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Man Jun 2023
Some, is too little
And more is never enough.
Your chalice spill, an overflowing cup
You would still moan
For a top up
It was a tenacity
She was emptying her bowl of pasta
As he looks unsatisfied

At what exactly?

The dim lights of the restaurant
Or his formal attire of
perfect fitted suit and trousers

Or could it be
The discontented taste of wine
or perhaps his unfinished steak

But what baffles her was
He found everything menial

A display in the trophy section
Just a casual glance in the art gallery

She was just something
He just found aesthetic
When they only wanted the thought of having you, but never actually loving you.
lua Jun 2022
i am a god that created the human
i am the human that the god created
but the god wants to be human
and the human wants to be the god
and it's a back and forth
the discontent
the want for more, for land and riches
for wealth larger than seas
and the need for simplicity,
to be held and to be loved.
Zywa Feb 2022
Unsatisfied needs

will accumulate to waves --

of ferocity.
Collection "Between where"
BSween Apr 2021
We were met on two shores
trying to get to the beach
we both knew the terminus
stood just out of reach
and we settled for us
with the thought in our heads
that if something improved
we’d move out of there.

Then the storm had subsided
and none of us cried it
was more than we’d hoped for
and mother just moped there for
days but we’ll raise her spirits
buy in more spirits and drink her a toast
while the waves belt the coast.
Samara Nov 2020
to play through
the syncopation
to wade through
the deception

I only have
and who I
pretend to be

who that is-
I have
yet to see
vonny Apr 2020
On my nose
I want someone to love me
Despite how broken I am
Someone i can kiss
Be sad
But so so so happy about
Someone who knows when i need validation
Or when I'm hurt

Maybe I'm living in monochrome
Because all I meet rarely possess the gift to fulfill my romantic imagination
And I am unsatisfied
Yet I have to hold on

Because there is hope
If I try
Maybe he or she won't be perfect
And they won't
But what will feel perfect is them and I
this is an old poem that i wrote a year ago. it was about the feeling of being a hopeless romantic with high expectations.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Because She Craved the Very Best
by Michael R. Burch

Because she craved the very best,
he took her East, he took her West;
he took her where there were no wars
and brought her bright bouquets of stars,
the blush and fragrances of roses,
the hush an evening sky imposes,
moonbeams pale and garlands rare,
and golden combs to match her hair,
a nightingale to sing all night,
white wings, to let her soul take flight ...

She stabbed him with a poisoned sting
and as he lay there dying,
she screamed, "I wanted everything!"
and started crying.

Keywords/Tags: Female, lover, crave, best, gifts, presents, offerings, unsatisfied, demanding, tears, betrayal, backstabbing
Robby Dec 2019
I guess I have a need
To long for something
Something missing
Or simply shiny and new

Something I’ll never have
Always there in the cold
Never satiated or diminishing  
****** both ways
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