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A part of you left here

to stay with me forever!


You never left incomplete...

A part of me

flew away with you.
Meghan Jul 26
I may be a mess but that’s ok
I’m just a rough draft
My stanzas may be uneven
My rhyme scheme nonexistent
But I carry the seeds of a masterpiece

These scattered scribblings will someday mature into defined and refined lines
My tiny wriggling tadpoles of thought will grow legs and a voice
They will explore territory they never dreamed existed

This writer’s block will topple off the edge of my desk and fall to the floor with a clatter

My words will burst through the dam,
First in awkward little leaks
But then in strong, steady streams
That leap forward into unfamiliar territory
With a laugh and a gleeful scream

These nattering notes will resolve themselves into chords and phrases
A motif will leap out of the disordered madness
Stumbling steps will lead to confident strides
And the audience will be satisfied

But for now I remain unfinished
Planejane2 Jul 15
Incomplete masterpiece

Devil in a red dress
Or a perfect angel in distress
I’m tired of trying to be this perfectionist
I’m trying to make ends end
Ends meet
But my back account is looking at me with great defeat.
White flag I surrender

I smile while keeping it together
Before I’m forced to yell out TIMBER.
Timberland and heels
I cook great meals
But you so **** picky, you never notice.
I don’t feel.
I wanna wear this veil, but you never will kneel.
I am a true nurturer at the womb as I’m able to create deliver and give
Give gifts from God himself
But when I look around
What else is left?
Of me?
I got busted up feet, I got this worn out back, I’m covering up with make up these emotional jabs. I picked up everyone’s ***** laundry, cleaned and even folded, but what hands do I use to pick myself up as I am molded into being this incomplete masterpiece.
This is literally an incomplete masterpiece as I wrote this for my friend @sunkissedart & she edited the Original. Lol it’s okay, it has some character now. “Beautiful yet incomplete or still in progress.”
Our poems tell stories,
Isn't that the trend?
They have their beginning
And they have their end

My poems, paragraphs,
Of my life: incomplete.
It feeds me to make them
But aren't I what I eat?
Mehek May 5
There's a shallow darkness over our minds
That paves the lights like sheer blinds
for the quench of love in our broken souls
There's a fear seeping deep inside our veins
That's often too scared to care
too scarred to share
Sometimes all we need is someone to pull us out from the past
And a little time
to fill up the spaces in our minds.

YYC May 2
i used to get mad,
and cry,
about the little things in life.

but now,
I sit,
thinking how
i feel,

it's real,
if even a worn out soul like me,
can find peace and unity,
a bright light in this hole,
then you know,
it's real.

song lyrics, but i've can be a poem too.
Poetress2 Apr 19
Within the stillness of that night,
when nothing seemed to be quite right;
They came to me with veins of ice,
and at that time, I was only nine.
What they wanted, I knew too well,
the shame, the pain, the guilt, the Hell;
My pulse went up, my heart, it fell,
they made me promise not to tell.
What could they possibly want with me,
I didn't understand, I couldn't see;
The horror drove me to my knees,
and I quietly cried out my small plea.
My call, it fell upon deaf ears,
as it had done, all of these years;
This wasn't the first time they brought fear,
nor the first time that I cried my tears.
"Won't you please just go away,"
this I wished, this I prayed;
But to no avail, they continued to play,
I felt that I was on display.
Just like the other nights before,
my body ached, and I was sore;
I didn't feel alive no more,
as I picked myself up off the floor.
When they were finished, they let me be,
alone again, just the walls and me;
I was shaking from my head to my feet,
they left me impure, and incomplete.
alexis Mar 14
My mother asked me if I am seeing anyone today
I thought of you
And the happiness I feel for you
I thought of how your laugh sounds
And the music you make inside of me
I thought of how your eyes sparkle
And how you speak
I thought of how hearing from you
Makes my bones crumble
And my eyes crinkle at the corners
I thought of the conversations
And the secrets that we keep
I thought of the burning in my guts
And the desire to be caressed by your gentleness

I told her that I am not seeing anyone
Because although I am captivated
I know we will never be whole
You are one half beauty
And I am one half tragedy
And neither of us can explain it
So I smiled, “maybe someday,” I said

I thought of how it would feel to love you
And how it would feel to be loved
I thought of living with you
And staying when you are gone
I thought of home
And suddenly it was you

But we cannot be complete
Because your heart lies in another's hands
And I could never compare
With the markings she left on you
So I grit my teeth
And bite my lip
And try to find a place
Where happiness could someday be with you.
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