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relahxe Nov 2022
The night I spoke a charm and you collapsed,
The seas were burning bright to seize the storm.
My love was thrown into the ground of lust;
It was exhumed as soon as it was born.

The boomerang came back and hit my face;
Went all around, and saw the street of darkness.
It has become a sort of race and chase,
In which the only one to judge is Madness.

I threw it back again in hopes of change;
The wind blew back and forth but never Right.
As blue skies grew into a twisted cage,
The vicious cycle left its mark tonight.

And months pass by, so I am here to heal,
By writing on this sheet as true as steel.
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
True love is like a boomerang...

No matter how far it goes away...

Eventually, at the end of the day:
"It will return to you! "
Reflections :)
Thanks for reading this ❣
Karijinbba May 2020
Adam beloved I'm your Eve.
Who hears your snores that once patrock-Rick me to sleep?.
Who claims your lips on aching thighs
to priceless Boomerang thrills,
exploring some other river rapids
but meandering to my bliss.
You keep looking at my starry skys.
Milky way Andromeda closing in.
We know why this is,
something higher reels
my Eve for my Adam afire is
ever riding in our midst.
Copy Rights apply: 05-16-2020
Loving each other from a distance
suspended in the midst..

"I somehow observe
that we hurt each other too deeply,"

but love one other .

Living a lifetime in mourning
was my soul's turn to atone pay.
CupcakesArePink Mar 2020
my poems
they weren't enough
to make you stay

it's fine, you'll come back
your feelings will boomerang

maybe not now
but perhaps someday
Sal AK Jan 2019
I told him I loved her
He said to let her go,
Give her up to the wind
Her heart is hers to know.
Don't weep...Don't cheer...
But watch.
Does her light deem or glow?
Does she soar like a freed bird,
Or does she boomerang your throw?
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
A tug of the string
Pulls me back
Into your reality
With a thwack!

Head throbbing and left questioning
Is this a leash or a noose?
Curiosity is festering

Step to the cliff’s edge
Will I be left to hang
Over the ledge
Or am I a boomerang?
EmperorOfMine Jun 2018
You throw your words like a boomerang.

Expecting it not to come back, it will, in fact,
Yet for every word you try and throw, the **** thing comes back faster than the first, with a burst of speed, like hatred you feed, things come and go till you're drained and you're bleeding...

Your words will come back to you...and typically when you're not prepared...

Every promise
Every declaration
Every compliment

They come back and with the amount of force you're throwing that boomerang, I should probably call an ambulance, cop, and a're going to need a memorial.

Moral of the story, don't throw the boomerang if you don't plan on catching it...cause that **** will thwack you on the head...and it will hurt...and you will die. And I won't even try to cry.
Destiny annalia Mar 2018
I told you I loved you because I knew thats what you needed to hear
I told you I missed you because I wanted you near
I told you I was sorry because I saw you moving on
All these things I told you, the real you is now gone
i never was the person to play people, but playing people feels better than being played
Joshua Penrod Jun 2017
She said,
You have a boomerang
That just doesn't know how to quit.

"Boomerang Heart" -JP
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