James 6d

Crystal clear skies overhead
Reveal the twinkling of thine eyes
Splendid anticipation, superlative excitement
Bubbles and raspberries, the language of one
Successes in failure, smiles in frowns
Whispered fairy tales of things to come

Poem written for my niece Anneliese CĂ©leste today
Sakif Hossain Jul 11

Filled with anticipation I entered that place,
Crowd was buzzing, the light was dimmed..
Trembling feet didn't help either,
As I looked for here & there..

Like evening sun peeking through clouds,
There she was sitting in a corner..
In disbelief I had to double check
My fairy, My dream
Empress of my heart,
She was really there..

I just kept looking at her
As if time froze,
Relishing her innocent antics, her every expression
I just kept on looking...

Many emotions I had to express,
Many stories I wanted to share..
But I was lost for words,
Well, I was just lost in her..
Those pink glowing cheeks,
Topped with that smile..
That spark in her eyes,
So expressive hiding behind her specs..
Flowing hair of her,
God I envy that wind passing through those!!
How could I take my eyes away??
I can spend a lifetime like this,
I will spend my life like that..

A day that took years to come,
Hurdling all obstacles,
An hour worth the craving..
An evening sweeter than the sweetest dream,
A evening I want to relive all my life... <3

Divine Dao Jul 7

When Landscapes Invite
Festivities Of Mind
To Peaceful Sunrise's
Trembling Songs

Only Then

Serene Calmness Starts Whispering
Sincere As Zephyrs Breeze
Among Not-barren Branches
Of The World

Oh ~This Lovely Beauty

Crimson Blossoms
Vanilla Pink And Gently White
Like Cosmic Sermon For My Solemn Petaled Soul


This Lovely Beauty
Yonder There


So ~ Utterly
Uspoken of

Those Sailings Over Torrid Oceans
Tender Tempest Temporal Torcher
Wise Man''s River Siddhu Heart
Laments Languid Wave
Lies Illusion
Love's Duration


Writing On This Music Foundation:


On A Quantuum Level Everything Becomes Here

Greetings From
My Soulful Poem
Has Just Touched Your~Self Absorbed
Inwardly Written Genius

Hiraeth Jun 24

The light sang in her ears
Sprightly, musical white light.
The salt made her feet tingle
Steaming, soothing salt.
Glass drenched everything
Twisting, summery glass.
Soundful silence
Rueful bliss
Placid insanity

Mydriasis Dec 2016

Another group of teens, enraptured
by whatever was at the heart
of their beating group.

So sure we were of what it was that
went beyond mere sex, some
drugs and few events.

Who can say how but from the depth
of boundless, sonder oceans,
We found you.

Amid all those faces, in the midst of
social coercion and amidst all this angst,
The friendships we formed
forged our personalities.

Some of us even found love
in between being lost, lonely
or fucked up; but together we

felt belonging, for the first time
in our insignificant, stupid little
lives, we felt alive, autonomous.

We had people to rely on
and substance to revive,
We might yet survive,

A bittersweet mixture of
empathy and nostalgia;
What does Skins
mean to you?

To me it meant a lot, it was about
pushing boundaries, the transitions,
Trying to live with them, rolling with it.

It was was about getting down and growing up,
Being young, feeling old and coming to terms with
one's soul; and of course, the vicissitudes
of a few foolish seventeen-year-olds.

Times, change and memory made manifest
is all that's left of us, them, those people we
call friends, they always have a place in my

heart; pass
us the skins.

In remembrance of Skins [2007-2013], generations 1, 2 & 3;

We get older and they stay the same.

lurking within sparkling feat condense\
hour glass illuminate woe genesis mass\
fabricate sound electrify time travel\
grow dull glow dim dose off luster surpass\
darkness insusceptible elate jubilant realm\
levitate gem regal helm oscillate plane black\
whole Elemental sprite Marvel excite knight Orion\
recite incite twinkle twinkle tittle star ajar\

escaping darkened light reappear
Arzo Ahmad Jun 3

I placed my heart
Soft and pure
In hands of God
Whose my heart worshiped
Day and night
I got my heart returned
Scratched and scared
Such mercy
Don't let me believe in Gods anymore

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