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If things would get bad
“Push it to the pack of your head”
But I will never forget
Bad memories, Bad karma, Bad friends
But I will never regret
Bad things, bad dreams
It's bad in my head
Repeat something over and over
And we forget what it means
This time around
when they said you were bad for me
A bell did not ring
He hit me once
Ding ding ding
He is bad
But it means nothing to me
You cheat,
You get cheated.
You beat,
The blood beaded.
You sneak,
You aren’t needed.
You leak,
Warnings unheeded.
You got yours-
The itching sores,
The loose lips,
Tightly torn-
I mourn your bleeding loss.
‪My mouth is a BSL4 agent‬
Because men think about ***

My mouth is a BSL4 agent
Because of General ignorance

My mouth is a BSL4 agent
Becausethe drama and *******.

My mouth is a BSL4 agent
Of human rights violations

These are why I swear.
A BSL4 agent is a disease that is so biohazardous and deadly and foul that you have to be in a special suit.
George 5d
Traffic and thunder in the distance,
it is hard to tell the difference.

Does it matter,
with both so far away?

It does, when the rain gathers,
and its sheet starts at a pace,
making its way to you ...

... closer, closer and closer by the second.

What even Orion cannot out run,
you have no defence.
I have a storm that follows me.
Do you?
once upon a time
standing high with you
i was taken to a cliff
and was pushed down
by you with the help of your band..
nothing left to hold on
but an extending hand
midway, i could hold
only to get pushed further down...
crushed to pieces when hit the hard ground
found myself alive
destined to survive
slim chances to revive...
the pain spilled
i quilled
and rebuild
myself on the heap of my write...
now i am standing high
safer and better
at my own....
now you are being thrown
hanging at the same cliff
by the same people
who helped you once to push me
should i offer my hand
or quietly bestand
or join the band?
Karma never failth......
Megan Foukes Dec 5
When you say sorry,
I only think of on thing:
It comes back to bite.
So, you better get ready.
'Cause karma's a *****,
And she doesn't play nicely.
I'm sorry, my dear.
Spider weaves a net,
Bumblebee waits till finished;
Karma’s thread decides!
A small  dragonfly,
Prepares to land on my nose;
Karmic conundrum !
Raging is my soul
A fire hotter then ever
******* Witch
A VERY ******* witch
It's karma coming for you
This will be fun to watch
It's truly entertaining
To see what karma
has in store for you
You can only play
You can only lie
With your handsome face
But selfish soul
You tried to use me once more
So karma's coming for you
Maybe with the pain
The loneliness your gonna face
You might feel a smidgen
of how , I hurt & toiled
So ,  I say so mote it be
Karma's coming
Shes knockin on door
So , I will grab a chair
This witch is having the last
Poor little man
you should never play
games with a women
who has a witches soul
© Jennifer Delong 11/16/18
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