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When you have nothing to lose
that's when your
guards fall like November leaves
and you're as ***** as Eve's innocence
in the face of every thing and anything
Karisa Brown Dec 5
The deception came easily
The yellow brick road and all its poets
She had them by the coat tails
Pulling them this way and that
Begging for mercy when she had done bad
Manican like motions
Soon followed
Plastered silly putty smile
Washed over
her veneers and pearly
White gates
Of tragedy poetically
Hallucinate through the glass
KAE Dec 5
Dear Elena

dear Elena, do not give your heart to anyone. not everyone deserves it
dear Elena, keep your heart and your most beautiful feelings for the indicated or someone worthwhile
dear Elena, hide your purity
dear Elena, take care of yourself. Nobody break you, no one breaks your purest feelings
dear Elena, be careful in this ***** world, beware of these twisted people
s v e n Dec 4
I walk and walk,
But I'm walking the wrong way.
I hear and hear,
But I'm misunderstanding some things.
I look and look,
But all I see is blurry shapes.
I talk and talk,
But all that comes out is nonsense.
Just nonsense.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 29
Mirror, mirror!
You are so clear.
Pure like clear water
I see not your colour.

'You can see my inside
it's your picture!'
It whispers to a candle
curiously burning
in front of the mirror!
rylander Sep 2017
O, the struggles of the young 'adult'
Trying to fit in,
Yet somehow the 'social' cult
Takes away the souls that are pure
And curses them
Till they no longer endure.
Nathalie Nov 27
Doves cooed at morning dawn

Encapsulated in pure light

Every spark of brightness

Magnified the blades of grass

Shining with pearls of dew

Trees swayed, keeping

Their majestic presence

As the wind ruffled

Their leaves, a medley

Of beauty and colour

Rustling brook sang

Merrily as it met

With the riverbank

In gushes of

Ebbs and flow

Nature’s bounty

Becomes it's own reward

For everyone who

Appreciates and rejoices

In celebration and song

Of our world’s harvest

Our love is a parrot dwelling in the cage of my heart.
As long as you remember my love in core of yours,
The demons will not disrupt our journey to eternity.
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