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Eloisa Jul 2019
I found my peace in solitude.
I found my calm in silence.
I discovered light even in darkness.
Nothing can shatter my strength.
Nothing can ruin my confidence.
I’ve already found me.
I have found everything I need within myself.
Darryl M May 2019
I can’t try to love you if I already do.
And pretending I don’t, seems to convince nobody.
Is it wrong for me to miss you?
I’ve realized removing you away from my life,
Would create a chase of the ages.
And regret of the times.

Can I have your pictures.
I need to consistently remind myself of what I saw in you.
A picture may tell a thousand words,
However, anything short of a million wouldn’t do.

How can this little heart of mine carry love so great?
I can almost see it, like the magnificence of a carved cup.
My heart, the cup, I see but the transparency of love.
Your reflections come forth, anything short of a million wouldn’t do.
Silver Raven Mar 2019
The will to hold back tears
To not submit to fear.
The birth of bandaids
To hide bruises and scars made.
The talent of using words
To misguide the ignorant world.
A cool barrel shoved with daggers,
A ticket to enter hell or heaven.
Or just eternal blindness, deafness, talking...less
It’s bliss, isn’t it?
Might edit this later ~ was busy irl so just something of the top of my mind
Hunter Green Feb 2019
The anesthesia is setting in.
I can feel the numbness spreading through my limbs.
All the pain and struggle of the past is being clouded over now that I’ve given way to the same destructive desires.
It’s like nothing means anything anymore, but consequence every single broken moment still requires.
I don't know how conviction will find me in this crowd.
Casper Dec 2018
I wrote you,
Several long letters,
Convincing proof,
Of the love,
I escaped.
Maya Oct 2018
if it appears that
my poems lack conviction,
it's because they do.

my words: white noise on
a radio brain, and i
can't change the station.
Ormond Sep 2018
When love was young and bore an immigrant
Soul, how fresh and adventurous the years
And brinkmanship, my rite, was took for grant,
Aye, in my flotsam and jetsam, I spent no tears
Which by and by a greedy sea of beginnings
Has left no bounty, but cargo delivered or turned
To wood adrift, which built but useless things,
Children love tossing in fires bonny burned.
Here I lie, on the waters edge, searching—
For something to contain my emptiness,
My wanderlust, but like shy waves lurching,
I wrestle now, toward land, not loneliness.
Though I spent my life as a flag unfurled,
A disembodied soul is without this world.
EP Robles Sep 2018
DO not weep for me   tonight
the streets are sleeping
and stars singing their light.

Forgive the clouds you see
some days they weep for you
but in secret feed the trees.

If the world should express
emotions of compassion
it should be for Love;

the language of Things
Great and Small.

:: 09-25-2018 ::
Do not notice me for i am only sometimes.  The rest for pain, forgetting, and blaming.
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