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lua Jul 26
the buzz of cicadas in the edge of july

incessant, annoying
buzz of sunlight against my skin
prickles my cells
bleaching my hair

the world does not sway
there is no breeze, no gentle winds
just the shadows of leaves
and circle lights on the grass

dipping into the heat
dipping into the light
into the buzz of summer's noise

i hope it doesn't drive me crazy
i hope i don't sunburn.
Every day I think of this
How we forget and find true bliss

Some may think this is all a joke
But I laugh and take another ****

Find yourself alone at last
Everything around us moves too fast

Stuck in a daze but its alright
Don't mind being the one out of sight

JKirin Jul 2021
Can you hear the buzz in the air—
the electric charge? See a flare
lighten up the roadway to your death?
Are you ready to take your last breath?
No? What a dull, boring affair...
Get out of the way, far from here!
about a demon coming across an unworthy opponent
Kirsty Taylor Apr 2021
My life feels like an empty coffee cup

The buzz has past and only the specs

That will be washed away remain

My eyes stare vacantly as I turn

Page on, page on, page

My mind wandering away from the dictionary definition of the words on the page

Searching for an answer

Some motivation, a surge of energy

Just one urge to move

My sheets are not just where I sleep

They are where I suffer

A place where dreams come true

But nightmares too

Are people running to go someplace?
Celestial Jul 2020
Here I sit,
In my safest place,
Still scared.

Paranoid to spit,
I must control my face,
Or be impared.

Falling into the pit,
Must state my case,
In repair.
Lipstick streets
Chinese  lullabies
Grooving reminisming
Playing and delaying
Hide and seek with a lunatic
A minefield in my mind  
Attractive perceptive
Wine hair weeping
Spoken and used
English Jam Jun 2019
Summer's here in all it's depression
Bound to make an impression
Pretty little leaves fall and weave into a pattern, so naive
Marigolds of black and yellow
Stopping to say hello
Old flames anew, the myriad of youth debuts, shimmering hue
Here they come to make it right
In this garden of delights
Colourful and young among a palette of sweet songs to be sung

Flowers assemble into a crown
Laughter rings all around
Eyes trace the rise of the wind, graceful and calm, as she flies
The innocence that went away
Has come back to play
Upon sunbeams, it seems they have flown right out of our dreams
Nature calls, ornate splendor
To it we surrender
Sunny craze lost in a haze, spurred out of celibacy, mellow laze

Nature has something to say
Sun has a brand new day
Laid back with ease, all that it sees it gives new life, honey bees
The bees are dying! They perform 80% of all pollination and they're endangered :(( Save the bees!

If you wanna know more about saving bees, go here:

Or alternatively, we could just **** capitalism and then live in the wild! With the bees!
Anastasia Mar 2020
Hello amour,
I thought I'd tell you
That your glimmering eyes
Are the souls of stars
I thought you should know
That your lips are like wine
They give me a buzz
When I see them
And drink them in
I thought I would let you know
That your laugh is sweeter than the sound
Of raindrops pattering on roses
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