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my nature is vile
and pure and peaceful and cruel
and here i am now
Amara May 10
Wish my adoration for you was known by you
wish you could somehow discover me
like a little plant my love for you grew
and this plant will never wilt, a promise I make to you

I hope one day this poem doesn't make sense
because you'll be mine
and I'll be surrounded by your fragrance
Amara May 13
We're sitting in our haven
cozy environment to
heal every crack
with you,
no lack

I caress you differently
from other times
so you pull me in
but guilt fills your eyes
"It's okay" all I say
half cry
you embrace me
doubts, shatter away.
Shofi Ahmed Jan 30
Pure beauty
Atop hills of thorns
A rose
Full stop.
It doesn’t matter
how much weight you carry.
It’s about how you distribute.
Pain diffusion
is like sunlight through leaves;
it takes courage
to let brightness pierce through
and kiss you.
So stay with me,
right here,
by your tree roots,
where cyclamen grow.
Hold my hand
like you always knew me.
Forgive my shyness
as I fidget
with toe rings of clover -
I promise;
  I’m less and less scared -
I still love your wildness.
I feel you,
all over.
of Pure Water.
My lack of sharpness
is yearning to soften your edges.
I’m floating above your garden,
The ripeness of fruit
that your highest tree bares,
smells like a rose
you delivered.
If we really are here
to mirror,
all I want to do for you
is shimmer.
O the *****-coated skin
Of the stain-snouted ******
Such Classy vermin
Rats & dogs

How ugly,
How disgusting,
Ugly vampires that only steal
And get covered in nasty fluids
Useless prostitutes
Walking around with ***-breath
Acting like the innocent queens
Rot in Hell
You filthy abusive ******* nasty *** skanks.
Worthless pompous **** phonies you Rot in ******* Hell hahaha hahaha hahahahahaha
Useless Parasites. And Murderers of the Innocent, since they make only filth profitable - ****** to the FOREVER tortures of Infinite HELL, for enslaving the Innocent.
Panda Boy Apr 2022
The universe
Flows, an overwhelming
Humility is sure to follow,
And when all earthly worries are cast away,
Simplicity becomes pure bliss.
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