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Mrs Anybody Oct 2020
do you even recognize me,
wearing jeans instead of a dress
because originally I didn't want to impress

or is she all you see?
another part of my "A little bit confused" series that deserves its own name

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LC May 2020
life, for her, was a masquerade ball.
her purse was full of colorful masks.
each mask was carefully crafted,
designed to impress everyone else.
she was always watchful
with one hand in her purse
so she could switch masks.

he walked into the ballroom,
slowly approaching her.
she took off her mask,
fumbling in her purse
for a different one.
he caressed her arm
and shook his head.

the breeze tickled her face 
for the first time during the ball.
he quietly gazed into her eyes,
smiled to calm her racing heart,
then pressed his lips to her cheek.
they danced for the rest of the ball,
and her masks were never seen again.
it's wonderful when someone finally sees you.
Nylee Apr 2020
Why the hardest person to love
is the one looking back at me
through the mirror,
I know what I hide,
I don't impress me,
I can't confound me,
But if not me, who will?
bk Aug 2019
You make me the best me, bring out my joy.
I don't need to try to impress you, I am who I should be.
Was that really the last time I would see you for a year?
****, well I guess I should have hugged you harder.
See you soon...
hopefully, nothing will change.
np Oct 2018
if my brilliant mind
is not enough for you,
than you are simply
not worth impressing.
boy please...
sushii Feb 2019
Would you like it if I cried?
Would that make it more real to you?
Would you like it if I died?
Would that make my feelings true?

Would you make me go and hide?
Would that finally impress you?
Would you eat up all my pride?
Would that satisfy you?

That's how you'd like it.
That's how you'd like it, isn't it?

That's how I'd like it.
J Ann Aug 2018
Where will I end up? Somewhere
Will I be lost when I get there? Lost
Where am I suppose to be? There
Will it take all that I've got? Cost
Will I know when I am there? Yes
But should I continue? Go
What will i do? Impress
Do I ever settle for less? No
Who will be there? You
And with me? New
Adventures for all the new? True
A new life that will lead to what? Pursue
Pursue things that lead me where? Home
But what should I continue to do? Roam
"I will not throw away my shot."
Do not throw away your shot.
We have one shot to make a difference.
We have one shot to show them who we are.
To make them see we aren't who they think we are.
To let them hear us.
We have one shot... Make it count.
We must leave behind a legacy.
"What is a legacy? A legacy is planting a garden that you'll never get to see."
Let the younger ones see us fighting for what we believe in-
let them see us dressing for ourselves and not to impress others constantly
let them see us being who we are
let them see us using our words for good and not for evil
let them see us changing the world
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