the swamp water glows
with golden licks of sunshine
reaching deep below

peepers softly speak
the language of mended hearts
so in love, so weak

they both feel the spark
but neither lets out a peep
soon it will be dark
The swamp across the street from my parents house has gotten me through a lot of painful times. It is so immensely beautiful that I may always feel a little more at peace in its presence, of old growth and life that has flourished in seemingly impossible conditions.
My poems don't rhyme
Because I
Like it better
This way
Simply rhyming words
Doesn't make a poem
It needs meaning
Not just the
Of words that sound
A response to people who ask why my poems don't rhyme.
I wrote this a long time ago, just posting old things.
I said that you were amazing
But you yearned to hear it twice
So you said that my life was dull
And the words cut me like a knife

You insisted upon staying
Forever clinging to my side
To help the world around me
See how brightly I could shine

But your words stuck to my skin
And the poison stung my eyes
You convinced me what you said was true
And I believed the lies

Until one day I flushed my eyes
And washed the glitter off my skin
Seven months and here I was again
Finally tired of what you did

As I went to run my errands
A little girl stopped me on the street
"You're as pretty as a princess!" she said
And I smiled in disbelief

That little girl helped me realize
Something very important that day
You were foolishly advertising glitter
To a chandelier on display
This poem addresses the issue of manipulative people and how important it is to love yourself. The glitter may be pretty and shiny but you are glimmering with confidence, and nothing outshines that.
Zack 2d
it's quite akin to anxiety
the product of crude society
bastardized, perverted piety
leaves you useless, sitting quietly

Be judged for inefficiency
contradicting proficiency
pesters the mind malignantly
wasting time, effortlessly

The emptiness, magnanimous
to further destruction and not less
travels fast, as if poisonous
rules the mind with an iron fist

just goes to show that motive
must be forever be promoted
if a day comes full and bloated
of nothingness, its hopeless

For here exists no escape
no medics to resuscitate
beware its woeful, siren way
when trapped, you surely dead, will lay
We don't comprehend the end
We don't understand why we stand
We don't fulfill what we need to fill
We do radiate on our date
Zack 3d
the clicking of keys
no summer breeze
ring in your head a bell
at the end of it all
when pieces all fall
what does it mean? pray tell

the diligent student
the men and the women
who're paid to buy and sell
from the highest paid suit
to hardworking prunes
and the unemployed as well

the tires skid
sad wife and kids
nothing guards against death
take the day
liberate, be brave
yet all must draw last breath

valhalla for winners
and hell for sinners
but what if you don't have faith
no matter the tithes
your friends, your life
through absence, will you, betray

Take time to pray
because when it's gone, that's it
you think there, still
roll around until
Ah, I gotta take a ...
SoZaka 4d
A stationary set for my 21st birthday
going the right way since I turned wrong
one other lover than the one I've got
my head and my heart have fought
like this before

a mistake to hit the gas off the cliff with a
soul made of glass
I fell out of my mind and right back in
no way to stop from going your direction
fly butterfly on a railroad cloud
through a one way sky
my train is on to your station
in just a moments time
addiction,  self love following your intuition and guidance self development growth transformation
I'll never be happier
than when I'm on the road.

A bit like Kerouac,
not trying to run away.
Just want to be free
like the river.
Just the thought makes me shiver.
Not knowing.
That's the rush.
Where will I sleep tonight?
Where will I go tomorrow?
It's anyone's guess,
and I like it that way.

I'm not running from you,
I'm running from me,
to a better version of myself.
You don't need to get it,
just accept it.

Wind in my hair,
smoke in my hand,
but no longer over my eyes.
These highs
don't go any higher.

Don't agonize over me,
just let me roam free.
It's where I'm meant to be,
can't you see?
SoZaka 4d
you, a western film
with the lights down low
beautiful to look at
while moving slow

come listen in,
and lean back
a pillow for the soul
in a campfire story

it was all I could do but to ride to town with no place to be
hoping this street would lead
through a long winter night

seasons changed,
but love remained long within
to tell a story
time and again
of an eternal flame

so hold me close,
and your skin won't feel the snow
no matter how much skin might show that's how the best
campfire stories go
true love passion warmth trials and tribulations and lasting memories
I wish I knew what to say.
My feelings are like clay,
they bend every which way.
I spend nearly every damn day
just trying to be okay.

Maybe this is a cliche,
a girl who fights with her padre,
I keep going astray,
my issues I always downplay.

I wish I were a blue jay;
so I could just fly away.
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