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Toxic yeti Mar 9
I am an angry loner
I am buddhist
I try to not to
Get *******
But it’s hard not to be angry
When the current events
And the news
Work against you
Your people.
Toxic yeti Mar 9
Dear snow flake
You might not like me
For my skin
And odd beliefs
Since 9/11
But I am going to tell
You this
I was a vicimt of terrorism
Talk to me and
You may know
A decent human.
Toxic yeti Feb 28
As I watch the news
And witness the hate
I enter the death zone
My being
My body
Slowly die
As if I am in an
Extreme environment.
Toxic yeti Feb 23
J. Edgar Hoover...
If he were to awake
From his sleep
He would shocked at
The horrid conditions of
The world
Genocide in Tibet
The horrors of ****
What would he do??!!
Khadro Jama Feb 6
I've locked up my feelings
Put them in a box
and threw the keys away.
During the time I didn't know that I'd loose all ****** desires as well
*** is part of life.
so ill get some from time to time
I don't feel anything at all tho
Its a bit sad tbh
But that's okay I don't have time for Temperary love that leaves me broken every time
I'll just wait for the one that finds those keys again.
I am a pervert at heart
I do enjulge myself with watching "films"
Its not different from normal TV.
Watching foolish ppl find temp feeling that only lasts for a little while really bores
I like myself a man who can captivate me and keep me guessing.
I'm very passionate.
I can keep up just fine
I am not looking for him
He can find me
Cuz I'm tired of getting hurt
With all the wrong people
Each one who comes my way
Says the same ****
" I am not like the other"
My answer at end is " **** ends the same way anyways"
Patrick Wood Jan 31
You'll be twenty anyways.
You're hesitant because you know your hairs will gray,
but you'll be twenty anyways.
You'll be thirty either way.
between the sheets of snow and stressful days.
you know you'll be thirty anyways.

Come forty and fifty,
then eighty and one-hundred;
Ninety-three, ninety four
then one-hundred and one dozen.
No matter which way or when,
all help from friends and cousins,
you'll be thirty anyways.
There's a popular reddit post where someone asks if its worth it to get their PhD because it'll take until they're fourty, someone reply's, "You'll be fourty anyways".
Toxic yeti Jan 30
you might be blinded tothe beauty of your pasty skin
there is so much more going on in the background
Izzy Aghahowa Jan 19
the river chose
to pull you away
to take you into an unknown place
unsafe for your unlearned heart

you hid in trees and fled to empty houses
and ran for miles
from suspected treason  
your river grew wild
and you grew unafraid
of the currents that kept you aligned  

alive in the shadows you became
in the places where eyes didn’t tread
you dreamed an old life into submission
and sang songs that caused showers of dread
for the minds that owned closed doors

take me away and into your open country
where it is safe for youthful rage to reign
for this world is unsafe for those who dream in daylight
Toxic yeti Jan 7
Aries god of war
More like the god of mental problems
For war hurts children

Please Aries
Think of the children
The children
The children

If you thought more
You would help more
Not spread evil.
I used to find serenity in the land of the dolphins
Low tides and moonlight sands made for a perfect setting 
Got ready to meditate over the problems I was facing at the time 
when something came in with the tide 
A shell with a rainbow pattern diagonal across the grooves
details that made me immediately infatuated with the design 
I held the shell close to my chest for a moment, wondering if I can hold it to my ear 
and hear the ocean I wonder 
If I hold the shell to my heart will it hear a beating 
The shells hug gave me solace in a sea of silence 
inspiration in a time of isolation
that feeling still lingers in my chest
I feel it rise up when I feel the water doing the same 
When I step into the water, I am a crab 
For I yearn for my shell and the comfort of its sanctuary
The security of reclusiveness is more comfortable then the danger of the waves 
of the schools of fish 
I thought my shell was strong enough
But the water was to fierce, cracking the shell in half
With nothing to hold me down I floated towards the sunshine and away from my home
My eyes focusing on the ocean floor, the other ***** told me I’d feel free once I floated
But freedom has no place in my heart now
The current moved me forward as I got the top, riding a small wave towards the shore
My gaze fixed onto the sunlight and the seagulls who didn’t notice me
They flew together, always, never alone
Never without a home because the breeze brings them to new places that haven’t been explored
I wish I was born a seagull
The crash of the wave brought me back to land again
Salt water and sand on my tongue make for a concoction of nostalgia my eyes focus
On the waters I was cast out of
Hours pass, the sun fades, the tide calms, and the moon comes back
I truly am a vagabond now, I can not find a home even in the ocean
The nature of a vagabond is to keep roaming, so that is what I must do
I force my body to a standing position, catching my eye as I adjust my posture
In the wake of a tide returning to the ocean I find half of my rainbow shell
It survived the damage cast upon it, the resilience of my shell is incredible
Maybe I can mirror its strength, even though the rainbow is split
The shell still holds a captivating beauty
A beauty that will not be suppressed by imperfections
Damaged but not defined by its cracks

The rainbow shell sparks ambition in my heart to need no shell
To need no barrier, no shield from the universe
My spine grows tall, confidence spreads through my torso  
I feel as though I could turn around and surf across that whole ocean
I feel as though I shall turn around, spread my wings and find a breeze with the seagulls
I feel, but I do not act
For I have not grown enough yet
Ocean one day I promise I will return
And I shall not be conquered, I will not be passive
I shall through myself into you with such velocity you shall fear my wake
I hear you talking back to me from a distance
Waves always come in three’s, I know when you bit your tongue
The difference between you and I is I shall not bit my tongue the next time I see you
But I have already made that clear
I walk up the dunes, vowing not to return until I am ready
Years pass, I find myself at the base of the dunes
I can hear you calling me ocean, but I can not see you yet
My body hurts now ocean, I am sorry I can not challenge you with all my power
I turn around so my back faces the dunes, I begin to walk backwards up the sloped sand
My hips can barely stand the pain, but I must keep my promise
I step towards you ocean, and I hear your roar get louder, hurricane season is upon us ocean Water sprays against my back with the force of a fire hydrant
But my course is not swayed, that was only your first, as I awaited your second strike
I pulled the shell from my pocket and held its fragile remains close to my chest
The second wave, stronger then the first knocked breath from me, water rose to my head
The third is on its way, the undertow from this third wave is twice then the last
You will **** me won’t you ocean, but I am strong now, I grin as I turn to face you
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