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Starry Sep 6
Yes I am
For many
A reason
The fire in the amazone
Hurricane what's her face
And all sorts of stuff
Hell yeah I am anxious
Starry Sep 2
China Russia.
The west
I will say this through poetry
The vainnakh
The uyger, Turkish
And tibetans
We All have 46 chromesomes
Saying we are
As human
H u m a n like youu
So why can you accept us
As that
Starry Sep 2
I walk the line
East and west
For I am
And white
The people hate mme for that
I walk the line between
Love and racism
Of terroristic stereotypes
That a laid on my peoples
For I am uyger
A human
Not a freaking terrorist
Starry Sep 1
Shouldn't we all
Be hippies
And flower childrrn
For they are happy
And easy going
The world would
Be a better and
Happier place.
Starry Aug 31
We all
Change places
We All change time and history
We All change our
We can change the future
For the better.
Starry Aug 14
If hate and racism
Is the in thing
And hip
Then Canada is
Tragically hip
I find this country very racist.
Starry Aug 14
Dear hater
I am not
What you see
Is what you get
I am more than that
I am a variety of things, events, nations and emotions
Not a terrorist
Or ****
Nor stupid
Let the wind guide you.
Don’t change with the weather,
Let it change you.
Born in autumn,
Born again in winter,
Born again in spring,
Born again in summer.

Seeds drift on the current of the air,
Carried so far away from here.
But change is needed for you.
See from a different view.
Life moves on, and we must move with it,
Or die just behind it.
Starry Aug 9
Crinals are not
Mentally ill
Just illegal
For they use PTSD
As away out
Of their actions
They are stupid
It takes a brain to have mental illness ...
..... Silly squash heads.
Starry Aug 1
I want to know you hurt me as a lover
I want to know why your hurt innocent people
Who did your people no wrong
Why do you have to hurt innocent children girls
For what
The hippocratic oath????!!
More like jihadist oath.
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