arra 10h

All hearts are beautiful.
They are all different,
But all of them are beautiful.
There are hearts
That are so pure.
Need to be kept.
Some are fragile,
That faces so many pains.
So, handle it with care.
There are hearts
That is so strong.
Can stand alone,
But still wishing for protection.
There are also scared heart.
Mad heart.
Sad heart.
Whatever heart
You have inside
All hearts are beautiful
And so, it must be loved.

I'm still figuring out what kind of heart I have and I guess I have the "scared" one. But when the time that I figured out what kind of heart I have, may someone be there to accept it. :)
Jack S 20h

This is not a poem
This is a description
A feeling
An understanding

This is not a poem
This is the pure love that i feel for the people in my life

This is not a poem
This is how i say i love you
In the purest form

A good man is a great man because
He is selfless and not reckless
He's down to earth and seeks no wealth
He will sacrifice everything he has to help others
A good man wishes for nothing but love
He maintains peace and harmony with his brothers.

A good man will humble himself and strive
And will only seek his people's welfare
His ego will shrink and he'll at all times,
Never with his brother, engage in conflict and warfare.

A good man is a great man because
He sees the good In everything and everyone
He frowns upon ego and embraces everyone
For his fellow man, he'll do just about anything.

A good man is a great man because
His soul is pure and his deeds are noble
A good man's character will be flawless
He is morally just and very very humble
He is content and desires no ill-gotten wealth

✍️ #IvanBrookspoetry©️

A good man is a great man, no matter what!

I can only describe it for you in one word. Actually, that’s not true. I could build cities from adjectives and nuances, creating dreams from reality, shaping the future. And that would never suffice. So. I will stick to the simple. The easy. Primitive almost. If we stick to the basics, then something beautiful will grow. And I present to you: water, earth, and sun. Cold. But not an unpleasant cold. A cold that resonates through you, splits you in half, and rescues you from the familiar pulsating heat of the sun’s love. It’s nice. It feels like warmth, like a release, like something you’ve known for your whole life, but couldn’t  put a name to. That’s when I knew.
Except it’s not like that. Not at all, because when you actually feel it. It feels like home, better than home, safer, it feels like home should feel. Warm snacks waiting for you, the scent of lemongrass floating through the air, glasses resting on the table next to a loved book.
Except it’s not like that. You can taste dust in the air. Breathe it in and feel it spread within you, like belladonna, and hemlock, your favorite teas coming to rest inside. Down you drift, rooted in illegitimate realities, struggling to see. So you stop. And breathe. Inwards warmth spreads, from the arches of your feet to the hollows of your eyelids. Between every vertebrae, blinding, paralyzing, until you are free. Pearls rest on your tongue, and with every breath your mouth becomes more and more full until out they dribble, each hard fought gasp spilling more from your lips. They taste like poison. They taste like heaven. They taste like hell.
But as long as it’s here, we’re happy. Truly happy, feeling a real depth breach out, trade with the world, and fill us. Some could remain content with their fantasies, smelling each smell and accepting it to be. Some could remain content with seeing the world in all its realities. Yet we. Or. At least. I. Are happy with knowing, with absorbing in time, letting each second drip between my lips and down my throat and lovingly caressing the ends of my fingers, letting me know. It is pure.

Inspired by a prompt from my friend
BWriter 5d

I'm scared of commitment,
I fear the feeling of resentment,
I'm scared of the tone in your sentence,
I'm scared of falling too deep,
And your heart cutting me until I bleed,
I'm scared of you covering the heart on my sleeve,
Using my seed as a weapon against me,
I'm scared of believing that my insecurities,
Are the reason for you leaving me,
I'm scared of my love not being enough,
Until you no longer see you and me as us,
And that feeling is tough,
I'm scared of not being able to feel your touch,
While you leave with more to gain,
That's pain I can't explain,
That's too much for the brain,
I fear experiencing the same,
I’ve led others along,
Wrote them fairy tale love songs,
Told them that together we would be strong,
I apologise I know I was wrong.

Its hard facing your fears........
Myranda Earl Jan 11

My head and heart are full
And I’m sitting here trying to find the right words,
The ones that make it all better,
And I can’t find them.
I search in the dark and the beam of my flashlight keeps finding your face.
I see glimpses of your smile before I hear your laugh.
And then my throat closes and I think of what you did.
The type of person it takes to do that and I realize
That I’m the type of person who still sees galaxies in the swirls of sugar and cream.
In all your dark, I saw light and sweetness that wasn’t truly there.
I can sit here and convince myself you were just lost,
That the feelings were real and you’ve been hurt.
You’re just another name that thought I was equipment,
A jungle gym for you to climb and mount and stand atop of and declare your manhood.
I am no less of a person because I choose to see the good.
I am no less of a lover because others have used me and left me out to dry.
One day, I’ll find the boy who’s head will sit in my lap as I read all these hopeless love adventures and well laugh.
One day, I’ll find the boy who will make this poet into a poem.

percy Jan 11

i am so much

my wings unfurl and spread

these thoughts swirl too fast in my head

to process

the factory of blood pumping in my chest

takes care of the rest

green thickens and fills

outside my window the world stands still

i am soaring

i'm falling in love with being alive
Kevin J Taylor Oct 2017

Let each hate, and ours for his,
Be scraped away. Hopefully,
He cared for some— At least the few
That may have cared for him.

Allow unchanged what good remains.
At length, undone, alone or not,
We go. In time, some with pause
and some without, return.

Angela Rose Jan 5

I had a piano when I was a child
I didn’t know how to play
I slammed on keys repeatedly until it sounded like something that reminded me of music
Eventually, I learned chords
Eventually, I learned melodies
Eventually, I learned “Every Good Boy Does Fine”
And that “All Cows Eat Grass”
I played myself musical tunes on repeat
I wrote symphonies about how much you meant to me
I could base a musical all upon the Love I felt towards you
My lyrics were surrounded by the essence of you
My musical notes were dictated by how you made me feel on any given day
Nobody knows me like the piano at my mother’s house

Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017

Heard you’ve enticed fortune
All I see is that you’re much too
Engrossed on where to go now
Revelry magnetizing night into day
from your soul, telling me only a queen
could be enthralled by theses things

going absurdly like already history, croon it
going lightening like my record collection, blessed

Hiway right into daylight, wander bold to a million’d direction
Coolness leaning on a bookshelf, precious dawn lingering all around
Everybody awes to you, my ridiculous, strangely pure, strangely pure

The same gilded sun of western dreams
It shines so copper and lone for kinds as us.
Lord grant me ancient desires was on your mind.
How’d I know, well in how you live in bliss
Easily dismiss, with looking up wondering eyes

Halls here are devoted to paradise with richly intricate walls
Much like you, said it’s a journey if you’re aware
Be sagacious, take me real far, match box says welcome to LA
Queen of the roadhouse, windows inviting wild wind
Getting ahead of the dawn, we’ve long since started.

Heard you’ve always liked those
With eyes gleaming wild
Man, they say you’re outrageous
Yeah, beautiful, mysterious – reveling finds you
It’s free and lush music, my direction,
Don’t fear welcome to deathlessness

going absurdly like already history, croon it
going lightening like my record collection, blessed

Hiway into evening, writing verse as if you breathed it
Slickness on a sleek car, precious desert lingering around
Everybody loves you, vulgarly more, strangely pure, strangely pure

The lovely joys from the beginning of time
Sweet song of the blues when sung so soothes
Lord grant me endless endeavors was on your mind
Setting your sleep aside, driving in neon haze, closed eyes
Then you say, get up sunny wondering eyelashes

Glittering like a lagoon, isn’t it – jump in too!
Are you mad, like a wild cobra, pretty but I know you’ve power
I mean, they see you laughing, striking, phrases of genius
Adored with mystery like divine sudden messages
But loving the fun, dreaming of flying near the sun, arrows sent first

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