I wish it was easy to let go of the past
To start a new life; to live with a pure heart
Where no one could remind me of what I've lost,
Where no one remembers who I was
Letting me live and embrace new things
Where no one compares me with anyone,
And all that matters would be what is yet to come
I wish I get to live with a hope that stays in the darkest of the days
And do not let me lose my faith
I hope I get to love the ones in my life
And erase all the hatred left, before they all bade me goodbye.

Alaska 3d

Her personality shown through her hair,
                                                                      golden and

When the beating of your heart change,
Because of the texts you just exchange.
When someone's smile makes your heart fly,
And you know there are no rules to apply.
When you can't stop thinking,no matter,
And promises yourself to do better .
When you feel so light ,
And just want to  hold on tight.
When you feel you can change the world,
But still can't say the word.
What you can do for them is whatever,
And the promises of forever.
When you can take what life give,
And still have the power to forgive.
When there's no right or wrong of a side,
Because that one person is by your side.

Weljay 3d

You were a dandelion
yellow and alone
in the cold white winter snow
you've grown
it was sad, how early you have awakened
I draw near
was surprised
for you were not shaken
a smile in your face
a question in my mind
I thought I had it all, yet
I stand without a clue
you beamed and asked,
"Why so blue?"

I'm your Mr Romantic sweetheart our heart's truly together entwined as one loving beating heart forever our hearts shall smile together forever in the name of true love.

Anon 5d

i want to be seen
i want someone to tell me i am beautiful
i want them to mean it
i don't want them to feel obligated to tell me
i want someone to love me too
i want it to be pure love
i don't want it to be an impure sex based love
but most of all i want a friend
i want a friend who will pick up the phone at 2 in the morning
i dont want a friend who turns around and leaves me in my darkest hours alone to cry by myself.

I have been blessed with a guy sent from above
Someone who my thoughts and heart have stolen
Whose voice and presence brings joy to my days
Someone whose love I will never let go
What have I done to win someone like you?
Someone so pure, kind, and true
Whose love and care shows me every day
Someone whose patience cannot be compared
You are my answered prayer, my one true prince
You are my best friend and my guide
You are my confidence and the one
You have come to this world to lighten my life
My days I want to spend with you by my side
Happiness I want to give you until death finds me
But faith we have that heaven we will reach

for that special someone.
HeartCore Sep 14

Something happens when I open my eyes.
I take a deep breath in as I inhale the lies.
That is the size of my price ,
And when I close them I feel that time flies.

A peaceful newborn unaware of this world,
It feels the breeze of life, a grazing cold,
A blow, alternating the surface of the mold.
Life dealt Its destiny, rejecting it, concocting into a fold.

Its eyes covered in slime.
Crying didn’t help ,
Everything was so intoxicating
So, its vision imprisoned its hearing.

My energy, my life, was degrading slow
while something inside me throbs, and grows.
Eating away at my shell as it begins to glow,
Never feeling so high but at the same time so low.

It’s in pain, looking at the world,
Rolling its eye from side to side.
It spits its teeth out, crying aloud
Of the pleasure that calls from the crowd.

Although painful as it was, I can see how beautiful it is.
Naked from human sight
Pure and ugly, deceiving, and beautiful made from creation
Drowning its self in alcohol, only to preserve its progression.

Taste of Power can change somebody. A better you, or a new person can take hold of your temple.
Rx Sep 7

Hello World!

Wee Molly is a lessie bean
She’s very bright and cheerful
When people hate and censure
It makes her sad and tearful!

‘Cause Molly, she loves everyone
Pure love to her is sacred
Her innocence protects her
From prejudice and hatred!


Alan Smithee Sep 6

Full of cracks
And broken things
Among hopeless things
So every so often
Up comes a rose
Perfectly grown
Among chaos
Despite cracks
The broken things
Those desperate minds
And toxic hard things
   to survive
And up came this rose
Perfect among chaos
Beautiful in any venue
 in any language
Perfect and exposed
Admired but left alone
   respected beauty 
Because old friend....
Every so often
When it's hope
That every so often
Grows where it shouldn't
It breeds more
It shows beauty
And a message
   that says
Every so often
Anything is possible
That everything can be beautiful
Even all that is ugly
Can become all that was ugly
So we can be beautiful
Knowing no shame
Fearless and finding...
     among the lost of us
To find the best in us
     in spite of everything

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