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Panashe Sep 2019
She dressed up into her best smile
But it was one size too small
For it failed to cover the broken lines
That ran down her light skinned youthful cheeks
As they uncovered the darkness that lingered within.
Drowned by her own despair
She broke down bit by bit until one day she began to wreak
She wreaked of bad decisions and daring adventures.
She became a blank portrait of uncertainty
Unformed and misunderstood, an empty void of utter lack of ardour
Consumed by her silence and yet so loud in the way she walked.
For she had become obvious to the world.
She uttered, "if only the smile was one size fits all."
Tom Atkins Jun 2019
Transparent and Dark

The old venue reaches across the boardwalk,
its magic long evaporated,
a victim of neglect and storms in equal measure.

There are windows. high and void of glass,
the sashes lacking paint.
Rot is plentiful.

There are windows, high and dark,
perfectly clear, with nothing to see
save the perpetual night inside.

You stand below, knowing this is what others see
when they look at you,
transparent and dark,

overwhelmed by neglect and storms,
strangely unwilling
to succumb.
For the last decade, I have posted poems on my blog along with photographs I have taken.  This one, for instance, has a photograph of an abandoned hall in Asbury Park, NJ.  Posting poems here has made me look at the verse harder to make sure it can be "seen" without the photographs.
Bhill Mar 2019
Looking out at the vastness
I see so much
This world is more transparent than the last
I saw so little
How can anything create thisness
I'm not sure where this vastness came from
Remembering thoughts surrounded
Surrounded by chatter and emotion
Surrounded by color and words
Is this remembering?
”The Vastness”

Brian Hill - 2019#80
Inspired by intelligence in general...
Where do these words take you...
Please let me know
Chicken Mar 2019
As our psyches dispense the demons
that are no longer able to hide

Evenly, and equally, we
balance the scales within our minds

Compromise in this life, to
counter extremism of the past

Past and present together, lo
anything otherwise is a farce

We become transparent, on
our desert island beach

You hair, and mine, as one in the
wind, a love no thing may breach.
Anne J Feb 2019
Her Imperious Canticle rewarded
From the butterflies of monarchy
Mermaid scales are her bouquet
A ombre is the debut
Crystal corals are the stars on her face
Below pink rings that scale a tune
Which the winged beauties will charm in too
An amazing debut for the see through
Of a dynasty that glows in the prism moon.
My first poem of 2019, based on this amazing artwork:
Please follow this artist, she is astounding. Also, I tried to make an unrhyming poem that instead focused on description...Free verse is the name of the genre, thx Flo for reminding me lol
Kelly Hogan Feb 2019
I am a ghost
Destined to hover
In the lives of others
Always unseen.

I am transparent
So that you may see my truth
But instead you're aloof
To my advances.

I am a tiny moment
In your existence
Met only with resistance
Or disregard.

I am a ghost
But I am not scary,
Just wary
Of fading away completely.
Eric Jan 2019
Once felt solid, even when I was warm.
Comfort by you , kept me solid.
The love we grew, was bigger then two.
The world felt right, when your all I had in sight.
Now my warmest days , are as cold as ice.
You remember that fight .
The one that tore everything , even the core you built in me .
I drip to the morning sun , wasting away
All the pain that has won.
You see through me like I'm the transparent one.
And I fell to the ground and shattered ,
When you said you were done.
Van Byrde Jan 2019
i don't think i like nice people
i feel guilty around them
like my past stains me still
and they see it all
Corey Jan 2019
Your heart, glass
Your soul, mist
Your eyes I can see through

I listen close
to hear your voice;
only but a whisper

You linger in
the morning light
in love with the pale blues

Your mind, water
Your body, plastic
Your love a solid figure
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