Together in perfect harmony, merx for more to mercs for war,

Amongst the 21 flavors of, in this 'baskin and robbins' of

Supremacy, the united suck of assassins, through the lack

Of 'separation of church and state', demanded in it's

Fallen noble leaves, the Founding Document of this great

Nation, that actual religion of the bi-headed false gods

Of mammon, wealth, avarice, and mollock, extreme violence,

Grinding up seed, exemplified in king george and his dick,

Cheney's, along with the republican conspiracies' elite's,

Purposeful non-prevention of the attacks on 9-11 and their

Unnecessary, "unending war on (supposed) terrorism", the

Coup that divided a people, dictating they choose exigency

Over humanity, continually, which set-up the invisible coup

Elections of 11-16, it's installation of Trumpler, etc.,

Not being separated from the state, being sociologically

Programmed into everyone, by the corporate structure's

Convolution's devolutionary direction, undoing Evolution,

Is practiced by almost all behind the masks of supposed:

Christianity, atheism, Hinduism, science, art, Wicca, etc.,

Possessing everybody in that form of self-possession,

And we need to be exorcised from it before we can

Again exercise our responsibility, necessary to again

Realize it's Siamese twin sister, freedom, for the

Intellect can't lead, as the life doesn't follow.

Then illimitable, indivisible you, walking in nature's

Balance giving back to nature's abundance can remember:

Compliance is suicide, we're defiance; if you're not

Taking bullets you're making them; an injustice to any

Is an injustice to all, and if it isn't addressed

Individually, it becomes a global injustice as well; 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world", "the root

Of all oppression lies in (supposed) science", Gandhi; 

Materialism isn't, abolish scarcity based global fossil fuel

Slavery by using abundant renewable energy, now.   reality

Clean DACA and CHIP bills, no wall or ban, help Puerto Rico; please!
Charlotte Dec 2017

The world watches you fall,
the largest proven oil reserves
but you couldn’t call out to your brothers
acknowledge your mistake
so that you may grow.

You kill children,
hunger grips every mother
and fathers struggle with
children of eight trying to earn a wage.

Your country is fucked up
holding it pride to its chest
waving the flag never admitting that
their force has killed eight thousand
or that their children are in hospitals

Kenyerber Aquino Merchán,
less than two starved to death
because hospitals have no formula
to feed the innocent.

Spine and rib cage protruding,
mourners with wildflowers from the hills,
and relatives cut out a pair
of cardboard wings from
empty white ration boxes.

Let you pass away,
sleeping now under my wings,
we’ll conger the wind
and ease the president's pride,
he is hiding under the cover
cowering the corner -
he has no one else to blame.

I broke down in tears writing this - I wrote it because of this article - I don't know how to help because the president refuses to accept international help apart from loans from Russia which barely hold the country a float. So I did the only thing I know how to do to help - write.
Mysidian Bard Dec 2017

Every time I drift
something always carries me
back to your embrace.

james m nordlund Nov 2017

No "upgrading the nuclear arsenal", as President Trump has promised;

No more threatening the world with nuclear war, as he has done.

"...We(e),...", are all downwind from nuclear war, accidents, waste.

'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'.  A bird in the

Bush is worth two in the hand, at least.  'A stitch in time saves nine'.

Daisy Rae Nov 2017

Dear Dais,
Mom and dad aren’t together anymore. I know you won’t believe it because I still don’t. It wasn’t your fault. Dad just did some stupid things. And it wasn’t mom‘s fault, she gave him enough chances. Right now you’re doing okay. You’re 17 now and graduation is right around the corner. It’s taken you three high schools and lots of tears to finish, but you’re going to make it. You’re an aunt now even though you really see your nephew. You’re 2 & 1/2 years clean. That means you no longer do drugs, drink, and stay out too late with boys. You’ve been very very sad at times, sometimes to the point where you would draw on your arms with something sharp. You stopped that. At one point you wouldn’t eat. You got over that. You finally let God into your life. You let boys and fake friends hurt you but now you’re stronger than them. You still get sad sometimes, but you’ve came a long way. I’m proud of you. I’m proud. You might not understand right now, but one day you will. Don’t try so hard to grow up, because I’d give anything just to be a kid for a day. Life is hard, but through everything to come, you will make it through. You will go through a lot, more than you thought. But you won’t give up because you’re much stronger than any superhero there ever was. Stay strong girl.
~ Daisy Rae

raingirlpoet Nov 2017

i am not bitter
i’m tired
of seeing headlines flood my timelines
worded similarly with a name substituted in as allegations break

i am not privileged
to be tired of seeing headlines flood my timelines
worded by way of another celebrity letting us down

i do not ignore
the bile headlines that sneak their way into my timelines
how can i?
but i am tired
of feeling let down

i am not blind
to the immense pain caused by a scream, silenced
but i am tired
of seeing the duct tape over her mouth

i wonder
if one day soon
i will no longer be bitter
or tired
of seeing headlines flood my timelines
worded by way of claiming
it was her fault


pension Oct 2017

tock tock tock,
the minute hand has been moving faster than before
tock tock tock,
we only have twenty four hours to seize

we walk faster than the silver-haired masses
we maneuver through the crowd
with heavy bags in our hands
ear pieces stuck in our ears
while our eyes glued onto our phone screens

how fascinating

on the other side, they stroll cautiously along the road side
jerking at every beep and horn which the monstrous vehicles sound
oh look
one down
let's wait two minutes and another will be down

our apathy is disgusting
our fixation with the present and future are revolting

what has happened to pure and genuine relationships
what has happened to the human qualities which we innately own
nothing is shown
because we do not care about
the lost, the forgotten and the aged.

Saint Audrey Oct 2017

A scene that's so endemic of life that you've transpired
As you're using your last cigarette to light a burnt out signal fire

The sparks racing along the edge, friction coming to a head
Entertain my thoughts as you remember that this is just a dream

Each and every time it seems is captured in a frame
Pressed down by the hands of time, and left to rot in flame

Underlying uncertainty, left to my insanity
Entertain my thoughts as I tell you that this is all a dream

If I only had some wings
I'd fly right the fuck away
If I had the strength to change
I wouldn't change a single thing

Island paradox
To cut my own arms off
Just to survive, a couple minutes more
Slowly wondering
How much I should sleep
when countless options drift right past my door

And I don't think this is  something to change
Deify the death defying lingering fate
Something, leaning on the plans we make
Before we see the high tide begin to abate

Caught up in the rapids, I feel my life drain from me
Pulled in to the raging sea by the current yet unseen

Caught up in the maelstrom, each second of uncertanty
Leaves me catching my breath, but between every breath

Its all fun and games
Then I try and simplify
But all complacence
Leads to every current in my life

Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2017

Hate filled minds
Living life in rewind
Drunk on the future so they wine
Crying about a past that had them powerful
Praying on hate and killing others less superior
Hating themselves for being more infrior
Hiding behind religion, saying it's God they serving,
what God you know condones killing, hating, and oppression

They serve a God with no vision
Wearing capes to hide their ambiguous faces
Yelling that they hate all races
These are the same co-workers who say they love all races
But behind closed doors
Pray to burning torches

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