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Natalie Oct 2018
if my brilliant mind
is not enough for you,
than you are simply
not worth impressing.
boy please...
sushii Feb 4
Would you like it if I cried?
Would that make it more real to you?
Would you like it if I died?
Would that make my feelings true?

Would you make me go and hide?
Would that finally impress you?
Would you eat up all my pride?
Would that satisfy you?

That's how you'd like it.
That's how you'd like it, isn't it?

That's how I'd like it.
Eno Sep 2018
There’s 3 left now
To state their case
For past and present
They’re all happy to show their face
One more so than others
Gets up on a podium
And shouts
When everyone
Was already
Hard to let it in
Without the illusion of choice
A soliloquy
Of triumph
Should be spoken alone
You wonder
If modesty
Breeds honesty
Or the other way around
Or neither
J Ann Aug 2018
Where will I end up? Somewhere
Will I be lost when I get there? Lost
Where am I suppose to be? There
Will it take all that I've got? Cost
Will I know when I am there? Yes
But should I continue? Go
What will i do? Impress
Do I ever settle for less? No
Who will be there? You
And with me? New
Adventures for all the new? True
A new life that will lead to what? Pursue
Pursue things that lead me where? Home
But what should I continue to do? Roam
"I will not throw away my shot."
Do not throw away your shot.
We have one shot to make a difference.
We have one shot to show them who we are.
To make them see we aren't who they think we are.
To let them hear us.
We have one shot... Make it count.
We must leave behind a legacy.
"What is a legacy? A legacy is planting a garden that you'll never get to see."
Let the younger ones see us fighting for what we believe in-
let them see us dressing for ourselves and not to impress others constantly
let them see us being who we are
let them see us using our words for good and not for evil
let them see us changing the world
Brittany Hall Aug 2018
Get up and dress my myself.
I don't impress myself.
Need to express myself.
Not to detest myself.
Start to respect myself.
Outwardly reflect myself.
I won't reject myself.
Go out and test myself.
No time to rest myself.
I'll be the best, myself.
George Krokos Jun 2018
I have nothing more to give you now
but don't let this be a hindrance vow
We both seem to be at our wits end
and with our limitations to contend.

While some others may give at will
I won't follow them in their thrill
putting quantity over quality here
and try to impress just to be near.

It may seem as if I'm making excuses
but the fact is that this only confuses
when all our expectations go too far
and our feelings those situations mar.

Please be patient and you will then see
how it'll all work out and so better be.
My faith in this matter does here now rest
in the Glory and Power which knows best.
Written in 2017.
Lunar Jan 2018
I used to make poetry
That would appeal to many.
I was wrong.
Because now I write
As long as I would feel right.
I used to think poetry is written with the writers finding comfort knowing that their readers feel the same way they do. But what's more important is for a writer to depend on self-healing through expressing. I write for myself and no one else.

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