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Anastasia Aug 17
You are bliss
Definition of euphoria
Taste of never-ending perfect
Oh, how I wish you were mine
A kiss from you
Melting me
Into a pool of warm ice
And honey blossoms
Drowning me in dopamine
Flashes of adrenaline
Pulsing through my veins
Laced with sugar
And your perfume
Absolute perfection ❤
Cecil Miller Aug 13
Sometimes I want to hold.

Sometimes I want to be held.

I'd rather not ruminate upon her face, study it on the canvas in my mind, because I am reminded of the distance between us, separated by seas of immeasurable volume, not unlike my fidelity.

No placemarker could ever feel the same.

There has never been such serenity as the time she let my fingers play in her hair, and dance along her forhead, while she was resting beside me in a bed that was too large for the room.

Did she feel the quickening of my pulse? My recess was not timorous, but rather love, respect, and desire to be who she needed.

It was later that I learned
I waited long and lost my turn.

Energy never dies,
But it changes like the ocean tide.
Like I, evaporated to the sky.

Like she, wonderment in definition."
I wrote the poem this afternoon. The title is just because I cannot think of a decent one. I get busy so I don't write as much poetry as I used to.
Maia Jul 31
I haven’t quite
Wether these veins that web my heart
Are roots
Or fault lines,
But I’m starting to believe-
That maybe
They can exist
As both.
“He is the ocean in my life while I am a single drop in his. He is the sun in my sky while I am the breeze that goes by unnoticed. He is the moon that guides me at night, while I am nothing but the darkness in his life. Excitement pulsates when he texts, but not a pulse more when I text. For I am just like the other girls he talks to; just one of them when he is the only one for me. Happiness rushes through my veins and nerves feel a gentle tickle in his presence. I feel everything deeply; pain and happiness when it comes to him, while he feels nothing. Sacrificing, asking, encouraging, adjusting and compromising when it’s never the same. He never runs when I slip away, but I stay when he walks away. I feel like I am chasing him; on a constant run for him to care. But he doesn’t care about me, as much as I care about him; and that hurts deeply than I ever thought it would.”

- excerpt from an open letter
Tori Apr 3
A leprous creature in life and death
with a horrible stench and a panting breath
She files her neatly pedicured claws
Sharpens the teeth in her lip-glossed jaws
In search for the pulsing blood of men
she feeds on their beating hearts and then

moves on....
Empire Mar 6
I just sit
And feel
The adrenaline
That courses
In my veins
I caress it
Let it flow
Through my flesh
Feel it run
Down my spine
Through my arms
To the tips
Of my fingers
Sometimes it makes
Me sick
My stomach turns
My head beats
To my pulse
Which is consistent
And fast
I smile
I love it
I want more
I feel like a
Ember Zola Jan 23
The lines of your body
with my eyes

Memorizing every

Your pulse quickens
along with
my desire

I miss you
Marcella Faye Jan 23
You are the pulse
That's running in
And through my veins.
cupid Dec 2018
hold your  breath for 5 seconds
and listen
listen to the beat of your heart
find your pulse now
feel the rush of blood beneath your skin
put your hands over your chest
try to feel the pumping of your heart
now that you’re aware of your body
tell me
are you unsettled
so much happening to make you function that you don’t control
it’s like fragile machinery
flowing, changing, nonstop
if you are feeling unsettled by being conscious of it all
there’s a name for that feeling
that vague confusion
it’s called rubatosis
it’s the unsettled feeling you get upon noticing your heart and heartbeat
i wanna burn all my flesh off :3
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