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I wondered a lie, it is my head.

The culture within me seeks solace in
substance, and I wonder
why my mental health won't stay wholesome.

It is hard to hear that genuine, innocent voice
anymore, to hear it put words to my mouth.
My head pounds with nervous aftershock.

I was quite manic today. It is clear to me
I was not in control of myself

and would do well to seek help, or administer something
that'd reconcile with myself with
these sways.

Hatred. My heart burns with it.
How can I forgive myself?
Part of me
wants to watch it burn.
Is it okay to write that?
To admit to living
in a world of one's own

sins and torment;
A survival technique:
To look toward a dark future
spent living in the past.

I'll not shy away from
reasoned discourse, nor
should I go willingly into my pain
thinking it'll save me.

The next day I took a single milligram
of 4-chlorodiazepam.
Where to from here?

To move on
is forgiveness enough.
I saw her standing there breathless
Wowed by notes struck out
Like boats over the roiling crowd,
Teary eyed with a beaming smile -
Sadness in a major key.
And see, see how she dances
Graceful, gliding to and fro
She soars as her heart roars
Thoughts banished, troubles vanish
As the music takes her, shapes her
Into this complete being of bliss,
She kisses the night sky
And a star gains its shine
This cherished muse of mine.
Megan Hammer Aug 5
Carefree kids on bikes, zigzagging their way to Gross Burgers
Their mothers are hookers, methheads, and nurses
Their dads are nowhere to be found.

But they still laugh, pass around a Coca-Cola
Turn up the Kanye and anger the neighbors
Who wear beards and drive trucks with one hand on the wheel

Carefree kids on bikes, eating push-up pops from Mike’s liquor store
They all smell like green sour patch kids - sour, sweet - almost gone.
Until they smell her lilacs beckoning them home, singing their names from a purple stem

She’s our lifeline, pumping blood through us and into our hearts
Carefree kids on bikes, we’ve only got that old lady on the porch
Carefree kids on bikes, who all the moms get rid of,
Ride to the lilacs, where she quietly gives up her last Coke for one of them

And loves them all,
Without caring where they come from.
Please just
Don't walk away                                                              
Please just
Don't say goodbye
Just walk by my side
And smile
Let me see the stars in your
Beautiful eyes
Just kiss my cheek
And walk with me
Your hand in mine
And my hand in yours
For as long as we like
We don't have to care
What anyone thinks
Run your hands through my hair
Kiss my lips
Try not to put our lipstick everywhere
Hold my hand
We're happy together
Even if it ends today
Or goes on forever
Tyler Harper Jul 29
Hands in my pockets
with a jazzed overtone
Strolling a swagger
Thad jones
The uniVerse Apr 2015
If I were a cloud drifting through space
I would never feel scared or out of place
I would float for days high in the sky
I would never need to question why
the sun would shine bright and I would glow
for all people to see far below
and when the rain came I wouldn't care
as it was tears of joy I tried to share.
Carl Halling Jul 14
Another me
There was another me
But not the better me,
But so carefree,

A better me,
That’s who I am today,
So secluded that I may be
A better me,

I brought
Happy go lucky joy,
To many,
You might say I was a golden boy,

A better me,
That’s who I am today,
So secluded that I may be,
A better me,

I can’t be the madcap
I used to be,
I would not wish to be,

A better me,
That’s who I am today,
So secluded that I may be,
A better me.
'So Secluded That I May Be' was completed as an autobiographical song lyric on 10 December 2018.
flower to flower
love seeks love, exploration
frolick in the sun
Ashley Kaye Jun 13
when they told me:
Guard your spirit
i laughed, frilly manner
listless with decision
a water lily bobbing;
eager to cut my anchor and drift
drifting into deep

depth swallows my yellow.
Written June 2019
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