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Her neck was adorned by a neckpiece of unique memories trapped in ancient amber...!

For aren't some moments too worthwhile to be forgotten by the mind....

Yet too heavy a price to lose from the heart?
Just something random!
Thank you for reading! ❣
Paul Idiaghe Aug 2
falling is the color
of a naked heart, dipped
in cobalt dreams & violet
yearnings; bruises blooming

in amber, coagulating red roses;
marrow fueled & exposed, as it rises
—golden-yellow like the waking sun
with olive desires & an indigo passion;

it is in the merging of pigments into bright
light, brutal and blinding, but full of delight.
Amidst the star - land islands melt into amber lanterns
Deep under the snowy glitter that encircles the vast sphere of the world
Like inkpot spilling it's misty spell
Foggy ants creep and devour golden earth
Quietly, softly
The budding breast of the sky overflows in tinted notes to observe and silence
Lane O Jul 4
A cup of tea
Sits alone on the table.
It speaks to me, consoles,
And tells me all sorts of fables.
I sip its nectar,
Amber and sweet;
Warms me from my head,
Down to my feet.
The thunder roars outside.
The heavens frigid deluge;
Sipping rays of sunshine
My warm refuge.
Eyes wander,
The sky’s still gray.
I close my eyes,
I shut off the day.
Lane O Jul 11
Goldenrods and oak
Flecks of emerald and amber
Awake! vivid spring
a little haiku for spring
Aparna Jun 19
'Twas fading, slowly...
your face turning
into a bleak silhouette,
exquisitely melding
with the dark plane,
where your languid countenance
had once burned ablaze...
But, your amber eyes
never dimmed,
Luciform flames rising
Awash in the subtle glow,
Something deepened within.
In your eyes, my frame
A butterfly in crystal amber.
Byzantine wings suspended
In star-thistle nectar drop.
And I let the amber flames consume me🔥
~amber eye-fetish💛
Sheila Greene May 19
Asked, questioned
can I love
My Amber

When, what
point I realized
I wanted

How, whence
genetic girl
so accepting be

Who, why
how could I not?

Judge, absolve
Don't cast stones
Everyone lives in glass houses.

© sd greene  7/6/17
We should all be so accepting of each other.
lua Apr 26
i could see the sun in her eyes
and the yellow light that danced on lashes
that drooped downwards
casting a faint shadow over blown out pupils
and pools of amber
pools of honey.
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