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Perdue Poems Jul 2019
two men were told
the key to life
was balance

the first man gathered
and tried to balance
all his property

but found the endless stream
of material things
a balancing impossibility

the second man gathered
took and sold
all but two peas

and found balancing
his two peas
was an absolute certainty
Seanathon Apr 2019
There is willingness
And there is want
And the lack thereof, one from the other
Is noticeable
A sign of impending doom
And gloom
And if so, you’d best not try
You'd best not move lest you fail to pass
The test of passing time
Necessities of limited life together
George Krokos Aug 2016
We all have to daily eat and drink and also **** and ****
there isn't anything else more basic or common than this,
except a vital need to rest and get some adequate sleep
as the rigours of life take their toll on the body we keep.

Let's not forget the all-important function of breathing to stay alive
which depends so much on various conditions for anyone to thrive
and is the main ingredient for every creature's life on this world;
regardless of anything else it determines how well they're swirled.

We also have a need to keep our bodies and clothes clean
as our daily activities produce sweat and odour that is seen
and can be smelt from a distance which isn't very pleasant
making us wonder if a person noticed with is just a peasant.

There is also an inherent urge to love and be loved in return
which is what makes life worth living for those who discern,
and the very curious thought as to why we've been born at all
or the reason for our existence on this planet Earth we so call.
Written in 2016.
Molly Feb 2015
Sustenance for my frail body
contained in gel-coated pills
split into thirds,
one for morning,
one for night,
one to slip beneath my tongue.

A glass of water
–or milk, with breakfast–
rumbles through my throat,
resists peristalsis,
hits stomach.

The heater clicks on
as the thermostat flashes 68 degrees,
then shuts off at night,
replaced by
one sheet,
one throw blanket,
one quilt.

Your hand, inches from
my fingertips,
not yet near enough
for electricity to jump between,
will go unacknowledged;
one feeble attempt at loving within my means.

— The End —