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Bard May 15
Shadow looms over the patriot nation
Darkness blooms over rot and revelation
Sadness runs across the holy nation
One under god Indivisible stagnation

Cant pray the disease away rotten to the core
Maggots fester in its brain as it screams for more
Cursed land of plenty parasites in every pore
Tragic fates for all who hate and adore

The past is genocidal our forefathers were homicidal
Get the pesticides and apartheid **** the undesirable
Dont think wrong, look wrong, be strong just be small
Cause above all this country is for the weak and frail

Small minds create the law Frail hearts preserve order
We ****, enslave, then set aside to create the mortar
Built the rails of immigrant backs got our labor mail order
Shipped them from Africa to be the chained and stabled labor

We committed upon humanity nuclear holocaust
And to be sure we did it again at reasonable cost
Landed on the shores and it would've all been lost
Found a savior and on a trail of tears they were cast

Now we stand divided by our caste by our birth
Left to escape the kings only to crown our first
There's a humor in this storied past a dark mirth
A nations hero complex perverted by imperial thirst

Conception of endless consumption capitalism's
Inception with bad intention left no options
They say socialism is communism and communism's
The devil all red looking for our destruction

Jesus has a Gucci  cross and Versace rags
Status and money worshiped in all these rags
News of the second coming stocks on the rise
Every day another person dies so a bottom line rise

And these people want to be crushed underfoot
Protesting protection demanding oppression
The uneducated pedestrian Loves licking boots
Complacent peasants never gonna change succession

Evil and corruption isn't only at the top look at us
***** in a *** make change seem like it treasonous
Cant even discuss trying to change the U.S.
Without some ******* saying just get off the bus

If you wanna see evil all you gotta do is look at the street
Where they'll lay you out and take the shoes off your feet
Everyone desperate poor man rob a poor man to eat
Everyone's addicted everyone's a deadbeat debts on our sheet

Sometimes it all feels hopeless like I'm helpless
To systemic problems made to chain my dreams
Only thing keeping me going is all my friends
I cant change the past or even the now nevertheless

I still exist and I am forced to coexist with this mess
Everyday historical its forecast oncoming endless stress
Every year piles on the duress death creeps in the press
Whispers in my head wonder if I could care less

Tired of caring about **** I cant change
Of a living in a  life I didn't make
Emptiness and regret/Contempt and rage
Emotions flipping  page to page
Mark Jan 30
Don't waste perfectly good loneliness.

Don't waste it on the wrong person.
Don't even waste it on the right person.

Don't waste loneliness during the day,
When there are things to be done.
Don't waste it in dreams at twilight,
When there are dones to be thinged.

Don't waste loneliness at night
When your time should be your own
And could be filled with anything
Other than everything you're not.

Take your loneliness
And denigrate it.
Crumple it. Crush it.
Throw it in a blender.
An industrial oven.

Take it out
For a few drinks too many,
And a few more after that;
Lull it into a false sense of security
That congeals with its drunken state
To create a blinding dichotomy
Of vulnerability and arrogant invincibility,
So it suspects nothing
As you lead it
Down a dark alley
And beat it to death with a brick.

Have a too-close-to-call
Fight to the death
With your loneliness
In a public toilet,
With it almost getting
The better of you
Until you smash it
Off of a porcelain
Sink basin,
Before dragging it
By the hair
To a cubicle,
Where you hold its head
Under the toilet water,
Long after its body stops convulsing.

Do what you can
To transmute
Your loneliness
Into solitude,
And wear it.

Back to front.
Right side up.

Wear solitude so well that
It ends up wearing you,
As its skin.

Use solitude to learn thyself.
To feel thyself.
To know thy changing self.

Let solitude remind you that
The existence of loneliness
Begets the existence of
The antithesis of loneliness.

So definitely don't waste
Perfectly good loneliness,
Especially if you're forgoing
Perfectly good hope.
Empire Aug 2019
you go
you work
you play your role
you smile and laugh
take care of everyone
eagerly awaiting the moment they leave
you release the tension
allow your smile to drop
feel the weight of gravity
drawing you downward
just be
just breathe
ahhh yes...
the discontent
i was expecting you...
something is terribly wrong
it’s probably you, you know...
start thinking, what did you do?
i just want it to go away
i crave the ability to forget
the option to feel content
just for a while...
Eric Jul 2019
This pain in my chest is frightening.
The strain of arrest tightening.
I can feel deep down inside of me .
Openly discovering .
Natural habits I couldn't see .
What does it take to believe?
In the light ,
Before the darkness is only perceived.
Clouds of hate with rains that come with a fee.
Every day the spitting image of blasphemy.
It's likely ,
I've gaven every part of me .
Nothing left but a empty blue sea .
Not a boat in sight to save me .
I try so hard to stay afloat of all my dreams.
But soon to be dragged down to the depths
Underneath what is known as our society.
Arduino Jun 2019
I feel so alone
Just my thoughts and I.

I hate them,
Though they must love me.
They follow me everywhere I go
They are the base of my dreams
They are my breakfast, lunch and dinner
I'm overweight with thoughts
But I have a problem
As full as I get, I never seem to stop being hungry
Always this feeling of an empty void
A swirling black hole that will never be satisfied
No matter how much I put in to it
I will forever be obese

Appetite for Self Destruction

I'm nauseous
alia Apr 2019
An odd feeling to describe at best
Feeling like a bystander watching my life
Confused and scared
Feeling out of touch with reality
Like I'm caught in a never-ending haze
Life moves on but I feel stuck
I feel alone in a crowded group,
these people I surround myself with truly don't care
Physically present yet mentally absent
every moment of each day
I wonder if I'm in the right place for myself
But then again no place will ever truly "feel right"
They say you're never alone
While I may not be physically alone
I feel mentally alone
I don't have that one person whom I can express myself to
Im left to be my own confidant
Eric Apr 2019
my mind is full
my life is a lull
my strings they pull
and it takes it's toll
I drop and roll
with flames out , I'm dull
I feel safe behind my walls
and I don't have to walk tall
I just can't take this pain at all
it seeps in , and I'm on a crawl
if I look down , I will fall
if I jump down , that's my call
with my emotions , turning into a ball
I throw them away , rather not feel them at all
but I'll bleed in pain, let me an the silver talk it off.
Zywa Mar 2019
I don't understand dad
but more than he does

understand me and the world
which is not so small

and not as simple as he
sees it through a pair of mustache glasses

under the wild hair
of his young wig

I want more
than walking with the dog

rasping cheese, and tea
with mama, tea with granny

more than sweet
memories later

I want hard facts
that matter and hit

demonstrable changes in the world
and only then I'll be contented
Ines in the movie “Toni Erdmann” (2016, Maren Ade)

Collection “Half The Work”
Yuki Jan 2019
We are all museums
of anger and discontent
and we feel obligated to
show our artworks
to the world.
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