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Cyan 6d
If I had the guts
to stand barefoot before a rolling tank,
I wonder if I’d also be concerned
about the feeling of dirt
between my toes
a little bit
Hunter Sep 23
Our love is a friendship that caught fire,
It’s sharing and confident,
It shares loyalty through the bad,
And the good times.
It allows less than perfection,
But makes allowance to human weakness.

Our love can’t be seen or measured,
However its strong enough to change me in a moment,
Offers us more joy than any material possession could.
Our hearts see what's invisible to the eye.
Love doesn’t make the world go round,
But it's what makes my ride worthwhile.

This is easily,
The most beautiful,
And the best thing in the world.
Like I said it can’t be seen,
Or even touched!
It can simply be felt by the heart.

Love is to love someone for who they are,
Who they were,
Who they are going to be.
To love and be loved is everything.
I love you J.J.L.
I've been putting thought to how my life is with my lover, and honestly its amazing. Despite my flaws and the risk in the career I want, you still look at me with the same love as when I first met you.
an0nym0us Sep 20
Its raining heavily, I'm stuck in the mud.Struggling, trying to stay still...
I am helpless and can't escape.

Before, I wasn't stuck in here, but when I saw her pulling them up; One by one, they all break free. They all rejoice while she still suffers.

I couldn't bare it much longer. I took a step and pulls her. Her other half is free at a distance but still miserable behind its own cage.

I have decided to take a risk. I'm aware that there's no turning back.
I chose to take her place and free her; even if it means I'll be the one to suffer.

I wipe her tears with my hand. Wore my smile and tell her it's fine. I promise I will free her from such burden. And see her soothing smile at me again.

The more I pull the more I sink, but its long as she's freed. I will give her my all even I sink deeper. My life is nothing in  exchange for her freedom.
Her happiness is my happiness even if it means I sacrifice my own life and well being. I am willing to give my all.
Mary Frances Sep 13
That's the thing about having a broken heart.
When the love you felt was true and pure,
it still hurts overtime.
No matter how long time has passed,
the scar is as painful as the wound.
It's a ticking time bomb.
When triggered, you burst to tears.
Crying all the questions and regrets you have over the years.
And sometimes all you can do is breathe in deep
as there are certain pain and tears you try so hard to keep.
Grace Haak Sep 3
it's white
so pure
so fresh
so clean
so tell me why the red that flows
looks like a scar, so mean?
it's sparkly
so fluffy
so new
so light
so tell me why the red that flows
looks just like blood, so bright?
it's racing and racing
and flowing and falling
leaves a scrape and a streak
as it runs down the peak
a strange sled of red
down a white snowy head
Thouse summer brizze was finally touch this.
Thouse trees and birds was teaching her.
They teached her how to live.
She no more girl, she's woman and she's pure.
Her beauty very gently laying on her skin.
Her sweet aroma flying on the wind.
This was amazing painting.
When she was lay and watching rich pure sky.
Oh my, she's happy now.
Thouse happiness were stuck inside her veins.
Thouse happiness were steeping every piece around her.
mila splawska Jul 29
i run purely on coffee and thoughts of you
- i hope you know
Amanda Jul 28
You carry me softly on a sweet melody
So clear, it cries with the wonder
Of innocence, born into a blue fringed day
I feel the vibration of my heart-strings and see
Loves poetry begin to stir
And your eyes hold me, they say

I was living a dream of existence, it was true
Happy on my independent rock
Treading through the dating tide
Seeing so many, wanting to be you
You, who brought this life change shock
Lost my wits, as the walls were stripped aside

Softly, as a sigh that swung like a hammer blow
You spoke and I was suddenly deaf to the world
Only your voice filled this earthly plane
I was the gravity for your living blinding glow
In its growing warmth, my closed heart unfurled
Like petals welcoming the sun, putting on a show

I could lose my way in your forest brown gaze
As they look deep, into the soul of me
No-where to hide, my secrets all laid bare
I can foresee the future of my days
Can you read my mind, can you see
A love entwined, so pure and rare
you've left
delicate scars
i'm forever yours

your name
cascades moonlight
beaming lustrous
until dawn

up until
the closing of my
to death

i'll remain
within your love

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