Sophia 3d
Your laugh sounded like the flowers
on a spring day.

Happy, joyful,
carefree and innocent.

You smiled as if you knew
that you had me on my knees.

I couldn't have
fallen in love more.
Have you seen sunkissed oceans?
stretched till eternity,
pacific yet turbulent,
destined to touch the shore.

Have you seen a girl?
carefree and wayfarer,
breaking the norms with harsh blows,
creeping through parochial minds.

Have you seen a girl?
aspires to be the ocean,
her sunkissed hairs are like jet streams,
messed-up but knows where to flow.

Yes, I have met a girl,
vast than the ocean,
turbulent yet pacific,
smeared with sunkissed soul.
ManxPoetryGuy Dec 2018
How is it the world can carry on its day, despite not knowing what’s coming it’s way?
I sit at the edge of my bed, with my arms wrapped around my head, wondering how others seem to live so care-free.
My anxiety eats away at me, but I’ll just have to wait and see, one day maybe I will live free.
Talis Ren Dec 2018
when I’m with you
The world spins the other way

You steal my breath
Make it music
Turn the sun into gold

I’m charmed
Talis Ren Dec 2018
i. amaranthine
ii. immortally and eternally beautiful
iii. 6am sunrises, muted curtains, the warm feeling of sleep
iv. a white rose, the scent of nostalgia, something pure and bloodless
v. infinite memories, an open locket, lost keys
vi. unfading, everlasting
vii. us
On a green leaf
For frogs
Illuminated by the surface under
There she sits on
A part
A piece I looked as a picture
Dazing wondrously and scouring with pairs
My sandals my feet my hands
All my fingers and nails
My ears
My toes of ten
and legs
Knees and my shoulders
The missing piece
or so i thought under
The afterthought
Full of doubters
For the plants grew all tall
None could be any taller
Dazzling danglers
A field under the stars.

Girly willed as am I
Which could not seem possible
Acceptance aches
Belief breaks
Even the words I speak, write or sing,
(Shall I
Hear it...)
over there it only echos
against the busy chatter and travels back home
Clogs *******
Reminding me that a life can be extinguished with mere
Disbelief and ignorance another pair...
Girly willed as I am
Nodding behind books
Fiction, fiction, fiction
They neigh
So here I go...
Thankful prayer as it did happen to us..
And all of it did
That it was I who did it.

Fuels of her pair
by flying passion and wild innocence
A human being
Limitless like the others
Why don't they not see? The rest, the stops,
The same scene, there is exactly the same scene...of falls.
If they just went out and did it, for a stretch and a walk,
Just grow out of leaves, be the branches printed of feathery crease
Because I am girly willed
Golden meadows lost to become treasure.
Fearless of rags she is as I am,
Laying afloat of the clouds, linen skies, seas and drifting through the weightless sand
Fearless forever.
ruth Oct 2018
When I dance with you,
I am at Peace.

When your hand rests -
in the arch of my back
and mine -
on the curve of your shoulder -

I drift away.

in the slow steps,
following your feet -
along the melody,
syncing with beat.
Closer, I pull you
Closer into me,
while you whisper quietly,
the words I need to breathe.
lmbf Oct 2018
there’s a girl in california who knows my name
and her voice sounds like caramel on a sunny day
i don’t really know what i’m doing, but neither does she
let’s forget our time together is shorter than it needs to be

and so
i’m walking to the lake when i catch
a raven-haired girl gazing at me from the side of my eye and i
notice you were staring at me all this time
but if we’re living in the same place, you’re 2000 miles on the other side

there’s a girl in california who knows my name
and when we laugh together, everything falls into place
as if we met somewhere in our past lives
like when she told me, “i really like your vibes”

you see, i am new to this
i am not used to this
of experiencing love that just feels right
and even though ninety-six hours don’t seem like they matter
it mattered to me that we danced at midnight

call me back, tell me what’s in your heart
darling, what time is it wherever you are
i’ve got family across the world but lately you’ve been feeling fur-
ther away
like two boats colliding, then drifting astray

there’s a girl in california who knows my name
i hope one day i can (again) see her face
and tell her that she’s been the light of my life
even 2000 miles on the other side.
Fall Freewrite Sessions 2018 // I'm a firm believer that most people only stay for the season. This past season was particularly eventful.
Dear M, if you ever read this, know that I am grateful for last summer. You taught me the ropes and you taught me to love. You and I are both hoping we will see each other again, but if we don't, know I will be thinking of you.
Yours - always and forever, l.m.b.f.
Lise Nastja Sep 2018
I am no longer the woman I despised before
I have let my lover be
watch her spend days and nights
wandering like a wild animal in a vast field
I pace back and forth around the cage
I have locked myself in
while she,
being the carefree creature she is,
have travelled far and wild
and I told myself
let the lover be
let her hair be swayed by the wind
let her tiptoe on the grass
as I watch her in careful fascination
and she watches me back
admiring me like a dusty, discolored painting in a museum
“There’s something delicate about her,” she says.
for in the confined nature of my soul
I have lived a thousand lives
I have seen people come and go
watched them like they were fire dancing in the wind
reached out to touch them
and pulled back right away
because the woman I no longer am
would touch the flame and keep it for the cold of the night
now I dance around my self-made cage
and I let my lover run free.
I was reading Rumi and I was stuck on this line “let the lover be”, and it painted such a vivid picture in my head that I had to write about it.
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