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Kat Schaefer May 14
Like many
I am seeking enlightenment
An explanation for life and the here after
Yet there is silence from our savior
Which I have deemed
‘The immaculate absence’

Nevertheless I am fearful
Of a future in oblivion
Of being escorted
To the chamber of deviants
Of fire and brimstone
Next to Stalin and Dahmer

My clock continues to tick
Each second grows more unnerving
In Jesus’ holy name I pray
Help me
When I Was Small, I Grew
by Michael R. Burch

When I was small,
God held me in thrall:
Yes, He was my All
but my spirit was crushed.

As I grew older
my passions grew bolder
even as Christ grew colder.
My distraught mother blushed:

what was I thinking,
with feral lust stinking?
If I saw a girl winking
my face, heated, flushed.

“Go see the pastor!”
Mom screamed. A disaster.
I whacked away faster,
hellbound, yet nonplused.

Whips! Chains! *******!
Sweet, sweet, my Elation!
With each new sensation,
blue blood groinward rushed.

Did God disapprove?
Was Christ not behooved?
At least I was moved
by my hellish lust.

Keywords/Tags: God, religion, Christ, Christianity, lust, passion, desire, hell, damnation, puberty
We stretch out our hands,
Waiting for salvation.

We watch the dripping sands
Of the hourglass with poignant resignation.

Our society demands
Of us to disregard those in isolation.

But the isolation is the only thing that understands
That this life is really nothing but eternal damnation.
This week has been nothing but stressful, and I'm on the edge of losing my ******* mind.
Mae Feb 23
I wonder
if the universe
is only keeping
me alive
just to
punish me
for my
past sins.
Selina Lin Jan 11
We began as specks,
particles of dusk,
seen in a foreign place
from centuries away.

The prophecies had foreseen it.  
The oracle had spoken—
a collision so small in size,
yet so great in power

would tear the sky off its hinges
and send it crashing
through the mountains,
burying to the bottom of sea.

You were a bundle of white,
born on a boat on a summer day
as the clouds shimmered in tranquility,
and the sky reflected the sea.

I was born ****** and destitute,
with shadows so obsidian,
they claimed my soul and
set the sky on fire.

Two opposing forces like
you and me
had always been destined
for disaster.
nja Jan 2019
Embarrassed at her crude, superficial motivations she continues. This is a hidden therapy she’s toying with. She thinks she isn’t any good. She doesn’t know as many words as he does.
Comparison is her damnation.
Look at her, she’s plastered herself to the floor.
Immobile, she can’t even reach the glass ceiling threshold.
He slithers away, contented.
I explore the reasons I started writing poetry again. Realising, it was to impress a boy who is a poet himself it led me to this take on Adam & Eve and original sin.
Pauper of Prose Dec 2018
Why do you persist?
Do you have any idea?
What I’d do
If passion pricked my chest
I’d move a million mountains
Still the seven seas
Drench the deathly deserts
Fling flames in frosted forests
Slay Hercules in his sleep
In order to cradle
You a little closer
And nip at your neck
Ali Ashraf Sep 2018
They ask me to write humorous poems
but I don’t know humour myself
just as I don’t like to believe in heaven
but I do believe in hell
and I don’t think there’s eternal bliss
for I have never witnessed it
but about eternal damnation: yes,
I carry that within my chest.

© Ali Ashraf
Ira Sep 2018
Down, down won’t ya hear the vibrations?
Welcome to your demonic damnation!

Hear the demons cry!
And you will be mine,

(He-he-he-Hellsing Yeah, Yeah)
(Hellsing Yeah, Yeah)

Hey, Hey hear the revelation,
Hear the demons cry from there damnation!
We all one day die,
But you didn’t wanna abide!

So welcome to your eternal damnation,
A true hell of your own making,
A true fantasy,
A place for heresy.
So just say ya love!

(He-he-he-Hellsing Yeah, Yeah)
(Hellsing Yeah, Yeah)

Oh, down, down won’t ya hear the vibrations?
Welcome to your own damnation…
Say hello to me,
The one named for Hermes.
Hey, Hey Hear the revelations,
Welcome to a hell of your own making.
Just say hello to me,
Some hellspawn with no pity!

So just say ya love!
Based off the Hellsing Theme song, Tiss quite quality
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