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I'd sell my soul for you
Give everything for something pure and true, for someone like you

~Carol F.
“Hey hey,
I don't wanna lay awake
and wait,
you don't know what it takes
To bare
such a heavy weight
when you
just wanna levitate.
It was
just around the 28th,
three days ago to date,
when you
managed to escape
my dream
and usher me to fate.
You don't
need to reciprocate,
but hey
I really think you're great.
and girl,
do not hesitate,
nod your
head if you relate.”
Common denominator
Portrayed witness
Lackless drive
Pure divine stationed
In this shallow heart of mine

Somewhere locked out of sight
I dive
what is poetry
without a tear
for the dying embers
the distant cheer
for a truth now lost
in chaotic bliss
the magic hidden
within a kiss
the whisper of love
only lovers hear
what is poetry
without a tear
Lyn-Purcell Sep 14

Virtue restores,
vices destroys

Got a headache now...
Gonna sleep it off.
Night, y'all!
Lyn xxx
Lemonade Sep 12
I die a little bit inside,
every time your delicate lips broach about her.

only best friend.
Natasha Sep 11
First I fell for your eyes
With hazel specks and inviting guise
Then I fell for your laugh
Uneven and hearty and somewhat shy.

Soon I fell for your hands
Then your lips, your brain, and incredible drive—
Your truths, your dreams, your curious smile
Your biggest regrets and most convincing lies.

And now I’ve fallen for you.
And all at once it feels jeopardized—
I fear to confess
Those 3 little words that
Historically have been so weaponized.
Jedda Sep 10
Like buzzing bees and wilting flowers

I shall bloom and fall

Collecting clouds and wondering amongst them all
Freddie Ruiz Sep 5
She likes her coffee in the morning.
She likes her coffee in the evening.
You can sense that she’s protective
and you can’t help but to love her

She loves watching the sunset.
She loves getting in the rain
Her smile is the sweetest
and you can’t help but to love her.

Her love is innate.
Her beauty can’t go unnoticed.
Anywhere you see her
you can’t help but to love her.

She’s got many books beside her bed.
She’ll start reading, but fall asleep in a sec.
She brings a smile to your face
and you can’t help but to love her.

Her intentions are always the best,
far beyond what you could expect.
Her charm goes unexplained
and you can’t help but to love her.
Written on March 17, 1998
Composition number: 42
Shofi Ahmed Sep 4
Bud of the winter dew on lips grow,
Snowy boughs surrounding began to unfold,
'Spring it shall flower' you must travel along, to see
When she will flower and in her very first glance,
Shall innovate the ether lapis-lazuli sky,
And the glamorous sun in her luminous dews,
She will cast her gaze towards the infinity,
And the veiled spring-night of tender full-moon,
With millions of star thriving, will be reflected upon;
She will whisper to the sleeping morning breeze,
And that will wake dancing the primrose's aroma,
Smoothly waving over the green meadows!

Who will let it be freely, purely, organic!
In whose innovate warm touch shall dissolve,
Poor winter's covering upon the earth,
Hence, once again green earth shall cast,
A glance to its vernal zenana,
Beneath the sunny sky wherein the air,
Shall sniff the aroma of the radiant rose,
And the birds shall tour around,
Singing the song of freedom!

Endure, yet she is beyond the gaze of the sky!
Now a season poor as she has flown away,
Gone to address the assembly of the Angels!
Therefore, accepting an invitation from the fairies,
To have a bath in their lotus-pool, prior to flight.
Hence, delighted fairies all flew to the palace,
To give the news to Queen Mab!

And soon a while after they return,
Around the pool, they greeted and sang,
The spring while she steps into the pool,
They sing and dance, hail the spring:

'The troublesome thorn mingled into itself,
The long ugly arm has collapsed pieces itself,
And the beauty has broken through!
Behold! The shining sun under her shadow!
The beauty by her grace fathomless,
Gorgeous she looks, rosy winsome!
Make all dance her awakening fragrance,
Tenderness she breaths, and caresses the bliss,
With a heart of endless love,
Vivifies the file, pleasant, dynamic!'

Meanwhile, the maid of honour came with the news,
They wanted to hear 'the Houris too shall join them.'
Yet they are flowering themselves alike as they gaze,
Upon the adoring scene of divine, winsome, paragon, fashions,
Impressionist hairs of the Queen of Paradise!
Where lay upon the Throne, and youthful streams,
Flowing, surrounded by, and canopied by the sky
Of glory garnished by the millions of the divine artisans!
There the sun care greatest and offers harvest lights,
And now, she comes to the streams, she shall swim.
Therein the never fading water-lily will please her sight,
She will listen to the divine birds of joyfulness,
Singing the songs of the blissful souls,
In the name of the all praiseworthy,
The perpetual Creator, Allah.
As she will innovate the songs,
And the innovative image of the eternal creations,
Will be bestowed upon the spring and all the houris,
Shall greet the spring as they will pour
Flowery rain over the fairies' pool!

Listen, the angels sing 'Lo, the spring'
Again and again, as she dives into the fairie's pool,
And dips out up to the earth! See for yourself:
As youthful as ever with the sun shining on her forehead
And the day on her flowers, with her the earth is radiant
Her soil is perfumed, she belongs to paradise!
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