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Ken Mears Nov 4
On Halloween night,

Monsters emerge,

Ready to instill fright,

An unearthly scourge.

Monsters of all kinds,

Stalk the Earth,

No longer trapped in confines,

Deep-set fear to unearth.

Ghosts and ghouls and goblins,

Zombies and skeletons and spiders,

All come hobbling,

Out as night riders.

Ready to ***** and chill,

To haunt and hunt,

To fill with thrill,

And fight at fear's battlefront.

Creatures of ill intent,

Unite for one night,

Creating discontent,

A vile blight.

Amongst children,

Ready for tricks or treats,

Seven billion,

People's fears to eats.

On Halloween night,

Dark forces arise,

And take flight,

For fear is their prize!
Ken Mears Nov 4
Vampires, creatures of the night
Clever villains made to fright
Beware the vampires
They are very clever liars

Teeth sharp like daggers
When bit makes men stagger
Glinting white
In the middle of night

A villainous shapeshifter
Stronger than a weightlifter
Disguised as a bat
A flying black rat

Lover of blood
Stealing life from a strong stud
Will steal your soul
Turn it black as cole

Vampires, creatures of the night
Clever villains made to fright
Beware the vampires
They are very clever liars
Bhill Oct 21
I recently loved
I loved everything I could
Was I wrong in that

I believe in love
I believed everyone loved
Was I wrong in that

Do all creatures love
All creatures need to exist
Are they wrong in that

Is love part of life
I believe love needs to be
Am I wrong with this?

Brian Hill - 2019 # 261
What's love got to do with it?
Bhill Oct 8
The lizard made its way straight up the rock wall
Such adhesion on those rocks with his fragile-looking claws
What was he running from, or to, with such desert dignity
What would you call the motions of these little creatures
Bodies moving back and forth like other slithering reptiles

Brian Hill - 2019 # 251
Are you fascinated by lizards. Moving down here has brought a whole new appreciation to the little ones.
Step by step
We strode
Hand in hand
We held close
Into the clearing
We gracefully leaped
We stared
At one another
And began dancing slowly
The sun started rising
Lighting the night's dew
So the light glared
As if it were a spotlight
We danced
The best we could
The woodland creatures
Came and watched
The two of us ignite
The birds landed
And sang a cheerful song
We danced until
We could no more
As the creatures applauded
This night was left branded
On us two
We laid on
The clearing's floor
Looking at the sky
We were meant for each other
This we knew
Michael H May 25
The sun lays down rivers
It's all we need

We feed creatures
And they feed us

A baby blue planet
Eating – its own destruction
When all we need is light
Sylph May 13
Black and white
through eyes
Light deformed
Creature taken flight
Eyes colorless
Nothing but Nothing

shamamama Jan 27
"What's your birthstone?  
I don't know, Oh, I know--it's rock."

Black rocks baking in the sun
dot this beach
Like chocolate chips in the dough
They call to us
Come climb,
Come hop on us
Find treasures hidden behind and between
All our dark shadows,

Lying as still as stone
A large rock shape,
Oh, it's grayer
and duller,
and there's sand sprinkled on it,
And it's moving!
It's Living Rock,
The monk seal napping
from its morning meal.

Yes- we watch others walk right by him
caught in their words,
Unaware of the living amongst the rocks,
Living Rock doesn't care
His belly is full

Gray sleek shape
massaged by the wind
with feast in your belly,
So mighty tired!
You taste your sleep for days,
Clouds cover the day's starlight you seek,
Your body begs for light, and yet
Nobody can wake you from your slumber
Not even the high pitched voices
of children playing
nor the fishing lines in and out of the tide

What of your dreams
Oh Large Gray Rock
Do you dream of the ocean tossing
Fish  into your mouth?
Or of the warm sun coming
to bake your skin?

The salt water dances up your nostrils,
You lift your head in mild protest
Then let it rest on your
Ancient bed of coral and shell bones
My feet love to dig into your bed

No insomnia for you sea creatures,
Maybe I should count monk seals
Instead of sheep when I want to sleep,
Your body clock measures time
Not in days or hours
But in meals, in hunts
In fullness, in emptiness
Your sleep is well earned
My friend

We can learn from you.
You bask, dream,
Then awaken renewed
To taste your ocean again,
Rock, monk seal, ocean,  beach, renewal
Ashley Jan 18
Docile creatures do persuade
My body bend and provide aid
To settle debts long since repaid
Bones do choose to crack and sway
So devotions come then fade away
Suffer the same and come what may
For docile creatures I've policed
I am not one who can tame beasts.

Docile creatures oft believe
Maidens chained do yearn to leave
Yet freedom can be cause to grieve
Teeth of beasts do gnash and grind
Til there's nothing tender left behind
I'll hide any light they find
Since docile creatures do not feast
I shall be devoured by a beast.

I have but I would rather give
I want not to end but to want to live
Yet docile creatures won't forgive
Those of us who turn up eyes
To receive crowns of stars from night skies
And listen to what the west winds may advise
As sure as the Lord smiles from the east
I could learn to love a beast.
Johnny walker Jan 16
And as I look upon my life
with some regret I have to say suppose could have done so much with my
But because of depression
wasted so much of my youth shutting my self away from the outside world
Afraid to face the coming days tended to sleep away the daylight hours
come out after
Got to point couldn't stand the light anymore would sleep daylight hours away
like a vampire only appearing during the dark
Then before sunrise I would return back to bed
to sleep again away the coming daylight
then only to return
after the setting of the
sun come back to life with the other creatures of the night to walk like a vampire amongst the
Memories of depression when young how It affecting my everyday life
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