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Flo Jul 9
If I could paint
My feelings for you
I would use blue,
For all the hardship we went through
Red, burning passion
Remember those roses I gave you in old fashion?
Green for past jealousy
The fear someone could come between you  and me
Yellow for our optimism and joy
Everything we were about to destroy
Purple for the present dread and fear
The cause of our failure ever so clear
An abstract painting it would be
All this clash of emotion don’t you agree?
Once finished I’d cover it in black
I’d destroy it and never look back
A colour symbolizing the hole
That you left within my soul
StormriderIX Jun 20
The sea.
So many colours.
All in between.

So many emotions.
All can be seen.

Reflections in
      mirror-black water.

Raging winds
      over restless waves.


Ever changing is the sea.
This is a poem I wrote about 5 years ago and recently rediscovered. Figured I'd share it.
rig Jun 10
i think /            §
          /  theseus&  /
§ /   the;minotaur
  _/¯_/7          …            8:[

and what! a magnificent [a+]
labyrinth @
daedalus A
=metaphormaterial… (killed it? sorry)
         (let’s continue then)

hey you, ari, who is actually me, hold this string tight.
let’s go:

                                           o º ´

did it. {not that hard}

but i’m young and no one cares.

                    (is that mirror bent and broken so?)
                    (or mere trick of the light?)
izzn Jun 4
It's like a halo burned in an open field,
asking where's the revelation
when it lies on your desk

It's kind of yellow contradiction thing,
saying "I'm trying"
but you're not quite there yet

And it's "I don't know" purged off of your lips,
thinking maybe one day
it'll all get better instead.
"Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy, yet it is also an unstable colour linked with cowardice and mental illness"
rig May 23
room: || hk still got it.

i forget the meaning of
the word constellation.
it’s been a while. look,
the bears. polaris. and
that’s – uh – cassiopeia.
yeah, when i was little i
was fascinated by all of
this i didn’t understand.

          i brought a book for us.

the thing with all these
symbols here is that i
keep mixing them up,
stripping away all the
meaning they have had
for millennia and just
gifting them mine own.
(is that a… forestfire?)

          oh, eyelash on your cheek.          i got it.

                                                            ­     (ah. the sun. right.)
                                                         ­                            (pretty.)
Dark chocolatey skin bears the flag of red
Coloured, a sin; these feelings are cultivated and bred
So they're brought to toil on white soil
Reminiscing the scent of their native land, the sweet patchouli oil.
As they trudge through barren land, lost hope and ****** soles mark their path
This coloured discrimination instigates fair feelings of wrath
A helplessly agitated mind and yet they stand still
With wistful eyes, devoid of their free will.
At night, they sing to themselves songs of a land far away
As they drift off to a restless sleep, dreaming of being back there someday
Scalding feelings of entitlement and vengeance have taken birth and clouded minds
Working on indigo and cotton fields, on merriment and mirth have been drawn white blinds.
No matter how clean the records, the message is loudly heard
"When looked upon as a blue jay, you can never be a mockingbird"
These words passed down through generations deny them their say
Day to night and night to day but time couldn't change the black man's dismay.
Wanted is colour in life but shunned is coloured life
This clash of colours holds no value, only adding on to people's strife
So while i stand here trying to fathom out the meaning of it all
I hope, someday, realisation will take down this coloured wall.
I scrub and scrub,
until my skin stings,

wondering why,
I don't look "clean,"

darker skin, darker hair,
they've led me to believe
there must be something ***** here
Steve Page May 3
I speak colour, I smell light
I see at speeds that are out of sight

I speak Blue, I shout Green
I sing Yellow, and Lime in-between

I hear Redder, I taste Whiter
I dance Lilac, I climb Amber

I run Orange, I walk Silver
Saffron, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Magenta

I speak colour, I whisper flavour
I sleep in spectrum, I dream wider

Take a colour, chose a shade
See each light from which you're made.
Colour is everything
The patterned colour(s) it leaves behind is magic
You'll read and may get nothing to grasp
Instead, you'll see then come to learn what's penned
Writings need attention
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