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her hair swayed in the wind,
delicate and gentle

her eyes were like beads of honey,
just like amber and chestnut

her spirit soared like an eagle,
graceful yet powerful

she was like 'summer linen',
woven intricately;
flying in a field of sunflowers
Passing days
Falling apart
In harmony
A catalytic
Of **** words
And her
Cyan Sep 2
Sinking in a pool or lake
makes for a quick escape,
but all you get in the end
are water-logged lungs.

Death by amber sap
may be slower suffocation,
but leaves you, a shining jewel, behind
in orange-yellow tinted coffin.
Solaces Aug 23
From the shadow lands I return..
Toward glow and glimmer..
Into radiance and shine..

(I can see your light)

You await me there..
Your brown hair flowing in the winds..
It takes in the sun creating music to my eyes..

(I can see your shine)

The darkness falls off my shoulders..
It flows and drips from my hands..
As I walk back into the light toward you..

(I can feel your hope)

The last of blight leaves me..
The sun blooms on my skin..
You touch my face with both hands..

(I can feel your love)

My eyes have color again..
The ambers and the auburns return to each other..
To see eachother again..

(I can see your soul)

You recite a prayer to me..
An invocation to my belief..
And our eternal communion..

(I can hear you sing)
Just a little faith..
Lydeen Aug 22
The temptation is always hanging over me.
A cloud raining pure amber liquid,
Calling with a siren sound.

"I'll help you forget"

"I'll help you be happy"

"We can have fun"

"Make you feel nice"

"Give you back your laugh"

"Take away the pain"

"Supplement the light"

The cold silence of the night makes my nightmares so much more real.

I am alone.

"Together we will be warm"

That's right.

We will be.
I am far too young to be a ******* alcoholic **** but I guess I was always daddy's little girl
Seanathon Jul 29
By green in water
Blue in eye and mind alike
With gentle shimmer
Gleaming is the ray above
This, your autumn crown alive
her amber crown written as a tanka
Renn Powell Mar 18
my heart was started to skip beats
my hands trembling
my head was spinning
every noise i heard started to
sound like nails on a chalk board
i was confused
i reached for a body that was no longer settled into my sheets
as the pupils of my amber colored eyes had dilated
i was seeing double of you
was this a nightmare
i was detaching from you
my drug
with drawls had begun
had an amber glow
that warmed my soul
like mother’s chicken soup
on a cold December morning
Tiger Striped Jan 30
you were the rising sun

creeping over my horizon,

filling my skies with dazzling bursts

of deep ambers and lavenders and crimsons

sending heat waves coursing through me

brushing the edges of my clouds

your silhouette imprinted on my eyelids

your shadow stuck to my feet

your taste scorched the roof of my mouth

i felt you in every inch of my skin

and i didn't mind at all
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