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there was this one time
when some boy
looked at his friend
and said,

"you fight like a girl."

that same boy
called me a ****
and slapped my ***
when I walked by.

that same boy
got hit so hard,
his face smashed
against a locker in a
high school hallway.

that same boy
broke his nose and
chipped two teeth.

I looked down at him
and said,

"I fight like a girl too,
and I just ****** you up."
Karma doesn’t forget.
She always comes to collect.
She has a lengthy list,
No one goes unchecked.

Days, years, months may pass; time means nothing.
She glides in undetected,
you will never see her coming.

Sweet Mother Karma may my vengeance be yours,
there is a price for my sorrow and hurt.

“Be patient” she said “ and do not be sour”
“I have felt your agony, but I chose the hour”

“Hold your head high, do not dwell on the past”
“Leave the justice to me, no questions asked”

Karma delivers her price depending on how the pain is received.
So always remember to practice self-control and dignity.

Keep moving forward, with grace and class,
because Karma is watching to see how you react.  

To the people you hurt or have lied to before,
I would make amends to settle the score.
Mother Karma is coming, she knows what you did.
A thief in the night, she does not forgive.
"Instant karma's going to get you" - John Lennon
After laying me on the bed
His agents were on the task
I was taken to the Cath Lab
My heart was thoroughly investigated
His agents told Him there's no sin inside
He made His considered opinion
He declared me the winner
He had a word of caution for me
You have undergone bypass in the past
Your heart falls in sensitive class
Strictly follow your regimen
Take all necessary precautions
Lay aside all your fears
There's no sin inside you dear
Yet you don't qualify for my heavenly Kingdom
I need to cast you further on the anvil
Making you first a better human
You stay on this planet
Till further decision, further orders
O Lord I bow before You
I am grateful for this decision
I shall abide by Your every order, every decision!
Leifa Oct 9
Weeping Winter
Deigns his spine
In small whispers of magic.

The fingers of a ghost
He Almost
Mourned the loss of them.

Until he tastes
The fruit of rot.
And felt
Old daggers in the dark.

Like a drop of dew
In Summer heat,
He recedes towards the Sun

To await the Winter Mourn
And scorn
A mother of her forgotten son.
Rhys Hebbs Sep 27
Like Christ I was betrayed by a kiss
The best kiss I ever wasted
The one delayed with a wish
The last I never tasted
Twas the sublime decline of the un-divine find from the mine within my mind
My new muse fused with pure white beacons of truth;
It was love.
It is love.
It will always be love.
Until the bodhisattva’s of bohemia are free to leave in peace,
Until the unbloomed seek what their enlightened prophets beseech.
When the the ****** find nirvana by practice of kinder hearted karma
Then and only then the world will know peace
They preach forgiveness
I have some kind of animus and derisiveness
Forgiveness is a bad tool
Often used by the fools
History is replete with evidence
Forgiven came back with a vengeance
Destroying the forgiver
Punish if you could
Do justice if you could
Within the framework of law
Forgiveness is rarely a good Karma
Fairly leading to Adharma from Dharma
Forgiveness encourages the offenders
Giving impetus to innocence pretenders
Forgiveness is often used by the meek and weak
As they have no courage so as to tweak
It's a sign of surrender to  one who plunders
Forgiveness is often mistaken for reconciliation
Reconciliation is the keyword
Forgiveness is often associated with hypocrisy
Forgiver is often resentful, revengeful and deceitful from inside
When there is a valid Law of Karma
Where's the need for forgiveness drama
Punishment you can't escape indeed
Even if forgiveness is bestowed with ease
Unforgiven remain in control
As if they are on parole
They say forgiveness is necessary
To heal your soul
To me the belief in the Law of Karma
Sufficient to console and heal
the soul
When it comes to unconditional love
Forgiveness is an appropriate word
You forgive them
Whatever whatever
They do to you!
Dhimas Sep 11
august was in a drought
a literal burden to my thoughts
i thought i was gonna die out
but here standing on my way out

add my name to your medal tray
i was your eleventh or twelfth prey
once your gold in the bay
then only a ghost in your days

has come the september
i hope no more sobber
that person could’ve been better
but then proven to be disaster

and time is ticking
here i'm hoping
it will erase every single thing
cause i won’t hold on to nothing

and i might live with the pain
but it will heal under the rain
it's foolish to believe you were a saint
but one day what you plant is what you gain
that person would never understand this.
Void Sep 3
He's taken his time
Wasted his life
For three years
He kept running away
He ran every time

The past is catching up
And he can't run fast enough
So he falls into a pit
And he struggles to get up
i have many weights sleeping on my heart.
distraction brings no solace,
escapism not a change in scenery.
pain is a tree of replacement,
my suffering the blood of their fruit,
my flesh the main victim.
a collaboration of gnawing and burning truths
what else would make this life, a life
if not the wretched deal
of karmic strife?
when the wound passes through clear,
a hole in my chest,
the ringing of my ears,
only then must i talk to the pain.
to look the dark in the eye
and to find their hiding spots.
but until then,
i will think about what to say.
i have much i would like to say to my pain. much to ask.
Why do you do a bad karma?
Burning them to ashes
By telling your happiness and achievements
Sometimes do good karma too
By telling them your failures and trajedies
So that their souls get peace and happiness!
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