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HTR Stevens Apr 29
Standing tall among men was he,
Very humbly he called himself a 'refugee'.
He was the Queen's Consort, oft full of wit;
Yet in humour, he pretended to be a twit.
Some thought he stood among the gods,
Busy with so much he had no time for the Land of Nod.
In life steps behind the Queen he would always be;
At death carried high before the Queen and for all to see.
All the many good works he had done,
The world only knew at the set of his sun.
Water gushing down a stream
Reflecting the sky like a dream
Nurturing the plants around
Making a calming sound
Leafs floating on the surface like a boat
Shivering in the wind as it stays afloat
Minnow darting away in the current
Shiny wet pebbles gleaming in the playful light
The suns ribbons making the sand look bright
Tall trees showing off their height
Squirrels over an acorn, they fight
Birds learning their way to flight
While I look on at natures might
Happy poetry day! :)
Thomas Harvey Jan 15
I would like to take a moment to think about the present
To not look forward nor behind
But to enjoy the sunrise and the moons crescent
To see my life's shadow on those who are blind

In this world people make the past present
They scorn with hatred, please with evil
They move any way the choose, treating those of the world as peasants
Those who strike out against, are also strike down until they are weak and feeble

At the same time, there are imaginaries who wish to leave their problems behind
To step on a new earth, where nothing but greatness awaits
They ignore those around them in search of a new find
Through all the loneliness, all they discover is that they fell for the bait

When the two worlds collide, division is created
Yes far more than right or wrong and left or right
What is left is a society without purpose, one that's tainted
While the winner continues ruling with might

The ones they can't touch, are the one who live for today
Those who make the most out of day to night
Who focus on who they are, rather than what they have to say
For they are theones who keep the world shining bright
annh Dec 2020
  from sequestered     
out by                      
      ancient tributaries;

   ­     with
            the current
of experience;       
  the floodplains
of my sorrows,              
   to the
foreshore of
                my dream time;

A river      
             of breath,
a watershed        
               of meaning,
                         in spate.

“Here is born the Po,
Anon, its waters flow;
So too I will upend,
From spring to shore
And back again.”
- AH
Skye Dec 2020
I am
Not a global calamity,
Not a murderer,
Not a monster.

I am
Not some plague,
Or pathogen
That duplicates
To cause destruction.

I do not
Strip freedom from people
Seperate families and countries
Cause economic recession,
Anxiety and depression,
Lock people in their own homes.

I am just another organism,
killing to stay alive.
And when all of humanity is no more,
Remember, that it was you who called on war
First; It was always
The humans, and then everything else.
C Dalby Oct 2020
Birds are singing as they narrate people grinning,
The sky is blue and starred at night
We are done with the wrongs and now focus on the right
Days are spent doing nothing and life occurs without a plan
No more flames when leaving that metaphorical pan
Ice caps are freezing and ozones are healing
Oh, Utopia

Defined as a place of non existence by the Greek,
Our ancestors would marvel to see us actualising our peak.
With each new generation not being as good as the last,
We strived to be better until hate is a thing of the past.
Oh, Utopia

The world has not always been the paradise it is right now
It has suffered quite a bit! Sit back, relax and let me show you how:
Dictators, dating apps, disease and  dabbing...
Depression, **** picks, dress size and *** grabbing...
Distant difficulties discriminating daily
Diligent defenders demonstrating plainly
All demanding democracies finally decide on the eternal debate.
Watching Parliamentary playgrounds leaves me feeling rather irate.
We have overcome all these and finally arrived at our destination.
A cohesive existence founded upon the pillar of cooperation.
Oh, Utopia

The journey to our present was the present of automation.
Competition for resources died with the wealth's excommunication.
Our time became our own to pursue whatever we pleased.
Now for everyone, the day is ready to be seized.
Our evolutionary struggles all extinct, our troubles all gone.
Perhaps now is the time to be happy? Time to move on.
Oh, Utopia

No more fornicating over Instagram and insecurity
No more toxic masculinity and finally some male maturity
No more measuring our success by how high a like button can count.
No more choosing our partner from the size of their banking account
No more candid masks worn by a big green beast
The vanity of man all buried and deceased
No more celebrating the ****** exposure of a love island fool
Finally we are being creative and using our brain as a tool
Oh, Utopia

However, this bliss is not what it seems and all is not well.
For Winge-ing, moaning and groaning are as ingrained as the DNA in our cell.
Having no problems is quite a bad situation
As we thrive on challenges from the dawn of creation
You see humans are hole diggers and nothing is ever enough
We are addicted to trouble and finding the diamond in the rough
Oh, Utopia

There is still so much to see and to learn
A fact that fills me with equal hope and concern
Until we learn to change ourselves and gain some sanity
The world will continue to be as it alway has been, ashamed of its own humanity.

Oh, Dystopia
Thomas Harvey Oct 2020
Hope can cheer you up and Hope can bring you down
Hope can take you all over town
The main question of hope is if it is helpful or harmful
If I hoped to be a judge I would never be appointed
Often times when we hope we find ourselves disappointed

A friend once told me Hope is like a downward *****
Having Hope alone does not bring a  new day
Just like not having it doesn't mean you don't get your way
So the question changes to: is Hope a blessing or a curse

A farmer hopes for a good season
But he doesn't plant his crops and say goodbye
He works as hard as eh can with good reason
And when a good or bad harvest comes around, he doesn't have to question why

Hope without the work is an effort lost, like fools gold
It can ease your mind and please your soul
But it can also turn you into a living ghoul
Hope is for the strong, Hope is for the weak, Hope is for those who dare to be bold.
PM Oct 2020
some thoughts...
As I sit here, I'm thinking why. Why try so hard when the world is working against you. When I finally feel like a can breathe and that I have reached the surface of what is the sea of such a cruel world I'm pulled back down by this current. This current of negativity, currents that are trying to pull me deeper and deeper into the unknown. But even knowing that once I reach the surface once again another current will try to pull me down. I fight to reach that surface because I know that what waits for me in the unknown is much scarier and worse than the constant struggle of life. But I cannot help to think what if, what if all this fight is not worth it, what if the unknown is not as bad as we might think, what if we just let go. Would it really be that bad?
Rolloroberson Oct 2020
Harsh geographical tongues,
Set up against the asphalt gleaming in the bright light,
The A Crowd betwixt and between- efforting that cool knowing stance to cover the fear reeked knee **** bloodthirst their inadequacy always spawned.
The B Crowd simpers aghast at what unconscious desires to adopt the life husk of burned out hucksters has wrought.
The sentimental inspector dutifully tweaks the scales so we all have a tighter grasp on true value.
Postscript: Lord grant me the grace to disguise the portentous notions that I am anything other than what I pretend to be...

[Rolloroberson copyright 2020]
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