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lua 3d
i miss feeling like i never cared
as if life was merely something id get to experience when im older
but the reality sinks
and hits me in the face
and now im having a mid life crisis during my teen years
and the desire to die makes me high and low at the same time
to the point where i can't distinguish what's real or not
it's a wonderful day
a wonderful day
a wonderful
a wonder

i wonder.
lua 5d
i reach for the curve of your cheeks
with mangled hands,
bruised and blistered
and i hope you let them stay there
i hope you don't push them away.
lua 5d
The world spins at high speeds
But I feel things in slow motion
I see and hear everything at once
The loud music and commotion

Guitar riffs and booming drums
I listen to them
My heart sinks and my head aches
As I wake up in confusion

Late night bad decisions
And early morning unanswered questions
Once in a lifetime confessions
Filled with lifelong realisations

Sitting on rooftops during the sunrise
The cold breeze through the trees
The green leaves tinted red from the sunlight
Silent moments of peace

All these things, all of the above
All of the things that make me feel in love
I'll love you more, each day I live through
I'll love you more when I think of you.
poems for someone who doesn't exist
lua 5d
i fear no one today
i am my own escape
in this world of pain
i fear no one today

i'll scream and i will run
the fun has just begun
i'll fall, and my knees scrape
for i fear no one today

i'll live life like a dream
one no one's ever seen
i'll cry til my lungs ache
i'll fear no one today

i'll love with all my heart
for love is but an art
i'll give this heart away
'cause i fear no one today

i've cut off all your strings
what does tomorrow bring?
i am my own escape
i fear no one today.
a song by me
  Feb 15 lua
I don’t really do forever..
but man.

I will forever be in love with the moon
  Feb 15 lua
Salmabanu Hatim
Kindred spirits,
One of a kind,
Share the same mind,
Tuned into each other,
Like a radio frequency.
lua Feb 13
the evening light
a dreamer dreams
of sunshine days
and full moon nights
the summer's overheat
the spring full of life
the autumn's browning leaves
the chill of winter's ice
the seasons come and go
and to and fro
the days, they pass by
and the times we all care
the moments we all share
in the days we say goodbye
the memories we hold within
inside, they hide
for a dreamer simply dreams
and dreams don't come alive.
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