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Shane Leigh May 7
There is a belief that Angels are pure
And Demons are evil.
Why is there the belief Angels are pure?
Why is there the belief Demons are evil?

The gruesome, dreaded, and terrifying Angel of Death
Is just the kindest and most merciful of demons.
The hated, haunting, and sinful Demon Lord of Hell
Was once ethereal and a beloved Angel.

One does the job appointed to it - but this brings hatred, fear.
The other only being what it was created to be, but this is NOT in
     the best interest of humans.

What distinguishes the Angels from the Demons?
One is Pure and one is Sin?
Would that mean God creates purity within sin and sin
     within purity?
Or is that we? Is that human?

Do we interpret such beings as we humans would interpret a myth?
Or do we cling to such things as truth
     for fear that we are inadequate because we choose to be
          rather than because we were created that way?

There are times when the only company are Demons.
There are others where Angels are the reason we are alone.
They are not always doting.
They are not always viscous.
We are simply insignificant.
That being said, I just have so many questions on how we view religion itself and the beliefs within them. There was sooooooooo much I wanted to write but it was just sooooo long lol
Anyways … I hope this is enjoyable and is READ AS POETRY rather than an attack on religion.
© Shane Leigh
Panda Boy Apr 7
The universe
Flows, an overwhelming
Humility is sure to follow,
And when all earthly worries are cast away,
Simplicity becomes pure bliss.
Isaac Dec 2021
fighting my demons
rewriting the script, changing the meaning
from a sad sad story to one filled with glory
but it's hard when every day a new thing screams my name
screaming for me to do this and that
I am put into these positions with conditions that
taint a good time, taint a pure mind
told I could find myself in the good guys
but they lied, they always do
Since Adam and Eve, I should have known
humanity is plagued with apathy down to the bone
Rather steal and stack then give a meal, clothes to an exposed back
walking down an abandoned path
Andrew Nov 2021
If I could paint
with my words
Your portrait
would be epic
Janay Nov 2021
We found love crumbling from our hands as
Our eyes glisten from the tears that have fallen to the floor yelling don’t let me fall, don’t let me go.
We found love in the rain sitting by the window whispering build me up, and hold me close.
We found love sitting on the stoop laughing at the birds flying and the kids playing…
We saw love planting seeds for the trees and whispering a prayer for protection
We heard love
We heard love make a promise to self
We told love don’t disappoint
We asked love to be pure and free
Because of those that still believe
Because of those that still need love to breathe
We thanked love for the reminder
We asked love if we could wait a while
Loved giggled
We asked love for grace
Love said it’s time
We thanked love
Because we are
Angela Rose Nov 2021
Here’s the thing about moments; we don’t take the time to appreciate them until they are over
-like that brief second when he pushes your hair away from your face mindlessly while lying down
-like that small amount of time when you’re laughing so hard you’re crying making fun of one another
-like that instant your eyes meet in a crowd full of strangers and you both smile ever so softly
-like that fleeting flash where his hand grips your knee without thought in the car on the way to the grocery store
-like that short minute where he without a care in the world accidentally tells you that he loves you for the first time and you cannot breathe

Love is a series of moments we seemingly take for granted, if only we knew how special those moments were as we were in them
Nishant Rawat Oct 2021
Every day I lose a part of the past me
to gain a part of the future me.
#growth #losing
Tessa Savanna Oct 2021
i have been dreaming
of us stargazing
i have been longing
of us embracing
although it may seem impossible
i keep on believing
of us, loving
faraway from the galaxies
under the moon and stars, shining.
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