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OC Aug 7
You start small
We all do
Frantically flailing about
Trying to catch ideas
Buzzing like flies ‘round your head

You ****** them from the air
And press them onto paper
But the sneaky devils, they play dead
As long as you keep an eye on ‘em
And as soon as you turn to grab another
They mockingly take off of the page

A futile dance
Of reach, snap, splat and lose
The buzzing never dies
The sweat never dries out
The page soiled by the blood and guts
Of undead thoughts that never stay
But somehow always haunt

But, once in every while
You gather just enough
And they start to coalesce
Suddenly, the struggle is reversed
The clump just grows
Despite of all objections
And crystallizes
Into a structure and a form
It’s out of your control
And all is ****** inside
This whirlpool of occurrence
That boils the atmosphere
With each link being added
Until the world, and you
Both remain depleted

You crawl away
Bruised and fatigued
From the monstrosity created
To find a hiding spot
Where the noise will mask your presence
You wish to sleep, to heal
But ****
this wretched buzzing
Tenth installment of the series of poems inspired by physics (for details see the first poem in the series). To be honest, I don't like this one. I never had the taste for ars poetica, and it always feels presumptuous to me. However, it seems fitting to publish this one now as a halfway milestone (I want a total of 20 poems in this series).

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Ickabobroe Jul 20
My phone buzzed and your name popped up
The sweetest message filled my screen
I wish all this was easier

I want to tell you everything, empty myself out
I feel like I’m lying to you every day
Maybe one day it could

I’m tortured by the constant buzz knowing
That I cross your mind
Knowing that I probably have a shot
Knowing I’ll waste it
Gotta love the life of a hopeless romantic
Maria Nieves Jun 10
You sit there by the phone
Waiting for it to ring because you know the minute you leave it alone

           ­                                                                 ­       Buzz

But you can’t hear it

Until you get back to see a missed call
But it is a missed call from someone you didn’t want to talk to
You are waiting for that special person to call you
To tell you about their day
You miss their voice
Their voice has given you comfort in the past but now they need you
They need you to be strong for them
But for you to do that
You have to hear their voice
Hear how broken they could be
But you missed their call
You try calling them back

                                                                ­                  Ring

So you just sit there
Waiting for them to call you back now
This is the worst feeling of just waiting for someone to get back to you.
Arianna Dec 2018
Blood in a bottle
I imbibe, fade as the thoughts
Stir and come alive.
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
bees and creatures
hooked on pollen
rolling around
gathering ecstasy
floating home in a buzz
see you soon
Sueño Oct 2018
Come over
Are you free,
I’m just chillin, Cali an me
Yeah she’s cute mhm I know
I Give it some time
I take it slow
Wait patiently
Stalk silently
Is this really happening ?

Move like a panther
I wanna hear that answer
Oh yeah it’s cold
Let’s warm up
Totally a reason
Don’t get stuck

I’m just being nice
Watch your step
Hold my hand
But after you lose it
It’ll happen again.

Fire now
I’m getting ready
But right now.
I’m alone and sweating
This ain’t me
This is clear
Wake up
I’ve spent my cheer
Blow over me
What am I doing to myself
girl gonzo Sep 2018
my spine was assembled clumsily and with an erratic precision of a hand that knows the premeditation of everything
the swarm came in the shape of an air conditioner
it's the characterizations of overgrown lawns and memory foam on the side of the curb
like going to the laundromat instead of church on Sunday
I've said this before, repetition lives inside the brain that continues to step over it's own feet
foot slowly inching towards my mouth
i could kiss you with my ankle if you would
the air conditioner buzzes all night like i did that night that i couldn't find the entrance in a place that i wanted to leave
take me home in a Chinese take-out box
i'll sit in the back of your fridge until you forget
i'll grow my own colony, mold malformation on the creases where the warmth should be
Sweaty container and you throw me out before Monday's pickup trash along with the expired mustard and mayonnaise
oh the missed opportunity, the dedication i could have gone to have given you a stomach ache that leaves you at three in the morning dry heaving your memories
that electric buzz stays until it's unwelcome and still it persists
so the bees have started to congregate, digress and drink the synthetic honeysuckle it spits
they take off, wings of woolly yellow into a breath that i consume by lungfuls
i don't know where they're going but that's okay because they keep coming back
and it's the permanence of something so flighty that calms the hum
Bella Aug 2018
Okay so maybe I did cut my hair because I was depressed
and what's wrong with that if I did
a healthy release right
it's not something that I regretted
and I wasn't crying while I did it so
isn't it a good thing
even if that's all shaving my head did
was get me to stop crying for the 10 minutes it took for me to shave it clean
isn't that a good enough excuse
cuz it's a **** good excuse for me
Amanda Jul 2018
Knew you had walls guarding your heart
Uncomfortable with the way you look
Girls left you feeling broken, empty,
You try to replace pieces they took.

Flatlined and abandoned
Questions where confidence should be
Gave all my love to you
In return got disloyalty.

Another person to hurt, betray
I never was important to you
Mental acrobatics performed in my mind
The intense thoughts weren't in yours too.

I told you to be yourself
Had already lost who that was
Held by insecurities
Instead of me chased a buzz

You said I meant everything to you, the world and more
If that's true why do you treat me like I'm simply yet another score?
Because I am
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
I sniffed a smell of your rose.
Oh, you know what?
It’s enough to thrill the bone.
Just leave a scent in the air
and pop in, take your turn
into a new buzzing world!
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