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Abby Jo Apr 11
Depression is saying “tomorrow I’ll do that” every tomorrow
Depression is laying in bed starving but not caring enough to get up
Depression is pushing away the people who are trying to show their love
Depression is your room looking like a tornado went through it
Depression is
Donna Mar 22
Big bulging wardrobe
Handbags stuffed on bedroom side
Best room in the house
I love to keep my house clean and organised but my bedroom is so messy and  I love it :-))
Ray Ross Mar 17
In panic mode
A bottled up feeling
Is trying to get out
Through a hole
She’s ripping
Between my skin
And my spine.
She feels like
A wave of burning
A wave of scared
A need to keep
Busy hands moving.
My body is on fire
The smoke is choking me,
She’s not beautiful,
She’s not nice,
She’s messy,
Terrifying, haunting,
Radiant, breath-taking,
Just like art.
Yassine Feb 18
Never regret anything but avoiding
Those face expressions that told me everything, on a girl’s face that I’ve never met.
Cause I know, some of these expressions could turn to be love, magic or a redemption story that changes who I could be,
or maybe just Cause I know what the presence beside a lunatic girl will do to a poor like me.
But In the end, What do u wait from a ruinous man that has no patience nor interest or even the will to get attached to emotions, intellect or life.
CROW Feb 14
Hi am crazy,
I have the perfect mix of soldier and lazy,
When i pass the flowers die,
When i pass the children cry,
I laugh i joke i have good fun,
Slaughtering all the people under the sun,
I am just an innocent child,
All the crimes i have done are just quite mild,
Except all the things that make me smile,
That list of accusations is quite the pile,
Each one could put me away for life,
At least those people don't have to deal with all their strife,
So let me sing,
And let me bring,
The death i love,
No peace or dove,
Bullets and rockets,
Picking dead men's pockets,
Plastered my face with many a smiles,
As i carry on my fun for miles after miles,
All my friends carried away,
Of course for the time they need to pay,
They thought it would be cool but they knew i was mad,
But at least i will never have to be sad,
Which is a fact that makes me quite glad,
Sorry if i hurt you a bit,
But that building just needed to be more lit,
Sorry if your parents died,
Not my fault they failed to hide,
Sorry for all this chaos i bring,
And that is the only thing about which i am lying.
You're a page torn
From my diary
Keeping all my secrets
Accepting my demons
Calming my  3 am thoughts

Inks are smudged
Tear marks are dried
You kept them all
But you were the very
Reminder of all that's ****** up
in my life

You're a page torn
From my diary
Used, crushed, messy
Still, it's my biggest regret
To cut you off
I saw a picture of you
And I knew impressions last
I saw a picture of you the other day
And I knew time had nothing to do with healing.

I saw how beautiful you looked the other day
And I remembered that you’ve always been
“Beautiful”, I used to call
You always answered
As if your flaws were Vogue

I saw you the other day
I froze

My bones shaking
I can hear your heart breaking
I walk up to you
So I looked some more
Scrolled down your feed
Fed my desperate need
Closed my eyes
Thought of our seed
Or what was.

Don’t go
You said
Your eyes did the talking
Your tears
Something I didn’t see coming
Well it hit me
3 years later.
We were in the same place. Space.
I wish I hadn't.
Lost Jan 20
I like being wrapped in blankets
And hiding in small spaces
I think it makes me feel more secure

I trash my living spaces and fill them up
It’s like the presence of empty space
Represents the uncertainty in my life
So I eliminate any openness
To ensure that anxiety can’t hide
Behind furniture or under the bed

I occupy my space with a protective layer
Of garbage and disorganization

It’s not on purpose

I don’t like it

The clutter of my room or my car
Often reflects the clutter in my mind

I think I do it
So I can feel
Hidden and safe
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