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alexis Apr 21
leave me in the garden to die.
i will not let you save me-
leave me alone with the dead leaves of autumn,
with the coldness of winter settling in my bones.
i don't want to be saved-
leave me along the dead and decayed
and come back to bury me in the spring.
i have left to find death,
to pick it's flowers and to finally rest.
21 avril 2021
17:50 pm
alexis Apr 21
haunt me long
after you
fade from me
21 avril 2021
Lilac Apr 19
Hey Horror movie ghosts
I am not scared
Pulling someone's leg at night
Is so overrated
Atleast do the 'boo'
Or get the screeching of the doors right
If they ran away Atleast put up a good fight
Supernatural stuff got u overconfident?
Or are you still yourself overwhelmed
Climbing on walls
Trying out anti gravity ?
Playing with dolls
Stealing em from charity ?
Gosh at least have some dignity
This poem is the pill
To deal with "based on a true story" infection
No side effects with 100 % perfection
it is cold again
drizzling as he enters his building
clutching the 2 bags of groceries
the 3 year old stares from the upstairs
apartment window
wondering why the old man doesn't
play with him anymore
he re-heats and finishes off the coffee
from last night
throws a tv dinner in the microwave
and watches highlights of the games on youtube
since they dropped the local sports from Sling
he checks his bank balance again online
listens to his favorite ghost stories podcast
then wonders why he hasn't planned for
his burial
or cremation
cheaper to dump my ashes in the Atlantic
he decides
he ponders many things but mainly what the future holds for his kids
he does this almost every night
can't understand why they took the vaccine against his pleas...
to get along? Make things easier? Have that card for the cruises?
1 A.M. and a few hits to help him sleep
a final ****
but will hold off the flush until morning
so as to not wake the older woman upstairs
the ghosts are getting closer these days
they scare the **** out of the neighbor's cat
when he comes to visit
he's off the spirit box since October
when they scared the **** out of him
when he saw one go by and call his name
they know it's coming soon
he just wishes they'd let him leave quietly
feeling old
Anne Apr 4
berry stained grins,
gentle beings.
dialogue so fluffy
we float right through.

through the walls,
past our flesh.
comfortably distant from
picking at sticky bones.
we make the rules here.

milky whites,
and god those muddy doorways.
whiskey bottles softly napping
upon the river's clay.
summer music cracks through,
glowing like starlight.
were you always this beautiful?

our halloween house,
bigger than enough for two.
even the heaviest of winters
swallowed like salt and cream.

who knew it'd be this easy?
i don't miss eating fingernails.
you are all i have,
and you are all i need.
the way he makes me feel is something so strange and new. trying to figure it out but i don't know what to do with these feelings.
Xella Mar 20
The ghost of you won't follow me,
Though I try to lure you out.
Never do you fall for my tricks,
I never did doubt
Your capabilities and your wit
I know you float, magical broom
stick your finger in the air.
You'd hitchhike the galaxy
I know you'd dare.
Something fun.
All the forgotten lawns, and far apart, and monsters in the darks.
The cross country farms, some kids are playing on.
Thus, our liberation falls, a soldier dies, a family cries.
See dropping blood! Oh Hallelujah! Oh Jesus Christ!
All waters are iced, and the bread smells of rot. And ghosts knocking at the door, right? For its the wicked king's payments time!
i must gather myself
it has been far too long
the darkness awaits
the calling is strong
the fear has subsided
i sense their confusion
am i the ghost
are they an illusion?
they remain close to me
i can feel them about
come see us Thomas
they silently shout
i enter the dark
in the shadows i revel
to walk with the angels
or dance with the devil
when it's time to return to what I love
Alisa Cox Feb 18
My room is a sealed vault
Broken apparitions
Wearied and unyielding
Assault me with gaunt whispers

The agony is singed
Into fiery circles of the past
A certain desperation
Hangs in the now chilled air

Drawn to the shallow songs of Death
Longing for forbidden life
With a stifling emptiness
I only see with barren eye sockets

So tell me now
Have you returned
And when will you weep
And speak to me of loss
broad shouldered angel
with collar bones that could fly
your bones are haunting
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