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Somewhere gorgeous, beautiful.
Somewhere with concinnity.
Send me to a land afar,
Ripe with pure divinity.
Pick me from this land of men
Like a scab on putrid skin.
Send me to where all time ends or
Where the end of time begins,
Where this mortal folly dies,
Broken down by natures wrath,
Shaming human arrogance
With its final floral laugh.
Somewhere gorgeous, beautiful.
Somewhere with concinnity.
Somewhere from this concrete mess
Could you please deliver me?
When I look up to the sky
Wondering, wondering why
The clouds rain
The sun shines
Sometimes even
At the same time.

Together they create and later they dissapate.
When I look up to the sky
At certain times
The sky changes
Becomes inflamed
Dies, yet!
Does it truly!?

I see flickering dots of lights
Silently hanging
While ever so slowly
They shift and make their way
To a slightly different space.

So I wonder
Is there something?
Something that I'm missing?
Why does the sky changes so much?
It nearly looks like,
That it's alive.

A funny thing
If you think about it.
... When I'm writing I am torn apart
    I am there more less than me

... When I'm fearful that my heart's exposed
    And too disclosed, in such moments I am free

... When her topic weighs upon my mind
    And no self-thought will settle me

... It is when I write, I don't know I've found
    That I create what I've yet to see
And this is this how intuitive lives. LOL.
******* are itches like skin conditions
forget the admissions and feelings and visions
find yourself in a position where decisions
are void, because there's no choice,
no recognition, my voice is an imposition

With no occupation, or real reason to function
I'll spend my money on medication 'til
I'm believing what I'm seeing
Something is weighing on my mind heavy,
roll up another blunt-skin,
***** open another bevy,
Something is playing with my mind lately,
just write a couple bars
Yeah, that'll tell them nothing maybe

My hopes were up, but they have come down
It's too often we carve a smile out of a frown
just to fit in
           when we were born to stand out
So as a rule tell others how you feel,
not let em figure out
Honesty's my policy, unless I think they're on to me
and now I've lied again
I better turn my life around
In a short life, I've been much, I've been proud
I've been up, I've been down,
I've been chewed and spat out
Left out in the sun, left out to dry up on the ground

But all the aspirations that I'll never meet,
can be recycled to ambition if I get back on my feet,
But all the things I was promised, that's deceit
the act or practice of deceiving,
concealment or distortion of the truth,
for the purpose of misleading, so they got me bleedin'
and everything I want, I'm not receiving
and everything I need, I know they're keeping
More so than celebrities
And more so than the rich,
I would like to find a cat
Whose souls us two may switch.
No more would I work a job,
My life no longer taxed.
Never anxious, no more stress,
Just me, all fat, relaxed.
Food would come quite easily,
I'd simply sit and mew,
Knowing if no humans come
A bird or mouse will do.
In the winter, by the fire,
I would find my home.
In the summer, through the grass
And flowers I would roam.
I would feel so sorry for the
Hudbands and their wives,
Merely just existing while
I live nine perfect lives.
I am not deluded,
Though a tad erratic.
There are voices in my head
But none are in my attic.
I may have a ***** loose,
I was made all shoddy.
I may hide a thousand thoughts
But never once a body.
****** may excite me,
But only when in books.
If you doubt me come to mine,
Alone, and take a look.
Shea 3d
Took the road to El Dorado
From Okeechobee to Colorado

Took the road away from riches at home
Children you have to help grow

Took the road to El Dorado
From Okeechobee to Colorado
Left your children at home
And they've grown without you
If you know the way you came
You know how to return.
It may be an uphill climb
With many twists and turns.
You may lose your footing once
Or twice while on your way,
As the road may seem to just
Get steeper with each day.
You will fall from time to time
And tears will follow suit,
Demons from the mountain top
Shout claims you must refute.
If you can brave the obstacles
That once set you aflame,
You will make the journey through
The way that you once came
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