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soul property
Demicci Sep 3
Just remember
that Karma...
She is the protector
As for just another of many
But she is...
Same cycle
They preach forgiveness
I have some kind of animus and derisiveness
Forgiveness is a bad tool
Often used by the fools
History is replete with evidence
Forgiven came back with a vengeance
Destroying the forgiver
Punish if you could
Do justice if you could
Within the framework of law
Forgiveness is rarely a good Karma
Fairly leading to Adharma from Dharma
Forgiveness encourages the offenders
Giving impetus to innocence pretenders
Forgiveness is often used by the meek and weak
As they have no courage so as to tweak
It's a sign of surrender to  one who plunders
Forgiveness is often mistaken for reconciliation
Reconciliation is the keyword
Forgiveness is often associated with hypocrisy
Forgiver is often resentful, revengeful and deceitful from inside
When there is a valid Law of Karma
Where's the need for forgiveness drama
Punishment you can't escape indeed
Even if forgiveness is bestowed with ease
Unforgiven remain in control
As if they are on parole
They say forgiveness is necessary
To heal your soul
To me the belief in the Law of Karma
Sufficient to console and heal
the soul
When it comes to unconditional love
Forgiveness is an appropriate word
You forgive them
Whatever whatever
They do to you!
They say forgiveness doesn't mean condonation or excusing of the wrong done. If your anger and resentment against the wrong doer die, will you punish or cause to be punished the wrong doer? Punishment is inflicting some kind of physical or mental pain for the wrong done. Will true forgiveness ever do it? Some say punishment helps forgiveness. Every wrong cannot be subjected to judicial process. You may decide to punish and do justice at your own level. Wouldn't it be revenge helping forgiveness!
I close my eyes and the story starts
I am standing there,
You say you’re fine, I know
you better than that,

So don’t you worry your
pretty little mind,
Staying back and watching me shine,

I go back to December
all the time, I agree,
I fake a smile so he won’t see,

And I heard you moved on, oh slowdown,
You are being too loud, you need to
calm down,

Oh, my God, who is she?
But I promise that you’ll never
find another like me,

I check it once, then I check it twice,
In my mind, saying it’s gonna be alright,

Let’s hear the applause,
Maybe I got mine, but you’ll
all get yours,

‘Cause baby now we got bad blood,
And now I am just waiting
for it all to turn RED…
June 2021
Can’t wait for the new version of RED
rebecca May 28
karma like autumn
eats her flesh in the coldness
returning my pain
Z May 28
TW: r#pe culture

my head is a constant battle of sounds
and feelings crashing
like waves into each other;
interference scares me.
as does being out of rhythm,
missing too many beats — i am
conflict-averse but i am also

i know that
sound travels faster
through solids and liquids
than through the air,
can be distorted
and interfered
into oblivion—
that when
push comes to shove,
whisper networks
can only reach so far.

scores of screaming matches
between metoo advocates and r#pist apologists
crescendos of nails
scraped across a board
feel a bit too familiar
like listening to white noise and broken records on repeat
while scrolling through toiletpaperworthy nonapologies
witnessing victims collectively crying in an orchestra of agony
and then be blamed for attention-seeking at best,
of causing their own suffering at worst.

although it pains me to listen to these tragic tunes,
it is amusing how so many mishear this collective choir as
survivors celebrating with silly receipts in cancel parties
serving blistering hot tea sweetened by revenge - no

all this is anything but

it’s to make people aware
that the same melodies are sung or screamed
  by those who suffered similar pains
and so that those of a similar frequency know
there are those who listen
that their voice matters
and we are not alone.

- 20210315
last updated: 20210531
Rama Krsna May 15
lurking behind
that nervous but sensual laugh
hides an exotic goddess
pretending to be
a die-hard feminist

was it the regimen of a demanding mother?
was is it the separation from your misunderstood motherland?
is it the distance from your chosen lover?
or simply sadness from an unrequited love?

toss away the jin guo
and let the river flow.....
for this world to see
the true guan yin
rising within you

© 2021
guan yin : goddess of  love and compassion
jin guo:a hair pin worn  by. women
rebecca Apr 29
my happiest self
rain dancing and star gazing,
karmic by my side
Your unhanded movements and back handed ways
Will only serve you backwards
You idiots... you slaves
For angels still rise
From the spirits of the slain
Mother Nature will punish you
Justification is hers to put claim
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