I found,
In you,
A room
I can
Never return

A line
Of stars
Where the
Ceiling meets
The wall,

There in
The room
With the
Ocean town.

This refers to my childhood home. It discusses the impermanence of innocence, and the complete inability to return to it in its true state, but also the phenomenon of discovering love for someone who can reflect a feeling of safety and comfort that you experienced as a child. The room in my childhood home was lined with plastic glow-in-the-dark stars, and had a hand painted mural of a seaside town. There is a last verse, added a day after writing the poem, that I am not fond of, and so I took it out. But it reads:

"And like
The room
You seem
To fade
The more
I think

About you"

While technically relevant, the theme of longing and loneliness in the last stanza is not shared with the rest of the poem, and it was very obviously not written at the same time. However, the last stanza does bring up the interest fact that even though i will always have a positive memory of the room, and of her, considering happy memories is not always a positive experience because memories fade, and their perfection becomes forced, and people gain the ability to fall out of love when not exposed to it for long periods of time.

It's  scorching out here
In Seton Sands holiday park
Woopie ...
We have arrived
Let's  get the party started .

I used to think the restless waves,
Touched the beach in sweet embrace,
Shaped its form with loving hand,
Bestowing gifts to charm its swain.

Now I see indifferent march,
Cold consumer of the land,
Loving hand replaced by teeth,
Eternal rock reduced to sand.

I used to think the restless waves,
Whispered softly to the wind,
Reaching up with frothing lips,
Imparting secrets with each kiss.

Now I see the silent words,
Shouting rage against the land,
A totem of the cold and dark,
Ever waiting for our hand.

Anne was leaving
the nursing home
Skinny kid
her one friend
was going
the following day.

So they walked out
the back gate
and onto the beach
for their last stroll.

Anne with her new leg
and walking stick
and the Kid beside her.

Out of all that lot
back there Kid
you are the only one
I'm going to miss
she said.

I'm going
to miss you too
he said.

You mean
miss looking
at my leg stump
she said.

He smiled
no all of you
he said.

I bet the penguins
won't miss me
she said
especially Sister Paul.

They stood
on the beach
and watched
the waves come in.

I like you
for your honesty
the Kid said
you made me
laugh at times.

Be honest Kid
that's the way
don't suffer fools
she said
looking at the gulls
above their heads.

Can I write to you?
he said.

No Kid this is it
this is the end
of our road
keep the memory
not the facade
of pretence afterwards.

Can I kiss
you goodbye?
he asked.

I don't kiss frogs Kid
I might find a prince
she said smiling
and allowed him
to kiss her cheek.

They stood in silence
watching the waves
and gulls.

Best go back
before the penguins
come looking for me
she said.

She walked
with her stick
her new leg
rubbing her stump
the Kid beside her.

As they reached
the back gate
she stopped
and kissed him
on the lips.

Remember me Kid
me 11 you 10
go marry
when you're older
and not a girl
with one leg.

She walked on
and he stood
watching her go
up the lawn
and out of view.

He stood there lost
with nothing more
to say or do.

Terry Collett May 26

It was the week before
you left her. That seaside
town you both used to
frequent 5 years before.

But it had lost its glamour,
lost the romantic mystery
it had back then. That day
you went through the motions,

ate at one of the restaurants
you used to go to years before;
sat on the beach watching
other lovers do what you

used to do, but didn't that day.
The sky was pale blue with
white clouds, and the sea did
what seas do, came in and went

out making that sucking noise
it does. You wanted her to say
something about the day, but
she didn't, she went through

the motions with you, like two
ham actors, knowing the scenes
and lines, but having no belief
anymore in the drama. At the

railway station she said about
having a photo taken together
as you used to do. So you went
into the photo booth together,

and sat, and the flashes came,
but this time, no giggles or
smiles, just you and her sitting
there, looking at the camera,

staring into a lost cause, in front
of no audience and no applause.

Sarah Elaine May 24

Three by three frame,
     Intrigue, perception,
Metaphoric imagination.

A moonlit seaside,
waves crash upon the shore.
The tide,
The beauty of the ocean,
admired from above.

Focus, Refocus

A shadowy landscape,
tall trees canopy the scene.
The still of the woods,
felt from inside.

Focus, Refocus

A dark speckled sky,
wishes and hopes twinkle and shimmer.
The magic of a starlit night,
loved and feared.

I am here

I was there
when you died
a handful of yards
from where I stood
on the most perfect of days

I now stand
on a seaside boardwalk
reciting your names
reading thumbnail bios
you liked the sun,
sea, surf and shore
you deeply loved
your family and
carried this place
within you as a
sacred sanctuary

But for that awful day
I would not know you

The day that bowed
Trinity’s holy spires
the clattering commotion
the destructive noise
tumbling, collapsing, splintering
our civic civility
consuming you
dashing many
seashore dreams

Yet your love
was not consumed
in the flames of acrimony

Your names
forged in bronze
etched on boards
written in sand

in wounded hearts
of those you loved
and blithely spoken
by a lifting chorus
of ever present waves

Righteous Brothers,
Ebb Tide

(double click image to read the names)

Holy Saturday 2017

municipal memorial for 9/11 victims

The water swells,
small waves roll into the beach
the ocean,
sends it's soft thundering
to where we sit amongst the driftwood
-contemplating the hazy obscurity spread before us.

The sea's gentle rumbling
is that of a slumbering beast
a deep
            and then
for the season to change.

Wandering the wild shore among the dunes
The sunset colored the peaks in glowing gold
In the shaded purple folds, gray gnarled driftwood was strewn
In anticipation of the moon I strolled

I love the cold white light of a waxing moon
A heavenly body my path to unfold
To illuminate foot prints where they were strewn
Alone with dunes and beach by me patrolled

From atop the sand dune a moonlit lagoon
The V shaped ripples from water fowl, look, behold
The surface like molten glass behind the loons
Man, cannot dominate that which I behold

Some come on coaches,
Some come in car,
Some travel short distance,
Some travel far.
This seaside town,
Where they come on their trips,
A walk on the beach,
And eat fish n chips.
Amusement arcade some may go,
Sit there for ages playing prize bingo.
Some will spend time,
On the pier fishing,
Lots will lie on the beach,
Just quietly wishing!
Ice cream being sold,
Like it’s going out of fashion,
Others book hotels,
For the odd night of passion!
Occasional boat trips,
Going out to sea,
There are always plenty of cafes,
Where you can have a nice cup of tea!
Some will be there to soak up the rays
Whilst others will quite simply,
Just come fut day!
To breathe in that sea air,
That’s the bit I like most,
There’s nothing quite like,
A trip to the coast!

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