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Sean Achilleos Aug 2022
Were we lovers
Or only good friends
I still don't know
Although in the same timezone
But somehow always in different seasons
We seem to miss one another
Like ships passing in the night
You seem to be doing well
Or so your pictures say
One never knows with you
Using your smile as a guise
But your eyes give you away
You are more transparent than you think
Wrapped in cellophane you are
25 August 2022
sean achilleos
I S A A C Jan 2022
it feels foreign to be so transparent
ancient walls built up to protect my sleeve
which is home to my heart and my peace
the walls comfort me, I can still hear the canaries
they sing in lullabies that heal my child inside
I slowly unravel my life's work to see the canary fly
the yellow hue makes me think of the sun
I smile looking at how grown I have become
I smile knowing that I am worthy of love
I smile just because
lua Aug 2021
i cast no shadow
beneath the white sun
amidst the sea of swaying green
and my skin is see through
and passes through
the blades of grass
like a projection
a hallucination
in no one's head
am i
there is no colour on these sickly bones
but i feel the warmth of red
seeping through my transparent mind
am i
i feel like a ghost
with no grave
a ghost that has not died
just yet
a ghost
trying to look for
for anything
for everything
while having
no eyes.
Svetoslav Mar 2021
crystals stuck in fields
people believing the things
they wish were real
K-ROB May 2020
Transparency... yes, no, maybe
Like an open book
Yes, that's me!
Love me or hate me
wish everyone would just say what they mean
Hard to keep faith, when the truth can't be forseen
From now on I'm going to say it like it is,
Or not say it at all, "It is what it is?!"
Only say if it will help??
Otherwise, it's not good for your health
by health I mean sanity
There is such a thing as brutal honesty

Sometimes the truth hurts but lies can consume you
Your heart, your mind, your soul
Stay honest to yourself and your heart will be full
you will not feel as if things are out of control

Sometimes the consequences can't be seen
But it's hard when you really want to say something
and holding it in doesn't feel right
Sometimes it's simply not worth the fight

Perception, it's a funny thing
some say honest, some say mean
I say be true to your heart and the rest will fall into place
Sometimes it's the "long game", slow down, it's not a race

Kristy Robertson
This one was written the summer of 2018 I believe.  I wish more people would be transparent.  I think it would make life a whole lot easier!
Michael A Duff Mar 2020
Her soul cried tears for a past none could see

They were transparent to everyone but me

Held as close as I could trying to ease her pain

She broke my heart as if nothing to gain

Simply so she could remain suffering in silence
People are consumed by a past that cant hurt them blinded by an invisible force of fear. Heartbreaking
Tom Atkins Jun 2019
Transparent and Dark

The old venue reaches across the boardwalk,
its magic long evaporated,
a victim of neglect and storms in equal measure.

There are windows. high and void of glass,
the sashes lacking paint.
Rot is plentiful.

There are windows, high and dark,
perfectly clear, with nothing to see
save the perpetual night inside.

You stand below, knowing this is what others see
when they look at you,
transparent and dark,

overwhelmed by neglect and storms,
strangely unwilling
to succumb.
For the last decade, I have posted poems on my blog along with photographs I have taken.  This one, for instance, has a photograph of an abandoned hall in Asbury Park, NJ.  Posting poems here has made me look at the verse harder to make sure it can be "seen" without the photographs.
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