As snow descends unto the earth
With a calming, soothing, effortless ease

So you my friend should be like the snow
And settle the horizon beyond the trees

No snowflake was ever meant to last
Or to live to see the newborn leaves

For we are uniquely designed by God
As unique and beautiful as these

Not into special snowflakes. But everyone is uniquely designed. What we do to our selves after that is up to us. (:

Cold candy
Pop rocks bursting in the morning hail

My mouth a mess and mind untested
Tired and still

The morning reaches out to me
But nothing gets better at this time of day

I wish my words could carry me
Like I carry a them, away

Nothing feels worse.
lostboy 1d

I feel like my poetry lately
Has been a bit dry
Like I'm

Running out

Of words

To write.

But I'll still try to
Put in more   emotion
And rhyme
Because that
I know for sure
Is the magic   potion.

this empty mind needs a refill

A stranger lies
behind my eyes,
I know not
what he wants;
sells me dreams,
tells me tales,
then with the truth,
he haunts.

Tall buildings
have always
intimidated me,
but I somehow
feel comforted,
by an even
taller tree.

I don't wish to argue,
whether the glass is
half empty or half full,
as long as what it holds,
is pure and delightful.

Through these uncharted roads,
I hope to escape my recollections;
I am so tired of seeing signboards,
and following the same directions.

i used to love the scent of rain
not until it gives me pain
but who knows
maybe this is where my poetry grows

lately, i tend to walk alone
gives me the feeling like i'm never known
thoughts been treating me like a slave
and it's so hard to find a place that makes me feel safe

sometimes i can't feel my feet
most of the time, my heart beat
it's getting really hard to breath
maybe i'm getting closer to the death

as i'm walking away
kinda hoping that they'll beg me to stay
hey, what is this part?
is it where everybody's treating me like a dart?

throw me about a mile
and only be remembered as a small while?

Sunday, 15 January, 2017.

I could dry my skin and be like the bark
As one day I may sprout like a tree
Once again
But never in the moments to pass
Can I survive and be content
With thoughts that aren’t mine
Even if conjured up for a good cause

Because I write for the mind
As I am of the mind
And though I love the natural pass
The whim of the willow and waves which crash
Know this about me
I am as selfish as any human can be
So please appreciate it when it’s for you

Because most of the time my prose are for me

It is what it is. (:
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