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Siyana 1h
An erstwhile moment, forgotten memories,

clenched by old bones that are oceans deep…

The wind, the sky, the whisper of the seas,

I wonder if they speak of the times we were free…

Enthralled by skin that the oceans touched,

your wandering eyes wondered too much…

For I could not keep a hold,

of waves that’d slam my body and soul…

and to this day I look down at the sea,

wonder if your imitated mind ever thinks about me…

those memories are now just cold, drowned dreams.

The secrets of a dead sea….
My beloved
And beautiful Faisal
You tell me the story
Of your horrific childhood
And ask
“Love me for me”

My beloved
Gift from Allah
I tell you
In bits about what happened
To me
And I say
“Love me for me”

We are two
And broken souls
The product of the same

‎ وجميل فيصل
‎ أخبرني القصة
‎ من طفولتك المرعبة
‎ و إسأل
‎ "أحبني لشخصي"

‎ محبوبي
‎ هبة من الله
‎ أقول لكم
‎ في أجزاء حول ما حدث
‎ إلي
‎ وأنا أقول
‎ "أحبني لشخصي"

‎ نحن اثنان
‎ وحيد
‎ ونفوس محطمة
‎ منتج نفس الشيء
‎ مصدر.....
‎ الإرهاب
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 10
What's a beautiful name only to hear ''CURRENT''
But when we experienced it
We really understand how beautiful it is.

"CURRENT" describes "motion in the ocean"
Today i move in such ocean
I feel "OCEAN"is not made for me it is for diver..

In physics language
Current is rate of flow of charge through conductor
opposite to the flow of electron
In my language
current is rate of flow of charge through any object
may be humans too
and direction of our movement.

Just for fun i write few line based on my experience.
Thoughts comes on my mind an i write it on a page...
Thanks for reading.
Alicia Moore Jul 31
Oxygen is vital for survival,
but I require a special kind;
the breeze that caresses my lips
as you breathe gently—
Silent clips of your love being passed through the current.
Spades Jul 24
They say “we gon’ be alright”
And I know that its the truth
But sometimes it’s hard to find the light        
What if this is just a ruse?

Nothing worth anything can last
How do we know what we can trust?
Everything destroyed in a blast,
Our revolution turned to dust

It’s a chance at perfection
All this passion and love
So we won’t lose anyone else because of a darker complexion
A battle-ax and a dove            

The opposite of love could never be hate
And we’ll experience both in our damage state
I love you so madly.
Your quirks and grins,
the many colors of your skins.
Harmonic melodies where progress begins.

I miss you so sadly.
Your peace and understanding,
the pinnacle of Humanity.
We've lost our tune, turning a minor chord on one another.

You disgust me, certainly.
Your shouting and screeming.
Like animals we fight, seething.
An unorganized orchestra of adult children.

I loathe you completely.
Your beatings and killings.
The streets run red from a rainbow of dead.
We've laid down our instruments and taken up swords.

Beautiful lives destroyed.
They hang like ornaments in the trees.
Beautiful lives taken.
You rip them from cars and leave them in the streets.
Beautiful lives forgotten.
As soon as we revisit our screens.

I want to love you, preserve you.
I feel I must destroy you from those who would pervert you.

I geuss I am you.
Poem based on current events in the USA as of July 04 2020.
Shounak Jul 2
Happiness can be found
in the most unusual of places
the kind which is short-lived
but giving a kick like wasabi no less

that millisecond in the air
while doing the cannonball
splashing the water all around
to walking in the park and having
that stroke of wind caress the hair

to having a smell draw you to the patisserie
and every spoonful is like heaven

This kind disappears as soon as it arrives
like the fizz in your cherry cola
finding it again can be easy
did you check your pockets?
Shounak Jun 22
nothing's worth taking your
own life for
you're not worthless
not a penny,
you're worth a million

because the track was blocked
the train didn't stop
it changed the tracks

find your calling
get on the saddle
and look on down the vultures
who tried to pick you apart,
and soar
Shounak Jun 14
Sit with them, laugh with them
enjoy with them, smile with them
you don't know what their mind's racing on
looking so calm
yet fighting a thousand battles within
the last person you expect
to disappear,
might lose the battle and even the war
for you might be the first one to
wake up tomorrow
and long to see them
just once, just once.
Shounak Jun 6
imagine if we didn't have eyes
imagine if no one could see
racism isn't inherited
it wouldn't be seen and picked up
i wouldn't see the color
break a white egg or brown
the yolk is the same
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