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Heaps of praise showered  
On the firmament
On planets and stars
Hearts overwhelm by beauty of nature
Poetry in abundance
Worms face stark discrimination
No one writes about them
No one sympathizes with them
For they're lowly creatures
Inhabitants of sludge and sullage
Stinking gutters, places suit them
Mankind loathes them
For they live in toxic environment
Toxic not for them
But for humans
Humans think
Worms are pitiable creatures
Live in helly conditions
Worst kind of creation
Undergoing punishment
Curse anyone?
Say with bitterness
Be a worm of a ***** gutter
As if it would
Be a worst kind of punishment
Foolish they're
Worms live in
Most favorable conditions for them
Making hell for humans
Sense of sight
Sense of hearing
Missing for them
They live happily in their environment
Humans blessed with
Sense of sight
Sense hearing
Turn blind and deaf
To human misery
Worms living in human form
Teeming millions
Slum dwellers on this earth
Befriending worms
In stinking gutters
In reality
Lowliest creatures
Flush out stinking gutters
Let's bring them to better conditions
Make humans
Of worms in human form!
FC Azaele May 7
Keep the dark at bay,
there's creatures that reaps the village after day
The children are scared,
the town folks are speaking,
scattered around the village floors
Far away, the sound of cries can be heard
and mother's trying to sooth their nasty squealing
but still they failed as the littles are struck-out despaired
The farmer's aren't having it easy too
as they're trying to sort out their herd
Some animals obey, but still more cause up a disarray
Sweet sun, gone too soon as it falls into night
It's heat, the village ask for it in a far cry
Protect us! Angels of night and day!
Soon, the ground shivers as dark night befalls
creatures, hunting the village at ***** bay
Jonny Heggs Apr 7
Darkness falls upon the land
the time is finally here
Chirps now belong to crickets
And blind birdlike beasts appear
A couple bound by cobweb shackles
Bathe in nighttime’s crooked smile
Whilst weaving in the shadows
The captors wait a while
Sounds of leaves from dying limbs
Dance deftly on the midnight breeze
No life within their brittle veins
Forever strangers from their trees
Natures waning lunar grin
Is concealed  behind a haloed cloud.
Who knows what sins that it commits
Behind its wispy shroud?
Stars look down intently
With sinister twinkles in their eyes
Spies that stalk the witching hour
Corrupting faultless skies
An owl perches on a twisted giant
Whose Wooden arms stretch out
It searches with its focussed gaze
For creatures scurrying about
Whilst The shielded hedgehog wanders
Foraging the ground
It’s weapons at the ready
For any predators around
minions retreat to their houses
And with a final smirk
Nights guardian begins to fade
And the sun begins it’s work
Ileana Amara Mar 20
all my demons have awakened
from such long, deep slumber
like rampant creatures with wounds to mend,
and so i caressed their madness out of grief
inside my soul's dimly lit chamber.

03.21.21.| i think all madness is carved out of deep grief. one line that stuck with me from a show said, "what is grief if not love persevering?". and if grief is as said, isn't true love also a madness?
Payton Feb 24
He stared down
                into the dark, twisting waves, as if
a voice spoke to him from
                                                         the watery depths

                                            It seemed to pull him in and
                                                                                              pool in him.
It swam circles
          in his curiosity.

The Sun stabbed at the waves, washing rainbows     over
glimmering abalone.
                Translucent bubbles danced
in its light.
Fishbones lay quietly on the ocean floor, forgotten.
                                                                                   Starfish whispered to him, tales
of how they had lost their arms to the
                      creatures that walk in the sun.

                                                        Urchins complained about the oil pooling in their waters.
Sharks gave him the silent treatment.
And despite the fact that he too had legs and walked in the sunlight,

                               he knew he was not made for the sun,
                      but for the sea.
                                                            And the waves whispered his name with
salt and foam.
This poem was written in 2016.
"Sea" was published in Rose State College's Pegasus 2016.
Stars fill the sky like always
And it's time for the unseen creatures to feed.
Samara Dec 2020
Chimera gave me a
Molotov cocktail
on a Friday night
in a neon-lit
downtown scene.
- - -
they never told
me not to drink it
because they wanted
me to go down in flames.
- - -
so I drank it, and it
burned my innocence
for I will never trust
another when they
hand me a drink
- - -
but i am phoenix
and from the
flames i keep
S R Mats Oct 2020
We climb the stars
Make honey in our hearts

Mad as a jackrabbit
We leap into dark holes

Walk among winged creatures
Quiver in our skins

And swear that we can fly
Feather-light on love alone
(Love can make us act crazy and think that we have superpowers!)
Ibekwe ifeanyi c Sep 2020
I am the one in suit made of nigh
The person with the blood behind the axe
The signs you'd see beneath the sky
The words you hear in a moment of wild
I became thoughts you never wish you had
The lips with kisses for every child
A calm you feel when in your mind
A spark of blast at leisure time
Like a love that comes through a while
I am the dancer whose clothes are rags
I sail but only at the center of your minds
My crew are made of wood and skulls full of thoughts
I creeps into the fawnest minds
I etch unto the tauntless nous
I am  lurking behind their every words
I heal but a day with me hurts
I crawl into your heart and live only in your head
I am those voices you hear when In your bed
The breeze that tilts the window head
Image flashes with shadows unclear
I am creatures in the dark whom thoughts you hear
The one that increase with your slightest fear
I am the illusion!!!.
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