I don't wish to argue,
whether the glass is
half empty or half full,
as long as what it holds,
is pure and delightful.

When I dial your number
my heart beats fast
When I see your face
i think i'll have a heart attack
When I hold your hand
my knees get weak
When you put your arm around me
i think i'll collapse
I'm so in love

Aleeza 2d

I have never understood
why people gravitate towards light
when it blinds the eyes that cannot adjust
when it can be traitorous

how long have they taught us to reach for light
to reach for a hope that is not really there?
how long have we been fooled that it is purely good
that it will be the salvation of all?

I have found more comfort in darkness
for it does not choke the life out of the shadows
for it does not parch the lands with its severity
for it does not deprive

and i do know
that with darkness there lurks an evil
a doubt that traps you in its embrace
a danger within the shadows

i have been so afraid of such a love
so afraid that they will cast me out because of what i want
for it is not what they dream of
for the shadows are their fear

but i will stand by it
because in darkness
i have found the cure
for the unending light

You possess nothing, but beauty.
You possess nothing, but love.
You have everything, but self love.

You receive endless praise, but still you don't believe.
You are the definition of purity, but still you keep your inaccurate opinion.
You get all the credit in the world, but still you don't accept who you really are.

You are you - not the you that you define yourself as, but the one that you really are.

Audrey G Nov 9

Eyes as blue as pure water
Fur as white as a snowflake
Smile as pretty as spring
Light as the wind

But caring as a mom,
Playful as a child
Curious as one can be
Unique like no other

Calm as the sea,
Mysterious as the new day
No one knows her name
Is a legend, just like her

Though I know what it is I still choose to hide within it
A paradox to entertain
enveloped by change
Though I know what it is I still remain
Thoughts wander invariably
The labyrinth of quest
Is it the nature of desire that truly drives the ego?
Why then, do we fear it?
Though it brings everything into question I still thrive on discovery
These chemicals mix and bring about the same result
An expression of where the soul plays
It's perfect because it is and nothing is perfect too
Though an ego can be trouble, it's the catalyst for more
A secret God is the only God that will remain true
Harsh voodoo playing on the tongue
All to acknowledge ye be the bird that sung
Or the sword that swung
Or the bell that rung
Though it carries vanity, it also brings a melody
I see the spiral
I see the light
I hear the halo's birth song every single night
And I praise its glory in every way
I love you, dear shadow
You are not an enemy
In truth I know I am the one that beckons the
And though it plays a part, it always meet an end
In silver lines and diamond hills
A students will, a master's skill
A lovers passion, a sage's blessing
Collect the lightning
breathe the fire
Inherit the earth and waters
grow them higher
See the planes
Accept insane
Forgive the method of those in pain
Though the struggle urges to fall back, I adhere and then move forward
Let it roll
Ride in faith
Spirit tides calm the ocean
The music was heard and the dance began
Onward into the infinite wonder

Mary Oct 29

And i see you
as you walk
with your head held high
amongst them
shining of a light
that's all yours.
And i fall
even more
in love
cause you smile at me
as if you were a child
and i was made
of cotton candy.
You taste
and destroy me
with your endless sweetness
and intergalactic mouth
that makes us shine.
As you give up
the light
that was once yours
but that it's now
all ours.

full eyes of pure quicksilver moonlight
dance across the star-struck sky
doors open and close in the house of my heart
empty rooms so full of fading light

crumbling, faded autumn leaves
blow in through open windows in my mind
night whispers songs into my fractured heart
as I leave the light behind

translucent veil over my eyes
falls softly down around my head
church bells ring like hollow lullabies
as I pass over the bridge of death

some things can never be complete
I guess I've always known
that through my mind has lost its way
my heart has not yet flown

Karoline Oct 18

I’m 5’9”, loud and strong. 

I’ve got big hair, perfect brows and a straight back.

I radiate confidence, sexuality and metaphorical balls as my curvy hourglass figure walks with purpose down the street.

My attitude says “There’s nothing I can not do.”

My eyes say “You wanna fight? I’m ready.”

To them, I’m a lioness. 

I protect all that is mine — except from myself. 

Behind the facade, I am small. 

Behind my words, I am afraid. 

Behind my sunglasses, my eyes are wet. 

And under my luxury lingerie, I am naked, just like my soul is when I’m writing.

I’m not who they think I am, are you?

Karoline Oct 18

Covered in my shining armour,
carefully hiding all the love that I harbour.
Straight back, head always held high,
never showing them how hard I try.

Don’t offer a smile, they may not smile back. 
It’s better to fake the strength that you lack.
Pushing away the dream of true love,
covering my heart like a hand in a glove.

“Resting bitch face”, “intimidatingly fierce”,
sunglasses covering all of my tears.
“You’ll be happy alone”, I tell myself,
dreams of marriage pushed back on the shelf.

But then how is it, in the end of the day,
when I lay down in bed, it’s of true love I pray.
When the armour comes off, and I’m true to my soul,
I feel something missing for me to be whole.

I stretch out my body, my muscles are sore.
Bruises and marks from the armour I wore.
Like light through a crystal, it all becomes clear,
my shining armour was created by fear.

What I thought was my helper, was always an enemy;
pushing potential soul mates far away from me.
Keeping me away from all that I wanted,
all caused by memories of which I am haunted.

“Strong independent woman”, “single by choice”,
most times I don’t even believe my own voice.
But at night without the armour, I see the true me;
my soul and my heart both rejoiced to be free.

It’s time to be brave, let them all see;
the love. the kindness. the vulnerability.
I’ll take off the armour, piece by piece, over time;
true strength comes from within, and I see this is mine.

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