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lua 3d
i zone out
when i find myself
falling in a rabbit hole
mid-comment scroll
to think of nothing
and everything
to think of where i am
where im headed
and where ill stop
to think of who i was
who i am
who im being
and who ill become
to think of why i do the things i do
what my purpose is
what it is to be in love with myself
like how all the other girls seem to be.
lua 7d
wind chimes in early morning breeze
the sizzle of shadows
from the blazing sun
kisses my skin
all sticky from sweat and heat
i twitch
the whites of my eyes are painted with tears
take a step
and jump
plunge myself into the blue
and bathe in the grey afternoon clouds
til i wait
for the sunset.
lua 7d
are you the last day of summer?
the final whisper of the sun
i'll let you go
and see you again
but for now
let me cry
and hold you tight.
  Sep 1 lua
Captain Trips
They say "born too late"
Look to their generation
With disappointment
  Sep 1 lua
jump into your poets skin
dive into the eternal pond
open gates to the unknown
and reveal what you found.
  Sep 1 lua
I didn’t think I would be falling this soon,
His voice keeps me dreaming when I should be awake.
I wish I was in his arms,
He’s too far gone to think of me in that way.
lua Aug 28
i ripple
with each touch
from your fingertips
in constant motions
that glide
hover against my skin
i tremble before you
goosebumps litter my flesh
and yet you say
you're not a god
but your eyes tell me otherwise
each pupil holds the sun and the moon
in warm pools
and with each flutter from your downcast lashes
paints my waters in glints of gold.
bulantubig is the 17th century classical tagalog word for yellow, and it literally translates to moonwater (bulan = moon, tubig = water).
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