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Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
Up in the sky
Moon was shivering
In the dark winter night

While offered her
The covering
What radiate in her eyes?

A beautiful shy
Writing happened to me
Witnessing her glimpse of smile
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Cosmic Connection
WC Wrights Nov 2019
It feels like a cat
clawing its way up my leg
digging into my back
cutting into my spine
producing a shake in my entire frame
traveling up into my teeth
chattering as I wait
for the next bus.
An homage to the early morning bus routine that all students (college and not) go through.
The Vault Sep 2019
Alone in the silent light
I sit
So quiet
It almost hurts the ears
A whisper
Sounds like a yell
And things in the walls seem to move
Creaking and groaning
As if some lurked
Within the books
I called my home.
Lilly F Aug 2019
I tried to stay in reality
while the sight of you rested upon my eyelids
the thought of you running through my mind
and the feeling of you sends chills up my arms
as I tried to sleep at night

fantasies make it harder to sleep at night, thinking of all the things you wish you had
Lilly F Jul 2019
sometimes the shortest sentences
show the most meaning,
from the first "I love you"
to the final "I do"
the words either send chills up your body,
paint a smile across your face,
or, if you're lucky, both

Mythical May 2019
There it stands tall and small,
Skinny to the bones,
With pale glass skin,
Looking straight ahead..

Dark cold beady eyes,
With radiant red lips sealed the lies,
Oriented clothes tied tightly by the waist,
Hair in a black bun...

Holding a golden cup,
Where at night she whispers to it,
If listen closely you might hear her silent screams,
Just be aware of the beauty it holds..

Another chilling tale of the Doll,
That haunts my every movement,
Who watches me,
Whenever I tried to sleep...
Mythical May 2019
There she stands tall,
Wearing radiant colors,
Hair tied in a tight bun,
Make up with white blush.

Her glass beady eyes looking straight forward,
With a haunting tale of sorrow,
A chilling sight it must be,
To be a statue on a shelf.

The look she gave,
Chills run up my spine,
With stories of the untold,
A swoosh of cold air,
Brushes against my cheek,
Every time I see the doll...
s y k Feb 2019
One look from you
dismantles my bones.

Copyright © 2019 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Jordan. His eyes send me to my knees.
Nomkhumbulwa Jan 2019
I am sorry mum
for everything,
For who I am,
For what i've done.

I am sorry mum,
For everything,
For what im not,
What I havent done.

I am sorry mum,
For staying away,
For being with friends,
For being far away.

I am sorry mum,
That I am ugly,
For what I wear,
For the state of my hair.

I am sorry mum,
That my opinions are wrong,
That I spoke without asking,
For the things that I know.

I am sorry mum,
That you think I dont care,
That I have upset the family,
That they never wanted me there.

I am sorry mum,
That you couldnt love me,
That I wasnt normal,
That other people like me.

I am sorry mum,
That I have expressed things,
That I have dropped things,
Caused a mess in your home.

I am sorry mum
That I wanted to study,
That I liked being outside,
And that I looked untidy.

I am sorry mum,
That Im an embarrassment,
Have caused so much shame,
And that I cause you pain.

I am sorry mum,
That im always a disappointment,
Showed you my photos of Africa,
I know now that I shouldnt.

I am sorry mum,
That I didnt have the right friends,
That I didnt wear enough make-up,
That I read about Science, not fame.

I am sorry mum,
For being vegetarian,
For picking out bits of meat,
In front of everyone.

I am sorry mum,
For when I didnt know what i'd done,
And you had to stand on my foot,
Or pinch me ******* my arm.

I am sorry mum,
For going walking,
For not doing house work instead,
Or finding something else to be done.

I am sorry mum,
For my work with charities,
For my love for Africa,
For feeling there so free.

I am sorry mum,
For having weird phobias,
And letting you down,
By mentioning it to others.

I am sorry mum,
That I struggle with Maths,
For being dyscalculaic,
I know this is bad.

I am sorry mum
For causing you sickness,
And for not being there,
I know it looks like I dont care.

I am sorry mum
For upsetting others,
Being the cause of all problems,
And hurting my brother.

I am sorry mum,
For my choice of work,
For the places i've been to,
For not always putting you first.

I am sorry mum,
That I made you so angry,
You had to hit me in the face,
And I made you go to bed unhappy.

I am sorry mum,
That I was quiet in school,
That Claire was my best friend,
That we were both quiet in school.

I am sorry mum,
That I chose Scotland,
For moving far away,
It cannot be forgiven.

I am sorry mum,
For my musical instruments,
I know I dont play them well,
That I gave you a headache instead.

I am sorry mum,
That I played the violin,
At my brothers wedding,
For you- ruining everything.

I am sorry mum,
That i;ve never been good enough,
That I always let you down,
I am just never good enough.

I am sorry mum,
For speaking about family,
For letting you down again,
And the family.

I am sorry mum
That I struggled so much,
You had to put chilli in my mouth,
As I couldnt do my homework.

I am sorry mum,
That I went "home"
That I let the **** happen,
That I spoiled your "name".

I am sorry mum,
That I do not love you,
I have cursed myself and tried,
But I cannot love you.

But I still hear your voice,
And it tortures me still,
And the thought of your anger,
Still gives me chills.

I am so sorry mum,
That I am a failure,
But I am no longer "Emma"...
...I am "Nomkhumbulwa"....
Back to the depressing style sorry :(  This could have been much longer, but think ive bored people enough.  If you can understand it, then thanks.
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