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Svetoslav 10h
When the moon starts to glow, we go to sleep.
As the sun begins to shine, we rise from slumber.
It is the cycle of life; one cannot cope without the other.

There are animals and plants in a forest that decrease in numbers, everything else is becoming objects and lumber.
Animals breathe what our nature exudes.
Plants feed from the rain and the sun.
All that lives is in balance and holiness
that defies imbalance and loneliness.

Some people don't think of what our nature eludes.
They are sticking to lack of emotions for a personal gain.
Their playing with guns goes on and on.
Fun ain't emotionless and it's no and no.

The very balance in our world depends on ourselves
for we should unite as one to withstand tyranny,
thus, the beast in his lair will cease to feast.
Infamies and felonies will turn to clarity and purity.

Come one, come two, it's up to you
and it is not something new we have to do.
Come three, come free.
It is destiny, can't you see?
Come four and come more.
Unite by the destiny's door.
Ode to the people protecting forests and wildlife
My excuses for wild love,
not a **** cheetah.
The truth is,
the feeling does make me starve.
A loving man, but also a hungry creature.

Pardon the time I waste,
tend be doing *******
Gibberish written on my face,
many words sound garbage.
I'm a real mess, I must confess.

Mind the shattered ideas,
best to pop the bulb
Explaining myself as such isn't ideal,
but I'm not one to be loud
Much quieter in the silence of the crowd.

Excuse myself from peers,
not on the same surface of pressure
Excuse myself from kids,
off the scale who can't measure
Worth me understanding,
but also understanding depression
I'm not lessor,
but I am one to question.

Excuse me for this,
and I'll excuse you for that
Excuse me being lost at times,
life didn't come with a map.
All we do could be the last risk.

But not an excuse to never take it.
Thoughts and feelings, insecure
wildly passionate, even demure.
How am I today, I think?
You'll miss it dearly if you blink.
Ashamed, unframed, it's me I blamed,
a feral cat as yet untamed.
Little things so sweet and hopeful,
damage caused, can leave us rueful.
It's truthful yet brutal but care is fruitful.
Love surrounded, truly astounded
I'm surprised, pleasantly dumbfounded
Never give up, don't cease to be,
I say that loudly to all who see,
only you can set yourself free.
Tomorrow is Friday, what you gonna be?
Live and laugh and love profoundly
the puzzle's complete you'll sleep soundly,
Need people around me, to astound me.
I miss the comfort, that warming glow,
the one you get from those in the know.
Hustle, bustle, your nearest and dearest,
these are moments we think the clearest,
Life is getting back on track,
get up off my skinny crack.
Put my life back into gear,
winning aint easy but I beat off the fear.
Here's to us all and a brighter tomorrow,
sorrow's gone, hear me? Ya follow?
Good luck and have fun,
you dont need to run,
there's a beautiful world under our sun,
a whole life to fill it, you only got one.
Little Things placed in my heart,
Cerys came out of love pure as as a dart
Sent from cupid, to a couples first day.
I'll never forget it that 23rd of May
Little Things can bring so many different types of images to our minds, but my daughter is and always will sit at the top of that list. I couldn't have wished for a more beautiful gift than a life affirming and amazing child who simply wouldn't have been possible without my Louise. I owe her so much and wish them both every happiness in life. They are my favourite chapter. ©
Tell me my little
Do we solve the world’s problems first
-Hunger, poverty, inequality, wars, that is-
And then fall in love with each other
Or do we fall in love first
-Hearts, eyes, lips, rainbows, that is-
And all the problems are solved at once
Be careful with your answer though
It will tell me a lot about you
As my reaction will about me
Luisa 2d
Maybe I grasped the wrong notion
A site meant for poetry in motion
Random musings are easy to find
One sentence isn’t a poem in my mind!

Not all poems have to rhyme
But some of your writings are a crime
A felony against art and words that wield power
These low effort attempts, hundreds each hour

I bet Sylvia Plath turns in her grave
At these pathetic bids some of you gave
Where is the rhapsody, where is the verse?
Your words should be in the back of a hearse

Where is the structure or composition?
Posting your crap was a poor decision
You might hate my words, though they are true
In my opinion, you have some work to do!
Who else is fed up of a single sentence being coined as a poem? Or something akin to a motivational quote being passed off as one?
Get rid of the low grade efforts! Post your **** on a blog instead!
Darkest places I know,
the corner end of my soul
Depression, anxiety and fears
is all I even known.
Amongst all peers,
the loudest kid in the silence of being alone.
Guess I was on my own,
with these negative feelings I own.

It's a dark place
that shadows have another.
Growing up, not shown
how to fight my demons by my father.
Seemed foolish for loving everybody,
giving all I had and I am.
Tell me is that why I feel like Mr Nobody?

There's a dark place,
much darker than the empty nights
Beyond death or feeling alive,
not even safer to be inside.

Your greatest enemy,
is all the thoughts on your mind.
I've only seen the brim of light
as the shadow left behind.
are people I feel don't know me,
they must ignore me.
Those who overlook me,
but I know it's really just me.
For all the problems I have,
I tend not to see.

All the dark places I've made
the foreshadows forming out my brain.
Never one to be plain,
but also the one who wasn't the same.
Out of the bunch,
the dark kid with a light heart.

Just like art,
by the tormented artist's craft.
I seem to be raised in the dark,
the dark is really just my past.
I closed my mouth and spoke to you
in six hundred silent ways
we rose up to, our challenge new
our lives not out of phase

I closed my mouth and spoke to you
in eight hundred silent ways
so take a pew, as our love grew
a marriage it's part plays

I closed my mouth and spoke to you
in seven hundred silent ways
our babe anew, we saw it through
this life can still amaze

I closed my mouth and spoke to you
in nine hundred silent ways
colours few, a different hue
a fresh and modern maze

I closed my mouth and spoke with you
in one thousand exciting ways
there's just a few, like morning dew
our eyes still brightly gaze
Part 2 of a poem for the quote prompt contest by Sharon Stanely. Only part one was entered. This was a fun piece to write and think of. I like it's romantic feel and hope you do too. ©
Up so late and all is quiet.
in my head, my brain cells riot.
I cannot sleep or lie in silence.
shut-eye escapes with assured defiance.
I try to calm my thoughts and feelings.
eyes only see busy shadows on ceilings.
Insomnia really is exhausting & draining.
darker days do nothing but raining.
I'll get myself up, tea and some reading,
I think of food now, not time for feeding.
Cannot concentrate on my book of choice,
can't read now says my deep inner voice.
I shuffle along the sofa, reach the remote,
a-ha the Olympics, will that get my vote?
As I watch I recall, I've seen it already,
what to do to keep my thoughts steady?
Quickly I flick from channel to channel,
as absorbing as a ****** wet flannel!
so it’s onto the office chair that I get.
perhaps I should surf the internet?
What the heck, I'll give it a go,
it might tire me out, you just never know?
Five minutes pass, still surfing blindly,
please let this sleep take over me kindly.
eMails read, Facebook status updated,
eBay sellers feedback, given & rated.
Oh my goodness, I feel relief as I yawn
Goodnight & God bless, 'til the new dawn.
This was written in 2012 during the London Olympics. At that time I was a bit of a night owl and found it to be the most productive time to write. Peaceful silence only served to feed my willingness to improve my writing. ©
Another second, another minute
Drains my will when you’re not in it
Another day, another night
When you’re not here just isn’t right
Another week or maybe two
The nightmare of not being with you
Another month, another year
This would be my greatest fear
I can’t live without you for that long
My heart would lose its inner song
These times that we have been apart
Feel like my ending, not my start
Life is hollow, barren and bare
I hate myself for not being there
My heart feels broken, damaged, undone
Without you for my number one
I feel alone and can’t survive
Your love for me baby keeps me alive
My eyes are now so full of tears
Burning like memories of long ago years
My feelings of such loss and sorrow
Tell me to yearn for a brighter tomorrow
But that just simply cannot be
Until I have you here with me
I need you now more than ever it seems
For you sweetheart are all of my dreams
Another romantic piece about love found and lost. I think it's perhaps a little over sentimental  & naieve but I'm still fond of it because it was written when poetry was starting to form as a firm pasttime in my mind. It gave me hope that my skills would develop and mature over time. ©
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