Mars Jan 25
Through icy rain
Through freezing pain
Dark mornings hold thoughts of summer
As I march to a different drummer
January dreams of july
Waking up and wondering why
Remembering that hot ember sun
Clinging to it until it's gone
These slowing bones are chilling
As afternoon light is dimming
This feeling of warmth I hold
Until I am ready
To bite the tasteless cold
Larry Dixon Nov 2017
It all happened on one summer’s eve in mid July.
I met this innocent and alluring young girl.
So true and pure hearted I simply could not pass her by.
The more we talked the more my stomach swirled and whirled.

Before I could possibly even know, my heart let out a golden glow.
I was struck by her sensational presence, I was in love.
The only thing I could do was see where it would go.
For our love was as beautiful as a burning dove.

But now I see that I have fallen under her spell.
For everything thing she does weakens my heart.
For no matter what I do I can’t repel.
This amazing love that keeps me here even though we are forever apart.

One day I will forever be held captive.
When our eyes meet and our hearts beat, we have never been so attracted.
April Oct 2017
July is the best season to buy basketball shoes.
I still remembered the first time I smelled your perfume,
my heart fluttered, as I found out
you smoke the same Marlboro as I do.

The weather of July
makes everything become so long.
Long enough to take a nap,
to make a heavy rain in my dream.
Let me bring you an umbrella
after you got totally drenched.

And the best part of July is that there
are countless blue skies to be wasted.
The white cloud doesn't look clear enough on the camera,
so I take out my guitar,
singing French songs one after another.

You make me want to keep my diary
everyday in July.
Like a slattern in a string bikini,                     
Stretch marks bared to the public,                                                            
So does July show her wares                                                              
If she is scorned.
Sprawling, ugly, no doubt in heat,                                                      
An old sow past her prime                 
All who pass her by.             
Any who see Demeter
In each summer day
Have not seen her dark side,
When men refuse to play.

She is full of hot wrath,
If unspent for weeks on end.
Or cold doldrums, when denied:
Raw, frigid mistress of grey.

Yet, in a good year, she might
Swing Sun’s brazen shield
High above, shedding welcome beams,
And let us bask in its bright rays.

July, you sometime traitor,
When we expect you to behave,
Spend promises of warm weather,
No doubt you demur on that alone.

We await your pleasure,
As brides gnaw manicured nails in
Helpless wonderment at your
Selfish woes.

Month of Caesar, choose one attitude or the other!
Either thirty-one days of rain-soaked sulking
Or, better, allow one of selfless, sun-baked joy…
This might even please poor you!
I was very hot and sick of the stickiness of July, which can also seem like March, at least in New England. She also reminded me of a woman who shall remain nameless...for now.
Crystal Freda Sep 2017
You are the firework of my heart.
You are the boom as sparkles depart.
You bring bright, amazing color
like no other.
You are the firework of my heart.
You make fire to art.
You acquire a spark
and light up the dark.
You are the firework of my heart.
Wrote back from 4th of July.
Elise Jackson Aug 2017
I thrive through other likewise people.
Day 31/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
Elise Jackson Jul 2017
Money usually makes people the angriest.
Day 30/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
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