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Jamesb 15h
Come sail with me as we did before
Our rage and my stupidity
Got in the way
Of love,

Come step into the boat with me,
You remember it,
White and blue
And full of love,

Come grasp the tiller,
Haul in the sheet,
Take us in hand and sail
With me to common purpose,

There is no space for
Anything but peace while sailing,
No space for owt but love
Between us,

And love and happiness with you are

Enough for me
Sailing is a great healer. It is hard to be stressed with the wind driving you through the water
Lit by angels and adrenaline
silent auctions, abductions
still as death decends here
choking on my mind
Archadia dimmed
a dimension of distractions
every **** every swig every bloke who asked you back to his
ever sinking in the pretty little nest built with feathers of fear

she sinned so soft; 
knowing nothing else to sleep beneath
twigs and bones returned from the battle
gnawed clean from anxious teeth
so brittle; you become a love song to the cold
rattles of defiance
from a place I cant face alone

this is not Archadia
these sweetly poisoned streets
full of tempting berries
every sniff every sip every inhale is all we have
to stop what we are in-between
awaiting, impatient
so feral from empathy
dreaming of each others bliss
an escape to humidity
an instant view of the sea
it might fix this

but it doesn't

I wish , I wish
my memory could imprint on me
that cascading fading message
I always leave in rem sleep
the lack of loathing now I'm old
old enough to know life's secrets
still too young to live by them
this is not Arcadia
this is a January town where every new idea never starts
an eternal dance
a feast just for show
so starving eyes swell

the grass is always gone where I go

I wish , I wish
the night could take me to Archadia
my silence as loud as
the auction lost
here were are; in the rotting sequence
pining for a reward
I'll build my own Archadia
out of precious words, molecules of hope
omens of wonder, summer rain excitement

I roll down the grassy hill
turn another page
to somewhere I can smell resilience
a rest bite, evacuate the cold and reunite with your innocence

Welcome to Archadia
where hands are full of strength
a land full of scents that warm those frantic souls
giving out their tidings
these rebels repel your decisions

here is your Archadia
empathy is everything
a peaceful wave of lighting
a quiet sob of clarity
an instant view of the sea
Welcome to Archadia
you're here to be free
Sadie Grace Nov 21
I'm trapped
Food mapped out
No way out
Am I losing my mind?
How will I find a way out of this bind?
Out of this mess of a mind
No hope for the chains to be released
This is my way to cope with the pains, they never cease
I need a solution
Too much pollution clogging the pathways in this brain
I need a new way forward
A way to feel sane
But for now I'm trapped
no need to complain -- I did this to myself
no need to compalin -- it's time to get help and start helping myself
a poem I wrote from the writing prompt: "my ED is ..."
I was beautiful,
I hope to never be beautiful again.
I grow more authentically repulsive,
And alive
And real
And free
And happy.
I will never need beauty again.
Hi, it's been a few years. I'm alive and I'm finally recovering from the things my other poems were about.
Nyx Nov 4
They say that the only way to heal a broken heart is with time

That always sounded stupid to me

The only cure for a painfilled heart and mind

Is with time.

The will sun continues to rise, it still shines as bright

The moon and stars still align and glisten in the night

The Season still change, and we too will change

As father time waits for no man

Its all part of Gods plan

Today I woke up.

And you know,
I think I'm starting to believe them

You know I always thought it was a stupid thing that the only way to heal from a broken heart was with time, but as crazy as it sounds you do wake up one day and everything is just better. So don't give up! everything that you feel will pass, and everything will get better. All in good time :)
i'll be ******
if i get drunk

a day's escape
won't drown
the sorrow.

you say you
understand, but hell
if i know.

i'll be ******
if i wake up
wrote this 3ish years ago instead of drinking .. originally as a song but never finished it
Running from my self
Circling around in Hell
Chased by “demons”
Perhaps my imagination conjured up
Some grim reapers and a flowery, thorn-filled trellis
That was a gateway into another world
I was running towards you in the darkness
No shoes in the snow, I was so cold and numb
Chasing a light that I could barely see
Terrified by what I was hearing
I was alone on a Michigan street
Some thought I was a *******
Waiting to be picked up
A victim of a bad time
But I just wanted to go home
I got into some guy’s car
Luckily a good-hearted soul
A God-send he let me in
Warmed my feet and let me go
michigan summed up.
Myrrdin Oct 19
When you forgave me
The weight finally settled in
Forgiveness stole away rage
God, God, God
Not again
What have I done this time
The dog asks
After it bit another gentle hand
If only you knew
The first hand
And the weight it carried
While it swung
If for pity or love
You stay
Oh, how tired you will grow
Carrying out the sentence
For a crime you didn't commit
Chloe Oct 18
Eat your shame
It doesn’t go away
like you’re overweight
You need more meat
on your body to hate

She promised to **** him off
in the parking lot
for her drink of choice
She was far too young
for either one
but had nothing left to lose

Swallow your pride
It doesn’t go down easy
Don’t let him see you
cringe in disgust
You need more secrets
to hate yourself for

Cut your skin
wide open
Underneath even you know
you’re worth more
It can only get better
and I don’t take it for granted

Uncomfortable in her skin
unless it was naked
No confidence in
a word she said
unless they were slurred
So she ate her shame
every ******* day
She swallowed her pride
and kept her promises
It all cut her skin wide open
Reinvented this poem a bit so thought I’d repost
Hugo Pierce Sep 27
Whispering winds, the rustling of trees,
Amidst the green, a bench and quiet pleas.
A solace found, where sorrows nest,
My weary heart, finds silent rest.

A sturdy bench, with a strong wooden frame,
Supports the weight, of sorrows I daren't name.
Overcast clouds, crowd my mind in a storm,
Here on this bench, holds melancholy form.

Searching outside, of my internal struggles,
Happiness everywhere, just me with these troubles.
Family picnics, kids play on the hill,
Friends laugh together, as I sit frozen still.

How do they do it, I can't help but wonder,
they dance in the sunshine, while I'm stuck in the thunder.
No sadness to be seen, just smiles and glee,
I can see that it's possible, but is it possible for me?

But then I remember, as the day comes and goes,
We all have our moments, our highs and our lows.
Today I might be here, sat alone in the rain,
But Tomorrow may bring me, to the sunshine again.
Sometimes, the loneliest place is in a crowd.
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