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toleomato Apr 21
Although reciprocation would be ideal
it does not have to be all or nothing.
If I can be
as a single flower is to the meadow
then I am content.
The weeds live side by side,
With the roses in a meadow,
The fallen branches of a dead tree,
Help its neighbor grow,
Nothing ever ends,
Death is not an impasse,
When you’re gone,
I’ll look for you in a blade of grass.
Dee Jan 30
A meadow filled with wildflowers,
Caressing your legs as you walk.
A space so vast,
It seems the earth kisses the sky.

Sunlight filters through the trees,
Highlighting your contented face.
Eyes closed embracing the sun's warmth,
Capturing this perfect moment.  

A smile so small,
That it could be missed.
As I lay in this meadow of wildflowers,
I look over to you and feel at last I am safe.
There was nowhere
left for her to turn,
after the rains
came and washed him away.

So she lay down
upon the softened meadow,
lost in a stream
of consciousness.

She tucked herself in
between the sheets of Ulysses
and dreamt with both eyes open,
eating lotus fruit and flowers
as the river widened its mouth.
Broken Pieces Nov 2020
The green grass meadow where I go to play,
A place where I can take my fears away.
A place where the sun always shines brightly,
And the grass kisses my skin ever so slightly.

The beautiful flowers brightly in bloom,
I don’t have to worry about the coming doom.
The sky so brightly blue above,
It makes me feel so in love.

Here in the meadow I am not alone,
Because here with me are my friends I call home.
Together we lay in the grass having fun,
Pointing at clouds and admiring the sun.
Glenn Currier Sep 2020
I hear the piano playing softly
pulling me from these rutted plains
into a moist green meadow
a vision of a flowing brook down the hill
makes me believe the words of the Prophet:
“Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”
yes, I am old, but I see and feel the rising gentle treble notes
lighten my leaded limbs
awaken my spirit
and ****** me into the realms.
It is the touch and glide of the pianist’s fingers
across the ivory skin of the keys
that transports me
in the waning hours of this day.
How sweet it is!
I started out this day in the dark valley, but this is the way I end it. Joy!
Grace James Aug 2020
She walks toward the sea
afraid of the deep,
but excited to see
what lies ahead.

She runs through the forest,
sun streaming through the tall
green trees.

She finds a meadow
where flowers abound.
She smiles
and basks in the quiet.

But it is not quiet for long.

She stumbles and falls,
and fear rushes in.

She fights
as hard as she can.
She wants to go on.
She wants to open her eyes
and feel the warmth again.

So slowly
but surely,
she picks up
the pieces.

And she goes on.
Maniacal Escape Jul 2020
Swinging in the breeze all day,
the sun is shining high,
warm glow upon my face.
Watching as the clouds pass by,
the sky an ocean blue,
a tranquil happy place.

The meadow sweeps out to beyond,
the flowers vibrant rich,
the hills are gentle green.
The birds sing merry songs of joy,
thier tune a cheery sound,
a picture so serene.

The children laugh and play bellow,
they run and jump and dance,
such energetic grace.
They monkey up onto my tree,
I smile as they climb high,
they squint and see my face.

They suddenly begin to scream,
fleeing in abject fear,
from my skeletal smile.
It's lonely swinging here alone,
nobody knows I'm here,  
I wish they'd stayed a while

The people come to cut me down,
my rope is old and frail,
thier blade is sharp and new.
I think I'll stay here anyway,
my spirit is my own.
I rather like the view.
Hazel grey Jul 2020
We lay on a field of yellow stubble
Our legs swinging in soft water
Meeting occasionally
Butterflies in lower belly
Oh! The wonders of human touch.

Birds fluttering in the infinite blue
Erratic buzzing of bugs
Calming silence of autumn wind
Suddenly broken by his
"If i could pause time for an eternity
I'd do it right here with you in this moment."

I looked at him
His innocent eyes staring into the wide sky
Perhaps sending out unfeasible wishes
And then he held my gaze
And i realized how futile words were.
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