Amanda 19h
There was a girl
Who met a boy
Everyone before had
Treated her heart as a toy

You see, this girl was scared
He'd turn out same as the rest
Was reluctant to give him
Thing beating in her chest

Determined to prove her wrong
Every day gave her his time
Slowly the wall she put up
He fearlessly began to climb

Tried to push him away
Did not want him to get close
But when she parted from his touch
She craved just one more dose

He was falling for her as well
She stirred something locked inside
Re-awakening a hidden part
Of himself he was certain had died

Promised to be real with her
Told exactly how he felt
She heard him say "I love you"
Three words made her melt

It was clear she was worth risk
Though he too, had been hurt in the past
Somehow sensed this was different
From relationships that did not last

He threw pride and fear aside
Asked her to do the same
Took a little longer than he thought
Her resolve he was able to tame

She finally let him in
Let him see pieces that were broken
Found her wounds starting to heal
With every honest line spoken

He showed his darker side
Bravely bared all, it was tough
With each kiss and adoring look
Smoothed edges that were rough

Balanced eachothers scales
Two halves of one soul, complete
Both filled with ecstasy
From heads to floating feet

This is the place I leave our tale
Of love simple, pure, and true
If you have not guessed by now
She is me, he is you.
A bit different from my usual writing style
Umi 3d
To my mortal enemy,
All lies and delusions you have carried so far are all but for nothing,
Deceiving you took from me what was a part of my fading heart once.
You are the only one I will never forgive, not until the night has been swallowed by the abyss and the sun is no longer rising in this hell.
What was the purpose of your selfish doing ? Was it greed or lust ?
Purified from all emotions but fury, I will let this fire rampage forever
The soul resented by life, creeps around in the somber fields,
Can you see it ? Of course your ignorant eyes haven't grasped the single truth yet, you cannot see anything, so keep wandering blindly,
Aimless and with displeasure we shall meet in the distorted dark,
I got even rid of the love in my chest, so that I may awaken as who I am now..if by chance I were to forgive you, could I be myself again ?
No! I don't want you to rest in your deepest sleep, I will show you the same nightmares until your dried tears turn into elusive blood.
George your amusement and be ruined, someday you will repay,
So be as it may, my courtesy must remain, I offer you my darkest passion, until you reveal that sweet soul of yours that dies.
Hey, are you watching ?

Yours truly,
Pure Furies

~ Umi
нє ωαѕ ѕєит fяσм αвσνє тσ ѕανє мє fяσм муѕєℓf
нє нαѕ вℓєѕѕє∂ мє ωιтн нιѕ gυι∂αи¢є αи∂ нιѕ киσωℓє∂gє fυℓℓ σf ωєαℓтн

нιѕ иαтυяαℓ σяєи∂α ιѕ ρяєѕєит єνєяу ∂αу
тнє ѕмιℓє σf му gυαя∂ιαи нαѕ ¢σиνιи¢є∂ мє тσ ѕтαу

α∂мιяєяѕ ѕυяяσυи∂ нιм, вυт тσ мє нιѕ нєαят ιѕ ℓσυ∂
ι ℓєт нιм киσω נυѕт ωнσ ι αм, вєιиg мє нαѕ мα∂є нιм ρяσυ∂

нє α¢¢єρтѕ мє ιи α ωαу ѕσ ρυяє
нє нαѕ σρєиє∂ υρ нιѕ ¢ℓαѕѕяσσм ∂σσя

ιf ι єνєя иєє∂ α fяιєи∂
нє ωιℓℓ вє тнєяє fσя мє тιℓℓ тнє єи∂

συя נσкєѕ вяιиg ѕмιℓєѕ тσ му fα¢є
тнє ¢ℓαѕѕяσσм ιѕ му ѕαfєѕт ρℓα¢є

συт σf αℓℓ ¢яєαтισи, нє ιѕ му αиgєℓ fяσм αвσνє
нє fℓєω ѕтяαιgнт ιитσ му ∂αяк ℓιfє, α ωιѕє αи∂ gяα¢єfυℓ ∂σνє

ι αм υѕє∂ тσ ℓуιиg fαя вєнιи∂, ℓєfт ву тнσѕє ωнσ нανє ℓσνє∂ мє
кι¢кє∂ ωнєиєνєя ι ωαѕ ∂σωи, тнєу нανє ρυѕнє∂ мє αи∂ тнєу'νє ѕнσνє∂ мє

ι киσω мσтнєя ¢αяєѕ ву тнє α¢тισиѕ тнαт ѕнє тαкєѕ
вυт ѕнє ∂σєѕ иσт ¢αяє тσ ¢нαиgє тнє fєαя тнαт ѕнє мαкєѕ

ѕнє тєαяѕ мє ∂σωи ωιтн нєя ωσя∂ѕ єνєяу ∂αу
ι αм иσт єиσυgн fσя нєя ιи αиу ωнι¢н ωαу

fαтнєя нєℓ∂ мє ¢ℓσѕє ωιтн ιиfιиιтє ρяσтє¢тισи
уєт нє ωαѕ тнє яєαℓ ∂αиgєя, ∂єѕριтє нιѕ αffє¢тισи

нє ¢нσѕє нιѕ ρσω∂єяѕ αи∂ ρσтισиѕ σνєя мє
нє мα∂є нιѕ ∂є¢ιѕισи, тнιѕ мιи∂-αℓтєяιиg ѕρяєє

"fιяѕт ρℓα¢є" ιѕ α тιтℓє ι нα∂ иєνєя киσωи
υитιℓ тнє нєαят σf му тєα¢нєя, тнє αиgєℓ, ωαѕ ѕнσωи

нє тσσк мє υи∂єя нιѕ fєαтнєяє∂ ωιиg
ι αм иσω fяєє, ι ℓαυgн αи∂ ѕιиg

ι нανє киσωи тнє αиѕωєяѕ ℓιє ωιтнιи нιм υρσи тнє нιgнєѕт ѕнєℓf
вυт нє нαѕ тαυgнт мє тнαт тнє αиѕωєяѕ αℓѕσ ℓιє ωιтнιи муѕєℓf

нє яєα∂ѕ му ωσя∂ѕ ωιтн ¢αяєfυℓ єуєѕ
му ωσя∂ѕ нє ωσυℓ∂ иєνєя ∂єиу

нє нαѕ ѕнσωи мє тнє тяυтн тнαт ι нανє ℓα¢кє∂ fσя ѕσ ℓσиg
ι иσω киσω тнαт ι αм ωσятну, fσя ι ѕιиg му fяєє∂σм ѕσиg
a personal poem for my favorite teacher
Ashish Gaur Jul 1
It feels like being caught in rain
You never know when it happens
and usually it happens at the most unexpected place

It starts with a lightning
and the thunders roaring
while the darkness in a haste
consumes the whole world

Some people run away from it
Some of us hide from it
and others pull out an umbrella
hoping it'll all pass away

But when it happens with us
we hold each others hand tightly
Shivering and doubtful of the unknown
we endure it together waiting it to begin

Because when the dark clouds settles
and the weather calms down
we're left with rainbow colors
and petrichor in the soothing winds
the droplets soaking our body
filling our heart with a sweet sense

We stand there forever
Till the only thing that remains,
is a feeling which possesses us
just like the Rain
helena alexis Jun 28
“isn’t it beautiful?” the girl said with a twinkle in her honey colored eyes as she admired the sunflower field before her. bright yellow sunflowers scattered all around in an open field just waiting for girls like her to fall in love.

“yes it is, it’s gorgeous.” the other girl replied, with a smile. although she wasn’t talking about the field, she was admiring the girl twirling in the field of flowers. she snapped a picture with her camera of the other girl as she thought about kissing her sun kissed skin all over. she’s a lovely girl. a girl who knows what she wants. the flowers dance as the wind blows. the girl put her camera down and ran into the flowers, finding the other girl. she hugged her from behind. the brown eyed girl turned around, facing her. suddenly, the blonde haired girl grabbed the young girl’s face, kissing her cherry colored lips as the sun loved their skin on this hot summer day.
I miss you
my beautiful beast.
My angry muse;
a perfect reflection
of who I once was.
The last time I saw
the pale lines
that made up
I lost it.
I was convinced you'd
be the last person I ever saw.
I was convinced
I'd die with you
clawing your way
through my brain.
I couldn't get away from you.
I didn't want to;
until I did.
Until I called some
friends I had not yet met.
They wanted to show me the way.
They wanted to know if I knew the way.
I did not my love.
I tried to tell them I hated you.
I swore I'd rid myself of you
but I always felt invincible
when you were killing me.
I couldn't stay away from you long,
could I?
When I felt I had failed,
when I knew it was over,
when it wasn't,
I felt sorry for myself.
I felt alone.
And we're not meant to be alone.
No-one's meant to be alone.
That's why I picked up where I
left off
when I returned to you.
They thought they'd flushed you
out of my system.
But no,
I know
where to find you
when the pity party
has come to a close.
Call it luck.
Call it fate.
But I needed to taste you,
and then to hate you,
one last time,
before it was
too late.
Rachel Glen Jun 24
i want to leave a flower on her grave
where the sun is drawn to, nourishing a life -
her beauty continuing on in a world that cannot stand another loss.

i want to sing her name into the wind
where it will whistle through the forest
and roll along the waves of the ocean -
her memory is no longer skin deep and she will become
... infinite.
Kat Jun 23
Make sense of me
Unwind me

       Define me
       Don't decline me

                         See through
                         Make due

          Find me
          Don't bind me

                               Shake me
                               Don't fake for me

               Feel me
               Don't kneel for me

                                   Make sure
                                   Take me pure

         Don't hesitate
         I won't separate


         I've come to evolve

                                                                             Don't let me dissolve
Freddie Ruiz Jun 20
I’ve reached the end of the road and stumbled across a huge wall.
After all that trouble, seems like there’s nowhere else to go.
I have fought to find my chance, because I know it’s out there somewhere
and I will keep pushing myself, even if I have to climb the air.
Underneath the goodness there’s something pure and greater,
so, don’t fall for everything others say it’s better.

If you forget who you are, anything can distract your mind
and you can lose your hope, lose it all and even lose your life.
Every step you take is not a regret.
Every step you take is one step closer.
Let your faith guide you to it
and put your whole trust in it.

When it’s raining so hard, and your sky is covered with dark clouds,
you won’t get lost as long as you don’t give in to doubts.
When you hear your victory song louder than ever,
don’t stop to catch a breath, because you’re almost there.
Written on June 16, 2010
Composition number: 359
Uta Jun 18

alone in the woods,

enjoying the nature and it's beauty,

seeing the shadows that the trees were making,

out of nowhere, a deer appeared in front of me,

his beauty was unbelievable as if he was sent from heaven.

The color of his fur was so rare,

his whole body was colored brown with the mixture of melting gold,

his eyes were black like the universe with many stars in it,

and every star was different and represented memories and different emotions.

They showed what each star has survived and experienced,

love, hate, happiness, sorrow.

His antlers were big, strong and damaged by many fights,

he was the king of all the deer,

he was pure and brave.

But what really fascinated me,

is that,

when he looked into my direction,

he knew,

that there is,

hope in this world,

he knew,

that we have time,

he knew,

that we have a chance to make a difference.
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This actually happened, I was not alone but I was with my mother in the woods. We were just as I said in the poetry traveled around the woods. Seeking whatever comes in our way. We couldn't believe our eyes. This was not just an ordinary deer yet this deer was extraordinary and his beauty was out of this world.
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