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lua Apr 7
there will come a time when love arrives as a shooting star
striking through my chest
as i topple over and fall to the floor
giggling and laughing with tears forming at the corner of my eyes
as stardust fills my lungs
and when that time comes
i know
i'll be here forever.
and ever and ever and ever.
Zack Ripley Sep 2019
You can't see the light because you are the light. So don't worry about your scars.
They'll heal as you fly across the sky like a shooting star.
Don't forget the night doesn't last forever even in the land of the midnight sun. As long as you show up half the battle has been won
Pyrrha Feb 2019
I would cover you head to toe in the most dazzling darkest of lace
but you shine so brightly that even the darkest of fabrics and cloth
could never sheathe your radiant glow and contain your luster

I wish I could hide you away in a place so very dark, so secure
I'd bury you in a billion rose petals to blanket your eyes, your lips
to keep you from the world of temptation, lust, and sins

If only I was selfish enough to take you a million worlds away
away from this unworthy and inadequate life of insecurity
fear of losing you takes over my being, I fear someone else will see

all your beauty and light seeping from the flower beds
glowing from under all that lace and spilling into the world
filling all those tainted people with thoughts of stealing you away

but I can't keep you to myself, I'll not allow such selfish actions
I can't keep the sun, the moon, and the stars from the earth
you are needed for warmth and sustenance, to control the ocean

You are the light that decorates the night sky with illumination
as if the sky was kissed by glitter, you make up every constellation
you are my shooting star, safe to view and wish upon from afar
Iz Nov 2018
Johnny Mathis was playing
On your Isuzu Rodeo radio

I was on the hood of your car
In your arms
Your lips pressed so tenderly against

I looked at you and we both looked up
And there a shooting star was to greet us and
As Johnny Mathis’ Sweet voice was singing
“ the last time I felt like this I was falling in love...”
I knew, this was the first time I had felt like this and I was falling in love
With you
this actually happened to me
Pyrrha Oct 2018
Like a shooting star
You passed me quick and quiet
I forgot to wish
My very first attempt at a haiku
Tink Aug 2018
Watching the night sky
Amazed by the delight
Of passing meteors in our galaxy
Attracted by Earth's gravity
Falling dust as a shiny star
So near and yet so far
Fascinating young and old
To make a wish, we have been told
We complete our sheer delight
Witnessing awesomeness of a night
Star dust showering us from above
Evoking hope and wishes of love
We are dust, star dust from the galaxy
On Earth to shine as bright as we can be
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