I've been having this dream
These visions of lovers in each others arms
One always looking down lovingly on the other

Wrapped up in a world known only to them
To escape the old days which are fading away
Looking outwardly in

Some of which, are located at the place where old memories begin
But only one side can see
The exact detail of such fond memories

For to sleep in the arms of another companion
Is to forget that they
May have been wide awake

And to hold with these
Be it both sets of arms
Two lovers it takes from each in part
If the memories are meant to last - they will - and if not - they fade and pass over the hill - of time
Beauty in a subway station
Is often called
A crime

But contained within
Such an cavernas system
No right to move
Or way to judge
The intricacies of the human mind

It's what we do
And even why
Bend as we will
Be it by purpose
Or abandoned principal

In design we stand
*"To have loved and learned in ancient Greece,
And to say nothing more in the least."
i miss the days when you were sweet
and everything between us was soft and new;
we had the whole world at our feet.
now we're stuck in stalemate, no clue

what to do, where to be, who we are
i miss your gentle words and honeyed kisses
how you said my eyes were like stars
but you were the one granting all my wishes

and you were shooting, burning, fast and bright
perhaps we lost touch in this way:
you were only meant to be but a moment in the night
then the sun shines and it's time to face the day
maya 2d
YOU are the reason I CRY
YOU are the reason I want to DIE
YOU are the reason I cannot TRY anymore.


YOU only ever liked me RAW
YOU scratched my back with your ratchet CLAW
YOU only ever liked me in my BRA, exposed.

Why did I ever fall for YOU?

YOU are one of the many millions of fish.
YOU were one of my favorites meal dish.
YOU were the only one who ever received my wish.

YOU don't even CARE.
Without YOU, I might not BARE.
I am so lonely, too many to count, a BLANK STARE.
It's like you never even wanted to SHARE either.

I must never be good enough.
Why are you like this but why am I like this?
Em 3d
Do you bleed when you write?
When your fingertips
get sore and your muscles
get tight
Do you bleed?
From your heart?
With each beat comes a new
and you hope that it sounds like something
that doesn't quite rhyme
But it sounds good in time.
It'll sound good in time.
Just keep writing.

Keep bleeding.
Don't give up on this. The pen was made for your hand and your hand only. I swear.
I could kiss you through the words of a rhyme,
letters delivered with tender exquisite affection,
each syllable a moisture drop on delicate lips,
velvet verse licking porcelain skin, tastes perfection.

Stanzas saturated with the metaphors of love,
dripping salaciously upon your excited sighs,
I kiss your lips through the words of a rhyme
as they glisten like a jewel between your thighs.

© Pagan Paul (20/02/18)
Timeless grace
Secret rhyme
Mellow magic
Voice of a heart
Consoles the soul
A peaceful culture
Deep silence
Just, soul and rhythm
With a rainbow bridge
Lark of solitude
Do you feel the rhythm?
From a drop of ocean
Tune, channel of thought
Never heard!
Create a Ocean within
Forget the ideologies
Feel no limits
Express, words in the rain

Learn a lesson
Humane melody
Genre: Romantic
Burlap sack, a flag and a hand-ax,

Carrying the anarchist avarice

Like anthrax,

Blacked-out facts with your crackpipe syntax,

Thinking you're one of the Ginsbergs or Kerouacs,

Heart-attack fight-back white-black rationale,

Like Rashomon with cataracts,

(swinging the battle-axe)

The macrophage, rage against the infection,

It's nothing but a fucking fashion reflection,

You can't reject 'em, the spectrum of the uberGott,

Got you by the balls and just look! -

At the size of your fucking erection,

(sexualised mind-fuck misdirection)

Read the addendum, motherfucker,

Take a look at your history, brother

And discover how you love what you hate,

The fate of the world depends on persistence of organised systems,

Resistance is futile whilst needing  commitments,

The misfit counterfeit hit-squad wisdoms

Are fed by the fucking benefits we give them,

Danse kalinda ba doom,


Rumour dictates that the State

Might break and fall like Die Mauer,

The midnight hour arrived

And lives cut off like the motherfucking power,

Let's watch you babble at the fall of the tower,

Deflowered by the souring social corruption,

Your instruction-book don't mean fuck,

When you're facing the eve of destruction.
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