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Peter B 4d
Partying hard
every day, every night
at the Festival of Poetry -
the festival of my life.

My bracelets
are flickering in the moon.
I'm kissing
the flowers, they make me bloom.

I'm drinking
the sweetest wine on earth.
I'm dancing
with a naked silhouette.

I'll be dancing
until the very last breath.

There will be no hangovers,
no regrets.
Dorian, See yourself in the glassy white eyes of mine
Know yourself in the painting of little lies of mine

You say that you wish to just disappear someday
If only you could weigh yourself in the silent cries of mine

Fall like cascade from my head to my feet and you will,
trace your name in the skin of arms and thighs of mine

My gentle benign blue ivy flower
Never see through the delighted disguise of mine

Now I sing in the heaven that I got because of you
Ever since you became the utter demise of mine
This was my first attempt at writing a ghazal
Isabella Sep 12
Chasing silly fantasies,
Left throbbing bruises on my feet,
Scrapes on my knees,
Blood in my teeth.

Chasing rotten stupid lies,
Starry skies,
Moonlit eyes,
Left stinging scratches in my thighs,
Pain in my side,
Aches in my mind.

Chasing love, chasing you-
The attitude,
The untied shoes,
Left nothing for me but the yearning for you.
Norman Crane Sep 12
coffee cup broken
pieces strewn across the floor
sharp words were spoken
now we are silent;       no more
(s)weeping;    sad ceramic gore
Diesel Sep 12
Who cares if they watch our love?
— Fact they rather'd see:
It matters not in this cove,
In this sprawl of love and sweep:

Re-lose those eyes in this rime,
Then folds will lay and swap:
Then pink and red would stain our skin,
And fight we would to stay on top:

And whites of eyes will sil'ly appear,
Too busy we are enveloped in we:
In all this thing of our love,
Of kiss, and rush, and kiss, and flee.
'sil'ly' is an attempt to remove the "ent" in "silently."
Jim Sep 11
Another time, another space
A breath from fear and grieving
The sunlight fills an empty void
But soon I will be leaving

Tire tracks on dusty roads
Her crimson heart lay beating
Generations of divided families
Yes, soon I will be leaving

The destination was never known
Each path opaque and deceiving
As soft as ravens opal wings
And soon I will be leaving

Watching rose blossoms grow
This gift is for receiving
Comfort found in the daze of summer
So, soon I will be leaving

Don’t run, please stay awhile
Hope and love can be deceiving
My back turned towards the bell tower
For now I will be leaving
Jim Sep 8
I was given a riddle where the waters run red
I was given hope from a forgotten friend
I found a hard stone lying in the soft grass
I sat and I waited for more time to pass

With each breath, the clouds drifted by
The song bird hummed and the day became night
A crack in the distance as the land split in two
The handmaid fled to an evening rendezvous

Bright ripples formed in the fabric of time
I showed up and found I was last in line
I peered at my watch looking for answers
The clock exclaimed “now!” and the futures been canceled

And though the cold tightens my skin
And the cricket sings my song
The road is full of twists, turns and heartache
But it was never very long
Zoe Mae Sep 4
These roses are dead
Our relationship is too
Turns out I'm just meat
Therefore so are you
Felt so long like Eros sat in prison,
let my blood pale from crimson.
Until you cast your shadow to my sun
made of all sweet smelling things and neurolysin.
Undid my braid
every tangled knot, and auburn strand - one by one.
I could not define safety, until with you I laid
and showed, to my temple, the steel of gun
see now, even fear is manmade
as the legs of fate's circle run.

Do you know what it is to feel complete
and still sing the lonely song of sailors?
As your darling walks with slow feet
what thoughts of me, will you savor?
Would never need to see a sky - by makers
so long as I could look into your eyes so blue,
so sweet.
I wish I could say I love you
but I am so new and weak.
So I sit, and stir, and tear up papers;
wait another rosy day for you to speak.
I wish I could say I love you
and you would repeat the words caught between cheek
blossomed and true.
Ahmad Attr Aug 25
‘’You are the perfect one
My salvation
The best thing I’ve ever done
Is to love you back

And the languid wind, it’s telling me
That you’re my companion
All the stars burning up the sea
The whispers in the canyon
The dying grass under wilting tree
All the buzzing bugs and the setting sun
They tell me you love me too
Is it true?

And the sunny breeze of reality
Saying we belong together
In the peace and clarity
We'll be one for forever
I’ll hold you with me like gravity
I’ll be your earthly tether
And when you say you love me too
Is it true?

And if it is
Maybe just a kiss
On my longing lips
All my years have led me to this
To the point where I love you
I live for you
I love you
I live just to love you’’

Keep parroting me
I love you
Just keep repeating what I say

‘’I love you’’

Keep parroting me
Don’t stop
Until you love me

....until you love me
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