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Arduino Jun 3
I feel so alone
Just my thoughts and I.

I hate them,
Though they must love me.
They follow me everywhere I go
They are the base of my dreams
They are my breakfast, lunch and dinner
I'm overweight with thoughts
But I have a problem
As full as I get, I never seem to stop being hungry
Always this feeling of an empty void
A swirling black hole that will never be satisfied
No matter how much I put in to it
I will forever be obese

Appetite for Self Destruction

I'm nauseous
alia Apr 20
An odd feeling to describe at best
Feeling like a bystander watching my life
Confused and scared
Feeling out of touch with reality
Like I'm caught in a never-ending haze
Life moves on but I feel stuck
I feel alone in a crowded group,
these people I surround myself with truly don't care
Physically present yet mentally absent
every moment of each day
I wonder if I'm in the right place for myself
But then again no place will ever truly "feel right"
They say you're never alone
While I may not be physically alone
I feel mentally alone
I don't have that one person whom I can express myself to
Im left to be my own confidant
Eric Apr 4
my mind is full
my life is a lull
my strings they pull
and it takes it's toll
I drop and roll
with flames out , I'm dull
I feel safe behind my walls
and I don't have to walk tall
I just can't take this pain at all
it seeps in , and I'm on a crawl
if I look down , I will fall
if I jump down , that's my call
with my emotions , turning into a ball
I throw them away , rather not feel them at all
but I'll bleed in pain, let me an the silver talk it off.
Zywa Mar 8
I don't understand dad
but more than he does

understand me and the world
which is not so small

and not as simple as he
sees it through a pair of mustache glasses

under the wild hair
of his young wig

I want more
than walking with the dog

rasping cheese, and tea
with mama, tea with granny

more than sweet
memories later

I want hard facts
that matter and hit

demonstrable changes in the world
and only then I'll be contented
Ines in the movie “Toni Erdmann” (2016, Maren Ade)

Collection “Half The Work”
Yuki Jan 10
We are all museums
of anger and discontent
and we feel obligated to
show our artworks
to the world.
Eric Jan 19
O u..

M   Y

S     S

mc ish Jan 16
ships wrecked
disregardable formats and homeostasis
point to where your love lies.
don't tell me i cannot,
i only desire more to crush your expectations beneath the weight of my tap tap tapping keys.
don't tell me i should not,
i will go through my life in silence listening to your meaningless vowels, expressed only in an attempt to stop your head from aching.
hour nine of discontentment:
would you trade your inspiration for a grin?
what do you think of the gasoline and writers block taking form in my dispose?
correct me if i'm wrong but i think i love you.
i wish i could make you understand.
Eric Jan 12
You'd think I'd learn from turning off all my lights.
Ryan V Jan 9
I address this grievance to the flag of the divided state of America, and to the nation for which it stands, one electorate under law, rhetorically divided, with liberty and justice for sale. Where supply and demand is the law of the land, America. Land of low fat low carb gluten free gluttony. Home of the diet double espresso. Nation of a decrepit prescription of the common condition based on callous repetition of rhetoric. We can't Compromise the promise of compatibility for a culture of coercion through coined commerce currently creating currency through craving. A public sporadically radical, showing signs of torrential existential turmoil and torment. Imprisoned by cuffs and shackles, chains and whips, butts and ******* and legs and hips. Now there’s bookbags full of mags and clips. Classes taking cover, news flash another weeping mother followed by the voice of the mass’ biased thoughts and prayers, and to think that this once was rare. My country tis a fee, land where it costs to be free. Home of break back opportunity and men maintaining slavery but nicknaming it economy. Establishment of laborious lobotomy. Land where justice is blind except to class and color line, federally funded crack ******* genocide, slyly twisting the rhetoric, the difference between prescription and criminal addiction is aesthetics. Yet they try to blame the ****** epidemic for mass incarceration invading the lives of those too poor to be patients. Enforcement is cuffing crack ****** while cops get nose bleeds with escorts behind closed doors. Outlaws working corners and streets while all rights are reserved between corporate sheets. Private prisons profiting on human rights violations using correctional castration to remove voices by stripping votes and choices. Rehabilitating via dehumanization. Now chain-gang gathered cop shot corpses litter the monstropolis its a matter of time and we ain't as fast as the clock is. Tick Tick bang there goes the next kid, would've rather he'd been arrested but for those below so it goes, unnoticed, no mass hysteria. So it goes when you're made in America.
Eric Dec 2018
It was planted.
It grew into intoxicated
I forgot what we was fighting
I felt trapped , when I opened
Too many doors.
Beautiful as my petals fell.
As I crumble away from sounds.
Waiting to hear what I created,
To tell.
A different story , on different ground.
Please plant me somewhere else.
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