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Heavy Hearted Sep 28
Azure engulfs in rapt conformity
the sun a plastic sphere,
rays that shine in disheveled symmetry
autumn‘s spiteful leer.

A soothing break in sunlight’s escape:
a riveting wreck I infect
react with malice as seasons change,
plagues and creative neglect.

Seasons change and summer ends yet I still stay the same,
mammals are dislodged with change,
the moisture that cheated heat-insane;
now freezes frigid underneath.
still the seasons change. writing from 4 years ago. still charming in itself hehe
lua Sep 17
what does love feel like?
i heard it feels like butterflies in my stomach
fluttering about inside
i heard it feels like fireworks
an explosion of colours i'd never even think of seeing

what does love feel like?
they say it feels like fire
warm and slow
and sometimes it grows so big it can burn whole buildings
they say it feels like floating on a cloud
it's soft and smooth
and so high up, that they can only see the flickering lights of cities down below

what does love feel like?
i heard it feels like skin against skin
and lips against soft lips
i heard it feels like a magnet,
pulling you closer and closer to someone
until you're completely inseperable

what does love feel like?

i've never been in love before.
Andra Sep 11
when you think you know...

when you think that all is
as you know it
as you'd like it
there's something that happens then:

someone pulls your hand and shows you that
the world around you
is different than you thought.

that the grass' green is stronger
that the birds' flight is more beautiful than you could see it
and there's nothing left for you to do than... believe.

"believe and you shall see.
if you believe, you will see the flight and the sun's light and the sky's blues...

search without a fear, without a care and with no doubt.
you won't find the answer in an instant,
but it will come to you.
maybe only after 20 years in Tibet,
but it will surely come to you."
-a few years ago (about five, to be exact) I asked someone I looked up to a deep and quite personal question. we talked for hours. Before going to bed I wrote this.
Kim Rifqi Sep 6
The darkness is my only friend
It feels like I'm colour blind
I'm in a silent movie
Everything around me is colourless
Black,white,grey is all I see
A little bit of happiness is all I seek
The pain is gone, leaving me numb
It still comes back for more
Day by day hiding my wounds
Bottled everything up
Letting it go freely into the ocean
Prayed and prayed for the right one to open it
Seeing light at the end of the journey
I gained my vision
Believing this beautiful soul will open it up
There is always a little hope
there is always hope
thing of beauty
soaked in light
saturated with every emotion

You leave me weightless
static as skin

overwhelmed with the deepest of joy
when I get to stand in your rain
For the last few months I have just been overwhelmed with the beauty of the clouds in my city, and this poem is my love letter to them.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 28
The sun is a small paintbrush
every morning it rolls with colour
and paints at my home the first light
exposes it as new as ever!
Not by the Moon nor by the star
but by me my home my planet earth!
Yazad Tafti Aug 28
light dispersion
through a carved glass prism
array of colours emerging a from a single beam
a fraction of me dies
a faction of me dyes
that's why my hair now has highlights
colloquial phrases
JAC Aug 27
You blink
in the depths of a sparkling forest
full and rich with sweet colour and sound
a vibrance and power dense with life

blink again
and you are all that's left standing
hot and splintered in a blackened silence
the sky pushed away by a mass of death

blink once more
the earth and sky stay dark.
Rose Brown Aug 24
sometimes i make a wish for you,
i wish that your girlfriend was a good person.
sometimes, i wish that she was me.
so she could see you through my eyes
and how perfect you are to me.

i have no business letting myself feel blue.
while you glow golden yellow, she burns with a deeply purple hue.
close your eyes, let your dreams consume your thoughts,
and see who you really, actually want.

i’ll leave you alone if you can swear that you don’t love me.
i’ll let you be happy if you can’t hold my hand.
but your love ignites my mind,
it burns through my memories and leaves them
in a gentle fuschia glow.
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