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Eli S.                                  10/3/17
To: Eli S.


Are you here yet?

Sincerely, Eli S.
Ari Oct 7
I used to be a poet
Writing down worlds in my soul
Praying someone learned
Of all the pain my body knows
As scars danced upon my....

I used to be a poet
I wrote until my fingers bled
From the twisted words
Lost in my soul
My mouth had never said
But then life....

I used to write out heartache
Like a doctor writes a script
So cold and nonchalant
It cold make a stone heart skip...

I used to be a poet
Now words just don’t feel right
I suppose I’ll leave those thoughts
Tangled in the darkest night...

I tried.
Aron Oct 1
I’ve never thought that I’ll be content
With just your head on my chest
This feeling is heaven-sent,
True and genuine, that I can attest.

Safe from all harm
As I embrace you in one arm,
I’ll always be by your side,
As it is the safest place,

I see the universe in your eyes,
Clearer than the blue skies.
It is brighter than the flares of the sun,
A magnificent sight, you’re the one.

Eyes that are so wide and deep,
filled with oceans
Crashing and wild, turning over ships.
Filled with every emotion.
Hurt to the end point
Broken down from every point

The reasons undefined
Always seemed to disappoint

The way you used to see me
Now feels like the sting of a bee

From the unforgettable moments
Till never ending to agree

All the feelings remain trapped
And the feelings never to adapt
The poem of a sudden change of people’s feelings towards each and its slow impact
why do i feel
like i'm always searching
like i'm never complete.

what is it
that i'm missing the whole time
is it something or someone.
Hope i'll find them one day
Gunnika Mehra Aug 22
When I looked in the mirror,
I saw an incomplete face.
A human formed so vague,
God forgot to give her a face.
Formed by the last lump of clay,
A human,incomplete in every possible way.
Yet, a chisel given as the last parting gift,
Ready to define my own face.

When I look in the mirror these days,
I see a different face.
Imperfect but proud,
Because I sculpted it.
love is a desperate plunge
into the unknown
it is baring the softest parts
of yourself
in trust they won’t be abused
it may be the most reckless act
to love someone so completely
you forget you were whole
before they came along

Esther Krenzin
Gerald Jun 14
You gave back only a fraction of what I gave. Leaving me to wonder where all the other pieces went.

And I gave you all of me.
Nandini yadav Apr 26
चलो गुज़रे हुए वक़्त में चलते हैं
अपने प्यार की शुरुआत फिर से करते हैं
कहानी के कुछ पन्ने जो रह गए थे अधूरे
साथ मिलकर उन्हें फ़िर से लिखते हैं
चलो गुज़रे हुए वक़्त में चलते हैं,,
हर बात को पूरा न करना जैसे आदत थी तुम्हारी
यही वज़ह थी जो रह गयी अधूरी कहानी हमारी
तुम जो बिना बोले समझाने की कोशिश करते थे
ख़ुद भी उलझ जाते और मुझे भी परेशान करते थे
तुम्हारी इस आदत में थोड़ा सुधार करते हैं
चलो गुज़रे हुए वक़्त में चलते हैं,,
तुम लिखना उन बातों को जो कभी कह न सके
मेरे होकर भी कभी मेरे हो न सके
मेरे साथ तो थे तुम लेकिन पास नहीं
तुम्हारी कमी को बयां कर सकें
मेरे पास वो अल्फ़ाज़ नहीं
इस अधूरेपन को आज दूर करते हैं
चलो गुज़रे हुए वक़्त में चलते हैं,,

Let's go through the past

...Let's go through the past
Let's start our love again
Some pages of the story
that were left incomplete
Write them together again
Let's go through the past,
Do not complete everything as it was your habit
This was the reason that left our incomplete story
You who tried to explain without speaking
They used to get entangled and harass me too
Improve your habit a little bit
Let's go through the past,
You write things that you could never say
I can never be mine
You were with me but not close
Tell me your lack
I don't have that alpha
Remove this incompleteness today
Let's go through the past,
Doston..Aaj miniPOETRY ko 1 month complete ** gya hai..thanx for your support....Meri or bhi poems aap sun sakte hain mere youtube channel miniPOETRY par
Nylee May 14
it is cheese.

what unease
I feel
the beats heart sound.

my eyes heavy
eyes on screen
the streets empty
it is a beautiful movie scene.

reality so blurred
holes in my dreams
I am running away
while staying in my body
not many people see through
the words I don't mean.

the sun is setting
the birds are loud
what they chirp
I agree with them.

it is incomplete
don't they say
don't face away
it is on me
my burden to carry
and I can't do it.
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