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You know me so well
I share everything with you first
You know everything about me
Things I might not even be aware about
You bring me to Utopia with each touch
A single swipe, and I get my cup of tea
But how bad could you be for me
I have increasingly decreasing attention
I am just a tool to you
A point to collect more data to sell
And sell away to manipulators
And attack me with new intelligence
I am always gullible
Technology, I can't live without you
I need you more than I thirst for water
why do you set out to destroy my entire race?
Hammad Sep 4
My Dear!
Don't you know?
I 'd carved your name
in my heart
and locked it
inside a box
of devotion

the keys
were thrown away
in the river
of love..

So my dear
There's no going back  - for me

All the boats
of doubts
have been burnt
before you could
be taken away...

All the bridges
of mistrust
have collapsed
So we could not
walk out
on each other

All the egoes and prides
been buried

There's nothing
but our own
of hope and dreams

So tell me now
How are you
planning to escape from
"never- never land"...
-elixir- Aug 24
The distorted utopia swallows
me in into the bed of ghosted souls
among the thorns of lies that
pile on with twisted smiles
and words of sugar.

The deserted lands that once saw
joy lay parched with fear of pain.
The permanent is the new flaw,
That drives the winds of pleasure away,
as I hide in my shadows.
Mitch Prax Jul 26
It's a long way to
utopia so make sure
to bring your coffin

8:37 PM
mae Jul 13
I’ll meet you there
in a place
where dreamers
are awake
and dreams
come alive

in a place
where the impossible
and the cruel reality

I’ll meet you
where you and me
are definite,
and our times together,

I’ll meet you in a place
where wishes come true,
tears dry,
heartaches heal—

some place where
I say I love you
and you say,
I love you too
October 14, 2017 – 9:50AM
Mae May 31
Fluttering breeze—wonderful sound of dancing trees
Peaceful mind—peaceful life
This is society with no crime
This is the perfect life—she mourned

They love the way it is;
But they're sharks— while I, a fish
In this city on the sea
Is the most perfect society you'll ever see

Adventure she wants is not allowed
'Cause you'll need to follow—follow the crowd
What they'll do—you'll do
What they'll say—you need to obey

In this society I resigned
And live my own way—contract I signed
Perfect society you wished
Is the society they bewitched
i really dont know what to write in this note so i'll write this instead :3 hi!
PoserPersona May 12
What you wish can never be
For wicked hearts will alway beat
Find the gold between us all
or you too shall one day fall
Choderlos Apr 26
I'll go with you to the ends of time

We'll be together till eternity runs out

I'll find you beyond the oceans

I'll rescue you from the depths of the deepest seas

I'll be your sun in the night sky

Your glaring supernova in the daytime

Guide your feet above safe earth

I'll duel with your captors and set you free

Be your symphony when the singing birds flee

I'll synchronize your heartbeat with mine

Hold your gaze in my eye

That you may understand

As I'd scarcely allowed myself to hope

The weight of these words I so sparingly speak

That you will believe me

Is all I desire of you

That you will come running into my arms

Because these words are true

Come then, o come

Come to the one who loves you more

The end of your problems bitter and sour

Let's ride into the living sunset

Let's paint our lives with the rainbow

We will live like gods

We will make merry day and night

Sadness and sorrow will be out of sight

We will be the immortals of time

Forever has just began with the two of us
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