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Tell those who come across my land
You will never own it
The fertility of the land   will never be touched by your ***** hands
Free and wild, black, white, green, and red  
All the full want to own YOU  
Yet, YOU only belong to Me
If they  tried to harass You
Their  hands will be cut
You should know
I am mad of her  love
She is Mine. Mine. Mine.
Sal AK Apr 28
I write because...
I can bleed onto something pure
with no judgment or shame,
it does not seek to heal my wounds
nor does it yearn to wipe my tears
it accepts my flaws and imperfections
and allows me to paint my sorrows
to say my words
to feel my pain.

At the end, it is changed forever
no longer pure
no longer blank,
it carries the burdens of my world
with no guilt
with no judgment
with no shame.
And so I write...
All the beauty in the world envies you.
Yet you offer out a hand to any who may need it.
Holy beings dance to your melodies,
songs so soothing they cure a broken heart.
The ground around you sparkles with a myriad of blossoms.
Words so sweet satan himself shows you compassion.
Your silky golden hair eclpises the shine of all precious treasures.
I never knew love could be filled with such certainty.
D CoLe Apr 24
Tame me with the gaze of your eyes
       Shield me from the cold world with the
warmth of your smile.
Zack Ripley Apr 14
I miss how you used to laugh
And inspired everyone else to do the same.
I miss your fearlessness.  Your curiosity.
I miss how much you loved
to run and play games.
I miss a lot of things.
But what I miss the most is how pure you were.
Like the light from the midnight moon.
You were gone too soon, Innocence.
Raven Feels Apr 13
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, blood is shameless;]

impurity on the ***** red

I pure I shed

hunger I fed

so loose so tight on the lead

so irritating she bled

revolting when it messes with the head

doors closed sounds spread

again unlike the befores I said

polluted on garments I five the two

onto the further of the farthest of lives

I paint I skin

I smudge the thin in the thrill

till it comes to a ****

and a breathe is willed

for nails to blood

and fingers to clot

guilty shame not guilty shameless pleasures on the lots

I care I not


                                                               ­                      --------ravenfeels
MoonFlow Apr 13
My favorite pursuit of happiness
is to recite the enchanting verses from the beauteous Quran.
To be lost in its splendor.
To Mesmerize myself with its grandeur.
Breath with pure sublimity.
I can wipe out my woes and blues.
And rise to the majestic heights of glee,
like an uncaged eagle who soared to be free.
Ramadan Mubarak!
If I could have one wish
I wish we would be hanging on forever
It would be great if we are together.
And that is why I'm here today.

Even though my dreams were true
And when I realize my dreams were you
It's the way he looks into her eyes
To know it was there the whole time

All I wanted was for you to know
Is that she loves you so,
From here on out, I wish to declare
For all this love that we share.

For you to see her inner beauty,
When she's with you its pure destiny
When all is said and done,
For you to be together as one.
this is my first poem here. I wrote this for a friend or classmate of mine for his wife
From the first time our eyes met
I knew your heart I had to get
I wondered what you'd sound like
If you'd speak, would my heart spike ?

My other half, no more incomplete
The sugar to my bitter, you are so sweet
As he touched me , suddenly I melted
I felt the best part of me being presented

Warm feeling, embarrassing smiles
For you I would go the extra miles
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