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Sakura 1d
When we first met
When i looked into your eyes
Your eyes...
Your bright blue eyes...
They were like ocean
I felt so mesmerized when i saw my reflection in your eyes
It felt like i was floating in the Pacific Ocean
I keep imagining...
About your blue eyes...
Your eyes deeper than Pacific Ocean
When our eyes first met
It felt like the waves of the ocean touching the shore
Your smile was like the cool breeze over the ocean
Someday i wanna meet you like the Baltic sea and the north sea meet in the gulf of the Alaska
I wanna stare into your bright blue eyes all day long
Your eyes...
Your bright blue eyes...
I can see the whole sky in your eyes
I can see the stars , the moon , and the sun reflecting into your eyes
The bright blue eyes.
Betty 2d
Flowers in winter
Bright children out in the cold
Candles in the dark
I love a flower in winter-colour against the grey
Queen Fathima the Queen of Heaven
she tones her rose-red colour
and lent nature a cool spark.
Boom, that fires up big bang!  
So she shades her hue
puts on her black niqab
so in her shadow nature can flower.
Now the full-blown scientia nature
is beyond every hand’s touch
eyes on for her Queen everywhere!
My enhancers
Are chosen carefully
And balanced with my dominant hue
To ensure
They first see just who
I am
And not see me through
my base blue
Colour is important
Beulin S S Oct 11
My Silence don't mean:

"I am idle and useless."

Even in the silence

Words can speak...

That's the power

Of colourful words...





Emotions travels,

In the mute...

Words grab the heart

In the silence...

When the words flow through pen.
Silence of each person may carry umpteen meanings...
Slime-God Sep 29
Ruby eye of god
You’ve cast my world in ember
Such warmth, is your grace.
The Autumn sun broke the clouds and lit the world up red, like fire
Nylee Sep 19
I am a blank page
For you
You can ink me
with your colours.
Saïda Boūzazy May 2019
I like blue; it's the colour of the sky
I like blue; it's the colour of his eyes
I can see his love reflected in that sky
I can see how big it is like the sky
His love for me reflected in his eye
like  the water reflecting the sky
Blue, pure, and  mere like the mere ^^
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