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Sean Devlin Oct 10
Theres a light in your room I see from my rooftop tomb
Watching the shadows along the wall
and I know I should look up at the moon
But when I do I’m just waiting for it to fall

They said that it takes some time to get over the loss
But thats a mountain that I can’t seem to scale
They swore that another would come to take your place
But all those who’ve tried have failed

And I find myself laying in the grass at night
Hoping that it pulls me into the grave
To feel such a strong deep embrace
And have nothing left to say
Alex Oct 9
What a liar you are,
Crying in front of a counselor.
Telling them what they want to hear.
Nodding and smiling to their molded solutions.

What a liar you are,
Telling your mother you're sorry.
You won't do it again.
This was your first time.

What a liar you are,
Hugging your sister goodnight,
Locking the door,
Not showing who you really are.

What a liar you are,
Telling your friends that you're fine.
Cutting thighs instead of wrists so that nobody sees the truth.
Not even the one you love.

What a liar you are,
Lying in bed,
Convincing yourself that you're fine.
Hugging a pillow and saying it's gonna be alright.

Soon your lies will catch up to you,
Little one.
Either in death, or while you're alive.

Be careful how you lie,
No action goes without consequence.
Karma will find you if you're not careful.

Don't be ******,
Think 20 steps ahead.
Or else you will fall,
Little liar of mine.
Piyush Gahlot Sep 21
I see you here,
Just beside me near,
Your soft voice I can hear,
Whispering my name in my ear.
I am drowning in your memories.

I hear your laughters,
I can hear you crying,
Still remember your hugs,
Your surprise kisses,
Beautiful scene of you making your hair,
Baby em drowning in your memories.

I miss your ****** face,
Your innocence and that grace
That slight grin,
Beautiful little chin,
Those perfect hair,
You making that stare.
Baby em drowning in your memories.

I loved you then,
I love you now,
Doesn't matter if you ain't near,
Losing you , I have no fear.
But yeah em drowning in your memories.
Missing her close near. She ain't comming back. All I have is her memories. Still I feel she is with me somewhere.
rob kistner Oct 5
(  A Boschesque hallucination )
they slink the netherworld
beyond the mirror
where is loosed
the vengeful beast

veiled —
their eyes
from sacred truth

**** —
to walk
a mournful path

then beguiled

to wrest asunder
the fidelity of dreams

their plaintive cries
misery'd pleas
their guttural moans

savaged forth
from forlorn souls


blind in virtue's eye
dim now evermore

sad beings
of a brutal world
torn in ceaseless pain
mind-rending horror
hieronymus's unending strife
a horde quite misbegotten


simultaneous with this dreadful plight
a reality of annointed bliss

of knowledge vast and deep
beauty pure as light itself
goodness strong as sterling

a song of spheres
so sensuous

a place of plenty
where no one wants

precious gifts
bestowed sublime
to sate the spirits
that dwell in grace
to behold
the infinite face of truth
to hear the voice all-knowing

whole and apart
these differed realms abide
reside in time
though not congruent

the gossamer curtain's fall
that divides these dual realities
that share no commonalities

on and on
their continuum
an unbroken strand unfurls

in separate space
each to the other

of the fragile thread
that binds them fast

dark to light
seen to unseen
profound to profaned

tethered everlasting
eternally apart



rob kistner © 2018

This is my imagined vision of the concept of **** then heaven,
were I to interpret it, looking through a Western theistic lens.
In reflecting on my mortality in recent days, I was contemplating the ongoing philosophical and theological concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, heaven and ****, yin and yang... however one might want to describe and examine this question of contrast and balance.

Having grown up Catholic, I was significantly traumatized in my youth by this concept of grace and sin, that either carried you to a place of eternal joy and reward called heaven, or condemned you to suffer forever in a place of eternal horror and punishment called ****. Also back then, discussions of what actually did or did not constitute a sin, and was it an original sin, or a venial sin, or a mortal sin, or could it be forgiven, and exactly what is the formula required to forgive it - was another highway to insanity. There was also such focus on the life beyond this sinful world, that there was no philosophical embrace of this beautiful, wonderful, magical world. The Catholic vision fails completely to provide an effective and productive plan of living and being wholly present in this world. It always seemed to be a profound sense of Catholic "shame" regarding this planet earth. We are only here, to get out. I can't abide that. I feel earth is a gift thst we should treasure and care for.

As a adult I came to an understanding, at least for myself, that these were concepts, created to control, a more naive human population, to do the bidding of the generally more educated and certainly manipulative clergy of that time.
Over the years, I have read and loosely delved into a number of religious and ethnic views regarding these topics. What I did this week, being a poet, was wrote a poem based on an imagined expression of this contrast, in the form of **** and heaven, as might be seen from a Western theistic viewpoint.

This is strictly an excercise in assembling words. This is in no way my opinion.
After I finished this I ask myself - why? But I wrote it, so here it is... ✌

I personally embrace much of the Taoist wisdom, especially the core focus on harmony and balance, with our fellow humans and with nature. And the strength in seeking simplicity and humility to guide our lives.

I keep a copy of the Tao Te Ching open in my studio and find it very spiritually centering to read the words of Lao Tzu when things seem overwhelming. I do not embrace Taoism as a religion, but I do embrace its powerful logic snd wisdom.

I have absolutely no intention to sway you to see anything as I see it. But, to offer insight, I do want you to know where this poet builds the foundation of his life.
Day Oct 3
life is a *****;
been lighting my fires
since 1999


i bought marshmallows
and ****
karma tastes sweet
Two can play that game
When you want it
You want it now
Its most important
When I may want it to
Then you act like it's nothing
You act like it's not important
So two can play that game
So remember that
When you want it again
It'll be not now
I got stuff to do
© Jennifer Delong 9/29/18
Jade Bartlett Sep 30
But, oh, how I will revel
in their piteous expressions
of shocked envy
when they see my name--
the name of the

possessive-sad girl

in lights.
S­ound familiar?

Palms sweating, baby doll?

Feelin' guilty, sweet cheeks?


If you suspect this poem
is about you,
then it probably is.
Moral of the story:

Never ******* a poet,
for she will surely destroy
you with her poetry.

And remember, darling--
poetry is immortal.
Don't be a stranger--check out my blog!


(P.S. Use a computer for an optimal experience)
Randy Johnson Sep 27
I have a story that needs to be told.
I knew a woman who was ice cold.
Many men liked her because she was beautiful and had big *****.
But you could've poured boiling water down her throat and she would've ****** ice cubes.

A family was killed by a ***** driver and she didn't even feel sad.
The witch even started laughing and said that she was glad.
She left her fiance standing at the altar and he committed suicide.
She said that he was a dirt poor S.O.B. and was happy that he died.

This was a woman who I certainly didn't admire.
She died last year when her house caught on fire.
When Karma catches up to a person, she's a *****.
I'm one of the people who hated that ice cold witch.
Stay strong in all conscience
So that nothing can stop
No eclipse can shade

Spend more time in being
Let the consciousness aloof
Let the sequel show
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Taming mind
Remember when I said karma is a *****?
How you hurt someone and the world turns around and hurts you back?
Well, I'm hand in hand with karma because I love revenge.
Remember last year when you left me for someone else?
You cheated on me for who knows how long.
I always minimized it.
"No, he tried to date her after he broke up with me."
"No, he wouldn't do that to me."
I was wrong.

Honey, karma is a *****.
It hits back harder than before.
You left me for another girl
And she didn't want you.
And now you were trying to flirt with another girl and get her to fall in love with you
But darling, I just asked her out today
And she wants me
Not you
And I just found out it's the same girl you wanted

Wow, isn't karma a *****?
Two girls (and who knows how many more) didn't want you
Now, I'm sitting here smiling because you finally got what you deserve
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