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  Mar 26 lua
sonja benskin mesher
the pattern remains the same,
the sentences longer. this is not an issue, and is
accepted gratefully.

they say that the latter will bring immense relief,
to try it consciously.
lua Mar 7
the shell chipped
and fell into the bowl
two yolks swirling around
one whole and deep orange
the other paling in comparison
fragile membrane pricked by ivory
bleeding into the white

i cursed
could have been
more careful.
  Jan 9 lua
I am black lace kissed with stardust
You are brilliant, well loved, faded tie-dye
Leaving the smell of campfires, afternoon naps
fresh showers, and sleepy smiles in your wake  
Bonfire flames licking the space between our skin
Heart beat rhythms drive the music
To sway against our heartstrings
Summer rain runs down us steaming
Feel your heat getting closer
warming my bones
melting my center
A shiver runs through me
So in tune, I pulse for you
Aching with the distance
That seems to always separate
Our good timing
I never knew quite how cold I was until I met you.
lua Jan 5
one good pose, one good picture
the perfect timing
perfect conditions
clouds lined up
as the planets do
he puts his arm around her shoulders
and they talk
gazing over the cityscape
as if they're the only people in the world

he's no gentleman
he's no man
she tells us stories
of his lies
we listen because
why wouldn't we?
we are them in physical form
a reminder of
why they're together
in the first place

i snap a photo, a couple more
i don't dare
utter a distraction.
  Dec 2023 lua
Oskar Erikson
fine then.

               i'll forgive a memory and condemn a feeling.

                                                               the arteries
bloodless fingers squeezing
               an expression silent.
                         press into gumlines - remind enamel
               no recastings will remain
                                                                           at the end of this.
lua Nov 2023
i still see you in my dreams
white hallways of burgundy tile and gravel
multi coloured lockers line the walls
sometimes i believe
im in a dream
still a sleep on my desk
before the lunchbell
when things were a haze of quiet noise
do the fish still swim?
does that tree still stand tall?
are the things that i've hidden
stuffed between shelves,
covered by rocks,
still there?
or have curious fingers touched them
traced the loops of my handwriting
wondering who
i am

i wonder, too

i still see you in my dreams
fresh cut grass,
tall windows, plush seats
a corner
hidden from the world.
  Nov 2023 lua
Evan Stephens
A mouse broke its bones
on my neighbor's floor;
I was called in mercy,
as the angel of slaughter.
My heart was the water
in which it drowned.
Days later, the wound
closed when I met Circe:
my silverish lion's stony
fringe burned away in smolder.
I left her starry thigh,
her eyes like cask strength rye;
They live, we sleep - No,
we're awake, and the night is slow.
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