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My Dear Poet Sep 5
A poem half made
is like bread still dough
like a bed unmade
like half a mo
A poem half done
is like a shade of day
with half the sun
A kiss, an inch away
A poem undone
Is a four moon phase
a count to one
a ‘mil’ out of place
A poem half finished
is like a tin of spinach
still unopened
and an expired usage
A poem not a
Now that that’s out of my system…
Left To Rot May 4
I'm a mere mirrored reflection
of all the mistakes I made.
I'm a mere piece
of an unsolved puzzle
that's always missing something in the end.
Betty Apr 25
He has drawn me incomplete
one leg and sausage fingers
then he got bored and wandered off to play
I am a stick man
with only one stick
From the first time our eyes met
I knew your heart I had to get
I wondered what you'd sound like
If you'd speak, would my heart spike ?

My other half, no more incomplete
The sugar to my bitter, you are so sweet
As he touched me , suddenly I melted
I felt the best part of me being presented

Warm feeling, embarrassing smiles
For you I would go the extra miles
Broken foot
Broken heart
I'm a guy smart
I was going my way
In the morning walk
A holy cow hit me
She didn't like me
Breaking my foot
She did her good
There's nothing new
This happens to me
Haters are abound
They're jealous of me
For my nature profound
Broken foot
Broken heart
I'm a guy smart
I can't keep
My foot on the floor
He hasn't opened the doors
He sent His chariot thrice
As I was about to reach
He shut the doors
Anyway, He has made me
So much wise and experienced
I can see life
Inside and outside
Upside and down
He's so powerful
His Will always wins
I won't stop excercising
My will till His Will
One thing I know for sure
He's Incomplete without me
Howsoever lowly I am
Broken foot
Broken heart
I'm a guy smart
Medicos dance on "Rasputin" song. I wrote RASPUTIN'S poem cautioning not to follow him or else meet his fate. He has broken my foot.
Some days I feel unformed
That despite all I've done
No matter how far I've come

And yet still
I've barely become

Josephine Wilea Feb 2020
Eli S.                                  10/3/17
To: Eli S.


Are you here yet?

Sincerely, Eli S.
Ari Oct 2020
I used to be a poet
Writing down worlds in my soul
Praying someone learned
Of all the pain my body knows
As scars danced upon my....

I used to be a poet
I wrote until my fingers bled
From the twisted words
Lost in my soul
My mouth had never said
But then life....

I used to write out heartache
Like a doctor writes a script
So cold and nonchalant
It cold make a stone heart skip...

I used to be a poet
Now words just don’t feel right
I suppose I’ll leave those thoughts
Tangled in the darkest night...

I tried.
Aron Oct 2020
I’ve never thought that I’ll be content
With just your head on my chest
This feeling is heaven-sent,
True and genuine, that I can attest.

Safe from all harm
As I embrace you in one arm,
I’ll always be by your side,
As it is the safest place,

I see the universe in your eyes,
Clearer than the blue skies.
It is brighter than the flares of the sun,
A magnificent sight, you’re the one.

Eyes that are so wide and deep,
filled with oceans
Crashing and wild, turning over ships.
Filled with every emotion.
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