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the most beautiful roses are not red,
but palest of yellow with pink

violets reside in a giant Etruscan urn
before our modest home, a
reminder to the modesty
and brilliance of color spotting in a sea
of immense waves of ski-ed blue and
verdant green, a visual, floral,

the violent virtual of the week,
wrecks a soft creamy despair across
the nation’s cheek, another slap at
the notion of our greatness residing
in our above all, unifying and
basic simplistic notions of kindness,
and the violets turn out insufficient
to gladden our hearts in a sea of

and I turn my eyes to the great scapes
that surround my soul, absent
only snow capped mountains
but memory works, serves up,
what resides a mere thousand miles away,
so now my visual vistas completed,
and a tea of c a l m, aroma soothing,
massages my temple and rests my
blood pointy fingertip composers,
and I am somehow, someone who is

upon my heart in the real of solid
dark of fog and cloud that is my
true tempered reality,  where I am
wrecked and wreaked,
a havoc of pain relief cream,
soothing, relieving the anguish
that rests within and periodically
calming, thus alive to survive,
and yet remind:

a-salve to inject,
to still,
and yet,
permit stll,
a streak of

Fri Jul 19
my life without you, your life without me
the saddest, worst kind of life that would be
my girlfriend i love so much
What was the catalyst,
and how long did you mask it?
How long were you drifting across this canyon's blackness til vastness
held your passions captive?
What happened?

I told you I'd have done anything
if you had asked it...
I actually loved you
and it wasn't just some infatuous actions.

But I just walked away-
it's in the past and time elapses;
I wanted to plea for you to take me back-
but no, I won't do that-
in fact I'll bury the casket.
Not sure how I feel about this one (or if I'll even keep it) since it's a bit more personal (and ill get over it eventually lol) but who knows 🤷‍♂️
radio radio radio
running running gone
playing drums, playing hits
i dont recognize a song

typing writing rhyming
my hands shake and curl
carrying notes on my phone
nothing heavier than words

wait wait wait maybe —
my voice caught in my chest
nothing beats the weight
of the words left unsaid
wrote this in my notes thought it was very bittersweet
N Jul 4
twelve thirty-something in my sister's apartment
a moment of dancing and your lips met mine
tequila-stained breath and the sound of them talking
all disappeared at that moment in time.
Chocolate brown eyes and with a gaze I got lost in
What does this mean? Who is this guy?
your hands on my waist and the feeling of fire
all disappeared when you said goodbye.
Six months later you walk up my driveway
hands in your pockets, hair freshly done
lost in my sheets we spend half the day
How could this be? Is he the one?
One year later, we share the same bedroom
i sleep every night my head tucked in your arm
people's assumptions, is this happening too soon?
that feeling of fire is a slow constant warm.
You know all my secrets, we share the same hairbrush
we go and buy groceries, we laugh through the aisles
i know that I’ve said I’ve loved once before
but day after day you heal my inner child.
You hold my heart like it’s glass in your hands
Delicate and soft, precious as diamond
They always told me true love is worth waiting for,
but I never thought this was how I would find him.
I am yours in mind, and body, and soul
I’ll go through this life holding your hand in mine
and when our bones turn weary and old
when our breaths slow down and we know that it’s time
I’ll die smiling knowing I lived this life with you
we shared the best and the worst of our days
And when we depart I know I won’t miss you;
In every lifetime, I’ll love you this way.
In **** communion with you
two bodies blooming,
fluidly fused.
Blushing, rouge-
human muse
illusion's hues
in but a glimpse,
a view;
maroon turned blue,
and like sweet honeydew
exhumed at the roots
feelings bruised
as you withdrew.
Hell at least if heartbreak is good for one thing it's getting rid of writer's block 😆 pretty happy with this one as a 2nd (and final) draft though 🤷‍♂️
neth jones Jun 25

our collusion                        
lamplight to sunlight
                    our conclusion

our collision                        
boom-town to ghost-town
                    our concussion

our discussion                     
   overnight did mushroom
   but     by the morning light  
                      ceded the fight

Markie Waters Jun 11
Fractured floorboards, splintered dreams, remnants of affinity misused. Tangled in deception's cold grip, a confidence that time diffused.
The doorway stands a hollow shell, its promise turned to rust.

Rebuild I will, with steady hand. Rebuild I will, on sturdier ground,
A fortress at my core. My domain, once breached and lost will rise from wreckage bold.
No trespassers on hallowed ground, their stories left untold.

With hammer's blow and measured pace, mending what once was mine. Each nail a vow, a whispered strength, a will nonetheless to shine.
Though shadows linger in the past, a future I define.
These hands will craft a world anew, where flames of purpose twine.
Another one I wrote after my last post
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