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O' you, who's been taken to mouths as hot honey,
As with great frequency as with sweet ploy -
Playing with the temperature of the air as kids' toy,
With joy that no child could easily accompany.

With the inner peace of an empty, blue lagoon -
While on the same token of an inhabited island -
With white-hot lava rolling along from the highland,
Narcotising even the highest creatures by swoon.

Might the oxygene pass its place to ecstasy,
Might the redundancy of other chemicals -
While you play with wild colours charming musicals,
So easily understandable, yet so complex, so fussy.

More of that rolling lava you fulfilled my veins with!
More of that turquoise peace in my mind!
You may try to hide your treasure, but I will find -
In any entity, any city, reality or a myth...

Please, rise me up from the greyness of the days,
Even when your greatness passed over my worldly says yet.
Faizel Farzee Sep 24
Emotions avoiding me again
Calling out to all momories
My heart bleeds to feel anything
I shakely pick up this pen

Ink rivers of anaesthesia
Singed to these healing pages
Emotions pouring
Like a Stormy winter rain on Sunday morning

Flighted words starting to soar
Cloaked in emotion
like dancing rivers flowing
from my heart it pours

All my heartache and darkness start to dissipate
These pages caging them
Sealing them with all of my hate
All wrapped up with the kiss of fate

Internal demons start to calm
They stopped rattling their cages
The relentless screaming has stopped
Now embedded in these pages.

I inhale the air of life
Rage dispersing
I let go of all the strife
Demons no longer fickle
Silently caged
Calmed to a trickle
When writings is your therapy,
Calms the burning air you breathe
Your water to fire
It's the world and you feel what you see.
Bede Sep 1
O Joy! Bright, beauteous being!
            Behold my jovial smile!
O Joy! Sweet soul, so sending
            My heart to golden isle!
O Joy! Great goodness, dearly
            Does my soul doth love!
O Joy! My life is yours so wholly!
            My gift from up above!
I know you'll see this, remember I love you. No matter what, through thick and thin, through every moment of worry or doubt or pain, I am yours, my Joy
trf Aug 31
"For every lonely lady,
there’s a man that’s just her type.
That’s gonna love her in the
after he loves her through the night,
But not all of us are lucky, no not all of us are blessed,
The world is filled with failures that tried to do their lovin’ best,
And for every desert flower, there’s a dozen cactus spines,
And for every idle hour
there’s a true love left behind.

All of us are children, but not all of us are young,
Some of us are foolish,
and some are just plain dumb.
Even if you are a great beauty, that is no guarantee,
A fish may love a birdie,
but he still won’t climb that tree.
Oh there is no easy answer, there’s no one way to get by,
You may spend your life lovin' Jesus,
or you may waste it drinking his wine.

Oh we’ve got to learn our lessons, yeah we’ve got to lead our lives.
You may be tempted by the devil, or you may always do what’s right.
And they say the soul is immortal, and our father’s in the sky
And He herds us like a shepherd into His paradise.
And if that’s what makes you happy, it doesn’t matter if it’s true,
But I don’t need no here nor after, I’ve got my paradise,
right here with you!

I wrap my lyric on the landscape, I sing my song beneath the sun,
My true love’s waiting at the end
I’m walking along"
You are commanding the presence of an audience of children
Who do not, for a couple of hours, feel like children.
They feel like lightning bolts, and lovers,
Congregates of "The Broken Axe Handle",
Even if they hardly show it.
You’re telling them their own story
For which they haven’t yet learned how to form the words.

And after it all,
The crowd moving in a waking dream cloud,
You come into my focus,
And you practically whisper, “Seeing you there, you made me feel
And I felt humbled by the honesty.
What a surprise to have such a weighted job!  
How impossible it is to take crumb of credit
For the beauty of your poetry!
I, entirely teenaged with endogenous anonymity,
Someone’s fulcrum!  

In a decade since,
I, (un)entirely grown and still ontologically unknown,
Still live your language,
Still aim to be the rock or
The hook on which to hang a hat.
Even when I don’t think I can
Even when I don’t know I am,
You make me feel daily that
In just receiving someone’s truth,
Eyes up,
I can make the return to be
Someone’s somebody.
Philomena Aug 11
You were the heavens and I the Earth
You were cast up in the stars
And I in the dirt
You were much like an angel and I like a beast
Yet I can still remember when you reached your hand down to me
Were different that is easy to see
But somehow it worked in harmony
And as I stare up into the sky
You look like a shooting star passing by
Kai Aug 9
Thank you for having a gift
for all of those gentle songs
that you sweetly sang
with your melancholy voice

Thank you for everything
for all the advice you gave
through the good and the bad
for lifting me up when I'm sad

Thank you for giving me a home
and baking me banana bread
for taking care of things
thanks for just talking to me

Thank you for showing me
that everything is temporary
my pain isn't here forever
you were always with me

Thank you for the nostalgia
the sweet uke from the UK
the rhythms that found my soul
and the calpol for my heart

Dear robin, thank you.
A poem dedicated to Robin Skinner (aka Cavetown). Cavetown's music is half the reason I am here today. His youtube makes me smile and reminds me of the good times. Everything bad seems to be put into a better perspective when I listen to his music. I cannot wait to see him live in October.
Mae Jul 30
Oh, the jar exults high
holding what we find to be dear
Oh, the marinaras keen zest, umami, and as I close my eyes
I hum the hunger tune.
Oh, but without the curved ridge and open space
the sauce would never grace my face
The jar! The jar,
the vehicle of delicious  
who was passed through many hands
and crafted with hot sand.
Oh, tomato, garlic, and onion so sweet
and delivered neat, for me to eat.
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