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Nov 2010
You’ve become a creature of habit since coming into the world O man
and so will evidently try to justify this condition as much as you can!
There are so many things that you ignorantly or needlessly do now
which prove to be of little or no benefit to you while here anyhow.

You’ve come to know very little about the workings of your body or mind
and with this limited knowledge attempt to cure all those ills of mankind.
Is it any wonder then that you create more problems than can be solved
as nature indicates those situations from which you wish to be absolved.

Of those habits that all give most pleasure you tenaciously hold on to
and the long term effects of them turn out to be just burdens for you.
It’s also on the spur of the moment you rarely see beyond your own nose
and the consequences of those actions you do not really wish to disclose.

You have made it a habit to acquire possessions at such an alarming rate
and some of the means you employ to get them create an unhealthy state.
By the sweat of your brow you’ve worked hard to bring certain things about
being both good and bad they’re what always have been without much doubt.

It’s in keeping with the spirit of progress which drives you forever on
that you try to perfect some of those things you had once started upon.
Though history shows signs whenever you’ve come close to the mark
that sooner or later than not you’ve all been plunged back in the dark.

Could it be out of sheer habit that you repeat the same mistakes over again
which prevents you from achieving your glorious objective once more then?
Or could it be that you all seek perfection in so many imperfectable things
and have to go through traumatic experiences this non-fulfilment brings?

Your bad habits probably indicate there is something deeply wrong
that you have failed to recognise and is why it has persisted so long.
Though some people have written or talked a lot about Original Sin
it is what we do in this life to regain Original Justice and grace win!

To be habitually virtuous and sincere in our efforts is only part of the way
being a step in the right direction no matter what many others may all say.
There are so many ways by which people commit personal sin and fall from grace
that without some kind of intervention they would never reach any heavenly place.
Private Collection - written in 1997
Written by
George Krokos  M/Melbourne, Victoria, Aust
(M/Melbourne, Victoria, Aust)   
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