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Do I need a reason to love?
Can I not love the beauty,
That makes me happy and free?
Is it not a common feeling,
For me to love the beautiful city,
Where I can be my true self?
Ah, how fortunate it is for me,
Such blissful blessings,
To have this gorgeous land,
Exist within my memories.
Though dreadful deadliness
Now stops me from reaching her,
She has long possessed my heart
I believe, and I sincerely do,
That one day, I will return to her
And, hopefully, be with her, forever.
Title of this poem is a reference to the Celtic Woman song "Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears"
Shannon Soeganda Sep 2020
One cooked in Melbourne,
the other cooked in Jakarta.

One finished her medium-rare steak,
the other has not.

One went to wash the dishes,
the other watched her while smiling sheepishly.

They were 4 hours apart.
Little did they know---
that was going to be their last quality time
spent together

in the name of

"You and I both together.".
Lost in Melbourne, gone in Jakarta?
The Nine Doubts Jun 2020
You don't have to love me anymore
But I'll always love you
You'll always have someone there
A wide open pair of sliced-up arms

I used to dream of you laying on my chest
Now all that lays there is razor marks
I almost don't mind if they scar;
They can represent my pain like a crest

I'll never be able to hear of your country
Not even see the southern cross
Without remembering your eyes
I'm so broken, I can't find it in me to cut ties

And so as you move on with life
I hope you know I still wish you the best
And I know you don't believe me, but I'll be here
Dragging the next blade across my chest

I know you'll be happy
And one day, I pray I can be too
But until then
Australia still makes me think of you
She doesn't love me anymore. She loves someone else. I want her to be happy. I hope she is, that's all I want. I don't believe I'll ever be, but I care about her enough to pray to a god I don't believe in that she'll be happy.

Whatever this is isn't organized, I apologize for that. It's not even poetry, it's just lines of words. I'm sorry...
Puck Jun 2020
At night as I lie awake I beg
To let me live as many lives
As there are stars in the sky
I want to experience it all but all I know is the ceiling of my cage
XnwxrMxlik Jan 2020
2k19 month of September
Alarmed an international terror
Climate change, change in weather
Drought across the nation
Turned into fire Strom centre
5 months from now
We can still witness the ember
Smoke, ashes from bushfire
Travelled thousands of acres

This inferno had us surrender
We lost a million of species endangered
And pushed many near extinction
Humans were no exception
32 were lost in this render
People lost their land of ancestors
Houses which were a place of
Laughter, revitalization and relaxation
Now are nothing but melted shelters

Firefighters to social writers
All jumped to help out the situation
From taking control over fire
To spread awareness
Seeking for helpers
Nature finally blessed us
It rained and things got under control
Before fire would swallow everything
And melt us...
People of Australia stay strong we all are with you...
Viji Vishwanath Jan 2020
Fire ruined
Almost everything
To ashes
With a
quick glance
And destroyed
the lives
Of thousand animals
Even though some
Rescued gracefully
With the
helping hands
Of God’s love
And the
Panic situation
Settled only
After a blessed rain
That rain
Helped to
Quench the fire
And healed
Thousands of
Wounded hearts

It started to recover
By the wet land
And those trees
Started budding
And making
Its leaves
By filling
The holes of
Ruined land
With the
Wholly vibes of
Pleasant nature
That soothes
Every soul
To live and
Love the land
Once again
With its mesmerising
Scenic beauties
To feel
Grateful for
And giving a
To maintain our
By enhancing
the greenery
To enrich our
Flora and fauna
With a balanced
Rain helped and came as a relief for Australian bush fire and by God’s grace it is blooming again. Let’s maintain more greenery to enjoy and prevent our nature from damage.
kodi Jan 2020
What time is it in Philadelphia?
What's a mile in k-m's?
How much is that in Australian?
What the heck is a chimichanga?

Our liberal party is right wing
We drive on the left side
I'll educate girls: American
I'll share my way of life

And even though the differences
Instructs the way we live
We will still form bonds through our phones
I'll stay appreciative
Mandi Wolfe Jan 2020
Australia is on fire
and I imagine that I can smell
the burning fur and flesh of
animals I can’t even name.

I’m full of ****.

The truth of me is that
bushfires a world away
are not the reason
I haven’t been dry
a day since Christmas.

The World’s Problems
do not keep me awake.

Syrian children with melted skin
won’t ever feel as real as
knowing I have not looked -really looked
into the eyes of my own in months.

The m&m’s the Vraylar drug rep brought are real though
they are as real as the number on the scale.

Which is at least as real as my boss
when she used the words “corrective action.”

Which was at least as real as my ex-husband
who is back to the job of propping up his half of my life.

Which is at least as real as The Boy who is a friend turned stranger
who wrote the poem I stole those words from.

It’s turtles all the way down.
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