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had an amber glow
that warmed my soul
like mother’s chicken soup
on a cold December morning
Tiger Striped Jan 30
you were the rising sun

creeping over my horizon,

filling my skies with dazzling bursts

of deep ambers and lavenders and crimsons

sending heat waves coursing through me

brushing the edges of my clouds

your silhouette imprinted on my eyelids

your shadow stuck to my feet

your taste scorched the roof of my mouth

i felt you in every inch of my skin

and i didn't mind at all
News announced today "cop kills a man in his own home".
Mistakes his apartment for hers, mistakes him for a burglar or
an easy target!

My Granny says "I bet she is white and he was black"? She used was since Botham is dead. Granny says "cops killing black body has been normalized since forever".

Three days later the news releases her name and photo.
My Granny was right. She is a white woman with Klansman's robes for eyes looking to **** a black man.

  Amber tell me did you sit in your car for 15 hours carving Botham's name on the bullet that killed him before going to his apartment?

Did you want his apartment to reflect the same color as
the red mat in front of his door?
Oh, you didn't notice that,
or did you just decide to take a shot in the dark,
while Botham was in his home resting effortlessly?
It was too dark for you to see that was not your apartment, but lit enough to see him to shoot him in his chest.

Amber, I bet your heart is cut from the same
cloth as your mother's "All Lives Matter" Tee Shirt.
Botham's Mother says his heart was made by angels.
Gary Brocks Aug 2018
Picture a late afternoon
iridescent honey-yellow:

The glance she knows is seen
her cool hand placed in yours
your stripped shirt she rips,
her mouthing, “You’re it!”, hiding,
revealing herself stripped,
her finger tipped shh,
the brush of *******,
surrender and assent.

She'll rise with a rustle
of desiccated pines,
needles will fall from her back,
she'll crumple a cigarette pack,
humming a vacant lament,
fingers caressing a fossil flea,
embalmed in a dangling pendant.

Copyright © 2003 Gary Brocks

A girl I knew. She said on several occasions, “All my boyfriends remember me”. This was very important to her. Seemingly more important than actually maintaining a relationship with any one of them. Her memories of them were like fossils, like insects preserved in amber in a pendant, that she would rub over after a final *** act with her most recent specimen. Naming her Amber for the way she kept and used her memories (was I to become the flea?), and portraying her actions as a farewell soliloquy in mime seemed like emotionally truthful fun.
ph Jul 2018
The boy with
amber eyes
destined for
glorious things.
And all those
he met could
he had a special
in his eyes.
but the girl he
dimmed his
she fell for another.
Sequel to "Velvet"
ph Jul 2018
You, my dear,
are very
much unlike
the rest.
Your antlers
have not yet
grown in
and you worry
they never will.
But the boy with
amber eyes
says that
yours will be
made of crystal
and not of
bone and

© Copyright Pegasus 2016
III Jul 2018
An angel fish
Lost deep
     Beneath the waves.
ethan gaskill Jun 2018
i am constantly under seige
by the amber radiance of your smiling face
and helpless to protect myself
from the sunlight of your grace
your hazel eyes twinkle
while you draw the blade across
but i never even told you
so i don't hold you at fault

does it take effort to be that nice?
or is it just how you are?
do you realize that you're a shining light
in a heart otherwise usually dark?
i've never seen someone like you
so magnetic to be near
a fleeting glance is all i chance
still, i grin from ear to ear
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