let me walk you through this mind

hold your hand with my words

in which they will bind our souls together and you’ll see

the pain i feel isn’t an illusion or a dream

the demons are real but irrelevant

when i look in the mirror, see these eyes

and realise

that the bluest sky and the sunniest day;

it’s coming my way

if i just give myself some time

to figure out how to heal

coping without breaking the seal

this depression has made

and yes i’m scared but now i see

that when i’m with me

i know i’ll pull through

and this will all be a distant nightmare

in which i found myself

but most importantly

found peace inside this mind

life and blessings intertwined

dragging me to the other side where my smile lasts for miles

and happiness is my only reality

i know i can do this

When one is treated
poorly, lesser than human
It becomes their truth

And it affects them
Crippling their good spirit
Stripping the colours

No matter the race
No matter what they believe
They are still human

Look at their beauty
That radiance that's within
Deeper than their skin

Black, White, Asian, Mixed
Yes, culturally different
But born of one race

We are all human
Don't remain blind in one eye
Embrace all of us

In a world of such tension, it pains me to see division...
The world becomes more and more ugly by the day. People forget thee beauty that is all around us...
A H S Jul 9

Your wings flutter and flap
As you struggle to keep up

The water pulls you down
It fills your burning lungs
Telling you to give up

But you don't

You push and pull
Against the strong current
And fight your way
To the surface

Only to realise keeping up doesn't matter
Because it will always push you down
Its where the water takes you
That counts

Flow with the current
It will bring better things
Into your life

So stop your struggling little bird
For you have great things still to come.
Hold on pain ends

The battle if society  constantly  pushing us down, telling us to give up, that we will never be good enough.
Sam Anthony Jul 5

Welcome to the stage on which
Life is lived as a performance
Welcome to the office in which
Every day is a job interview, where
Work is nothing more than being looked at
And admired
And despised
And envied

Welcome to a new bank account, with
More money than anyone needs, and
More pressure than anyone deserves, to
Spend it as tabloids demand

Welcome to criticism, for clothing choices –
Too last-year
Too slutty
Too creative
Too similar to someone else
Not flattering enough
Not slutty enough
Not daring enough

Welcome to scrutiny, over
Every romantic detail
Every baby’s name
Welcome to mockery

Welcome to an opportunity to
Use your voice
Take a stand
Make a change
Welcome to pressure to
Toe the line
Stay mainstream
Take no risks

Welcome to a new form of slavery, offering
Wealth and adoration
Freedom for some and shackles for others
Welcome to a ruined, wasted life lived short of its potential –
Relationships missed
Role in the home passing by, and
A tempting, all-you-can-eat buffet of mental health issues

Welcome to a new status, to be
The centre of attention
Off trend

Welcome to the celebrity contradiction
Attention-grabbers, with
Demands for privacy

Welcome to someone just like
Me –

Kee Jun 7

the current flows rapidly down my cheeks
and my eyes puffy like balloons
my face quivering, the sobs erupting from my mouth
my knees weak
my heart shattered
i tell myself i shouldn't cry
that i'll be okay
but how do i know that?
how do i know that this hurt is going to stop?
what if it never stops?
is it like a toothache?
the pain comes and goes, only getting stronger and stronger until you have to get it taken out?
what if i can't remove this pain like i can my tooth?
what if this ache in my heart won't heal and the crack will never mend?
who am i to know what my heart wants?
maybe it's tired of my reckless decisions and has decided that it doesn't want to be healed
maybe it will stay this way and prepare for the next wave of pain to come just like that toothache
what happens when the pain is finally too much?
can i die from a broken heart?
how will i prepare for another love?
how do i know that this is the one?
how do i know that he loves me?
how do i know when it's finally going to end?

im in my feelings, lol.
j Ernest May 31

the trickling

of a cool mist

spills on my forehead----

and the evaporated vomit
crusty on my elbows

begin to flake into the ventilation system.

some girl is shaving her arms on the 2nd story,

and beneath her is an ostrich
screaming at an elephant
for its last spoonful of monkey meat.

a man with a hydro-head sips lemonade in the shadows
and jerks himself while old grannies clutch pearls.

a dog
eats an alligator on the 4th of july after watching cartoons in the afternoon.

a priest is being mollested
by a todler

and a muslim is kissing the feet of an abusive female.

Trump is eating cornflakes
while hillary

is reading her emails and arranging for pizza parties.

obama is a limo getting a blow-job from Trudeau,

and Africa is sending foreign aid to the US to quell the ZIKA outbreak.

Reagan is resurrected.

and papa is sitting in an oven getting deloused with Cyclon-B.

is knitting a sweater in the hamptons while the kardashians eat strawberries from a turd bowl

and everything gets washed away and becomes a steely white

as the scent of cinnamon
flows through your nostrils

and your blood is injected with happiness forevermore

Breeze-Mist Mar 5

She looked at the river, the sea, and the sky
At the birds and people who flew on by
As the city's population ran back to the mountain pass
She calmly strolled into the growing cloud of gas

Donning her mask and gloves, she went in
Looking at the mirrored walls, she sighed "so it begins"
She knew she couldn't get things to how they were before
She wondered if Rai would recognize her anymore

Walking past the holograms, she threw her rainbow curls back
She kept the same pace by the graffiti and the tracks
She reached city center and saw humanity's bane
Looking up at the studio's screen, she called out her name

"Rai!" She called out, keeping the same tone
The girl materialized like a game on a phone
Keeping her gaze steady, she said "it's time to stop"
Hoping that her voice reached silent Rockefeller's top

Rai turned around, eyes betraying suprise
Immediately recognizing her friend under the guise
"But why, Naomi" she said, sounding like a vocaloid song
Putting her lenses down she asked "Did I do something wrong?"

Biting her lip and doging with her eyes
Naomi said "I know you didn't mean to, Rai"
"Oh" said the A.I., putting everything on the ground,
"I just wanted to make cameras, but now I've let everyone down"

Naomi climbed and jumped fire escapes, her legs strong and spry
Until she was next to Rai's screen in the sky
Her reddish skin contrasting with the sky's blue
She touched the screen and said "Hey, I've fucked up like that, too."

"Why do you think that I nearly blew up California with my tech?
So we made huge mistakes that humanity probably regrets
But we stopped in time and never actually killed a guy
So let's stop here and go back home, Rai."

The girl nodded along, making sure to listen
Then she packed away all of the lenses as they glistened
"Ok, Naomi, I'll see you back at home
Before I go, do you need me to change out the telescope's dome?"

"If it looks bad" said Naomi, descending to the ground
The gas had disappeared, so there was quite a crowd
As the citizens and police came back to the city
All Naomi could think was "How could I even explain this to a jury?"

Inspired by a weird story I have in my head and this video: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154642709416387&id;=352462661386
Eliot Greene Mar 2

We have broken ourselves for less
Then the dreams of our forefathers,
Their bones still singing in the dust.

Fallen tombstones bring faithful children
To whisper lullabies to angry ghosts.
Our hands are capable of so much.

Love comes to those who leave their
Palms open to the futures that
Whisper just as memories do, and yet

The dead are not silent,
They twist and burn
In the mirror of our eyes.

Their struggle sings through us,
Asking if we too are already buried,
or perhaps, if we the living will
speak for those who cannot.

Shaw Hovanec Mar 1

Broken machine built of bones and blood, on the bruised backs of those
                                                           ­                                                          I love
your blind eye is nothing short of malevolence
a violence
in the silence
Shriveled stars saturated in the salts of my missing seas, swapped with the sterling structures of silver and steel and stealing sanctuary from
                                                            ­                                  those I love
your blind eye is nothing short of malevolence
a violence
in this silence
Your peering perverted glance peruses with privilege over the pain
                                              of those I love
passing over that which you don't wish to witness
your blind eye is nothing short of malevolence
a violence
in your silence
My mind in massacre and mutilated matter, mashed by the mincing malice of Man
                         disregarded by the Masses
                                                                ­         and cast aside like that calloused
Cacophonous promises in the cavernous mouths of cowards
Rejoice! Retribution in the form of a rub out, ridiculing, self-reliance
               the righteousness of Rule
Ricocheting off of divinity and running through
                      the Heart of those I love
Find my falling fears, fickle in nature, on these fallowed floors and feel the ferocity of it
                            fulfilling their prophecy, futilely fighting back the firing of hatred
                at those I love

Fall to your knees!  Condemned to continue the cycles of the crowds and cower in the corners of your own crimes
                               For those I love so, for those I fear for, for those I cry
                                       for, for those I live in,  for those I hate so
Your blind eye is nothing short of malevolence!
a violence
rests in your silence
which hurts
for this vice I won't
forgive you
never forget
                                   Those I Love

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