The heavy patter of the rain
Reflects the pattern of my heart
In weariness
In longings last
How I've waited for this storm to pass
Most patiently
Slowly pouring out
With a cooling voice
Till I calm myself
And yet so much more than the afterstorm
Which I must create
Everytime I've felt
The need to be
More than this old me
This rainsoaked version of the self

*the sound of rain*
Yozhik 2d

The best part of being an older sister
Is the recycling.  
When a little sister comes to you
Wanting clothes which you outgrew
Looking bright in style.

When a little sister comes to you
With math homework; without a clue
And you can make her smile

When a little sister comes to you
Going through what you’ve been through
Seeking understanding

When a little sister comes to you
And you weave words that still hold true
Never reprimanding

When a little sister comes to you
And you know she’ll never have to do
anything the hard way

Yozhik 2d

There sits, tucked away in Salzburg
A secret sight-- a cemetery
Where fog hangs thick
Over headstones high
Standing for those damned to lie
For all eternity set in bone

In the stone faces stare
With the blank and vapid glare
Of dead men who tell no tales
Just because they forgot them
But most travelers don’t see them there
Because they’re captured
By the enrapturing eyes
Of the Second Nature.

The rise of the vines a tide
Of blossoms opened wide
A violent violet cavernous wild,
A bleeding blush tinged red demure,
And fire
Those three colors enveloping grey
In thousands of blooms
Awakened, pure, alive today
Peering through the fog
Feasting off the remnants of
Those who’re locked in
All the forgotten

As the flowers barely, rarely blink.

...I couldn't resist the pun I'm sorry...

copyright 2017 m.kehl

Friendship is like a flower
Time is a factor
Both have to grow
That’s something you know

You’d think it a quiz
It to often is
Sometimes they’re happy
Oh, and sappy

Eventually it dies
Full of lies
And once it's gone
What a yawn

Both wilt away
Not here to stay
Although we do yearn
“Will you return?”

Petals stray
They go away
No longer here
Faded to grey

Eventually forgotten
How utterly rotten


And stone

And wax unwound

How all will melt
And all will burn
Long before his heavenly throne
Reveals itself forever more

Because we are the human
And he is the God

He reveals himself in ways
Most unknown

His structures are that of pure existence
Carved out of matter we cannot imagine

He is unlike us
He is everything
Beyond our frail and fragile bones

Because he is omnipotent and all-powerful.
Leia R 4d

head aches
heart breaks
pain gives
but love takes


The blank page beckons, smugly sure
that I'll concede and wander on
to seek that fey and feral well
beyond the dim where shadows swell
and madness breeds as visions spawn
in onyx pools of stark allure.

Addiction's goad or passion's quill,
who's hand upon the lacquered hilt?
What lackey drives amygdala
in service of this cabala
to leap the walls that fear has built
and thwart the laws of conscious will?

Once more I'll brave this dark terrain
and drink deranged ambrosia bought
with wagered sanity, in lieu
of coin, as revelations spew
this lingual ichor; deftly wrought
in reckless faith I'll bear the strain.

When it comes to fire
Within my arms
I will crash and burn and rebuild myself

Because I am
Because I was
And because I have yet to become someone else

All that I can be
All that I wasn't
All that I do is because I must

Its not owned by this
The want or wont
But because I will regret it if I don't

Below my average... But I'm trying something new.

I have been focused and growing
I have been strong
But now I see it's not the time
Nor the place
To build you a house
Or a home in which I belong

I'm his timing. Not mine. But that doesn't make it any less difficult. To stop trying. At least the trying therein becomes demoralizing.

I want you to tell me why I cannot be happy.
I want you to tell me why I am surely tearful;
my body gives up and I become regretful.
I want you to tell me why the sky is blue
and why the wind makes me sorrowful.

I need you to listen to me for a bit.
I need you to listen to me and tell me why
my body gives up and I start to sigh.
I need you to tell me why the sky is blue
and why the wind makes me cry.

I want you to tell me why I cannot go on.
I need you to listen to me and share my song.
I want you and I need you more than ever.
I want you and I need you because I am torn.

written 4/23/17
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